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March 24, 2004     Sentinel Tribune
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March 24, 2004

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SENTINEL TRIBUNE Vi ewl2olnt Wednesday, March 24, 2004 BETWEEN THE By Tom Merchant Sentinel Tribune LINES Warning labels After talking about law suits last week I found several compa- nies that are trying to avoid law suits. They print some warning labels that really insult the intelli- gence of less than average people as well as those above average. I sometimes think those that are above average often don't have a lot of common sense which is all you really need most of the time. Anyway here are a few of those warning labels. On a blanket from Taiwan: Not tO be used as protection from a tornado. Warning on a fireplace log: Caution - Risk of Fire. (Only if you intend to bum it). Warning on shin guards for bicyclists: Shin pads cannot pro- tect any part of the body they do not cover. Warning on an electric router: This product not intended for use as a dental drill. (Boy if my dentist comes in with one of those I'm out of there!) On a Sears Hair Dryer: Do not use while sleeping. (Gee, that's when I do my best work.) On a bag of Fritos: You could be a winner! No purchase nec- essary. Details inside. (What are they giving these away, or do you have to steal them?) On a Japanese food proces- sor: Not to be used for the other use. ( I shudder to think what that might be.) On an American Airlines pack- et of nuts: (heres a no brainer) Instructions: Open packet, eat nuts. On a child's superman cos- tume: Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly. (Better have your mom read that one for you.) On Nytol sleep aid: Warning: may cause drowsiness. (Uh -- what am I taking it for?) Warning on toner cartridge for a laser printer: Do not eat toner. ( I sure am glad I learned that, I guess I can throw out all of those old cartridges in the freezer.) In the manual of a chain saw: Do not attempt to stop the blade with your hand or other parts of the body. ( Do you think?) Stamped on the barrel of a .22 calibre rifle: Warning: misuse may cause injury or death. (Particularly if it is pointed at yourself or others should be added.) Instructions for an electric thermometer: Do not use orally after using rectally. (No com- ment.) A "IV remote control warns: Not dishwasher safe. (perhaps if one spent less time eating while ;Natching TV you wouldn't have to worry about that.) Waming on a toilet bowl clean- ing brush: Do not use orally. (have you ever tried to get one of those in your mouth? Never mind.) Waming on a box of rat poi- son: Warning: has been found to cause cancer in laboratory mice. (I wonder how they got any mice to live long enough to get cancer?) Warning reading this col- umn could cause brain deterioration. Have a great week! LETTER TO THE EDITOR ulll Your Life Estate may be in Jeopardy My letter is designed with a two pronged intention. One is aware- ness of the law and the other is to ensure the residents of Minnesota can properly plan for the future. How many Minnesotans are aware that on May 29, 2003 the Legislature passed the Omnibus Health and Human Services Finance bill for fiscal years 2004 and 2005? The law was changed as follows: Effective for estates of descen- dents who die on or after August 1, 2003, medical assistance estate recovery will be expanded to per- mit claims against life estates and joint tenancies interest after the life tenant or joint tenant dies. This change will aaply to interests (life estates) created urior to the effective date of this law. In layman terms this means that anyone who has a life estate and is currently receiving medical assis- tance for any type of care (e.g. home health aid, nursing home stays) will have a lien placed against the estate. Once the indi- vidual dies, the, state will attempt to make recovery on the expendi- tures for the care. The lien will remain on the property for a 10- year period and can be renewed for another 10 year period. During this time the property cannot be sold until the lien has been satis- fied. All attempts will be made to satisfy any liens against the prop- erty. Many may think that if they already have an established "life estate" the new law will be grand- fathered. This is not true. The "Greatest Generation that ever lived" is in serious jeopardy of los- ing everything they ever had to the new "Estate Recovery" law. The health benefits of our elderly will be at a cost that many currently do not understand. Also at risk is the care that many of our elderly need. They are prolonging the needed treatment so that the liens estab- , lished under "Estate Recovery" will be lower. How many in the state of Minnesota are aware of this cur- rent law? Was this law made known to the general public via newspapers, TV and radio? What is the cost to Minnesota of those individuals that chose to make their home in another state due to the "Estate Recovery" law? We should all familiarize ourselves with issues regarding the aspects of "Estate Recovery" and Elder law issues. The changes and their implications are vast and far reaching. If it does not affect us immediately it may/will affect our parents and the future of what we may be able to leave our children. Knowledge is power and each Minnesotan.needs to be informed. Minnesotans should be contact- ing their local and state represen- tatives. This law affects both young and old alike. I want to return to Minnesota after my mili- tary service but due to this law, .I will not jeopardize all I have worked for under the new "Estate Recovery" law. Rosanna M. Jessop (McAllister MN Property Owner/ Concerned Citizen "We'll probably be leaving Iraq. Our government's just become part of the 'COALITION OF THE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE.' " AI BaH... "Stories from the Cave" Bits and Pieces Buyer Beware Have you ever noticed that when you buy any new contrap- tion, like a computer or a car, that it costs a lot when you add options, but that it takes practically nothing off the bill when you decide to do without them? More to Worry About Some scientist has said that the sun will burn out in about one and one-half billion years. That means that most of the state's current roadwork projects will need to be completed in the dark. It's a Mystery Why is it that when you take one paper plate it feels like two and when you take two paper plates they feel like one? We're Not In This Alone I find it comforting to note that when I first started flying as a young man, the flight attendants were about my age. Now, after a good number of years of flying, the flight attendants are still about my age. The Things We Learn When my wife says, "Well, any- way..." that means that my motion to change the subject of the con- versation has been denied. Garden Wisdom My neighbor says that he is opposed to Daylight Savings Time because his garden gets too much sun the way it is. Cabela's A friend tells me that she enjoys visiting Cabela's. This surprised me as she is not into camping, hunting or fishing. I asked what she enjoyed most about Cabela's. She replied that she enjoyed the fact that the lines there were to the men's restroom and not to the women's. Cell Phones How could man have lived for so many centuries without a cell phone and now not be able to even attend a movie without one? Tomatoes A friend and I were talking about tomatoes the other day. Tomatoes make for a wonderful discussion whenever the snow covers the ground. My friend was telling me that she grew up in a family consisting of two boys and two girls. Her father ate his tomatoes with sugar on them while her mother ate her love apples with salt on them. The boys and girls have become men and women. Her two broth- ers eat their tomatoes with sugar on them while my friend and her sister eat their tomatoes seasoned with salt. Watch what you do. Your kids are watching you. Time for a Change When cashiers give me change, why don't they put the coins in my hand first instead of dumping them on top of the bibs so they slip off when I try to put the money away? Calling All Fidos Does anyone know of a dog that is actually named Fido? Street Smarts The discussion revolved around a small town of my acquaintance. The streets in this town appear to head in all directions without any purpose. The legend says that the city founders had an interesting method to deciding the placement of the streets. A herd of cattle was gathered. One of the men shot off a gun, which scared the bovines. Whichever way the cattle ran became the streets. A Sock of a Different Color As a man stricken with a certain kind of color-blindness that makes it nearly impossible for ferentiate between and navy blue socks, I suggestion for the of men's socks. Instead of putting name of the sock on itself (who is print the color Men with my con( thank you. Men with my qualify for nor is there a behalf. But we do really do. Dying to Know - I was talking with a other day. He grew neighborhood, but cities away. I told him that I had ed the funeral of an "Oh, did he die?" friend. Maybe they should to have the funeral? Remedial Tag As a child, I haps the lamest game known to mankind regularly. I played it in the car while my parents down the road. "Tag! You're it!" We had nowhere to run" nowhere to hide. hegel We played it until we get on our driver's We were roads Rhodes Scholars. -)AI Batt 2004 71622-325 St. HarUand, MN 56042 Mission Statement The Sentinel Tribune serves the residents and business community of Cottonwood, Redwood, Murray and Lyon County and southwest Minnesota by applying its available resources to accu- rately and consistently pro- duce a quality newspaper which thoroughly covers the news of the area, stimulates thought and conversation, delivers advertising mes- sages in a timely manner, and provides information of general value to its public. In so doing contributes to the overall quality, of life and economic health of its read- ers, advertisers and commu- nity in general while stimu- lating the professional devel- opment of its employees. 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