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February 24, 2016     Sentinel Tribune
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February 24, 2016

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i II, SENTINEL TRIBUNE Wednesday, February 24, 2016 Page 4 il i" ki- BETWEEN THE LINES By Tom Merchant - Sentinel Tribune -- Junk email... I am highly dependent on email, and at work I check it several times during the day, although at home only once a day most of the time. I really prefer email to other types of messaging like texting, face book, insta gram, and probably others I am not even aware of. These other methods are so highly abused, that I have little time to waste on them. I do check my face book on occasion, usually when Best Friend shows me a picture of grand kids or close friends. Neither of us actually post anything other than an occa- sional comment on someone else's posts. At any rate, when I email someone, or receive an email, it is about something that requires more detail than just a tweet. I might add that even with email, I still prefer to talk to someone on the phone. You can't always tell just what a person is saying if you can't detect the tone of their voice. Actually the reason I am writing this is to talk about the num- ber of junk emails I get on a daily basis. If I am away, even for a couple of days, from work the number of junk emails sometimes tops over 100. I have my filter set rather high so I have to look them over fairly carefully, as sometimes I get emails from persons I know but have not had them on my address list. Occasionally I get some interesting ones that are obviously scams or spam in nature. It doesn't take long to delete most of them. But once in awhile one will tweak my interest. Last week I got one from the International Clown organiza- tion. They are holding their national convention in Las Vegas. They invited me to attend their convention as a reporter. I thought "hey I have never been to Vegas" so I thought this would be a great way to have an excuse to go there. However, Monday morn- ing after I got to work, Joan happened to be walking back to the office and spotted smoke coming out of the hood of my company van. I opened the hood to see flames coming from both sides of the fuse block. I quickly ran into the office and grabbed a fire extinguisher and was able to get it put out. I called Scott's Repair to tow it over to the garage and check it out. He said the wiring harness and fuse block would need to be replace as well as other items. He suggested I should check with our insurance carrier to see what they would do. At any rate I didn't think it would be a good time to ask my boss if I could attend a Clown Convention. I know some of you might think that would be a perfect thing for me to do, but I was only thinking of sending her a request tagged with LOL at the end of it. Today (Thursday) I received an email from some outfit that was trying to convince me that it is sometimes cheaper to rent a private jet over flying on commercial air lines. First of all, for the most part, I don't fly. I pretty much believe that if you can't get there in a car or RV, then I don't want to go there. I have flown, when I served in the air force, I occasionally flew on military aircraft as well as commercial air lines. Since that time I have not boarded a commercial air craft. I have flown a few times in private airplanes, but not too many times. So for the most part I really don't have any desire to fly on commercial airplanes. Of course, although I have not gotten any lately, I used to get a lot of offers from people from Nigeria, who managed to get mil- lions of dollars from the Nigerian govemment and need help get- ting it into the United States. I would like to tell them just send me the cash, and I will give it to them when they find me. Have a great week and do good! Yes, there should pays for posts, there is also some pressure to avoid the expense. The have been an coroner may weigh the facts in a autopsy case and opt to forgo an autopsy. The situation, family's wishes, Rules vary from state to state, and the health history all play a but in Minnesota, as in most states, role in the decision. any death which is unattended, Certainly the decision to not unwitnessed, and unexpected war- perform a post-mortem exam in rants a post-mortem examination, this case was a poor one. It will The recent death of Justice Scalia leave lingering questions as he fits these criteria. His was also a was hated by the left, and they very high profile case. do have a number of skeletons in Coroner's are often unqualified their closet. and/or political appointees; many Dr. Jeffrey Cassel are not M.D.s. Since the county Instructions for submitting digital photos Tips for sending digital photos. Please send photos in Jpeg (jpg) form at full size 72 DPI, which is how most consumer cameras capture images. If you have to scale down an image due to file size only reduce to no less than half of the original size. If you are scanning an image, scan it at 300 DPI. We can accept photos in color or black and white. Please do not make any adjustments (scaling, sharpening, contrast, lightening, etc.) to your photos. Photos used in publishing require very different settings, so unless you are a professional photographer, please leave the editing up to us. "Stories from the Batt Cave" It's a good morning get out of bed in the morning, ferent moods and red can boost Studies have claimed that seven energy, especially when a bull for morning persons hours of sleep is the optimal is chasing you. Keep Toro, both amount. I think that depends on bull and lawn mower, far from "Good morning," I said with a having an accommodating pillow, your sleeping quarters. Try not to smile, happy to have awakened Other research found that caffeine think about work before hitting alive. "Prove it," came the reply from helps with sleep inertia, making the hay. Think about the Diet of people more alert than they'd be Worms instead. the face of another without a without it. Another study dis- Laughter can be an energy smile. The fellow looked as if he covered that young adults who booster as well as the best medi- were carrying his bed with him. consumed moderate amounts of Mark Twain wrote, "I have dark chocolate had better visual cine that isn't covered by your tried getting up early, and I have function and short-term memory health insurance. If you want tried getting up late--and the lat- than those who didn't. Chewing to laugh the first thing in the ter agrees with me best." gum has been linked to improved morning, stay away from mir- I was born into a dairy farming cognitive function. Chewing gum rors. Read, listen to or watch family. I grew up getting up at while eating dark chocolate must something funny when you first an unreasonable hour. I'm trying be a life-altering experience, wake up or think of whatever it is not to be such a skilled morning If you have trouble waking that always makes you laugh. If person. I have no cows that need up and getting out of bed in the you regret things in the morning, tending, morning, try drinking eight glass- sleep past noon. That makes you My neighbor Crandall was es of water fight before going to a problem solver. picking the crud out of his eyes, bed. You will get up. Move the You know that moment when when he told me that he was alarm clock far from the bed so you wake up and you're full of going to become a morning per- you'd need to get out of bed in energy and your mind is clear? son. He has unrealistic expecta- order to batter it into submission. Me neither. My problem, one of tions for increased productivity. Hitting the snooze button like it many, is that I often don't get Coffee offered hopes and dreams was an attacking grizzly bear is a home until very late. That fact in a cup that helps jitter his good way to do some sit-ups. Get has taught me that when I'm in nerves. Deep down, he's a morn- a snooze button that hits back. bed and the alarm clock sounds ing person. Very deep down. Get bitten by some creature that early in the morning, there is a He's a farmer who has changed turns you into a superhero whose huge difference between 5:59 and to winter hours--sleeping later, superpower is getting up early. 6:00. I'm not trying to become an This would be quite a change It's much better than having the for Crandall. He thinks that if you ability to fly or becoming invis- afternoon person, just a little later wake up bright-eyed and bushy- ible. in the morning person. tailed, you're a squirrel. He has The machinery in your brainIf you are trying to become a always claimed to be allergic to might need overhauling. Change morning person, it might be dif- early morning. He is a morning the way you describe yourself, ficult because you may not be an person only on Christmas Day. Don't tell anyone with a working afternoon person either. You just He loves everything about morn- ear, "I'm not a morning person," don't like getting out of bed. ing except getting out of bed. To as though it were etched in stone. I wish you strength during him, there is p.m. and too a.m. Try telling them, "I'm a morning these troubled times. Early and too early. If the bed person." If you hear yourself say fits, he likes to stay in it. it enough, you might begin to A1Batt 2016 Many people say that they'd believe it. But you know how you 71622 325 St. like to become morning persons, are. l-l, MN 56042 Most of them are lying. You can't Wearing red might help. be a morning person if you don't Certain colors can put you in dif- ress's By Lee H. Hamilton destroy ISIS, but no other country in , what resources are needed to obtain Every now and then, I'm asked the international coalition fighting its objectives: in this case, how if I miss serving in Congress. My the Islamic State seems willing to many troops, how much money, stock answer is that no, I don't really put forces on the ground. Are we what are the risks to American lives miss it, but there are definitely times going to be the only one? And just and interests? when I'd like to jump right into a how does the administration propose This demands walking a careful policy debate or be in a position to to destroy ISIS? line that Congress hasn't been espe- call congressional hearings. Congress has two key functions cially good at negotiating of late. It This is one of those times, in our system of government: leg- has to be both a partner and a critic, Over the last few weeks, sev- islation and oversight. Most pub- supporting the President when it eral media outlets have reported lic attention -- and certainly most thinks he's doing something right, that U.S. military commanders are media attention -- focuses on pol- criticizing him when it thinks he's suggesting that they need more icy-making and legislative maneu- wrong, helping the administration American troops on the ground in vering. But Capitol Hill's role in craft policy that is in tune with the places like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan overseeing the executive branch is nation's needs, and putting altema- and, most recently, Libya. And last just as important, tives forward when it sees a better month, talking about our efforts to That's because in seeking way. defeat ISIS, Defense Secretary Ash answers, Congress can force the Simply put, government functions Carter told CNBC, "We're looking President and his top advisors to better when Congress pursues robust for opportunities to do more and articulate and defend their policies, oversight. It sharpens objectives, there will be boots on the ground their objectives, the steps they're improves government performance, and I want to be clear about that." taking (or proposing) to implement makes the bureaucracy more respon- This ought to have Congress those objectives, and the impact sive, and curtails wasteful spending. working overtime to prepare for they expect from their policies. In Sadly, this key responsibility has these requests. It's rare to find a other words, Congress needs to act fallen into disrepair. Really tough military commander who doesn't on behalf of the American people overseers of the administration's want more troops: they face serious to ensure that major policy requests policies-- lawmakers who are inter- security challenges, especially in the are looked at from every angle and ested in government performance, Middle East. But one can be sympa- fleshed out as thoroughly as possible not political one-upmanship -- have thetic and at the same time skeptical, so that we go into new situations -- grown scarce on Capitol Hill. But or at least probing, like putting young American men if we want to restore the vigor of So Congress should be pushing and women on the ground against the Congress, getting it to look into very hard to get answers to some a dangerous enemy -- with aevery nook and cranny of govern- very tough questions. Where are clear-headed understanding of why ment is vital. The military's pursuit we headed with these proposed we're taking these steps, of growing troop strength and new troop increases? If they don't work, This means that our represent- strategies in the Middle East would what's next? What's our exit strat- atives on Capitol Hill should ask be a good place to start. egy? What are the prospects for tough questions, demand responsive negotiations? We keep saying we're answers, and insist on a crystal-clear Lee Hamilton is a Distinguished going to support the moderate oppo- explanation of what the policy is and Scholar, Indiana University School of sition in Syria: who are they, what what alternatives are available. They Global and International Studies; and a Professor of Practice, IU School of do they bring to the table, and how need to bring in experts from outside Public and Environmental Affairs. He are we recalibrating our approach the administration to critique the was a member of the U.S. House of in the face of Russian airstrikes on administration's proposals and out- Representatives for 34years. behalf of the current regime? line alternatives of their own. They We insist that we're going to need to press the administration on (ISSN 8750-3905) Thomas Merchant Managing Editor Junette Merchant Office & Production Joan Spielman Ad Rep. & Circulation Published every Wednesday at Westbrook, Minnesota 56183 Periodicals Postage Paid at Westbrook, Minnesota 56183 SUBSCRIPTION PRICE FOR THE SENTINEL TRIBUNE WILL BE: In the following counties: Cottonwood, Redwood, and Murray $45.00 per year. Elsewhere in Minnesota $49.00 per year. Out of the state $55.00 per year. Canada and foreign countries inquire at the Sentinel Tribune Office. If wrong amount is submitted subscrip- tion will be pro rated accordingly. 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