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March 6, 2013     Sentinel Tribune
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March 6, 2013

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SENTINEL TRIBUNE Wednesday, March 6, 2013 Page 4 BETWEEN Support local THE LINES businesses Without purchasing the goods By Tom Merchant - Sentinel Tribune -- How do we protect our school children? Since the Sandy Hook school shootings in Connecticut, there has been a heightened awareness of gun issues. Of course there has been a lot of other high profile shooting cases prior to that also. At first it was suggested put- ting armed police in all of the schools. But then I think people came to the realization that that would not be economically feasi- ble. Then some people thought it would be a good idea to allow teachers to carry fire arms. Right away I thought that has to be the worst idea so far. Putting basically untrained, or at best min- imally trained, people in our schools with fire arms? I can think of a half dozen reasons that would be a bad idea. How would they keep the firearms? Wearing on their person, locked up in a gun safe? Would teachers be well enough trained to know what to do when an intruder comes into a classroom wearing body armor wackos (extremely psychotic person(s), decides to create a diversion, then go into the school to shoot up the place? Even with an officer present what would pre- vent someone shooting their way into a remote entrance to the school? The officer might get there before the shooter(s) commit suicide but probably not before the shooter(s) kill 15 or 20 students. Some people think banning certain types of weapons will solve the problem -- I do agree with the Gun lobby on this -- it would have little if any effect on wackos getting their hands on guns. I do however think limiting clip sizes would help somewhat, but they will still be available from sources outside our country, and probably on the black market. Some of these ideas have some merit, but realistically speak- ing nothing is 100 percent bullet proof. (No pun intended) I really think the best thing that can be done is to strengthen background checks along with better access to mental health care. and services from our local busi- ness, they will not survive. The Westbrook City Council has many good reasons to support local businesses. The main reason is that the tax payments that are made to the city support the city and help pay its expenses. Wouldn't it stand to reason that the city council would then also sup- Diet port and purchase goods from local businesses? I do not believe that Slayton John Deere pays taxes in Westbrook. I do not think that their employees live and pay taxes in Westhrook. The Westhrook City Council needs to explain to the businesses and to the tax payers in Westbrook why they felt it was necessary to purchase a new city lawn mower from outside of Westbrook instead of buying it locally. Perhaps they saved a few dollars. I really think Wegtbrook A~ and/or KC Ropair would have worked out a price agreeable to both parties. Keith pays taxes in Westbrook. Westbrook Ag pays taxes in Westbrook and employs over 20 people who live in and around Westbrook and pay taxes here. Why wasn't Westbrook Ag even given a chance to submit a bid? If the council won't support the local businesses, who will? Shame on the council. Support your town. Debra Haar Roger Ham" "Stories from the BaH Cave" I stepped from the shower and onto the bathroom scale. The Roman numerals exhibited there shocked me. Our bathroom scale is ancient and I was sure it was wrong, so I looked in the mir- ror. I thought I was looking at some guy from a parallel universe. rules of the two games separate. I kept getting holes-in-one in bowl- ing. I played basketball and base- ball from the backs of donkeys, and softball on lake ice. Those activi- ties entitled me to membership in the Brotherhood of the Athletically Silly. I played sports so frequently that my wife thought that Ben Gay was my choice as cologne. Then I gave up all sports. A few diary of what I eat. That helped. I found my problem. Every page had gravy stains. I decided to go on a diet. None of my ancestors ever went on one. They were hard working farmers. They lost weight through vigorous eating. Our family crest has butter on it. I'm on the "Someone left the cake out in the rain. I don't think and carrying two or three fire No, it's not guns that kill peopleIt couldn't have been me. I can pounds joined me in my retirementthat I can take it, 'cause it took so arms. Even if the teacher had the but people with guns that kill still get into a stocking hat I wore from team sweat. I put on winter long to bake it, and I'll never have presence to get their fire arm out, people! That is why we must find when I was a junior in high school, weight that wasn't seasonal, that recipe again" diet. especially if it is locked up, who reasonable ways to keep guns out I'm still able to et out of the house . g I still exercise. My exercise pro- I've found it easier to lose a do you think the shooter will kill of the hands of people that shouldwithout the help of a forklift, but I gram is forgetfulness. I forget waiter than to lose weight. There first? not have them. can't contemplate my navel withoutthings and have to walk back to get are so many things in life that a I was a little surprised that in People talk about our consti- noticing the neighborhood it livesthem. I like to walk, especially out- man cannot count on, but I can some larger communities schools tutional rights being taken away, in. It's growing. Any reflection Of doors Winter makes that difficult, count on not losing weight. have had a police presence in but through the course of history my navel involves lint removal. Winter in Minnesota is sometimes I've lost a few pounds here and schools for many years. I don't we have seen some erosion of That is done regularly so there will called, "We're freezing to death in there, from having the flu or from know how or who pays for it but these rights. But on the other hand be room in my belly button for thedeep snow!" Thoughts freeze. The eating my own cooking, but I've the idea does have merit, some of our rights have been salt I need when eating radishes first time that happened to me, you always found them again. I'm,t~y- There is some movement to strengthened as our people viewed while lying on the sofa and listen- could have knocked me over with aing to eat at more buffets, so I 11 have local police forces set up a the changes in society. For exam- ing to a Van Morrison CD. snowball. A neighbor maintains get exercise getting the food. work desk near the entrance of pie abolition of slavery, or giving I used to punch a hole in a new that one should be soaking wet I've learned it's wise to combine schools. They would be paid by women the right to vote. Our soci-belt so it'd be tight enough to fit after a workout. He walks throughdiet with exercise because it's diffi- city government and would not be ety needs to keep abreast of things me. I don't have t- o do tha-t any- car washes, cult to eat while exercising. an additional cost to the communi- that are in the best interest of all more. I joined an aerobic step class, but When ice covers the ground, ties. That might work in larger citizens, and that may mean we As a young fellow, I was so skin- never went. It was on the third making walking treacherous, and communities where there are larg- have to give some things up. ny that the football coach told mefloor and there was no elevator, an extra pound threatens to materi- er numbers of police on city staffs. I do feel background checks to eat more buttered popcorn in There is proof that aliens from alize, I pedal an exercise bicycle. However that would not work well need to be expanded to be univer- order to put on weight ...... in communities of less than five sal and all gun sales should xequixe,,i ..... .Ldon'tieatmuehabuttered po~;ii~ other planets walk amongst us. No, I like the stationary, bike, hut it tla 'r e aot members of Coagress .... . gets me nowhere. Th 's the same thousand people, particularly ones a background check, i fee[ t is ok ..... eom today. I don'f often eat toot They're those people who sa , ,,iplace my diet takes me. the size of Westbrook and Walnut for states to have their own back-much of anything, but I frequentlyeat anything I want and never gain I'm afraid the only way I'U reach Grove where essentially there is ground checks, but there should beeat too fast. I blame my haste on an ounce." my ideal weight is by growing tall- only one person on duty, and at a national data base that can be growing up on a farm. I ate lunches I watch what I eat. Sort of. I vac- er. times they are only on standby, checked from any of those states, on hayracks and tractors. I had touum the sprinkles off the dough- If you will, let's say PoliceWhat good does it do to have a eat quickly before the food got nuts. Chiefs Mike Zeug in Walnut background check if there isn t a dirty. A friend is a vegan. She eats AI Batt 2013 Grove and Alan Wahl in Westbrook consistent data base to access? I For decades, I played ball--foot- things that look like the stuff on the 71622 325 St. were stationed at the schools in also think that people that have aball, basketball, softball, baseball, bottom of a gerbil's cage. I tried 1-1, MN 56042 both towns. That means that essen- history of being treated for serious and volleyball. I pursued any eating it, but the more I chewed, tially there would only be limited mental illness, that data should be endeavor offering the possibility of the bigger it became. part time coverage the rest of the included in a background dataa skinned knee. I tried golf and day and night. Criminals would base. Of course the privacy,fights bowling, but couldn't keep theSomeone suggested that I keep a love that, knowing that wouldpeople probably wouldn t go make it a lot easier to commit along with it, but I think it would other crimes in the community, be a huge step in stopping some of ......... Then there is the problem of the worst mass shootings. those police officers being called [ ~ ~ away for some emergency in the Have a great week and do good! / community. What if one of those [ . - [ of tr' r qr I I The Sentinel Tribune- serves the residents l/ -- " I land business community of Cotton.wood, Redwood, r' [Murray and Lyon County and southwest Minnesota[ / [by applying its available resources to accurately l/ land consls(ently pr0duce a n -perw.;c I / I t covors the news f ht e area' Stimulates I/ \x I thought and.conversation, delivers advertising mes-I / , I sages ina timely manner, an.d prov)des information [/ I ' general value t its public" In s ding cntributes I l "it / ! I to the overall quality of life and economic health of I/ l its readers, advertisers and community in general I/ ,.. j I wh,e stimulating the professional development of itsI / ,l~ [ilil!l 'Iii'' ' II iL'/' 11ii'i 11i' r, V'T !l ...... 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