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May 15, 2013     Sentinel Tribune
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May 15, 2013

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SENTINEL TRIBUNE Wednesday, May 15, 2013 Page 10 Anna Larson in Partner Program My name is Anna Larson, I am a 6th grade student at WWG, and this is my 5th year of taking piano les- sons. My piano instructor, Deb Warner, has taught me a lot the past 5 years, and I really enjoy taking piano lessons with her. She has taught me all the different notes and how to play them, the different terms and what they mean, and most impor- tantly, to have fun with it. Taking piano with Deb has been a great experience and I plan to continue to play piano with her. This men- torship is sponsored in part by Partner Program of the Perpich Center for Arts Education. in The Cottonwood County Historical Society is pleased to announce the winners of the Cottonwood County Student Art Show which closed April 27, 2013. Among hose receiving honorable mention include Shane Buchmann of Westbrook Walnut Grove Public School. Shane Buchmann won an Honorable Mention with his photograph of a boy driving. Submitted photo SCHOOL MENU May 20-21, 2013 Monday: Cook's choice Tuesday: Cook's choice COLLEGE NEWS Nancy Yang recetves SMSU Scholarship Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, Minn., is proud to announce that Nancy Yang, daughter of Neng Yang of Walnut Grove, Minn., has been selected to receive an Alliss Scholarship for the 2013- 2014 academic year. Recipients of this scholar- ship are recognized for their academic accomplishments and outstanding leadership abilities. Her planned major field of study is medical labora- tory science. We kly Science Quiz by Douglas Clark Asteroids renewed call for creating an asteroid detection system. As Asteroids have been mak- it stands now, all anyone could do if we discovered a ing quite a few headlines as of late. Recently, we had large asteroid headed toward NASA announcing its inten- New York City or some other tions to capture and asteroid large metropolitan area is robotically and bring it back "pray," according to NASA for study by a manned expe- chief Charles Bolden. We dition. A 500 ton, near-Earth only know the whereabouts asteroid would be bagged, of about 10% of the estimat- brought back, and placed in a ed 10,000 city-killer aster- gravitational parking lot oids. The Chelyabinsk aster- known as the Earth-Moon oid is the largest to hit Earth since the 1908 Tunguska lagrangian point. There, a manned Outpost could study asteroid exploded over it and set up a mining station Siberia, leveling 80 million to harvest its resources, trees over an area of 2,100 sq On February 15, 2013, a km. meteor exploded over The asteroid belt lies Russia's Ural mountains in between the orbits of Jupiter the Chelyabinsk region, and Mars. Even though there injuring about a thousand are asteroids in other parts of people, as the shockwave the solar system, most are blew out windows and found here. About half the rocked buildings. On that mass of the belt is contained same day, there was a close in the four largest asteroids, flyby of asteroid 2012 DA14, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, and which passed within about Hygiea. These have mean 27,000 km of Earth which is diameters of more than 400 closer than the orbits of tele- km, while Ceres, the asteroid vision and weather satellites belt's only dwarf planet, had that surround our planet. The a diameter of about 950 km. two events were unrelated. The remaining asteroids are In the weeks after these thinly distributed and range all the way down in size to events, there's been a WWG Charger Student of the Week Senior Kathrine Schwan is a friendly young woman who has shown a great deal of resilience. She is a member of the choir. She has really gained momentum and displays a tremendously positive attitude. Congratulations. That's what our town is made of. State Farm has a long heritage of helping out in the community. That's why I'm proud to support Student of the Week. Get to a better State Roger Haar Ins Agcy Inc. Roger Haar, Agent 432 1st Avenue Westbrook, MN 56183 Bus: 507-274-6164 1201196 State Farmi Bloomington, IL .... ~n~z iil , ,, i dust particles. Asteroids are rocky. Because they come from the inner solar system, any ice would have been baked off by the sun long ago. Their orbits are fairly predictable, so with good observations, we can track down the big ones and determine if they're threats. There are more objects beyond Neptune. The Kuiper Belt extends more than 100 times farther from the Sun than Earth. Beyond that is the Oort Cloud which extend_ 10,000 times farther from the Sun than Earth. These collec- tions of small, icy bodies are remnants from the formation of the solar system. When their orbits are disturbed by other objects they can move into the inner solar system, becoming comets. As they come close to the sun that ice evaporates and creates the comet's tail. That ice also makes them less dense than asteroids, but they tend to be moving faster by the time they near Earth. Some com- ets, like Halley's comet which returns every 76 years, have predictable, periodic orbits. Knowing where an object comes from is a good indica- tor as to whether it is an asteroid or a comet. It's not all black-and-white---objects from the outer solar system might be rocky and some asteroids do have some ice. But overall this is good way of thinking about them. 1) True or false: A meteor- oid is a small particle from an asteroid or comet. 2) The largest known asteroid is ???. a) Ceres b) Vesta c) Pallas d) Hygiea 3)True or false: An object from the Kuiper Belt will probably be an asteroid. 4) Comets are icy while asteroids are ???. 5) NASA is making plans to capture and study a(n) ???. Answers on page 2 Copyright (C) 2013 Weekly Science Quiz All rights reserved. iiiiiiiiiii !iiiiiiiiiii ii!i!!i!i!i!i!i i!!ii:i!i!i!i!!!i~ !:i!i:i.!:Li: Greetings from WWG Schools, By the time you are read- ing this we may be getting down to our last bit of snow next to the buildings and we can officially begin spring! It was a long April and one for the ages. Our kids will have a memory about the "terrible April of' 13." Spring activi- ties are in full swing and the students have been stir crazy with so many indoor practices. I think the worst is behind us and we can just keep praying for moisture! I would love to see everyone at graduation on Sunday May 19 at 2:00 p.m. What a great day to celebrate our kids and the district! I think I'm falling into quite a pattern here the past 6 years as we look at how to save WWG money on its administrative costs. I spent two years working with the Balaton School District up until the consolidation with Tracy Area. The next two years I worked in Lake Benton and mentored a great person to eventually become the Superintendent. The past two I was fortunate to work a little closer to home and share my services with Tracy Area Schools. I was able to work a visitation for one of our with another great Principal great people of our communi- and mentor him to become ties of Dovray, Revere, the next Superintendent of Walnut Grove or Westbrook. their district. Therefore, the I "wedged" myself into the Tracy district will not need door and looked at a line of my services next year and family, friends and admirers they will also be able to save that seemed to go on and on. additional dollars on admin- My dad once istration. I have learned a Int 4-,-,1,,I ........ from these experiences and I money. Success in life is feel that our districts have determined by the size of become more open to sharing your funeral. I am very fortu- opportunities when it pre- nate to have known and to sents itself. WWG will currently know so many folks always be home base and I'll that will have funerals that be out looking for an oppor- will be much more attended tunity to work with another by folks who genuinely cared district next year. about them vs. others who I do not make a point of only had money and glitter as commenting on every great their signs of success. Some person that has passed away of my first funerals were Art in our district but the passing Doubler, Shorty Homing, of Mrs. Frances Jorgenson Harry Heggerston, Don was a reminder of what an Kottke, Russell Rupp to impact one person can have name a few and there have on a community. All too been dozens since. I cannot often we see these "pillars of measure how lucky we all are the community" leave us and to have known all these elders we hope that the rest of us in of our 4 communities who our 20's, 30's an 40's can and have passed before us. If any will make the same impact of you are perplexed with this that our elders have in terms last paragraph, give me a call of raising a family, belonging and I'll take you on some of to organizations and being a the greatest field trips of your role model for values and life and visit these great peo- ethics in society. I had yet pie! Have a wonderful week another unfortunate reminder and beginning of spring?? that you cannot be on a tight Summer!! schedule and just "pop" into Graduating Cooks and Bottle Washers .... Washing dishes, especially the silverware, is very much like getting ready for graduation. If you are like many of us, we let it pile up until we can't f'md a clean fork, and then run the marathon of cleaning and drying and putting away. In this whirlwind of preparation for gradu- ation, some things are left incomplete or not given their proper attention. Leaving a bit of burnt noodle in a saucepan is excusable while thanking parents, teachers and community for the gift of an education is not. In the USA, access to education has been made into a right. For every right there is a respon- sibility. The right to access to education does not convey privilege to waste or to misuse the gift. As one reluctant student said to me many years ago after several 'discussions', "Well, if your goin' to do the time, ya' might as well graduate". Education has many sides. We should want education for ourselves to become better people, more skilled, tolerant and self-sufficient. I also expect people to become educated to carry their share of the load of democracy according to the talents they are given. Dirty dishes add up until only the flies and mice are happy and others go hungry. Give your education a daily scrub so you have a clean plate ready for your next meal. I should also mention that I leave the silverware until last so it can soak a while. I wash all knives at once followed by spoons and lastly the forks. Though I think this is efficient, many have another word for it. Invariably, no matter how diligent I am in scouring the sink, there always seems to be a missed knife or spoon as I scrub my way to the dish perfection. I slow down, marvel at the utensils hiding ability and scrub it up. With the education we are given, there are also a few spoons and forks that we do not see. Hopefully we do not require spoon-feeding at the fork in the road. Hopefully we realize our missed opportunities, our unfinished thoughts, and the work that is less than our best perfor- mance. People who want to make a difference go back to pick up the important clues and fragments. They take their commitments seriously and follow through. They double-check that they have cleaned up all their dishes. For as sure as there will always be more dirty dishes, there will always be more to learn and do well. Certainly, we drop or throw a dish here and there, distracted or tired or under appreciated. It happens. Clean it up and start your next meal. Education is a feast. Like food, we need it to live. Like the process of eating, education requires frequent cleanup and adjustment, change in diet for better health, menu changes for exploration and a few new plates and saucepans to do a better'job. Eating and education. Dishes and degrees. See you Sunday at graduation and bring a spoon so you can dig into the next meal to give you the strength and satisfaction to become the best cook and bottle washer you can be. On this day ... May 15, 1776 Virginia Delegation to the Continental Congress proposed a resolution of Independence from Great Britain paving the way for the United States Declaration of Independence. (Sounds like a graduation) May 15, 1862 Abraham Lincoln signed a bill creating US Department of Agriculture (Food for thought) May 15, 1869 Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton formed the national Woman Suffrage Association (Still working on the dream) May 15, 1928 Mickey Mouse premiered in first cartoon Plane Crazy (Typifies this week) May 15, 1940 McDonald opened first restaurant in Califomia (Fast food often equals fat food) May 15, 1997 U.S. acknowledged the existence of the secret war (1961- 1973) in Laos and dedicates the Laos Memorial in honor of Hmong and Lao veterans (There is always more going on than anyone can imagine) in un