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March 5, 2014     Sentinel Tribune
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March 5, 2014

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SENTINEL TRIBUNE Wednesday, March 5, 2014 Page 4 BETWEEN THE LINES By Tom Merchant - Sentinel Tribune -- tmerchant@ncppub.com Medical Marijuana ... Lately there has been strong desire from the people to allow the use of medical marijuana, and in a couple of states for recreational use. Of course there are various factions that are promoting the use of marijuana both for medical and recreational purposes. I believe the ones that favor recreational as well as medical use probably comes from more liberal sources. Having no scientific data to back it up, the full use crowd claim a majority of Americans believe marijuana should be legally regulated. Their facts include: 1. About 750,000 people are arrested for mari- juana each year, the majority of them for simple possession. 2. Most Marijuana users never use any other drugs. 3. Increased admissions for treatment are a reflection of the criminal justice system's predominant role, rather than increasing rates of clinical dependence. 4. Marijuana potency is not related to risk of dependence or health impacts. 5. Marijuana can be good for health. (??? it probably seems that way.) 6 Marijuana can be protective against the formation of cancer. 7. Marijuana has been proven helpful for treating the symptoms of a vari- ety of medical conditions. The body's endocannabinoid system may explain why. 8. Rates of marijuana use among young people decrease when a state adopts medical marijuana. 9. Marijuana does not cause long-term cognitive impairment in adult users. 10. There is no compel- ling evidence that marijuana contributes substantially to traffic acci- dents and fatalities. In Minnesota Marijuana use in any form is illegal, however there is a strong push to pass a law that would allow use of medical marijua- na. Currently in Minnesota the state permits access to clean syringes for people that inject drugs. The state does not have a 911 good samar- itan law. The state does have legal methadone access. Currently there are penalties for marijuana possession. Nearly 18,000 people are arrested for drug offenses. In 2011 about 73 percent were white, 21 percent black, and 4 percent other were arrested. I can easily see where passing a law allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes would be a good thing. However, I think if that were to happen I believe there should be strong regulatory rules for dispensing the drug. There should not be marijuana clinics where peo- ple can walk in off the street and claim to have back or neck pain and walk out with a prescription! It should be dispensed the same as any other controlled substance. Unfortunately that is a big stumbling block, because the federal government still considers the growth, dis- tribution, or possession of marijuana to be a federal crime. Unless things change in the future, I find it hard to believe few, if any, licensed health care providers would want to be exposed to federal criminal action. Nonetheless, there is sufficient evidence to indicate the benefits of marijuana use for some people, would be highly helpful in treating symptoms including easing of nausea and vomiting, stimulating appe- tite in chemotherapy and or AIDS patients, reducing eye pressure in glaucoma patients, managing chronic pain and treating gastrointestinal illnesses. ..... :Ido hope the legislature does pass legislation to allow for medical marijuao~ a:use in Minnesota. ~ Currently there are 18 states that now allow the use of medical marijuana plus the District of Columbia. The tide is turning rather quickly and the federal government will have to deal with this matter. After all aren't the majority of medicines, including controlled sub- stances, made from plants? Have a great week and do good! e nnng Though it seems far off in the current license to perform work distance, spring will be here soon in Minnesota doli.state.mn.us , and homeowners, as always, will as well as liability and workers' be raring to get to work on their compensation insurance. homes and properties. Some are 4. Ask for references. Get refer- handy enough to tackle their own ences from recent jobs and verify projects, but many will turn to them before signing a contract. contractors to make their visions Be leery of people who say they a reality. Better Business Bureau have leftover materials from a of Minnesota and North Dakota nearby project; ensure they are (BBB) is offering a Top Ten list an employee of the business they of things people should do before claim to be representing, and take hiring a contractor, time to research the business. "Remodel/build projects can 5. Inquire about a lien waiver. A be very exciting, but they can lien waiver is a statement from the also be very stressful," said Dana contractor that all suppliers and Badgerow, president and CEO subcontractors have been paid for of BBB of Minnesota and North their work. Be sure to ask whether Dakota. "A great way to manage the contractor will provide you a good deal of that stress is by with a lien waiver upon comple- getting things right on the front tion of the work. end oftheproject." 6. Don't forget building per- Here are ten things everyone mits. Permits are for your pro- should do when hiring a contrac- tection and help ensure work will tar: meet local building codes. Check 1. Check out their track with your contractor before start- record. Contact BBB to obtain ing your project. Homeowners free Business Reviews on any bear the cost of building permits, company you're considering hir- but companies should be respon- ing. Visit bbb.org or call 1-800-646-6222. permits. 2. Solicit multiple quotes. Shop 7. Consider future service around and get at least three writ- issues. Keep in mind that if you ten estimates, choose a contractor or company 3. Verify license and insurance, that isn't local you need to know Ensure that companies have a who to contact in regard to any Children's Miracle Network State-a-Than I have the wonderful opportunity to be on the South Dakota State University Children's Miracle Network executive board this Year! We have spent much time planning fundraisers and preparing for our main event- called State-a-Than. It's a 13 hour Dance Marathon on campus during which we celebrate Children's Miracle Network by par- ticipating in dancing, games, enter- tainment, and other fun activities with children that have benefitted from Children's Miracle Network. During the entire 13 hours, we stay on our feet to show oar support. Dance Marathon is the largest stu- dent-run philanthropy in the nation and has raised over $8 million at 150 different enll.=o.., r,t ...... students come and support all the "Miracle children" and families. It has been one of the biggest life changing events I have attended! The student participants are asked to raise $100-all of which go direct- ly to South Dakota's only Children's Miracle Network Hospital-Sanford Children's Hospital in Sioux Falls. Being on the executive team, I am expected to raise more! Last year State-A-than raised $75,000 and 100% of those funds stay and help local children and families. This year we raised the bar and are shoot- ing for $85,000! I am very grateful for all the support and love I receive from all of you and am excited to get to share the experience with you! If you have any questions or want to know more about State-a- Than I would love to give you more information and share my experi- ence with you! All donations are tax deductible. ,,- ........., ..... +end me cash or check to this address. Checks can be made payable to: University Program Council-CMN with my name in the subject line: Josh Merrick, 915 Davis Ave, Westbrook, MN 56183 You can also donate directly online with a through the link I have provided-or go to helpmak- emiracles.org and in the participant search type in Joshua Merrick. http://www.helpmakemiracles.org/ index.c frn?fuseaction=account.pro- file Or you can give the donation to my wonderfuif'lparent Pat or Shelly Merrick. If you decide to donate, they need to be in by March 29th. Hope you're all doing well : Josh Merrick SDSU CMN State-A-Than Family Relation Coordinator P: (507) 530-2134 E:joshua.merrick@jaeks.s dstate.edu "Stories from the BaH cave" We don't know what ,,You weren't speeding. Driving too centerline because his attention was slow can be a danger to other driv- drawn to the rearview mirror, but we have until it's ers." that was needless. He'd never be gone "I was doing the exact speed pulled over. limit," the driver protested. Cans of tuna are filled with It was a dark night. "Twenty-two mph!" those that thought they'd never be He was comfortably cocoonedThe sheriff explained that "22" caught. in his car, headed down the road was the highway number, not the He was almost to his destination while listening to Van Morrison's speed limit. The when the lights came on. Cherries greatest hits on a CD. driver thanked the officer for point- and blueberries! Lights and cam- E. B. White wrote, "Everything ing out her error, eras! Draft It was curtains for him. in life is somewhere else and you The sheriff asked if the stunned This stress-inducing occurrence get there in a car." passengers would be OK. would certainly mar the day's A police car was driving behind "They'll be free. We just got off perfection. It released shockwaves him as he drove down the two-lane Highway 169." of suppressed memories regarding highway. He checked to make sure The driver respected police and an ancient citation for speeding. his seatbelt was in place. The high- their good work, but he wondered He pulled over and waited for the way had been worked on recently why the police car continued to fol- officer to come to the window. He so the ride was fairly smooth. He low him. Why didn't it pass? Didn't hoped that no one he knew would was traveling at the speed limit, the officer have anything better drive by. The officer was polite, not a mile beyond. Oh, sure, he to do than to make a law-abiding nearly friendly. The officer asked might have been traveling a few citizen nervous? It was like a cat for a driver's license, looked at it, milesover the speed limit before irritating a mouse. He considered and called the driyer by name while he nQticedth~e squad car in his rear:: slowing down even more so that asking, 'iDa you know why I pulled ' 9~t p view mirror. He slowed down then;.,':, flae,llblice officer w-rul~[ ~;~"fo~f ........ you over. .... .... His father had often admonished to pass, but why should he need He didn't. He was confounded.; him, "If you're in a hurry, you to do that? where was the law- If he'd known, he'd have made it so shouldn't be driving." enforcement officer when all those he wouldn't have been pulled over. He hoped that cutting the speed other cars were passing him as if He replied in the negative. wasn't too little, too late. he were backing up? He couldn't "How long have you been driv- The police car in the rearview remember the last time he'd been ing without a tail light?" asked the mirror served as a reminder to what pulled over. He knew it had been policeman. the speed limit was. Sometimes for speeding. It had to have been The driver jumped out, ran to there aren't enough speed limit before he was married or his wife . the rear of his car, groaned pain- signs on the road and he forgets the would be bringing it up during fully, and put his face into his posted speed limit, their historical arguments. No, not hands in a great impersonation of It reminded him of his friend, the hysterical. Historical--they bring the Edvard Munch painting, "The former sheriff, who had pulled over up everything from the past. He Scream." a woman for driving her Buick at did an inventory in his mind. He "Please sir," said the officer, 22 mph on a highway, had his wallet. It was in the glove "you don't have to take it so hard. Approaching the car, the sheriff compartment with the registration It's not that serious." noticed it held five older ladies- papers and insurance card. He used "It isn't?" moaned the motorist. -two in the front seat and three to keep it in his rear pants pocket "Then what happened to my boat in the back. The passengers were until his doctor warned him that and trailer?" wide-eye and as white as ghosts, might cause him to have a hitch in The driver said, "Officer, I was his get-along. He certainly was in AI Batt 2014 driving the speed limit. What's the no danger of being injured from 71622 325 St. problem?" falling off his wallet. 1-1, MN 56042 "Ma'am," the officer replied, He worried about crossing the http://albatt.net/ service needs that may arise after completion of the project. 8. Get everything in writing. Don't allow work to commence without a signed, written con- tract that includes project start and completion dates, exact costs, specific work to be done and war- ranty information. Be aware that anything you sign is a contract. 9. Don't rely on verbal prom- ises. Any promises made orally should be written into the con- tract, including warranties on materials and/or labor. 10. Arrange a payment sched- ule. Never pay in full in advance of a project. Stagger your pay- ments according to agreed-upon stages of work completion and don't make a final payment until all work is finished. Never pay in cash; use check or credit card. Mission ment The Sentinel Tribune serves the residents and busi- ness community of Cottonwood, Redwood, Murray and Lyon County and southwest Minnesota by applying its available resources to accurately and consistently produce a quality newspaper which thoroughly covers the news of the area, stimulates thought and conversation, delivers advertising mes- sages in a timely manner, and provides information of general value to its public. 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