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January 30, 1991     Sentinel Tribune
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January 30, 1991

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University of Minnesota Dairy, Beef research reports available publications on dairy cattle and beef cattle research at the University of Minnesota arc now available. The 41-page "1991 Dairy Cattle Research Report" contains reports of research on corn silage additives, dairy cow lameness, use of recycled newspaper for bedding and bovine somatotropin. Reports in the nutrition section include information on total mixed rations and feedstuffs such as animal by- product protein, dried sugarbeet pulp, menhaden fishmeal protein, sweet white lupine seed, dried distillers grains and whole sunflower seeds. An appendix lists ongoing dairy research projects at the university SENTINEL & TRIBUNE PAGE 1: Walnut Grova - Westbrook, MN - Wednesday, Januaw 30, 1~ Westbrook Economic Development Authority The Westbrook Economic Development Authority (WEDA) has recently completed their Economic Development Plan. This plan has taken approximately six months to prepare and a great deal of time and effort of many. The plan now goes to the Westbrook City Council for their review and approval. Once this plan is approved, it is the intent of WEDA to use this plan to guide future development and as a framework to bring about a lasting change in estate agency has the right to sell the WEDA can do tittle to other interested businesses. The submitted an option company for the purchas building. If the company this option, then, and can WEDA market the and work toward fmdin to locate within this option has been company and, as of Westbrooks Oldest Veteran celebrated his 95th birthday WESTBROOK -- Leglonaires and VFW Vets joined Henry Boeck and his friends and family at the Good Samaritan Center Sunday afternoon. Pictured left to right Mike Knutson, Aaron Amundson, Marlowe Nelsen, John Madson, Howard Nelson, Henry, Marlin Schmidt, Leon Mlschke, Tubby Olson and Dennis Phelps. ST Photo. Elementary students to participate in Education Fund WALNUT GROVE---Walnut Grove Elementary School will be participating this year in the Children's Education Fund. Last year, the Fund contributed $4 million to 22,000 elementary school Parent-Teacher groups. A recent survey of parents in our community indicated that a majority of parents would like to 15th of this year. The community can offer its support by purchasing these products, and turning m receipts. All you have to do is circle the product purchased on the receipt. (If the item is not identified, you may just circle the price and write "Jif' or "D.H." on the receipt.) Receipts can be turned in at the elementary school, or at up more than two percent point~ from 1989. However, this new higher rate is applied to a slightly reduced l~rtion - .9235 or 92.35% - of a person's net business profits. In addition, a new deduction equal to half of the self-employment tax can be claimed on Line 25 on the front of the 1040 form. and the Dairy Resource Group the Westbrook area economy. faculty in the Department of During the process of Animal Science and College of developing the economic Veterinary Medicine. development plan, other activities Nine of the 11 reports in the 63- have begun First, the WEDA page "1991 Beef Cattle Research formed four ad-hoc advisory Report" relate to feedlot cattle, committees: Industrial Topics include effects of various Development chaired by Dennis on their decision received. The above activities brought to your attention you the WEDA is toward improving purpose of the WEDA ~mprove the communit feedstuffs, feed additives, implants Klute; Community Infrastructure quality of life and management techniques. There chaired by John Madson; Retail are also reports on wild rice- Business chaired by Harold community. This all takes t wound beef mixtures and on using Schmidt; and Arts Development much involvement by insecticidal mineral blocks for chaired by Dennis Phelps. These public, to make things catfleonpasture chairmen have been soliciting anyone has ideas development of Cost of these publications is $5 approximately five individuals at would like business each or $8 for both mailed to the large to serve on each committee, please contact one of the * Part or all of the interest same address. They are available The committees will be advisory to Board members or the WEDA and provide an Southwest State Bank from Series EE U.S. savings bonds may be tax-free if bonds are cashed and used to pay certain higher education expenses. Only bonds issued after 1989 are eligible, and some other restrictions apply. New Form 8815 is used to claim this from Animal Science Extension, 101 Hacker Hall, University of ingredient necessary to make any with Steve Dusek. Minnesota, St. Paul, MN 55108 economic development happen - Make checks payable to the citizen inputandinvolvement. University of Minnesota. Second, the need to make the community center more energy efficient has surfaced. The Energy start a Parent-Teacher organization the handy drop-box located at exclusion. All School Division of the Minnesota here at Walnut Grove Elementary Griffith's grocery store in Walnut Reunion books Department of Public Service School. Participation in this Grove. If you need to save your Volunteers needed to offers an energy investment loan program has the potential to receipts for some other purpose, WESTBROOK---Provided program to local units of About 75 percent provide this organization with you can still help our program, serve as hunter there is enough interest, more All government to finance energy Americans will suffer fi start-up funds for special purchases because we can use photocopies. School Reunion books will be saving capital improvements, pain at some time in tlie~ for theschool. Just bring in the receipt to the education instructors ordered. Call either Diana Rachuy Before a community can make 50 percent of those p? The Fund is sponsored by Jif elementary school, and we will Only one of about 100 advanced or Donna Nelsen by February 15th. application for the 4% loan money, have recurrent back prot Peanut Butter and Duncan Hines copy it for you. hunter and bow hunter education what they call a maxi-audit must help prevent back injury, frostings and baking mixes. Our If anyone has questions about seminars being offered through the Continued from front page be conducted on the building. A body mechanics at all school will receive $25 just for the program, you may contact Department of Natural Resources registering with the program. Valerie McKinney at the (DNR) this year will be held in maxi-audit is a comprehensive safety tips include: Additionally, we will receive 25 elementary school, 859-2141, from southwest Minnesota. He also said he has applied for engineering study of the building Lifting: cents for every identified purchase 11:30 - 3:30 on school days We Roger Grosslein, DNR advanced $88,000 in Asbestos assistance and its energy-using systems. It * Plan ahead and g, identifies energy conservation your object is large and a~ of one of these products, hope you'll all join in to support hunter education program funds in a federal grunt for removal OPlX)rtunities and costs associated * Don't bend over, Participation in this program this rear ro for kidsV coordinator, said the DNR would of asbestos in the high school with these measures. Through the twist to pick up an objecL runs from January 15th to May g p gram . like to schedule considerably more auditorium. hunter-ed programs in the They are currently staying in same agency, the community can * Maintain the three ( c"an"es, ~ for 1990 southwest but volunteer instructors compliance by cleaning monthly applyforang0%cost-sharemaxi- your back: the inward cur Tax law are needed to do so. "In order to and having it inspected, audit granL An application for the neck, the outward curve od become eligible to be an instructor, A bid of "$250 for the 36 cost-share maxi-audit has been back, and the inward ctnnn low back. submitted to the Minnesota ba~k Lift with your legs, I Every year brings tax law standard deduction amounts a person needs to first take the passenger bus from Bruce Thoma Deparonent of Public Service and changes, but according to the ! keep pace wi~h course. Taking the course wilt now was accepted by theboard. In e a e ~ mtmuon for a marneu couple WEDA awaits a decision from t rn 1 R venue Serwc,there ~ . . require some additional traveling * " Squat down and Ix~ V~oer~m~eT~rch~angeyafcf~r~glu~iitO [~'en~ivai/iOgntlireetUb~,~vOrne:haemP~: for someone living in Southwest them. Minnesota. Third, the WEDA recently had knees. awhile bracket, which most people pay, In the past, Grosslein explained, Dogs and deer Robert Ross, Director of the * Keep the load close I Most of the widely-reported and the 28% bracketwas~i;sedutO the DNR presented seminars in a bad mix Southwest Minnesota Arts and body, don'ttwisL Humanities Council, speak at a * Pivot by moving Y changes enacted last fall, such as a taxame mcom.e ol ~jz,4~u, p locations throughout the state; Dog owners are not doing their meeting on the development of arts and keeping your hips a~ the partial phaseout of certain from ,$30,950 m !989. Couples certain individuals would complete pet a favor by allowing it to run in the area and any programs pointed in the same dir~l itemized deductions for people WhO aon.t ~tem~ze aeaUn~UOn~ the course and then go on to free, according to the Department available to assist with this are moving. with high incomes and changes in can c!mm u~e.4~aslc ss~ ~am become volunteer instructors, of Natural Resources (DNR) development. In the preliminary Sitting: various tax rates, affect 1991 and aeoUCtlOn ol ~3, 3u, up~ 3 ro h Volunteers did not come forward Division of EnforcemenL stages the Arts Development * Your ears, should later years Here are some of the 1989. For 1990, the value of eac in southwest Minnesota and now hips should be aligned. budget constraints have severely * Use a 3 - 6 inch r0 complaints about dogs chasing programs such as band concerts changes people will find when they e~empt~on peogle dmayclmnn~sfO~ "Each year we receive Advisory Committee is looking at open their 1990 federal income tax t e se e a a p reduced the DNR capability to deer," said Capt. Fred Hammer, aml/or a summer theater, low back to maintain its packages. $2,050, compared to $2,000 last offer on additional seminars itself. DNR Region IV Enforcement Fourth, the- WEDA is in the use a seat wedge to tip y~ The addition of a few new year. .~ Thus, a person in SW Minnesota Supervisor at New Ulm, and process of establishing an forward. lines to Form 1040A will enable ut) * The Earned Income t:red~t, wishing to become an instructor people should be aware that there application and guidelines for their * Your chair should to six million fliers, many of them whmh can ~ as high as $953, s will have to first attend a seminar is a Minnesota law dealing with revolving loan fund. If you recall, to the desk. ~ninr ~'ifi~-n~ to switch to this now avauaote to marnea couples out of the area. this problem." the City of Westbrook received a * Shift your I ~o~'fromt-he'longer l~orm 1040 with dependent children and single "The seminars offer something. The law used to refer to a dog grant from the Minnesota frequently. the--y had to use in'~the past. Fo-rm parents with incomes of up to for every level of experience, from " 'chasing' deer but has been changed Department of Trade and * Get up once in a w 1040A for 1990 includes new lines $20,264. According to the IRS: novice to, experienced, said' to now read: "A dog that is known Economic Development which move around. for renortin~ nension or annuity millions ot engime low ann Grosslein. Participants learn how to have killed or is observed they loaned to FrontletIndustries * Sit over your work. " " " iv fr rn moderate income families fail to * Angle your.mat income, payments rece ed o to protect future hunting and open wounding, killing or pursuing in a as part of their total financial an IRA, taxable social security claim th~s tax break or figure It up more private lands to hunting," manner that endangers big game package. As that money is paid that you don t lean over !~ incorrectly benefits, and estimated tax Grosslein said. may be killed by a peace officer or back by Frontier Industries, it * Hold reading m payments as well as for claiming * 1990 is the last year for the the credit for the elderly or consumer interest deduction. Only disabled. Taxpayers reporting these 10% of the interest paid on car items in the past were required to loans, credit cards, and other use Form 1040. consumer debt is deductible Tax brackets were widened compared to 20% in 1989. The social security tax rate and the personal exemption and for self-employed people is 15.3%, WWG Snow Week King and Queen -- Monday night Dawn Scarsat and Travis Van De Wleie were crowned as king and queen to reign over Snow Week festivities. ST Photo. "The seminars offer a unique setting for participants to learn and share information that not only makes hunting easier and more successful, but truly a more satisfying experience," Grosslein said. Course topics deal with shy people hunt, responsibilities and behavior, planning the hunt, wildlife management, survival, waterfowl laws, big game and small game laws, firearm safety, and much more. Volunteer instructors are backed by the expertise of DNR wildlife managers, conservation officers and wildlife biologist," Grosslein noted. "we want and need volunteer instructors in SW Minnesota," Grosslein said. Anyone interested in attending a seminar and, eventually becoming an instructor is asked to contact Grosslein at 612-296-0904. conservation officer, or, between remains in the city coffers for January I and July 14, by any future development projects. An person." application and a set of guidelines Additionally, the owner of the is being developed to outline the dog that kills or .pya'sues a big game futm-e use of this money. animal is gmlty of a petty Finally, the WEDA is looking misdemeanor and is subject to a civil penalty of up to $500 for earh violation. Hunting and vehicles m'e the two main deer mortality factors, but dogs can be a problem for deer when thea is a orust on tlm mow which allows dogs to nm top and the deer to break ~. "It's natural inclination for a dog to want to follow a deer scent," Hammer noted, "but it is the responsibility of the dog owner to control the dog. It's a people problem as much as a dog iroblem." Free-roaming dogs often meet unfortunate fates, such as becoming roadkill victims. toward a solution for the vacant Westbrook Egg Building. Finding a local business wishing to expand into this building or fmding a new business from outside the area to locate here, is not an easy task. The COmlm y owning the building has presently listed it with a lofal real estate agency. As long as the real rather than leaning over the desk. * Keep your feet flat. Sleeping: * You should sleep side or your back on mattress. For more information back health, contact your physician or "Health Whys" is a Sioux Valley Hospital, Schmidt Memorial Westbrook Clinic, newspaper. WALNUT GROVE: Notice for Community Ed. The cost for open swimming at S.W.S.U. is $2.50 per person. Also, bring your own treat money. Mable Mischke, Coordinator February6 ALL YOU CAN EAT! Serving from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Main Street, Lamberton, MN. 752-7722 ST. ANTHONY MEN'S CLUB SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3 10:45 A.M. TO 1 P.M. at St. Anthony Catholic Church Bimement Adults $3, 12 & under $1.50, Preschool free. Front Bar Specials 6:00 to 9:.00 p.m. MON.: Mexican Food Night Taco's - Help yourself- ca. TUES.: Fish Special - All you can eat. $4.95 (prepared wtth no cholesterol frying off) WED.: LOTTO & DAILY 3 Steak & Toast w/one side- :=: :- : : --: : -. -- THURS.: Chicken & Rib Special baked potato, salad, choice of dressU - $6.95 FRL: 4 to 6 p.m. - Ladies Drinks - 1/2 price Free hersdoeuvre'a for everyone 6:00 until (Specials subject to change - substitutes