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January 30, 1991     Sentinel Tribune
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January 30, 1991

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War Ii. Those of you who 3%. This action had been ews Redwood County remember the days of war in the earlier pending the Extension Agent'40s are probably experiencing The meeting was those nearly inexplainable feelings 7:00 p.m. for the now as the Persian Gulf crisis public meeting. performance. "A producer who sets up grad.e.s to a war. . . i FICIAL PUBLICATION will prepare a list of guidelines for Packer representative up the depopulation/repopulation In this time ot crisis we can r . the Board's consideration. calls for leaner hogs scheme correctly can produce more sometimes underestimate the n ---t.-- la,m Michael Kirchmeier, Solid pigs in the eel!owing 12 months impact it can have on our children. The Co" t n"w "o Coun" Y Board Waste Officer and Marlin Larson, OFFICIAL What happens to children " " " r tz Cottonwood by Wayne Hausen than previously, he said. "But, it is of Commlssmners met m e ular County Engineer, met with the I recently had the opportunity to critical to start an off-site breeding emotionally m a cns s s tuatton,1R Board. Kirchmeier will pursue the December 18, such as war9 Many times the adults """':'"" :"' Truth in Taxation chair a portion of the Swine Health project so down time for the become so" revolved" m the 1990 at the Courthouse m Win-. possibility of Cottonwood County The Truth in Taxation I Clinic sponsored by the University depopulated unit can be kept as . dom. MN. Present were Commls-working together with Murray and was held at 7:00 p.m. on T problem, s circumstances and o of Minnesota Extension Service. close to 30 days as possible. . . stoners Kenneth El, MarlowePipe.stone Counties to consolidate December 18, 1990 at the The excellent program at New Ulm possible solutions, they have . . Nelsen, M=.m E|nertsou, Kelth and market recyclables, house in Windom, MN. attracted over 400 producers. Two hmited ume for the chddren, otoa,Frank C Juntas" Motion by Madson, second by were Commissiners Kenf topics discussed that day related to Most common "Show It's important at these times to Co"'un " Au"ditor W R" Mie kel producing lean pork and strategies and Tell" topic was give some caring, honest answers Coun Attorney l niei McDOn- Nelsen. unanimous vote to pass a Marvin Einertson, Marlot to me cnnuren s quesuons, its aid: tanYd Commissioners' Secre- resolution applying for a grant sen, Frank C. Jungas lttU for combating swine diseases. "We're going to war!" "v from the officer of waste Man- Madson; County Audi,t , One observation heard that day necessary to gt e the chddren as tarv Joy Storey. agement for funding a solid waste was that producers are not always by Carol Peterson clear a picture as possible of what ( hah:man Elg called the meeting separation program. Mielke; Commissioners $1 producing what the consumers I had an interesting conversation the crisis is all about Children to order at 1"00 p m and called for Roger Benson and Dennis Nel-Joy Storey; Department 1tt , o want. The trend toward marketing the other day with a first grade don t need all the details, but they additional agenda items, sen, Windom City Clerk/Treasur- M. Wiens, County TP hogs at heavier weights works teacher. Last week's 'Show and do need explanations and sound Elg informed the other Board er, met with the Board to ask for a Family Service Agency 1 against the objective of producing Tell' was not a typical one. The 5 information in small doses and in members that a pre-trial confer- letter of support for some Armory Dnane Ahlness; County the leaner pork consumers desire, and 6 year olds didn't have a lot to words they can understand, ence had been held on the County amenities. Motion by Einertson, Marlin Larson; Infomiatil tems Manager Jan JohnSa according to Jerry Adwell, director say about their trip to Disneyland t.eetmgs ot anxle' ty, Ditch 39 appeal ease and it will be second by Madson, unanimous tional Family Service Ag . of pork operations for George A. or the chocolate birthday cake with " " can scneautea tor mat. vote to sent a letter of support to ployees Richard J. Hormel and Co. colored, candy sprinkles or the abandonment, or being ignored .v n in o. A""nt " e ,u, the Minnesota Army National Becky Wiens and Kay 'It is a given that as a hog gets recent tonsillectomy on big escalate m umes such as thes are tar me Law tmtoreement Labor Guard supporting the inclusion of man; and interested heavier it will reach a point where brother. Last s most common rionesty, patience ant lonuness .h ao oa,l, to ervtces umon, anu ueputy trot a larger female latrine but listing it begins to produce a higher"Show and Tell topic was "Were ,zm m hel-- their children durin, a crisis. v other amenities that should not be and Gail Schaffer, Leo percentage of body fat," saidgoing to war!" ;, ho start negotiatmg the1991contracL included in the project at this timc. Margo Odden, Garnet Adwell. Sooner or later every hog January 16, families were glued . p"v".'"':Z, "'. "" q, Their main oumose today was toMotion by Madson, second by Lucille Lewis. reaches this point. Once the most to the television. It's reminiscent of oetore me #1 top|c at now ant h a '-to;ifu ,t.rn~. Ttnantoe 6 e,--.e Einertson, unanimous vote to up- Auditor Mielke read desirable market weight, from a black and white photos 50 years Tell . wont be the. subject in the contract. The next negotia- prove payment of a bill to Bald- that appeared in the newsPl . perauon t sert 5term, out ruiner lean-to-fat ratio has been passed, ago of families glued to a radio ith uon session was scneauw.u mr ridge Architects in the sum ofexplained that the levy the trend toward more fat will listening to reports from World me cnocomte Dtrmoay cake, w ~ .mmaty $1,807.50 for consulting services which appeared in the increase dramatically. In other candy spnnldes. Pray for peace. Darrell Tasler, Cottonwood on the elevator/remodeling pro- $3,900,356.00 but County resident, addressed the ject. words, the relative leanness in the hogs we produce and sell in this country is influenced a great deal by the weight at which they are marketed." Adwell said the packer can trim excess external fat, but this adds to labor costs. Also, the value of lard to the packer is much less than the rket update c Feb. 1 by Wayne Hansen Up and down. Down and up. If you want to know how the war in noon following the program. Animal rights and the tropical rain forest Board about the Extension Agency services. Tasler supports the Ex- tension and encouraged the Board to keep the services in the county. The Board explained their posi- tion. No action was taken. Motion by Einertson, second by Motion by Jungas, second by Nelsen, unanimous vote to ap- prove payment of Estimate No. 1 to the General Contractor Buhler Construction Company in the amount of $32,787.00 for the ele- vator/remodeling project. the Persian Gulf is going, just look In his book Diet for a New Jungas, unanimous vote to up-Outgoing County Attorney Da value of pork. He said the major at the commodity markets. Or the America, John Robbins (heir to the prove the 1991 contract with the problem with fatter hogs, however, stock markets. Or the oil prices. Baskin-Robbins ice cream empire American Federation of State,niel McDonald made a request to the extra fat between and They are not tied to the current and a proclaimed vegetarian) County and Municipal Employees purchase some of the machines through the muscle tissue. "The day's supply and demand. Rather, states, "Stop eating hamburger, and Local 578. The terms of the con- used in the Coun Attorney's you can save the tropical rain tract were for a $500 annual salary office. Motion by Emertson, sec- processors' ability to remove fat at they are based on emotions -- fear "forest in the South (and??) Central increase, the County would pay allow McDonald to purchase a Road this level is limited," he pointed and greed, end by Jungas, unanimous vote to Social Services out. "Thus, by producing heavier Longer term price changes, America". 100% of the health insurance pre- typewriter and a dictaphone. All Building hogs, we are in danger of creating however, are based on John Robbins and other mium, the period of summer work other machines will be removed County Librar fat problems that are passed on to fundamentals. How much is members of animal rights groups hours was increased by one month, and used in the new County Attor- the consumer. And consumers have available? What will be needed? have a hidden agenda to stop the the County will pay 100% of the ney's office. told us loudly and clearly that such What are the competitive products PERA life insurance premium and Mielke informed the Board that problems will cause them to look doing? use of animals for food, clothing the Highway Dept. Accountant's there is interest from some Mt. at other sources of protein." Dr. Stanley Stevens, University and research. To accomplish this salary was increased to $9.00 an Lake farmers to farm an acreage in Adwell said that once hogs pass of MN Extension Marketing goal, animal rightists have joined hour for 1991. Mt. Lake which the county owns 220 pounds, they begin to add at specialist, will be the featured with other organizations concerned County Treasurer M. M. Weinsbecause of tax forfeiture. Mielke least .1 inch of last rib backfat for speaker at the annual Redwood about the environment to further and Sheriff Glen Ward presented a will advertise in the Observer/Ad- every additional 20 pounds of live County Soybean Growers Annual their own cause, list of delinquent mobile home vocate and any interested person weight That is based on data from Meeting at 9:30 a.m. at the There is tittle or no relationship taxes. Three of the mobile homes can respond, levy for 1991 of $4 the hogs Hormel purchases. Swine Wabasso Community Center. Co- between US beef consumption and have been moved away from the Motion by Madson, second by Also at this meeting producers must think of the genetic sponsored by the Redwood County destruction of rain forests in south area or the owners have left the Nelsen, unanimous roll call vote to and nutritional improvement that Extension office, the program can and central american countries, area. There was a motion by Mad- pass a resolution approving the can be wiped out by selling hogs help you answer some questions The primary causes of excessive son, second by Einertson, unani- full Extension Agency budget for that have been fed beyond their you may have as you market you rain forest destruction are not tutus vote to cancel two delin- 1991 in the total amount of optimal market weight. 1990 crop and begin forward related to beef production. The US quenttaxes of Frank Davis, Jr. and $118,113.00 marketing the 1991 crop. imports no fresh beef from Brazil one delinquent tax of Tim and Motion by Jungas, c.ond by Combating swine diseases Should you hold or store grain? or other south american countries Nancy Marsh and to issue a tax Madson, unanimous roll call vote Pork producers can slash Should you use options as part of which is used in hamburgers,citation against Janice Rehnelt of to increase Commissioners' sala- " production costs by using your marketing What do because of the Department ofthe l ntsen's Court in the for 1991 to $9J00.00. Soviet economic problems mean " Agriculture's animal healthamount of $41. represents the same increase other strategies to control or eliminate for exports? What effect will the regulations, the US permits Bob Closer of Poucber Printing county employees receiving. profit-robbing diseases in their war in the Persian Gulf have on importation of only cooked anti Company made a proposal for the Motion by Madson, second by growing and finishing pigs. Five commodities? Will the Clean Air canned beef from South America. county's purchase of a voter scan Jungas, unanimous vote to in- such strategies were outlinedAct create demand for corn Only 0.4 percent of the beef used machine. The machine would cost crease the rate of mileage reim- County Auditor recently by Joseph F. Conner, a alcohol? Why are farm6rs in Brazil in the UScomes from South $31,000 and a software package bursernent for 1991 to $.2.6 per swine veterinarian from Carthage, "reducing soybean plantings? Will American countries, would have to be purchased for mile. IL, at the University of Minnesota's cheap wheat reduce corn demand? Upcoming Dates each election. Only one machine Motion by Jungas, second by Swine Health Clinics at New Ulm. These "big picture" topics andJanuary 30 -- "v lj alg g, would be purchased. PrecinctsNelsen, unanimous vote to ap- The first strategy Conner cited is more will be discussed by Stevens. Applicator Training 9:00 a.m. - around the county would bring the prove the 199LDetoxification Set- improving biosecurity. "More Also on the program is Dr. John Noon Southwest Experiment ballots to the Courthouse to run vices Contract between the Family disease breakdowns occur because Super, Pioneer soybean breeder. Station, Lamberton; 1:30- 4:30 through the machine on election Service Agency and the Mr. Lake of poor biosecurity than for any John will discuss the current p.mCourthouse, Redwood Falls. night. The price is only goodCommunity Hospital. earbar other reason," he said. "We need to situation in developing varieties February 7 --- through January 15, 1991. TheMotion by Elg, second by Mad-2ee Tenth Street minimize the risk of introducing resistant to Soybean Cyst 11:30 am. - 3:30 p.m Southwest board will make a decision at the son, un imous vot to Windqm, MN56101 disease at load-outs, at new animal Nematode. Experiment Station, Lamberton; January 8 meeting. County Ditch 39 levy for 1991 at introduction and from traffic The meeting is open to the Sheep and Lamb Feeders Day 9:00 Farley Grunig, County Assessor between farms. There should be a public. The Soybean Growers will a.m. - 3:00 p.m Annex, University and Jan Johnson, Computer Oper- designated load-out area be serving a free catered dinner at ofMN-Morris, ation Manager, discussed assess- SENTINEL & TRIBUNE established on the farm, with ments for curbside pick-up of re- pressure washing after each load- cyclables in 1991. There were 10 Walnut Grove- Westbrook, MN- Wednesday, Januery 30, out. There should be no contact special situations which needed between people inside the unit and . 1.1- those outside. Equipment such as g goals throug.out life chargingclarificati nfor andrecycling.decisionsorunigOn one-way gates and walk ramps are helpful. New animal introduction should come only after aof oF No. isolation and acclimatization,' by Carol Peterson is basically to provide money in an I 1 crrtz~s ST,t, TE ~ OF wAMroT C~OVE ;m ~-'; The next step Conner cited is Throughout life, we are emergency- if income is cut off or all-in, all-out animal flow through constantly setting goals in one way reduced. They can help put food on I Slayton Auction " or another. As 4 and 5 year olds, the table, make monthly payments 1 Barn buildings, set up to Rooms accommodate or buildings some are the goals may be short term, such and help pay for other essentials. --- production increment, such as so as begging mum for the Reese's Emergency funds are also used 1 Open for all classes of livestock c ~ ~ =.~,~ G--- many pigs produced per week or PeanutButter Cup or other impulse for other emergencies such as 1SALES EVERY THURSDAY t--- every two weeks. Conner said,items at the grocery check out. As home repairs, medical expenses not 1 Winter Hours: "Conservatively, most of us teenagers, goals may be somewhat covered by insurance, major car 1 Hay & Straw 12:00 -.--, -.------ - ,-. l - estimatea7pereentimprovement longerterm, likeaskingdadforthe repairs or emergency travel1Livestockl:00 , in averagedailygalnandfeedperBuick andafulltankaweekin expenses. It's important to = -- " " " " " = pound of gain with all-in, all-out advance or working on a greatremember, however, the purpose of I Licensed & Bonded for , flow." "prom tan" for the new strapless emergency funds, and to replenish lY Ur protection. l--- The third strategy Conner cited dress. As adults, goals usually them as soon as possible. I Phone 836-6244 ,o is multiple-site production. This goalsbec memayl ngerbe savingterm" Typicaldollars for aadUlt ii F--- involves producing hogs at more vacation or buying a house, People can save for many othe r I--- than one site, with distinct breaks ,; i i i between production phases, investing money for your children s reasons. Almost any financial goal "Multiple-site production allows education, or planning for can be reached through a wise t--- flexibility in controlling or "retirement savings plan. The first step is to eliminatin diseases in the various The need for money appears decide how much must be saved iiiiiiiiiii : phases w=thout depopulating the more and more often as we grow each month in order to reach the Wash your sow herd," Conner said. into adults. One month's income goal by the desired date. Modified medicated early can t pay for many of the goals The key to successful saving isClothes ------, weaning (MMEW) was the fourth people set. It's a rare person who an attitude as well as a good habit, seven days a ""-----" strategy Connor advocated. This is has a large enough income (or Treat savings like a monthly bill. k It Demme m ievU ~ ~ UA tmasa? a nonsurgical method for obtaining small enough goals) to attain their The old saying "pay yourself first" wee ! "--'"- i disease-free pigs. "The basic goals within one month, is an effective bit of advice. Make t ii concept of MMEW is that pigs that Almost all people in oUr society savings a priority and set aside a certain amount from each 0 11. o,- -. receive adequate colostrum from share one common goal: to paycheck, no matter how small. [i: Monday - their mothers will not become maintain their level of living. It's Some people don't think they haveSaturday 8:00 infected by disease agents," said difficult to give up things you're enough self-discipline or will e" Counors. "And ff they are weaned accustomed to having. For t i:il a.m. to 9:00 p.m o t-'-- methods such as payroll [: . 1---" and removed to a separate site example, people used to having 2 power. They can use forced saving prior to when colostral antibodies cars will have a hard time odeductions, automatic deposits, Sundsy- . 'i . fall below protective levels, they possibly having only one. savings bond programs and others. =. t-- will remain disease free. 12:00" 5:00 " ="'" Medication is used to decrease the Saving for ,a rainy day is aIf and when possible, use programs that yield an interest. " shedding of various disease agents familiar cliche used for putting A savings plan is an important "'--'" ='== to the pigs and to lower the risk money aside. The more technical' part of sound financial [!!iiii:] Comeinand that the disease agents will become term for this is g, lR . management, whether income is [iii!l established in the piglets. The Emergency funds help pcop, le high or low and whether one can i:i: i] gtvO us a -,-------.--.------,--'.'*--.--- vaccination and n edication maintain that level of living they re save $5.00 or $500.00 per month. - ~ ~'- program is designed to eliminate accustomed to in times of Saving can help people accomplish disease that is a problem in a decreasing income, increasedgoals and improve financial particular herd and that we are expenses, or both. Financialsecurity. Put sav|ngs at the top of trying toeliminate." advisors recommend thatyour priority list to reach those The final strategy is goals most important to you. .t depopulation/repopulation. Conner emergency funds equal 2-6 months says this can produce a tremendous of their take-home income. benefit in grow-finish The purpose of emergency funds "" " erendum passed at the election giving the ity to issue general bonds for the new repayment of those in 1991 which will crease the 1991 $4,122,649.00. The that figure is as followS: General Revenue .2 Family Service Agency made comments about gets then Elg ened the: to question and the public. After much was a motion by Madso by Einertson, unanimo vote to approve the motion by Madson, Nelsen, unanimous vow cute $20,000 to the County Historical 1991. There being no furtl r I the meeting was p.m. s/K=meth Elg Chairman s/Joy Storey Recording Secretary . AITF .ST: s/W. R. MiellW