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January 1, 2003     Sentinel Tribune
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January 1, 2003

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Sentinel Tribune View Point Wednesday, January 1, 2005 BETWEEN BY TOM MERCHANT THE LII,00ES That's a wrap... Well we say good bye to another year. It is hard to say what kind of year it has been. As usual it has seen winners and losers, in my opinion more losers than winners. All you have to do is take a look at your 401k or any other retirement fund you may have, to figure that one out. It seems that our security has eroded somewhat with speculation of war in Iraq and turmoil in North Korea, it will be a daunting task for our country's leaders to handle. I am very concerned about Saddam Hussein, he has demonstrated his willingness to use weapons of mass destruction against his own people and his neighbors. I am particularly concerned about starting a war in Iraq because if Saddam sees he is losing, will he use weapons of mass destruction. Of course I forgot he says they do not have any weapons of mass destruction. For the sake of argument lets say he does have a few Nukes tucked away and we decide to invade Iraq. Then with 100,000 plus of our troops in southern Iraq he decides to launch a nuclear attack against our men in the field. With that many men assembled in a relatively small area casualties could make 9-11 look minute by comparison. I see this as an absolute worse case scenario, but what if? Then do we retaliate with an all out counter attack obliterating Iraq from the face of th e earth? Also what would be the reaction of the rest of the world? I must say these are some troubling matters and I pray that our leaders will take every possible precaution before putting our fighting men and women in harms way. Then there is North Korea, this country has been openly defiant about observing nuclear arms rules as set fort by the United Nations. This open defiance should be taken very seriously by the United States and the United Nations. I hope the Pacific Rim countries will keep this renegade country in line. I think the countries that are closest to danger should lead the fight against such renegade nations, especially when they are closest to harms way. In spite of all this doom and gloom I am still thankful for the good things that have come about in 2002 and am optimistic about the coming year. Wishing you and yours the best in 2003. P.S. Don't forget to change the date on your checks. Have a great week! Letter to the Editor: The boy who cried wolf Having read three stories in the Worthington Daily Globe and two in the Westbrook Sentinel Tribune about the alleged kidnapping, it is this reader's opinion that the teachers in ALL schools should have someone read the story of the boy who cried "wolff for the students and then have a written test on the subject. D.M. Riddell 1620 Clary St. Apt. 301 Worthington, MN 56187 f O00eO0000eO000000eOe Sentinel Tribune Tip Line If you see news happening or have a story idea call our News Tip Line. : 274-6136 or 1-800-410-18500 ; Due to staff limitations we may not always be able to respond to your tips or ideas. However we will do _" our best to give every call full regard. " Thank you for your help and consideration. %eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeJ AI Batt... "Stories from the Batt Cave" PREDICTIONS FOR 2003 I started my morning off by avoiding a Pop Tart thinking of the wise words of Linda Ellerbee, s vision journalist. She once wrote an article finest things she knew. 1. Do what you believe In this world, a good time to laugh is any time Always set a place in life for the unexpected you don't want to get old. don't mellow. 5. in life really aren't things. I thought I would year with these thoughts, but it wasn't to be. rang. In came a visitor serenaded by sitar renowned mystic from the Far East (the eastern Freeborn County). the fabled soothsayer, the Just Outside Bath, Minnesota stops by to dictions for 2003. He knows little, sees even pects a lot. Here is what the Swami says year. An auto that runs on water will be rust apart in a month. Starbucks will admit of the success of its $4 cup af_coffee is the $4. will be so nice that Ted Williams will thaw. S me will write a book claiming that diet and exercise keys to weight loss. Texas will execute its citizen. Karaoke will continue to bring shouldn't drink and people who shouldn't sing- fall will be postponed until next year. The will rule that justice is unconstitutional. "Smarty Pants" for graduate students. New prove that lutefisk never existed. Computers small that every one of them will be mis the ozone layer will be i01ugged with junk Regis Philbin will be" added to Mount fuse people. North Dakota and South Dakota form a single state called Big Dakota. Snow 7 Dwarfs will be downsized to Snow White Dwarfs. Bigfoot will be spotted in a shoe MegaMall. Doctor Kevorkian's wife will catch .a will keep the n6ws from her husband. The Administration will begin to issue coupons food restaurants in lieu of checks. Property offer a swimsuit edition. Starbucks will close chises. Spokesman for the company will shouldn't be spending that much money for Synchronized swimming will be Olympic sport to a sleep aid. Washington, renamed Reagan, DC. The New En Medicine will run an article declaring that a screen door will strain a person's voice. No allowed to smoke unless they have health Woods will wear a dress and high heels on the in order to protest Augusta National Golf membership policy. A faith healer will be discovered that he has a dandruff problem. issue an apology for the performance of the Vikings. Research will be found to be the cancer in lab rats. The world's smartest living in Hartland. Or at least that is what tell its owner. A researcher will be given a ment grant to see if he could get a $250,000 grant. A large retailer will open a super will make all super stores obsolete. The will offer everything. A person will be able to without ever leaving the super duper store. proved that if there ought to be a law, there Evidence will be found that the Dixie Chicks ! Remember that the Swami has been always a question whether to make New or not. My neighbor Crandall and his family resolutions to lose enough weight to make the ! Minnesota Vikings' team disappear. I have Year's resolutions. I will try to be more rors. I will try to never let a kind word go will realize that no kind deed is ever was Year. AI Batt 2003 71622 325 St. Hartland, MN 56042 Check us out on the www.l00 "