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March 13, 1991     Sentinel Tribune
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March 13, 1991

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Door prizes were provided by AMPI, Land OT kes, Gorters Clay tucan " " & Dairy Supply, Chandler Feed, 21st Century Genetics, Slayton Veterinarians, D.H.I.A and VigorenaFeeds. Irene Dallmann was honored COTTONWOOD COUNTY Murray County Extension Agent with a surprise birthday party Bob Koehler informed members of Monday wl en her guests were OFFICIAL PUBLICATION our Extension Agents rather by Jim Christensen When you're the Dairy Herd Management Score Louise and Irene Honetschlager, COTTONWOOD COUNTY MN 35% of the state average Farm truck inspection the referee Report analysis. This is available Marcella Plaetz, Eileen Schueller, FEBRUARY 5, 1991 Extension Agents. No actioz by Elaine R. Harder from the Extension Service. The Paula Louwagie, Ann Johnson and The Cottonwood County Board taken. I recently attended a meeting As much as parents might wish analysis ranks herds on ten D.H.L Merle Bruns. The party was of Commissioners met in regular County Auditor Midge that addressed the new law to avoid becoming embroiled in management measures having planned by Lucy Bernardy. session on Tuesday. Felmmry 5, formed the Board that he haS | affecting farm truck inspection. It their children s arguments, it is greatest effect on herd average Selene Christensen and Jon 1991, at the Courthouse in Win- in contact with Senator Vickal seems that many farmers are sometimes inevitable. Although production per cow, identifying Spaeth of Willmar and Becci dora, MN. Present were Commis- about getting special legisll getting a mixed message on this most experts maintain that physical individual herd management Christensen from Jasper weresioners Marvin Einertson, Keith passed allowing Cotton. Sunday supper guests in the Gilbert Madson, Marlowe Nickel, Ken- County to sell five parve law that is to be in force as of April violence must not be tolerated, strengths and opportunities for Christensen home. neth FAg, and Frank C. Jungas; tax-forfeited land which the 1, 1991. One problem with they also agree that a certain improvement. anything new is that there is never amount of bickering, name calling, Murray County D.HJ.A. officers Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Shemon County Auditor W. R. Mielke; paxtment of Natural ReS01 enough publicity, as is the case whining and so on can't be for 1991 are: President - Wayne spent Friday night in Excelsior and Commissioners' Secretary Joy says can't be sold because saw the play "Whose Wife is it Storey; and County Attorney L. located by waterways. Mot . here, and usually you never get the avoided. When you find yourself in Spielman, Westbrook; Vice Anyway?" Saturday and SundayDouglas Storey. Elg, second by Nelson, same information no matter how the ring, as referee, consider the President - Bruce Hovde, Dovray; m a ,y people you talk to. following suggestions from Ron Secretary-Treasurer - Frank & were spent with the Richard Chairman Einertson called thevote to authorize Mielke I m going to note some of the Pitzer, Family Life Specialist. Arlen Post, Chandler, Directors - Shemons in Roberts, WI. meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. and nertson to draft a resolution Ii information I jotted down from the Keep in mind that an John P. Pederson, Ruthton; Ken The Redwood County Senior called for additional agenda items, will be submitted to the LeO meeting 1 attended and I do hope I overcharged situation may Bangasser, Garvin; Arian Sehmidt, Citizen Board met March 4th at the Duane Byers, county resident,ture for passage. Senior Citizen Center in Redwood requested that the county partici- Mielke handed out inforJ have it straight. If not, make sure sometimes be defused with Woodstock; and grog Tanrer Wall, Falls. President Agnes Ouskypate in paying for a survey re- regarding the county's W0dl you call the phone number at the relatively simple techniques. Make Slayton. The association supervisor is opened the meeting and Frankquired at the access to Bean lake. Compensation and PropeaY end of this writing, a joke. Suggest a different activity. Doug Johnson of Avoca. DairyPaluck, Secretary, read the minutes Motion by Nelson, second by FAg, Casualty insurance premiu I According to state law, a Read tothem. commercial vehicle is one that has Remember that the more their Producers interested in joining Ofwerethe membersFebruary meeting.from theAttendingvesta, thisUnanim USsurvey, vote to help pay for premium1991" TheforPropertY1991 isand$75,274C a 26,000 pound gross weight, and fighting bugs you, the moreD.H.I.A. should contact the Sanborn, Belview, Wabasso, Farley Grunig, Assessor, report- the 1991 Workers' Com is used to haul property or humans, attention your children will get supervisor, an officer, or the To find your Gross Vehicle Weight from you, and the more they will Murray County Extensno? Office. ZupferWanda fromand MilroyLUCan unitS.talked FranCiSabout a edthe thatassessmentrevenueSforgeneratedrecycling frOmwill premiums3,683.95 iSmust$72, addedIn to[ Rating (GVWR), look on the left continue to fight, day called "On The Hill." This is be approximately $92,000. This A of the Workers' Com hand door of the truck. Also, a Try to avoid situations that, by Be a more effective about a day at the State Capitol, will he used to fund the recycling Policy. This pool covers cl. truck or trailer must have atheir very nature, are going to committee member spent with the State Legislators. program, to and including 1988. Mot Minnesota state license plate in cause trouble. This was followed with a f'tim on The Board and Grunig clarified Madson, second by Jungas, order to be covered by this law. In Use the concept of rules. Many by Marie Henriksen other words, gravity wagons, etc young children, especially Are you involved in a group that Ireland, since we are approaching some situations where the recy- SL Patrick's Day. A social hour cling assessment should or should mous vote to approve paytn that are not licensed do not come preschoolers, tend to be absolutely never gets anything done? Are you followed, not be applied. A system for rebut- this premiums. under this law. snowed if you tell them you want frustrated with committee work? If Motion by Nelson, seco so, this program is for you. "Be a Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Trost of ing the assessment may have to be Regarding the Minnesota them to do something because "it's More Effective Committee NeWLuc Brighton,for his mother,Wh hadMrs.beenAnnain consideredMichael if Kirchmeier,f und necessarY.Solid JungaS,prove theUnanim uStransfer of V te$2 Annual Commercial Vehicle the rule." Inspection Law (farm trucks), Help older kids learn to control Member" will be held TuesdayTrost s funeral Tuesday, also Waste Officer, informed the Board from the Revenue Fund to anyone owning five or more their anger. Teach them that if they Marchl9, from 7:00 - 9.-00 p.m in the Murray County Courts visited Mrs. Irene Dallmann.that the Sentence to Serve contract Service Agency for reit vehicles considered as commercial ignore a sibling's misbehavior, the Dale Johnson of Des Moines, has been approved by the Depart- merit of utility and phone e: trucks, can do their own inspecting, offender may be less apt to repeat Building meeting room, Slayton. IA, visited his grandmother, Mrs. ment of Natural Resources which for 1990 for the Veterans' Many truck dealerships or truck it. Remind children of the saying, The program will be presented by Ann Johnson Friday. will allow the crew to assist with Officer and Community repair shops are certified as "Sticks and stones can break my Connie Schwartau, Pipestone Mrs. Milly Jonson accompanied separation of recyclables at least office. inspection Centers around the area. bones, but words will never hurt County Extension Agent - Home Gary Jonson to Bunsen Fridayone day a week. They may charge a maximum ofme." (It may not be true, but it Economics & 4-H. ' where he went on business and she Kirchmeier is checking with 1o- Judge Bruce F. Gross an $50.00 per vehicle to inspect them. helps.) This program will cover visited her sister, Algona Nelson. cal garbage collectors regarding Administrator Vema M. JJ Any needed repairs that are found Encourage siblings, unless they committee function and structure, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Treat of their willingness and price esti- with the Board to present during the inspection would be at are vastly ill-minded, to,work out committee members skills, team New Brighton, Donna Kline ofmates to assist the county with tions the3 additional cost. Farmers do not their own solutions to problems, building and the art of delegating Coon Rapids and Florence Trost transporting recyclable materials furnishings, etc. needed have to have their vehicle repaired Take advantage of the extremely responsibility. Stephens of Anoka visited at the to the Murray County recycling remodeled court system at the inspection center, but may useful device call "time-out," in This program is free and open to Elmer Nestehy home Tuesday after facility and to Gary IAngbeek's and the courtroom. Two take the truck elsewhere to have which the offending child is sent to the public. For more information, they had attended their mother, paper shredding and bailing busi- received for furnishings the proper repairs made. With semi his room or placed in a "time-out" contact the Murray County Ann Trost's funeral. Sister Victoria ness. courtroom, Judge's Motion by Nelson, second by Court Reporter's office, trucks, both the tractor and the area and told that he cannot come Extension Office at 836-6148. of Maplewood visited the NeStebys Madson, unanimous vote to up- library. Motion by FAg, trailer must be inspected, with a out until the timer rings, also. maximum charge of $50.00 forMake sure that each child in the Lalnb and Wool Ray Thomas celebrated his prove a one time payment of $470 Jungas, unanimous vote each, annually. Once the vehicle family has activities separate from Producers birthday at his home in Wabasso to the Westhrook Boy Scouts for the recommendation of has passed inspection, an those of their siblings. The busier Sunday when potluck supper was newspapers they collected. Gross and award the inspection sticker will be placed on each child is with has or her own announce activities enjoyed by Mrs. Erna Larsen,Motion by Nelson, second by Modem Office Machines the lqwer right hand comer of the projects, the more harmonious your Des Moines Valley Lamb and Lucan, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hengel, Jungas, unanimous vote to up- mont in the amount of windshield. You will have to have household will be. Wool Producers are looking for Vesta, Mrs. Brainard Datwyler, prove the payment of $1,500 to Two quotations were your vehicle annually inspected by Take a long-range view of candidates to serve as Lamb Milroy, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Zupfer, Light and Power Company of for reffmishing of nine the date on the inspection sticker, things. Remember that sibling Ambassador in promotion of the New Ulm, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Westhrook as the county's share cutting down four of those Any livestock trailers, including relationships in most families get sheep industry. The candidates Gorres, Stephanie and Andy, of the cmt for a high voltage es to 9 feet, refinishin goose neck trailers, with a gross better as time goes by. should be 16 - 21 years of age and Redwood Falls, Mr. and Mrs. hook-up at the recyclable storage ing 30 wooden chairs and weight over 10,000 pounds must building in WestbrooL the nine benches. On Pitzer also recommends avoiding active in sheep production. For Larry Weber, and Susan, Sanborn, Kirchineier has been contacted Jungas, second by FAg, be licensed. I believe these trailers certain situations, such asmore information contact Elaine Shelley Weber and Shawn by Orn Wfllian of Worthington vote, the Board accepted must also undergo annual comparing your children to each Holmquist, Route 3, Box 60, inspection but you may have to other, hilly in their presence. Okabena, MN 56161 or phone Willhite, St. Cloud and Mr. attd stating that he would bay any ommendation of Judge clarify that with the authorities. Don't hole e d to d one up as an example to 507-853-4409 after 5 p.m. Mrs. Steve Fischer, Stephen and white goods for $3 each. It was the awarded the quotation to Pickup tnacks do not need to be another ("Why can't you mind me The Des Moines Valley Lamb Emily of Wabasso. consensus of the Board that if therms/Kjorness of annually inspected if they are rated the way your sister does?"). Don't and Wool Producers will be Visitors at the Sylvester Williams is fly licensed, he the amount of $5,049.95. Three quotations were under the 26,000 GVWR, which try to get to the bottom of every sponsoring a Sheep Selection Hoffmann and Norbert Bernardy will be allowed to purchase these for furnishings for the court would be true of most pickups, single struggle, but try to identify School on April 20 from 1:30 to homes Thursday were Mr. andwhite goods. Kirehmeier feels that miRistrator's office. MotiOP According to the HiGhway the reason for any pattern for 3:30p.m. at the Waync Rupp farm Mrs. CyrilGenglerofLismore.thocounty's rate schedule forac- Nelsen, second by Jungas, Patrol officer I heard, April 1, is fighting you see repeated.'And located 2 miles north and 1/'2 mile Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gilbertson, Mr. cepting white goods at the landfill mous vote to accept the the date that trucks must be finally, avoid allowing your west of Storden. All 4-H and FFA and Mrs. Myron Macht and Mr. should be updated. The Board mendation of the Court inspected by law. However, he also children to draw you into a pattern members are welcome, and Mrs. Kenneth Donner attended instructed Kirehneier to bring his strator and award the said since the law is new, there of spending vast amounts of time the Ozark Country Jamboree proposed rate schedule for their J.C. Contract Furniture would be a 60 day grace period on and energy discussing and trying to Saturday at the high school in ap . irchV lt e that date. Again, call authorities to straighten out their disagreements. Arthritis Support Mountain Lake. ier is gofllg to inform onnaMotion for $1by1,782.99.Nelsen, secoed doubleMostCheCkfarmersthese dates. Group meeting Larry Lawrenz and Mr. and Mrs. local garbage collectors that ;hey Madson, unanimous vote talking " ' Rural Enw.xprises for AeceI ble Doug Lawrenz spent Friday to must be permitted each year by the thorize the Auditor to pay to me are Sunday Minneapolis. They County. The County may inter- to the Middle Des Moines thatVerYrarelyC ncemedare usedthat oldforfarmmoretrUckSthan MURRAY COUNTY Living dba Southwestern Center attended production, "I Do, I porte any stipulations in this per- shed Restoration Project for Independent Living (SWCIL) Do" at Chanhassen. Josh and Jesse mit which they feel are necessary to the resolution of support 1,000 miles per year on local grain EXTENSION and the Arthritis Foundation - MN Lawrenz spent the weekend with to control disposition of solid on August 7, 1990. hauling will not pass inspection without spending more on repairs Chapter are co-sponsors of the their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. waste in the Cottonwood County. Motion by Madson, seco 1 upcoming "First of the Season" Wallace Stage. Kirchmeier asked the Board ff Nelson, unanimous vote-to than the truck is worth. I'm sure D.H.I.A. awards Windom area Arthritis Support Craig VanLoy, a student at the he could hire some tmnporary help prove payment of the many old trucks were purchased on farm sales 'without proper seat presented Group meeting. Vo Tech in Willmar and Jerry to assist with miscellaneous book- Counties Computer belts, no functional horn, or an by Robert G. Knehler Wava Wiens, Occupational Brockhaus of Mitchell, SD were keeping for the recycling program, dues in the amount of $3 emergency brake that didn't work. Several Murray County DairyAssistant will be presenting on weekend guests in the Martha The Board gave their approval. 1991. If you 'would like more Herd Improvement Association "Occupational Aids" and VanLoy home. Marlin Lars,County Highway The Board was informed information call this Highway members were recognized forparticipants are encouraged to Engineer, reported that there will today's meeting that Patrol number (800-475-7555). If outstanding production records at bring any home aids that they have be a $32,000 reduction in State aid you can't get through, use this the organization's recent annual made, adapted, or purchased. This due to the elimination of the Motor county employee, Bonnie number (507-389-1171)at meeting held March 4 at the Corral meeting will be held at the Good Vehicle Excise Tax aid. "rh will son, passed away at the Mankato. Supper Club, Fulda. Samaritan Village (activity room) not affect Cottonwood County's Area Hosptial. The Until I get more detailed The highest producing herd in Mountain Lake on Tuesday, road and bridge projects since that a memorial fund information from the Highway award was presented to Edward J. March 19, 1991. The presentation, there is a balance remaining for started and the money Patrol, and if you have any Heard of Woodstock. The 1990will begin at 6:30 p.m. with a the 1990 budget, install special lighting to questions, contact them. herd production average was 861 question and answer period to' A letter dated January 29k 1991 flag pole 24 hours a By the way, the Highway Patrol pounds of butterfat and 22,329 follow. The 17 radio st th a, one tolo d- was received from Dr. Patrick plaque which will be "free" This meeting is free and open to tdon station and dally mmmlm- Botch of the University of Minne- flag pole. is setting up inspection sites pounds of milk per cow. the public. Call 1-800-422-1485 pens In Imq are all 0ovofn -SOUl Extension Services stating There being no further in southern Minnesota so there Other awards presented for 1990 for more information, ol mted- that they could not accept tlie the meeting may be that opportunity for you to were: have your inspection there. As of * Top cow awarded to Edward Contract for Services as amended p.m. yet these sites have not been J. Heard with a production of l,665 by the county. The one change s/Marvin Einertson, publicized, pounds of butterfat and 34,218 SENTINEL & TRIBUNE PAGE 10 would not accept was that s/Joy Storey, Recording If ,ou want to know exactly pounds of milk. Walnut Grove - We rook, PAN W lne lay, March 13, 1991 Cottonwood County was willing ATI'EST:s/W. R. Mielke what items are inspected, a booklet * Top two-year-old to Vander " to pay 35% of actual salaries paid County Auditor with the list is available from the Wal Bros. of Slayton with Minnesota Trucking Association. production of 961 pounds of The booklet is tided the "Federal butterfat and 24,152 pounds of. - Motor Carrier Regulations." The milk. number to call is 612-646-7351. * Over 200,000 pounds of Good Luck! lifetime milk production award Update on l rm Commercial went to John Sas & Sons of . Drivers License Law Edgerton. Information has been released * Premier Dairy Award was concerning pickups pulling presented to Edward J. Heard. The anhydrous ammonia tanks. The award goes to the herd with the following information comes from highest average production for the the Department of Vehicle Safety. last three years. All persons as defined in MN * Low somatic cell count- 1st Stat. 171.02 (1), are exempt from place award went to John P. the commercial drivers license law Pederson of Ruthton. Frank Post when operating a farm truck. For and Sons of Chandler received the purpose of the commercial second place, fP drivers license law, a farm truck * Most improved herd average shall include a pickup truck, over 3 year period was awarded to 2 tO 7 pJu. Pickup trucks are considered a Vander Wal Bros. passenger automobile for the The following herds were vumose of taxation only. recognized for above average Therefore, a person as defined in current milk, fat or dollar value MN. Stat. 171.02, subd2 (1), (current rolling average): Edward driving a pickup truck which is J. Heard, Frank Post & Sons, drawing an anhydrous ammoniaVander Wal Bros Gengler Bros Wayne Spielman, Ken Bangasser, tank is exempt from the provisions Velrin Rylaarsdam, David of the commercial drivers license ' Schwartz, James Post, Bar-D law. Holstein, Norman Kruse, Jim ,AIIlarlP adll Red For more information regarding Nelson, and Mike Nelson. vehicle inspection, call 1-800-475- Story teller, Mike Cotter, St. Paul Regional' 7555 provided entertainment for the Blood Setvic~ evening.