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May 1, 1991     Sentinel Tribune
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May 1, 1991

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The Redwood County 4-H SENTINEL & TRIBUNE PAGE Nutrition Quiz Bowl team placed OFFICIAL PUBLICATION first in State Competition on COTrONWOOD COUNTY, MN Walnut Grove - Wq=tbrool DAN - Wednesday, May 1, Saturday, April 20. The contest MARCH 26, 1991 was held at the Earle Brown Center The Cottonwood County Board R should also be checking it for on the St. Paul Campus at the of Commissioners met in regular I)VVUUI3 t UUINI Accelerated Aging. Some seed University of Minnesota. session on Tuesday, March 26 Wayne Hansen samples are coming back with high Team members were Laurie 1991 at the Courthouse in Win- trom Murray County. NO actionwill be doing. The germinations, but poor AA. Hawton of Redwood Falls, Sara dora, MN. l:' atent were Commis- taken until clarification of the partment will tgaix Planting this seed into cool, damp Boerboom of Walnut Grove, Jill sioners Marvin Einertson, Keith county's dollar obligation, dust control ap liCal h;. --,oration,soils could spell a vcry poor stand. Jacoby of Vesta, Bill Moudry of Madson, and Marlowe Nelsen; 9) A collection building for who request it and will paY Spring lawn care Milroy and Jenny Fultz of Tracy. County Auditor W R Mielke; r ecyclables will be located at the Michael Kirchn iet, County Attorney L. Douglas Stor- uermantown Town Hall. Waste Officer, disc sa If you have grain stored on the Rake the lawn to remove "There were some tense ey; and Commissioners Secretary MM#on ubYn n.Nl oebusen,vSeCond by items with the Board: farm, have you checked your bins leaves, dead weeds, twigs and moments" according to coach Joy Storey. Absent were Commis-,s ote to ap- 1) Discussion of op@ lately? This is acritical time of the other debris that may have Marianne Boerboom of Walnut sioners Frank C. Jungas and Ken- Vl 'gt,l onSd2'Ttt e5 sY future disposal of the year, Heat from the sun warms up accumulated over the "winter. Grove. The team lost to Wright the outside walls and the grain Compost it rather than fill plastic County in the third round The neth Elg Y Y Y solid wastes since the isl closest to them This results in .n.a double elimination tournament meeting to order at 12:30 p.m and hours.toget offices moved back 2)Kirchmeierhasaskea - . Chairman Einertson called the Employees who work after filling up. "1 moisture migrauon and possible . . allows an opportunity for rematch, in oumpmg site. he ygandaS P l og'warmed your * If you fertilized t ,ice last fall, and the team rallied to return to the called for additional agenda items, rote me courffionse will be paid of Windom to locate a pil winners circle where they topped Motion by Madson, second by ov e rtime . tempesting site for lear - you probably won t need to the Wright County team. That Nelsen, unanimous vote to enter Motion oy Maoson, second by grass clippings. grain up from the winter holdmg . . " " I 1 in tertilize at all this spring But if into a Contract for Services with Rinensort, unanimous vote to set 3) A demolition site ' temperature, you s o oe uo g ". meant another match, which the Robert Mielke for the purpose of closing lime for all county offices located at the landfill. so Ideally, you should start you oecide to lemlize, watt.until Redwood 4-Hers pulled together grass greens up ant is reaay to warming gram up earJy, so you can under the strong support of their getting the mandated Safety Plan at 3:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve and 4) Motion by Nelson, sa . mow, itrst tt you plan to use a pre- coach and parents to come out on $5,000 budget will be set up ofMary Ann Anderson, Recorderthe Tri-County Recycli . do tt m 10 degrees mcreases. You . written before July 1, 1991. A New Year's Eve. Elf" unanimous vote to ell emergent herbiclae (craOgrass want a final temperature around top. which $2,400 will be payment for and Farley Grunig, Assessor, met merit with Murray and 1'! 50-60 de ,rees F That means that preventer), be aware mat mey are In other state competition, the Mielke's time Mielke's first duty wita the Board to discuss their counties. " '- ' "f n n when we most commonly available in you ton t turn me a o junior livestock team coached by as Safety Officer will be conduct- pla . and when they moye Dennis Nelsen, Winda comomalaon with lel' and that gvt u,v u, wa Ed and Ethanie Schmidt of Tracy ing CPR training for all county nac r in.t9 me uounnonse atter Clerk. attended the meeti one appticatlon wtll certarnly uegree uays. rick out some placed third. The junior dairy team, emvlovees, remounting is completed, discussion of the compost provlae enougn ,erttltzer tor coached by Kari Steffen of /vlotion by Madson, second by There being no furtl~ business, location and the CottonwO degree days or evenmgs. Make sure that you run the fans long spring enough so that the warming front ". If April proves tO warm up Lamberton, placed fifth. Nelsen, unanimous vote to ap-the meeting was adjotmml at 5:20 annexation update. has moved completely through the rapmly, you may a ectae ,m, apply prove the Minutes of the March P.m. David Thompson, Envif craograss preventer towaro me ena 13, 1991 board meeting. . s/ inr in Einertson, Chairman tal Director, informed ran - of April Now is too soon Marlin Larson, County Engi- s/Joy:st y, gsoeretary that 32 petitions have I1 You can t check gram by just .- . - .- umerw=se, watt unLtl me ttrst or neer, presented a list of road pro- ATrESt: turned by Cottonwood IJ opening me ooor ant ~OOKmg at It You should be probing it for secona weeK.m May . . jects yet to be completed under the s/W. R. Mielke, County Auditor dents. So far, there are 171 An excepnon might be m mose temperature, moisture and insects. . . " . 1988-92 Five Year Plan. Discus- 15 no votes for annexatl reauy not areas, such as right next If you have not pulled any out of sion followed. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION decision will be made the center since filling it, you to a siaewam or asphalt any e, or Michael Kirchmeier, Solid COTTONWOOD COUNTY, MN petitions are returned on a sunny, soum tacmg stope Waste Officer, discussed the fol- APRIL 2, 1991 deadline being the mN suture De oomg mat now Ifyea, h vc. ,avohh;ncr nroqon! c~n tparncutarly if the soil is sandy), lowing, items with the Board: The Cottonwood County Board April. "* ':'": Those areas should be treated in 1) Office of Waste gement of Conunissioaers met in regular Thompson requested the grmn surface or m the bm from rate April if crabgrass has been a Indian meal moths, physically " . . . has approved the County s Solid session on April 2, 1991 at the ordinances be amended problem m me past years You may remove it from the bin and destroy . . Waste Management Plan. Courtho e in m, MN : Pre-that certified installers I it. Keep grain temperature below want to .treat those arararararar as .a;gam m 6- 2) Pursuant to the Hazardouss n.t were uomm saouers Marvin when installing lndividlull ~s weeks It you treateO early 60 degrees to prevent the moths . . Waste Management contract be-mnenson, Marlowe and t Systems. No v You can reseed sparse areas of from becoming acti e. To inhibit . . tweem Lyon County and Cotton-Keuneth.Elg County Auditor W. the lawn as soon as the soil m dry the breeding potential of adult . wood County, Kirchmeier will be R. Mieum; t.;onnty Attorney L. ()mpson assessed the and firm enough to walk on moths, su,spend one ,dichlorvos . setting up an educational advisory glas Storey; and Commission- to the stone house at Pat I without feeling soft and moist committee, ers :iecretary Joy Storey. Absent If there are sufficient fund (vapona) farm per ,uuu . unaer toot. Be sure to use a heav cu. ft. of air space over the binned Y. 3) Motion by Madson, second were Commiuionen Prank C. park's budget for this ernln hofnro rnalh~ ha~in tn garaen rage to loosen the so. by Einertson, unanimous vote to au ngas and Keith Madson. will be considered. ne ore seeomg uon t use emerge from overwintcring, h r " " hire David Stresmann of West- Chairman Einertson called the be solicited. Bin-run soybean seed e btcides in reseeded areas. (You brook as the full-time employee meeting to orderat9:00 a.m. and The Board gave Thoml If you are planning on using c,an.usecrabgrasspreventerflRIvff for the recycling program at $6.25 ca il, mission to nominatero it s tabeled specifically for use with per hour and,Anna ,Watkins ofEiMOtion .by Nevol m second bythe County to be d ig your own soyoean sccu, De newly seeded lawns and I have not Mountain Lake and Joan Negen of f" unammons ote to approve "'scenic highways." . extremely cautious. Soybean seed seen mat type avaname anywhere) from this part of the state, Windom as part-time employ es at Minut of the Malch 26,1991gardingbdngmisdem c . especially the western half of $6.00 an hour starting Awil 1, m ting. There was much Redwood County, has been C uiz awl lento 1991. Motion by Nelsen, second byesagainstcountyresto , showing up with some germination - "- .-"- 4) Santifill Corporation will be Elf" unanimous vote to approve not comply with problems. Be sure you check your placed first In asked to make a proposal to haul payment .of $3,662.12 to Vor- Zoning ordinances regm' soybean seed for germination. You State Competition anawaste.dispose of our county's solid rennisnmg-th Ln" Jerk" *chair fandWestbr kbenches for for mitSsu, uctionandprojectsvarianCeSare 5) The county must vacate the co urt wBom". . tion by Nelsen, secol horse barn at the fair grounds by MOtiOn by Nehen, second by Public notices A I~I 15. A .new storage building Elf" mlaninlous vote to aLrpfo ve unanimous vote to Jl~WI wm ue songm, payment of $3,100.00 to Dicz s Planning and Zoning Co= 6) Rieke-Carroll-Mull Engi- WnndWOlt of Mountain Lake forto look at changing neers will proceed with the rep=- ta"b'le.$ built and wood County Ordinance No. STATE OF MINNESOTA STATE OF MINNESOTA mitring for construction of a new done in courtroom. Motion by Nel a, COUNTY OF REDWOOD COUNTY OF CO'IrONWOOD STATE OF MINNESOTA trench at the landfill. Motion by cond by nmnimous vote 7) Maust Company of Savage Elf" unanimon= vote to prove payment of $1,400 ! COUNTY OF coTroNWOOD MN proposes to haul and process payment of $350 to allocation to Travel S.W. ! DISTRICT COURT - DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT COURT PROBATE DMSION PROBATE COURT tires for $85 a ton. A Minnesota lnseralr Co. for adklin8 tot- Motion by Elg. second ! PROBATE DIVISION HFTHJUDICIAL DISTRICT Pollution Control Agency grant carl Society to the and sen, unanimous vote to PROBATE DIVISION will be applied for to assist with casu insurance l Uey. . Baldiidge Architect & FIFTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT the cosL Mmm t,a,-son, uonnry eag - change order in the Court File No. - PI.91.128HEARINGORDER ANDoN PETITIoNNOTICE OFFER ORDERC urt FileANDNO.NoTIcEP2-91-102OF 8) A proposed contract for Tri- ricer, pte.? ,n, a li t of rin[ $5,781.00 on the elevat0u NOTICE OF INFORMAL FORMAL PROBATE OF WILL HEARING ON PETITION FOR County Recycling was received projecUI the highway aqmmnen cling project. A letter was received APPOINTMENT OF AND APPOINTMENT OF FORMAL PROBATE OF WILL ridge Architects & Engil PERSONAL PERSONAL AND APPOINTMENT OF REPRESENTATIVE AND REPRESENTATIVE IN PERSONAL [ EMPLOYMENT VACATION/RESORT BI IINIE ' Iing prk information f(l NOTICE TO CREDITORS UNSURPERVISED REPRESENTATIVE IN ] OPPORTUNITIES OP ORIUNII1E I additional change order il , ADMINISTRATION AND UNSUPERVISED I $1F 4.TALJO- $I .41 llo~lu Mo~nwhlm I~ l Board approved most In Re: Estate of NOTICE TO CREDITORS ADMINISTRATION AND I ~ :~vJm. r I-or e x~ n you .'~ at Breezy Po~t Re- BUSINES~ OPPORTU. I items. . I cu sortnmhol B nerd. NrW: fme=t I Motion by Elf, second! Gertrude Johnson, . .-. NOTICE TO CREDITORS,ext F n.y V :a oninterior eom- Iwall, unanimous vote to , Deceased In R4e: Estate muerald H. I MN10t.Sam-epm.7day=. Packages ~ Golf Pack- ~- i~ =,n~,~r,~ ~ Ihi= t Anderson, Deceased In Re: Estate of [ Fee .------------- ~r~" .4~w.modmioem."~ T~--~. ] payment of $7,053.60 to A I Frie~dl, Home ~,o- o z ooa,stoluxu- Call I:)eoom g (s121 I as partial payment of the NOTICE TO ALL INTERESTED - '~r:e'r~:D Martha J. Teachey, deceased I . . .=~.= ~ .~.~-.~ ~ '.L~-" nous su~. moee poo~$, a51-306~ F-|813. I merit A~III~dlIP~L -- PER 'N" AND "R tu - lenni= oum : PERSONS AND CREDITORS: TO ALL INTERESTED I two 18 hole gelf murms, I Motion by Elf" ou o ~ t~t t t ut~a I == ~= ,4, ,~ u= ~- . mlmnnt~, ITAI~NG & TONING I "r ."'-~- ,w ,It shop, end, PERSONS AND CREDITORS: I comm~suon and I~less ~andomisebo~. ~ ~ & WOLFF TAN. ] nl~l13on, ullallimons o1~ , I xhnmcau ht our re,o t SEOS. corn- I prove payment of $1,4 Notice is hereby given that It is Ordered and Notice is I overuooitem$. Call 1-800- ~'em'/~tmd oo r mw= H m, unit= Zrom I MN. Connties Insurance "11 informal appointment of. E Don hereby given that on the 20th day It is Ordered and Notice is I 488-4875. btod re. T~ll Free: $199.00 I changes made on highvat/ MN 1-800-432-,T/77 LISA ~ JohnsonKings ValleyWh SeRoad,addresSDamascus,tS 24713 a'he ' ng"f 1991will' beat 2"00 o'clock n mheld iff the aebove hereby given that on the 3rd day of I DISCOVERY TOYS. seek" 14100-828-2284 ,' : mmt lo k ] merit equipment lisL I June, 1991, at h30 o'clock P.M a ~ ing oon=ultant= to =ell edu- ~ FREE NEW mior I TheA' being no MD 20872, as personal Court at 900 Third Ave, named . hearing will be held in the above i ~/Ik~ml toys. You qualify if~ ~ 1-800-41~-0197 I th~ ~ wasadjoura representat|ve of the estate of the Windom. Min(nesota, for the named Court at the Cottonwood I yoovaluechildmn. Idullor BI. CKHlU. VA I TION I " - homernalu~r~, leachers. Call aDAY~ 2 NITES- ~9 95 p.m. above decedent, has been made. formal probate of an instrument County Courthouse, Windom, ! for free pnc n. PER (/O4t.Y. A WONDERFUL I=AI I.Y i g/Marvin Einertson, Clut Any heir, oevisee or other n roo' "11 f . . u rtm to be the wa o the Minnesota, for the formal probate I at s. (NDCAO) Scenic m rt, court, RV [XPERIENCE. Auction, I t/Joy Storey, Recording interested person may be enntled to bo ve named decedent, dated of an instrument purporting to be I ---------- Ohnno tea, mmrqn, [ ATTN MLM'EFI~fl Explod-'~ a~ h~ ~ .=- I A'FrES~. 1 appomtm.ent as personal August 30, 1978. and for thethe will of the above named I ing Health and Wea crY= & morn. -8OO-7e " =Z m=wdv ,n I s/W. R. Mielke, County representauve ot may ooject to tl~ appointment of Dennis E decedent, dated August 15, 1974,andweek ybo usesimaud- t appointment of the personal An " v- " I Opportunity. PaysSmo~lNy 2267 ~ i derson and Geraldin --ovv, and for the appointment of Irene l ne.c rogr . FREE l - representative ann me personm . . . whose addresses are R.R. 1, Weinrebe, whose address is 75 ] message:" 14100-299-1470 --~.~wo rd)ucxn0N I NOW AVAILAB representative is empowerea tO We~th cw~k MNI gfilR~. ~nd d?q I DETAILS 24hour~ == me.m, = ~.^ ]"~,~'~'~'~". I roo South Montgomery Avenue, Le zuJty aommlster me estate 1 & 2 Bedroom Ot No. Euchd Ave Sioux Falls, SD Center, Minnesota 56057, asI CONR$OATED OARS, BODY 8HOP &CON- I mcmomg, atter oays rrom me . . 57104, respectively, as personal personal representative of the I 0oas OVERSEAS: con-o TRUCKS. win, b.==, sraUCTION TaAa,:a I Call Glenda Ztll date of issuance of his letters, the renresentative of the estate of the power to sell, encumber, lease or a ove named decedent in estate of the above named decedent I = .tr ion, Enginmrin Pp- nn, lemlW =rid much PEOPLE. Buad m yeur I I rmeum, ame oe .e . a er an ma I mgr. in unsupervised administration, I Very pay & bemra=, uptom%on.- of I distribute real estate, unless unsu, rvised administration and and that any objections thereto I p lnavel& iee=ing. Fee. Smdf . (el=) 0-a o7 =unm d=im=. 859-2686 v-",[ Call 516-261-6160, Ext. 24houm. ~wTedmk=lCok~. [ - objections thereto filed with the that any nhie .titm thereto mn t be must be filed with the Corn1. That, I 2040 ~ Od I Court (pursuant to Section 524 3- ---" Pl % filed w th the Court. That,if proper, and no objections are I LOSE Aboutyourlutum? Nation- US ,tJBOUl" lm, N! I on/) ann me t:ourt otherwisenrouer, and no obieetions are filed, filed, apersonalrepresentadvewill I TOa0LaS/MO.dyknm M nema CkB rwd Ad-I orders r r- ~ " " 11~ : a nersonal representative will be be appointed to administer the I w e m, -amneedz Ta# lynn. Smahvmi,lno Yo can l answml rqtmllo on ru nc ui d.dl Wal ouce mrmer given mat .ALLal inted to a inister the estate, estate, to collect all assets, pay all I Lov, e,/M0n )'/ P rsgnal I CREDITORS having claims tO collect all assets, pay all legal legal debts, claims, taxes and I : n,th 737-4E,UVE! SN /n . of I agains! sa. id estate are quired to debts, claims, taxes and expenses, expenses, and sell real and present me same to saia personat and sell real and personal property, personal property, and do all [ " aeo CALL NOW. nmd $ 4s.00 J oWu Senmtht veor to the Clerk of and do all necessary acts for the -necessary acts for the estate. rt mm rout mourns a ter me estate date of this notice or said claims N ice is further given that ALL Notice is further given that ALL CREDITORS having claims will be barred. CREDITORS having claims against said estate are required to Dated: April 10, 1991 Agnes Vanderwerf Registrar Jon T. Hagen Court Administrator James L. Garvin Attorney James L. Garvin " #33698 243 Morgan St. Tracy, MN 56175 507-629-4940 S-31, 32x against said estate are reqgired to present the same to said personal present the same to said personal representative or to the Clerk of the representative or to the Court Court within four months after the Administrator within four months date of this notice or said claims after the date of this notice or said will be barred. claims will be barred. Dated: April 16, 1991 M Bruce F. Gross Judge (COURT SEAL) Verna M. Jam Daled: April 22, 1991 t s/Bruce F. Gross COURT SEAL Judge Verna M. Jam Court Administrator court Administrator by/s/Marlene A. Nordquist s/Mai-!ene A. ~2~:/)" "T. Attorney K.Marlene A, GudmestadN rdq ulsL Depnty McDonald & Gudmestad Paul M. Malone 906 Fourth Avenue Call them partners: btrd$ llled Windom, MN 56101 Attorney (#66941) .egrets f.eed on insects stirred up 507-831-1301 Malone & Mailander oy grazing cattle. In return, the Reg. No.: 38507 S,31, 32x2605 Broadway Ave. Slayton, MN 56172 egret warns the cattle of dahger by flying away. (507) 836-8581 S-32, 33x FOR THIS SPECIAL TIME IN YOUR LIFE ONLY THE BEST IS GOOD Come in and see our complete selection of graduation supplies .Annotm ments Name Cards PKty Invltatlmls MIN11ory Books Souvenlr Announcement Graduatlon Jewelry =Party Supplles (napklns, & cup=) Thank You Note= SENTINEL NEWS INC' Westbrook Office Phone 274.6136 We're your one stop dealer! ,w