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May 18, 2011     Sentinel Tribune
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May 18, 2011

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unmn.uml Zemkun.JJLnmumnjemJwLj m ummnmLmmm IlUUlUnlu, Ll  m U?I Jmm mL IlWllil Jl [ SENTINEL TRIBUNE VIEWPOINT Wednesday, May 18, 2011 Page 4 BET W E E N THE El N ES By Tom Merchant - Sentinel Tribune We have great klds... No, I am not talking about my own kids, although as a parent I think they are pretty darn good too. What I am talking about are our local school kids. As of late, they have done real good! That is not only a testament to our kids, but to our school - from the professional staff, support staff, admin- istration, school board, and parents. Being a Magnet Arts School has been a won- derful thing for our students, whether it be visual arts, music, drama or speech, our students have benefited greatly from all of those things. Our students continue to excel in all of those areas and the evidence is displayed in many ways. Recently our FFA organization had a banner year in State Competition, bringing home top five places in several areas. The new Class Youth YES!, in their first year brought home $500 in one category and the Grand Prize overall of $1,500 in competition with 19 other schools in the southern half of the state. Recently the band and choir came home with many Superior ratings and three best of site awards. Art Student Sena Vang earned a best in show award at the Student Art show in the Remmick Gallery at Windom. This week we are featuring the eighth grade class who raised over $600 and collected over 100 new toys for the Sioux Falls Cancer Center Pediatrics ward. This is just to name a few. I also have to men- tion our young athletes who also do very well in their endeavors. Hats off to those students for a job well done! keep up the good work. Guns or Roses? Recently the conservative controlled legisla- ture seems to be distracted from their primary function which is to balance the State Budget. They have been introducing bills on guns, Vikings stadium and proposing amendments on Gay marriage. First of all, to my gun toting friends this is not an anti gun rail. I have a couple of sons who hunt along with several relatives and many friends. So don't write me about it - OK. Having said that, do we need a law that 'q-ndkes it easier to use deadly [orce if an intruder "' 'enters your house? It is legal under current law to defend yourself and others if threatened by an intruder. Recently, a fellow that was drunk, entered another home by mistake. Do you think it is right to shoot a person that makes a mistake like that. I don't think so. I suspect 99.9 percent of gun owners would not shoot an unarmed person unless there was a direct threat to them or others. To me, this is a total waste of time and money. Lets get on with it. Do you think we need an amendment to make gay marriage illegal? It already is illegal. Also isn't this more of a religious issue? If so, is there not supposed to be a separation of Church and State in our constitution? One comedian said "1 think it should be legal n why shouldn't gay people be as miserable as the rest of us." I have more, but I will save it for another time. But I do think our state legislature needs to seriously focus on solving the budget problem. Have a good week and do good! AI Batt, . . "Stones from the Batt Cave" Graduation 2011 You made it. We could tell by that collective sigh of relief. Congratulations to the graduating class of 2011. The day you were born, your par- ents calculated the year that you would be graduating. They told everyone they knew about your birth. Now look at you. You have sent graduation announcements to people who haven heard from you since the day you were born. When your parents see you walk across the stage today, they are seeing you taking your first step, too. They remember how they felt the first day that you went off to school. They remember because they have that same feeling today. Your par- ents wanted you to reach this point in your life. They never dreamed that it would arrive so quickly. I know this day isn't all hearts and flowers. I feel your pain. You don't want to be here. You've been here. Don't fret about your class voting you most likely to appear in your underwear on an episode of "Cops." Hey, you'll still be on TV. People you don't even know will be coming to your home to eat ham sandwiches and give you money. It doesn't get better than that. I do wish that your parents would publish the menus of the food they are serving in the newspaper so that we would know which graduations to attend first. Back to you. Remember the day in kindergarten when you couldn't open your milk carton? Everybody laughed at you. There were rumors that you wouldn't amount to a hill of beans. Ha! Who is laughing now? It is my job as the commence- ment speaker to remind you that you Dear Trooper Kathy: My son had purchased a mini- pickup that had a right hand driver's seating posi- tion. He had heard you on the radio say it was illegal to drive that type of vehicle in MN. True or false? Trooper Kathy says: It used to be illegal, but it is no longer illegal under special circumstances to drive that type of vehicle on MN roads. This area saw some chang- es with the latest legislative session that took effect on August 01, 2009. A new subdivision was added to statute 169.011 defining what a mini-truck is. According to subdivision 40a clause (a)"Mini truck" means a motor vehicle that has four are moving into a new and exciting chapter in your life. Or maybe to the next page in a coloring book. What are you going to do with the rest of your life? You don't have a clue? That's OK. If you knew everything, you wouldn't have needed to go to school. Let me give you a few bits of advice. Don't try to thank me. Take a coat. If you get everything you want, want everything you have. Sometimes it is your fault. Put off procrastinating. Listen to music while you floss. Don't pick your nose while you are stopped in traffic. You never know who is watching from the next car. Don't smoke. You'll put an eye out. Besides, there is no place to do that anymore. Observe the posted speed limits and use your seatbelts. Wake up before you want to. Roses have thorns. Thorns have roses. You will change the world, but please leave the good parts alone. You will never be normal. Accept that as a fact and you will be as happy as if you were normal. The writer, e.e. cummings, who wasn't good at capitalizing his name, wrote, "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." Hope for things. If your diploma is signed, you've aced the course. Wherever you go, go with your heart. "No parking" signs will keep you going. You have amounted to a hill of beans. Call your mother. Ask AI The customers of this column ask the best questions. I provide the answers. "What is the advantage of high- definition TV?" It makes everything look bigger and wider--like every- thing did at your last school reunion. "What is a skunk good at?" A skunk stinks at everything. "You wrote that you are the baby of the family. What did your mother do all day once you started school?" Cartwheels. "Do you think that the vibrations from the wind turbines will cause rocks to come to the surface in farm fields?" Yes. Everything else brings them to the top. "Why did the projector cross the road?" To get to the other slide. "Have you done any downhill ski- ing?" No, I have found cheaper ways to fall down. Hartland Harold What Hartland Harold doesn't know, he suspects. Here are the lat- est headlines according to Hartland Harold. Math use is rampant in local schools. The "We Can Stand It If You Can" DJ Service opens for business. The Lower Your Expectations Cat6 asks patrons not to spit on.the floor. It leaks. The street department of the city of Two Bits looks into potholes. Mesmerized deer found watching NASCAR on TV. The Burp N Belch will be serving all steaks rare until the stove is work- ing. Eva Disaster does 3-D tattoos. The tattoos are wonderful but Eva's problem is getting people to wear those special glasses. AI Batt 2011 71622 325 St. 1-1, MN 56042 W TROOPER KATHY .... BY KATHY PEDERSON electric motor with a rated keep you safer in vehicles. 1 wheels; is propelled by an power of 7,500 watts or less or an internal combustion engine with a piston dis- placement capacity of 660 cubic centimeters or less; has a total dry weight of 900 to 2,200 pounds; contains an enclosed cabin and a seat for the vehicle operator; com- monly resembles a pickup truck or van, including a cargo area or bed located at the rear of the vehicle; and was not originally manufac- tured to meet federal motor vehicle safety standards required of motor vehicles in the Code of Federal Regulations, title 49, sections 571.101 to 571.404, and suc- cessor requirements. (b) A mini truck does not include: (1) a neighborhood electric vehicle or a medium-speed electric vehicle; or (2) a motor vehicle that meets or exceeds the regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations, title 49, section 571.500, and successor requirements." My concern with these machines is that they were not manufactured to meet federal motor vehicle safety standards. These standards have been adopted and revised over the years to help am very concerned about the lack of such safety standards in these machines as they go up and down our roads. However there are restric- tions on the operation of these machines. They have restricted the operation of these mini-trucks to basically the same as golf carts and ATV's under statute 169.045. To save space here I will give a brief on the basics of this statue rather than quote the entire wording. Subdivision 1 allows counties, towns or cities to pass an ordinance to allow the operation of mini-trucks on designated roads. Authorization to operate a mini truck is by permit only. Subdivision 2 requires the ordinance to designate the roadways that operation is allowed on, require evidence of insurance and may pre- scribe conditions under which a permit may be grant- ed. Permits may be granted for a period of not to exceed one year, and may be annu- ally renewed. A permit may be revoked at any time if there is evidence that the per- son cannot safely operate the mini truck on the designated roadways. Subdivisions 3 and 4 do not apply to mini-trucks. According to Sb 5 the opera- tor, under permit, may cross any street or highway inter- secting a designated road- way. Subdivision 6 basically states that traffic laws do apply, and sub 7 states that our driver's license laws also apply to operators of mini- trucks. And now for subdivision 7a, which lists equipment requirements: (1) at least two headlamps;(2) at least two taillamps; (3) front and rear turn-signal lamps; (4) an exterior mirror mounted on the driver's side of the vehi- cle and either (i) an exterior mirror mounted on the pas- senger's side of the vehicle or (ii) an interior mirror; (5) a windshield; (6) a seat belt for the driver and front passen- ger; and (7) a parking brake. If you have any questions regarding traffic safety and/ or traffic laws, please email her at kathy.pederson@state. Sgt. Pederson will not offer advice on specific situations or real events, which involve law enforce- ment. 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