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March 9, 2011     Sentinel Tribune
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March 9, 2011

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SENTINEL TRIBUNE Wednesday, March 9, 2011 Page 4 BETWEEN THE LINES i By Tom Merchant - Sentinel Tribune -- What ts terrorism all So I ask, what on earth about ? ' are these people in it for? Have you ever thought It is obviously' not for about what terrorism is all wealth, land or material aboute I am not talking things, and if all theywanT about individuals who ter- to do is eradicate infidels, rorize other individuals, I most of us will die of natu- am talking about orga- ral causes before that nized terrorism, AI qaeda, hap.pens.. ...... Hezbalah and so forth lne Tning ThaT DoTners Of course everyone me, is with no visible knows about AI qaeda means of support (the ter- leader and founder rorists) then who is provid- Osama Bin Laden Of ing them with money and course there are o:thers weapons. Our so called that have come and friends, with a lot of oil in gone since his organiza- the m!ddle east., are the tion was founded, mOST liKely canalaaTes. I understand that his It pains me to think organization is founded from the radical teach- ings of Islam. It seems their goal is to exterminate all non believers of Islam, infi- dels if you will. Since he has been in power, several thousand Innocent people have lost their lives in terrorist attacks all around the world. Also it seems to not matter if some of their own get killed in the pro- cess. If their goal is to con- vert everyone in the world to Islam then they have figured out the worst pos- sible way to do it. I listened to a fellow on the radio a while back who talked about the Muslims plan to convert the world to Islam. I under- stand that there is a web site that has information about this plan and lists that these unwarranted spikes in oil prices, and ultimately higher gas pric- es, are probably helping to fuel the terrorists. That is why this country needs to figure out a way to completely eliminate our need for foreign oil. We need an aggres- sive energy policy that will foster development of any and all alternative fuel sources. There are answers out there, and I see many things that are changing in energy con- servation. Conservation rebates are a great idea. Everything we do to con- serve energy no matter what the form is good for this nation. Not only will these things save energy, but it will also stimulate the economy in a positive way. just how well it is or is not One example of some going, l also understandpeople in government that this plan is from anot helping. Michelle legitimate Muslim religious Bachman wants to intro- arOUp, and n hta radical ction of Muslim faith. This fellow comment- ed that the site tells of their progress in all the dif- ferent countries. He noted some countries they were way ahead of their tar- geted goals, however it also noted that they were way behind in the west- ern nations. Back to the terrorists, if their goal is to convert people to their form of Islam, then they will have a long, long wait. First of all you can't convert dead people to anything, and those of us that are left would never ever consider converting to their religion. duce a bill reversing the ban on incandescent light bulbs. She says gov- ernment should not regu- late what kind of light bulbs we buy. Well, even if we didn't regulate this, it would happen any- how. The bulbs are more efficient, and last several times longer than incan- descents. This is just com- mon sense, and it is for the good of the people in general. I guess if we didn't regulate animals in town, we would still be stepping around horse apples. Have a good week and do good! "Stories from the BaH Cave" Itchy Richie The legend lives on from Oscar on down, of the big bird they called Itchy Richie. The circus was in town. When he was a boy, Oscar had friends who wanted to run off and join the circus. Not Oscar. He had never been to the circus He read the newspaper account of the circus. It said that an ostrich named Itchy Richie was part of the spectacle. The story said that the ostrich was so large that a man could ride on its back. "Imagine that," said Oscar to himself. He wanted to see an ostrich. He'd seen photographs of ostriches in National Geographic magazines. He'd subscribed to that magazine for so long that Oscar had seen nearly every- thing. The first time. he saw, a, picture of an ostrich, he'd' put seeing a live one on his bucket list. That was before there were bucket lists. Seeing an ostrich became a goal. It would have been wonder- ful (maybe even twoderful) to see an ostrich but Oscar had no time to go gallivanting off to a circus. He had dirt to scratch and eggs to lay. Oscar kept chick- ens and the chicken chores kept Oscar busy. Who would gather the eggs and feed the hens if Oscar went to the circus? Still, it would have been nice to see an ostrich. He'd buy an ostrich if there were no perches neces- sary. That thought made Oscar chuckle. Oscar sighed and turned the page. There was another story about the circus. In this article, it said that the ostrich that Oscar longed to see, had escaped. Just as it was the dream of some of Oscar's boyhood friends to run off and join a circus, it might have been Itchy Richie's dream to run off and join a farm. The circus owner wanted to hear from anyone seeing the fugitive. "Where does an ostrich hide?" Oscar wondered. Oscar answered his own question. An ostrich didn't bury its head in the sand, but a bird big enough to guard a prison and eat a Chihuahua whole could hide anywhere it wanted. He wondered how the bird found feathers in its size. Oscar figured that seeing an ostrich just wasn't in the cards for him. He put down the news- paper. It was time to gather eggs. He moved through the henhouse and grabbed every egg. He checked each nest twice. to make sure he didn't miss an egg. He washed the eggs and placed them into crates meant to hold eggs. He slid the crates carefully into the box of his pick- up truck--a truck that he'd pur- chased with the profits from egg sales. He climbed into the cab and started the truck. He headed down the driveway and turned onto a township road. He was driving to town to sell the hen fruit. The road was all business but Oscar was bothered. His cows were contented but Oscar was not. Oscar didn't want much. Removing stones from a field rocked his world, but he had really wanted to see that ostrich. Oscar wasn't driving fast. The road had bumps and he was hauling fragile cargo. He was watching the road but thinking about ostriches. A daydream- ing filmstrip was running through his mind. It showed the ostrich photos he'd seen in the National Geographics. The filmstrip ended prema- turely as it always did in school. The film would break and the projector made that ffwut, fwut, fwut" sound. This time it was because something was com- ing down the road right at Oscar and his pristine pickup. Oscar sensed that whatever it was, it wasn't motorized. It moved as if it were running. As it neared, Oscar was amazed to see that it was an ostrich It ran straight towards his truck as if it had no inten- tion of veering. The ostrich was playing a game of chicken with Oscar. That gave Oscar a gera- nium in his cranium. Oscar didn want to run over the only living ostrich he'd ever seen and he didn't want to be run over by the only living ostrich he'd ever seen. Oscar swerved. He swerved too much. A tire caught the edge of the road and the truck went into the ditch. The result was a dented fender, a smashed headlight, and three eggs remaining unbroken. The yolk was on Oscar's truck as Itchy Richie the ostrich hoofed his way to the horizon. The sheriff arrived on the scene and asked for details. All Oscar could say was, "At least I got to see an ostrich." 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