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May 8, 2013     Sentinel Tribune
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May 8, 2013

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SENTINEL TRIBUNE i "00rlEWPOINT Wednesday, May 8, 2013 Page 4 Life's Lessons from Your Mother By Bryan Golden Your mother tried to teach you some valuable lessons. Moms have a unique ability to impart essential wisdom. Unfortunately, most of us were too young to really appreciate their value. Mother's Day is a great time to review the following advice you got when you were a kid. You can be whatever you want to be. You have no limitations. The whole world is open to you. Your future is ahead of you. You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. It's ok to dream. Be nice to your friends and they will be nice to you. People respond to the way you treat them. If you are mean and selfish, no one will want to play with you. Share your toys and don't be a bully. Be considerate of the feelings of others. Do your homework and you will get good grades. Success takes work. If you don't put in the effort, you won't reap the rewards. Those who work hard will succeed. Clean your room now. Get things done today and you won't have to worry about them. If you let things pile up, it will be difficult to catch up. You can play once your chores are done. Get your work done before you take a break. Then you can relax and have a good time. Stay in school. If you don't get an education, your opportunities will be limited. Don't drop out of school. The more you learn, the more you ben- efit. Sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt you. It doesn't matter what other peo- ple say. Don't allow others to upset you. There will always be mean people. Don't pay attention to them. Don't waste your time. Time goes by very fast. Don't wait to pursue your dreams. Be thankful for what you have. There are many who are not as fortunate as you. Be grateful for your home and family. It doesn't matter what someone else has. Don't complain. Whining is annoying. If you have something to say, say it. If you complain all the time, no one will want to listen to you. Remember to obtain permits for open burning Residents are reminded that permits are required for open burning and those permits have limitations, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). An open burning permit is required for any fire larger than three feet in diameter and when the ground is not covered by at least, three inches of snow. Perr0ission to burn in most south-central and southwestern Minnesota counties is in the form of a paper burning permit issued rough the county sheriff. Big Stone, Kandiyohi and Meeker counties also have an internet based permit option accessible via nits. Brown, Freeborn and Renville counties have adopted a recent statute change allowing their citizens to get permission to burn by calling the county sheriff. . "What you can and can't burn is pretty simple," according to DNR Fire Supervisor Tom Romaine. "If it's not natural, untreated, vegeta- tive material, it cannot be burned." Romaine explained that open burning is pretty much limited to trees, tree trimmings, brush and clean, unpainted, untreated lum- ber. Unacceptable materials include oils, rubber, plastics, tires and chemically treated materials such as railroad ties, treated lum- ber, composite shingle, tar paper, insulation, composition board, sheet rock, wiring, paint, hazard- ous materials and industrial solid waste; most household garbage falls into this category. Illegal burning is a misdemean- or, but bigger financial penalties often result from loss of property, proper disposal of burnt materials and firefighting expenses. Any suspected unauthorized or illegal fires should be reported by dialing 911. "The best policy is, if in doubt, report it," Romaine said. "An early report of a fire enables a quicker response time and helps to keep fires small." For additional information on open burning, visit www.mndnr. gov/forestry/fire/questions.html. AI Bart... "Stories from the BaH Cave" Why birds matter magpie, mallard, nightingale, osprey, ostrich, owl, parrot, par- I never knew Andy Griffith. tridge, peacock, pelican, pheasant, I felt as if I did, but I never paid pigeon, quail, raven, rook, snipe, property taxes in Mayberry. sparrow, starling, swallow, swan, Had I known Andy, he'd have thrush, turkey, vulture, woodcock, described me thus, "He's a little bit wren, and others. He wrote things peculiar." that made me go "hmm" like "True I'm peculiar in many ways and hope is swift and flies with swal- more than a little bit. I talk to low's wings" in "Richard III." myself. A lot. I used to talk to Birds are colorful enough that if myself when shooting free throws they had wheels, they could be or standing in the batter's box. I racecars. Birds may not add to a talk to myself while driving and human's life expectancy, but they when trying to consume lutefisk. I add riches to a life. The world is a talk to myself in public and at great choir. Each species has a home. Some say it's OK to talk to voice. The song is diminished by yourself as long as you don't listen the loss of a single voice. Here is or talk back. I do both. some information about our avian I often talk to myself about birds, friends. I like birds. What do you give a seasick gull? A recent cover of Audubon mag- Plenty of room. azine read, "Why birds matter." How can I tell if a crow is a The Bible has around 300 refer- male or a female? Toss out a piece ences to birds scattered about its of bread. If she eats it, that's a " female. If he eats it, that's amale : . pages. Our ancestors depended ........... upon birds to forecast weather and crow. mark the change of seasons. Why is one leg of Canada geese Weather folklore said if birds fly in a V-formation longer than the low, then rain we shall know. other? Because there are more Swallows high--staying dry. If geese in one. birds feed and sing during a rain, it How can I tell if an immature will rain for a long time. bald eagle is male or female? My Shakespeare said, "Hark, the wife says that if it's immature, it's meadowlark doth bark." a male. That was Rudy Shakespeare. He How do I count birds? Count the ran a cotton candy cart and said legs and divide by two. odd things. Birdfeeders work best when A less famous Shakespeare, placed outside the house. William, wrote often about birds. About half our birds are egglay- That included the blackbird, bun- ers. The rest are males. ring, cormorant, crow, cuckoo, I donned my favorite shirt before dove, duck, eagle, falcon, finch, sitting down to eat like a bird. I goose, gull, heron, jay, kestrel, looked like a sitting duck, but fine kingfisher, kite, lapwing, lark, loon, feathers make fine birds. I was as proud as a peacock that I wasn't forced to eat crow. That would have been for the birds. The early bird gets the worm and I was as free as a bird after putting the breakfast dishes in the sink. It's an ill bird that fouls its own nest. A lit- tle bird told me--the same little bird that blabs about the birds and bees- -that birds of a feather flock togeth- er. I got a bird's-eye view of my yard, watching like a hawk with an eagle eye, realizing that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush (also the best way to eat chicken). Birds in their little nests agree that I wouldn't kill two birds with one stone, so I stepped outside. I was as crazy as a loon because it was lovely weather for ducks. I tried to take to the downpour as a duck takes to water. I sought to be as happy as a lark on a day when sun- light was as scarce as hen's teeth. Rain ran off me like water off a duck's back, Ididn't want to lay an egg or kill the goose that laid the golden egg, so I went back into the house. It was a short walk as the crow flies. Knowing enough to come in out of the rain made this birdbrain feel as wise as an owl. It gave me goose bumps to think that I might one day be cuckoo enough to play Angry Birds. Why birds matter? Birds matter because no one knows what form angels take. A1 Batt 2013 71622 325 St. 1-1, MN 56042 Subscribe to the iSentinel Tribune Mission Statement The Sentinel Tribune serves the residents and business community of Cottonwood, Redwood, Murray and Lyon County and southwest Minnesota by apply- ing its available resources to accurately and consistently produce a quality newspaper which thoroughly covers 'the news of the area, stimulates thought and conversa- iion, delivers advertising messages in a timely manner, and provides information of general value to its public. In so doing contributes to the overall quality of life and eco- nomic health of its readers, advertisers and community in general while stimulating the professional develop- ment of its employees. 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