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January 29, 2014     Sentinel Tribune
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January 29, 2014

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SENTINEL TRIBUNE VIEWPOINT Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Page 4 THE LINES By Tom Merchant - Sentinel Tribune -- tmerohant@nappub.com It's gefling old quickly! After Christmas I managed to pickup a mid-winter cold. The symptoms were somewhat benign with just a couple of days not up to par. I think I even managed to pass it on to Best Friend, and then I think she somehow managed to give it back. After a week or so I began to feel much better then the alien turned on me moving into my sinuses. Last week it acted as an infection so I went to the clinic Monday morning to have it checked out, and Kelly Hoffman agreed with my diagnosis and prescribed a antibiotic. So far it has not got any worse, but it also has not gotten much better either. Tomorrow Best Friend and I will attend the Minnesota News Paper Convention in Bloomington. My dilemma is this, do I go back in today (Wednesday) for another assessment, or do I forget it and continue the next three days on the prescribed antibiotic? I seldom ever use antibiotics, but in the past whenI did it seemed to work much quicker than this time. To top it all off, if you haven't noticed, lately our veather has been as crappy as my sinuses. It seems we get one or taaybe two nice days, then wham it's back into the deep freeze. I like it much better when we have a few nice days then maybe a day or two of not so nice days. It really hasn't been that bad overall, at least despite all the wind and cold, we have had relatively low amounts of snow to deal with, but then when the wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour it doesn't take much to make things really nasty. I received several pictures of a friend of mine in Michigan. They showed all the snow piled up around his house and neighborhood. They have been getting some of those huge storms that have generally missed our area. So I replied back, "Ken are you trying to tell me the weather has been bad at your place?" Ha Ha. Welcome to winter in Minnesota! I also find it interesting when the weather gets bad on the east coast, the major media jumps all over it, but it has to get down to 50 below before the midwest gets any coverage, unless it is near Chicago. Of course when the weather gets bad around here school adminis- trators have to make some tough decisions about closing school. If they bring the kids in, then they don't have to make up the day. It used to be they had to put in a half day, but then to many administrators were waiting too long to close which probably put kids at risk. Although today with the type of communications and equipment our kids are probably a lot safer than they have ever been. On the other hand when the winds gust much higher than 30 miles per hour, visibil- ity can turn into dangerous white outs. Recently Best Friend and I were returning home from visiting some friends in New Ulm. When we went there the weather was fine but by the time we came home it had changed for the worse. By the time we reached the old Lone Tree comer ten miles north of Westbrook the wind was blowing at a pretty good clip at times causing total white out conditions. It was a long ten miles of white knuckle driving. I am feeling somewhat better today, so I will probably tough it out, liave'a great week and do good! Learn English! This Is America! By Glenn Mollette My son and I got into a taxi in Louisville, Kentucky a few nights ago. We were going to the theatre during a down- pour and didn't want to arrive drenched. When the taxi driv- er pulled up he couldn't under- stand a word I was saying. I tried to explain that we were just going a few blocks away. I pointed, talked slowly and even tried to help him figure out the GPS attached to his visor. I was sensitive and kind because I know what it's like to be in a foreign country. The conversation was almost impossible. Give me a break. He has moved to America, has a driver's license, works for a taxi company and is trying to drive people around Jefferson County, Kentucky. He did not speak much English! Finally, I was able to under- stand that he had moved here from South Africa and this was his second day of working as a taxi driver. I explained to him that I had been to South Africa, loved his country and welcomed him to America. I didn't say it but I wanted to shout "Learn the English lan- guage!" I am happy for people who come to America. He is try- ing to work. I wonder how many people need a job but would never consider driv- ing a cab? My hat is off to the people who are coming to America legally and working jobs that average Americans won't work. One big problem is that these well meaning new resi- dents need to learn English. I realize this is tough to enforce since many Americans have trouble passing an English class. The national language for South Africa is English. Unfortunately there are at least ten other official languages and a multitude of unofficial languages. Many people in the country never become flu- ent in speaking English. They are brought up to learn the language of their tribe and struggle with English through- out their lives. This scenario makes it tough for everyone to be on the same level when it comes to national communi- cation. I love South Africa, Mexico and a lot of other places but this is still America. Let's keep the conversation in English. Glenn Mollette is an American columnist read in all fifty states. Contact him at GMollette@aoLcont Like his facebook page at www.faceboo&com/glennmoUette LETTERS TO EDITOR Men who under- stand the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do... 1 Chronicles 12:32 People who understand the times, with knowledge of what they should do... For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. Romans 8:14 It seems somewhat overwhelm- ing for me to tell someone--also to me, it seems overwhelming for someone to accept Jesus and fol- low Him in humble obedience. To join an ism and put an adequate amount in the plate is usually no problem. To surrender your life to Jesus and not only call Him Lord but allow Him to be your Master, your Boss, that's what the Lord means! That's a whole different life. That's what the word of God asks for. That's what the God of this universe demands, that's tough. Few do it. Matthew 7:14. Amy Carmichael, who was a missionary in India told a young Indian girl (Mimosa) about Jesus, I believe she was 14 years old at the time. She later married and had a family. She worshipped and served the Lord and daily talked to her Master (Jesus) against her husbands wishes (demands) and her neigh- bors - they tried to bum her house down. In spite of this opposition, she continued to serve, worship, talk and listen to her Lord Jesus without a bible or a Christian friend or any Christian literature. She had nothing but she had Jesus---she had everything! That's overcoming 'overwhelming!' As Jesus said in John 3:3 ..."unless one is born again he can- not see the kingdom of God." vs. 6 "That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is bom of the Spirit is spirit." vs. 7 "You must be born again." I watched my Dad go up in front of the whole church (Lutheran) and give his testimony at 30 years of age. He shared how he had accepted Christ as his Savior listening to an evangelist out of Nebraska (I believe). Even though I had seen and heard, I never had anyone con- front me and tell me I had to bend my knees and surrender my life, my lifestyle to Jesus and live for Him instead of the great I! Our fam- ily owes a lot to that young man's grandmother in Westbrook. Martin Luther is someone God used but we cannot follow him. We must come to Jesus and humbly accept and fol- low Him. Please do that. He loves us so much. NO ONE is too bad that Jesus won't accept him. NO ONE! Ron Sletten AI Bat00. . . "Stories from the BaH Cave" The Super Bowl means little to cats But soft, what light through yon- der window breaks? A constantly-annoyed cat (not a constantly-annoying cat, just occa- sionally annoying) leaped to the bay window. A nap in the sun is called for. A warm sleeping place and a nap makes a cat happy. The cat naps so well. She's someone who needs her sleep. I hope that sleep solves all her prob- lems. She appeared so pleased with the process that it makes me want to take a nap. Napping is conta- gious, just like yawning. in a woman cave. When I was a boy, I knew people who had electric blankets. We didn't have such a thing. I've heard of heated socks, but have never tried them. I've never heard of heated scarves before. My boyhood bedroom was free of all electronic devices other than a light bulb on the ceiling, a lamp that buzzed impatiently, and a stat- icky AM radio. I loved late night radio and its distant voices. There was nothing that blinked or beeped in my room other than my eyes and nose. When the lights were turned off, the dark swallowed all and reflected nothing. I didn't need electric blankets. The other cat walked to the sun My grandmother made 498- shining onto the floor. She fell into a nap. ! t was a paralyzing ray. I'd pound quilts and gave them as gifts. seen them before in ancient blk .......... She stuffed them with whatever ' ' ifid-whit fillris featuring laugh- she could fred' Worn-out socks, able creatures from outer space. Windows keep the clouds out, but let the sun in. That makes for drowsy cats. I can nap without a pillow, but I enjoy the company of a nice blanket. Like Linus in "Peanuts," I once had a security blanket. A blankie. It was a sad day when the blankie and I parted ways, but a man doesn't get married every day. I don't have a favorite blanket now. I'm a long drink of water, so I prefer a blanket that provides proper coverage. Napping is most recuperative when it is warm, but not hot. A day prior, I'd moped about a store as my wife searched for the perfect gift for a child. I came across a heated scarf. It was battery operated. You wouldn't fmd in a man cave, but it might fred a home rocks, dead chickens, etc. If you were a sleepwalker, hr quilts cured you. I couldn't get out from under one without the use of a truck jack. The weather was cold as the cats napped. I considered selling my furnace and using the proceeds for a vacation to a tropical paradise, but I wasn't sure I wanted that. When in doubt, shovel snow. Every mile is two in winter. Sinclair Lewis said, "Winter is not a season, it's an occupation." I thought of a doctor's appoint- ment where the physician had told me that I had a small heart mur- mur, but it was nothing to worry about. I assumed he meant that it was nothing for him to worry about, but I took the news well. What I didn't take well was when my wife had a health scare. It scared me to death. I felt as if I'd been hit by a medal-folding chair wielded by an angry Nick Bockwinkel. She turned out fine. When I learned that, I breathed a sigh of relief that blew Delta planes off course. The cats napped as I perused (meaning to read with great care) newspapers that were filled with NFL news. That's the National Football League, not Not For Long. The season is a long one, but the Super Bowl is coming. It seems as though it was just here. What if the Super Bowl lasted all year? Maybe it does. The Super Bowl showcases our sensitive, caring side, but the cats don't care who wins. That puts them in the same boat as most peo- ple. Oh, there are gonzo fans, seri- ous bettors, and office-pool partici- pants who care. A winning bracket allows one to stride the earth like a Colossus. But it's the game that captivates us. That and the party, the food, the drink, the commer- cials, the hype, and, of course, the Super Bowl presents. Change the channel and bet on how long it is before anyone notices. Someone will win the Super Bowl, just as surely as cameras will be replaced by smartphones. Like the cats, I don't care who wins, but any day that a loved one doesn't go for a ride in an ambu- lance goes into the plus column. 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