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June 2, 2004     Sentinel Tribune
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June 2, 2004

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SENTINEL TRIBUNE e ]e l00olnt Wednesday, June 2, 2004 Page' BETWEEN THE By Tom Merchant Sentinel Tribune LINES Busy weekend For most of you Memorial Day weekend is just another weekend. For those of us in the media it is another weekend of extra work. To make matters worse we also have to add in high school graduation. In some ways that is a good thing because instead of two messed up weekends we only have one messed up weekend. Don't get me wrong I am not at all saying Memorial Day or gradu- ation are bad things. In fact I view Memorial Day as a very special time as a veteran myself. Also it is not all work and no play, I did man- age to talk best friend into taking off Monday afternoon for an after- noon at Okoboji to browse the huge flea markets there. Getting back to graduation and Memorial day. I must say I really enjoyed Nathan Swanson's senior address. Although I sort of wondered where he was going when he started talking about World War I1. But then I thought well it's Memorial Day weekend so it is probably appropriate. But Swanson masterfully turned the focus towards the direction this .class should take so that they too might become as great as the 'q'he Greatest Generation". But I must make my own com- ments, in order for that to happen, this generation must realize great things cannot be done sitting on the couch watching television or playing video games. It may be good for their eye, hand coordina- tion (which I am quite bad at) but it will not solve the problems of this world. Swanson indicated there are great challenges that lie before us, and he is confident his generation can meet them. I must agree but it will take a lot of hard work and total dedication on their part. Mr. Theisen gave some out- standing words of advice that will help these young men and women meet the challenges they face. My advice is to learn to accept disappointment, nothing in this world comes easy, but the rewards of hard work will be very gratifying. Whoops -- I must apologize to the seniors and their parents for the misprint of the graduation story last week. The right version is being run this week. I also have been corrected about Charles Barkley, I got him confused with another sports per- son on Fox. But I still think Fox, and for that matter the rest of the networks, are very short on sub- stance. Have a great week! LETTER TO THE EDITOR Reader likes photo Dear Sentinel and Tribune friends Thank you for the joy the photo brought of the baby robins in their nest. This is a picture not often seen. And now we have a picture to keep! To the many who made this come to pass, Thank you! We wait to see them in full color, and hear their song all summer. A blessed summer to all. Sincerely, Flossie Mitchell Gertner Reader comments about Sentinel/Tribune While reading the WWG com- mencement story in last week's paper, I found that not much had changed in a year's time. Mr. Richards is still principal. Mr. Kronback will be handing out diploma's again. Mrs. Knott and Mr. Vondracek are directing the choir and band, respectively. Hold on, aren't those the same songs, senior speakers, and commence- ment address I heard last year? Sure enough, they are. I bet there won't be too many Mommies and Daddies clipping that article out for the scrapbook. Let's check out "BTL" and see what Tom is thinking this week. Yep, Timberwolves had a good year. I agree, "Barkley isn't too bright. Fox programming-- aren't Cops and American Idol on Fox? There's nothing wrong with those shows .... wait, I thought Sir Charles was on TNT. Aren't they owned by AOL Time Warner? I better check.., why yes, they are. That would mean that TNT, and Charles Barkley, are in no way affiliated with Fox Sports. Must have been an oversight. When doctors foul up an opera- tion or diagnosis, malpractice law- suits, and sometimes even deaths, are the result. Engineers have specified improper tires for vehi- cles, and people have lost control of their cars, and in some cases their lives. Pilots have had a '%ad day" and crashed their 747's on final approach. Fortunately for the Sentinel Tribune and it's readers, mistakes in a newspaper normally do not result in a loss of life or seri- ous economic harm. However, bad surgeries and airliner crashes are not the status quo, in large part because corrective actions are taken after these incidents to decrease the likelihood of re-occur- rence. I wish I could say the same about the errors in this newspaper, but I cannot. The Sentinel Tribune, by calling itself a newspaper, assumes an obligation to provide timely and factual content to its paying sub- scribers. Like any other business, it should also be dedicated to con- tinuous product improvement. For me, product improvement must include more than a full-color front page. Jim Kleven Walnut Grove Mission Statement The Sentinel Tribune serves the residents and business community of Cottonwood, Redwood, Murray and Lyon County and southwest Minnesota by-"applying its available resources to accurately and consis- tently produce a quality newspaper which thoroughly covers the news of the area, stimulates thought and conversation, delivers advertising messages in a timely manner, and provides information of general value to its public. In so doing con- tributes to the overall quality of life and economic health of its readers, advertisers and community in gen- eral while stimulating the profes- sional development of its employees. FRONT BACK ql I:yIStON 1! .... L / h ! I 1 ,,/ / ,11 Bart... "Stories from the Batt Cave" Sam's Club When it comes to shopping, I'm satisfied to let the rest of the world go buy. My preferred method of shopping is to run through the store like my hair is on fire and grabbing what I need like it was an extinguisher. I tell my wife that I enjoy shopping with her. She knows better, but is too kind to question my veracity. I am reminded of a fellow I once knew who loved to hunt pheasants. He had a great dog, "Filly, that pos- sessed a genius for finding the game birds. "Hlly would locate the pheas- ants and then assume the point posi- tion. The dog would literally point out the pheasants. The man had owned the dog for many years. The canine had become a mere shadow of the hunt- ing dog it once was. /walked with the two as they hunt- ed one day. The dog moved on stiff, arthritic legs, yet managed to do so in an enthusiastic manner. The dog sniffed the ground before assuming the point. The man watched his dog frozen in place before firing his shotgun twice into the open air. There was no sign of any pheas- ants. I asked the fellow why he shot. "Shucks, I knew there weren any birds here," he said. "Tilly's nose just isn't what it used to be, but we've had so many good times together. I know that she's still doing the best that she can. It wouldn't be very nice of me to call her a liar at this stage of the game." My wife knew that I was only pre- tending to shop, but we have been married so long that my wife just doesn't have the heart to call me a purveyor of falsehoods. We were at a Sam's Club. I had been given a free, short-term membership to the big store. My wife and I had been visiting someone in a hospital and decided to visit a Sam's Club not far from there. I stumbled through the aisles filled with people. People talking on their cell phones clogged traffic in the grocery aisles. The store's public address system gave traffic advisories. "You might want to avoid aisle 7. Traffic is backed up to the canned soup." I looked at everything in the store like it was a math problem. Shopping makes me as nervous as a cat in a room full of rock!ng chairs. I don1 like to shop. So whenever I have to shop, I pretend that I am someone else. I stopped by an impressive display of toilet paper. The store was selling toilet paper in the lifetime size. It was like looking into the supply closet of the diarrhea ward of a hospital. "Idiot in aisle 4!" I was in aisle 4. Everything came in large amounts. Macaroni and cheese the size of a Honda Civic and Twinkles in the 500-count package. The express lane for checking out. catered to the 100 items or less crowd. It was easy to pick out the frequent shoppers to Sam's Club. They all had huge, bulging biceps. I meandered about the store. My condition could have been best described as dazed and confused. I saw so many t pounds and implements tha me want to go home and dust bunnies. The dust ing under my bed are big choke a vacuum cleaner. _ Why buy any of this stu ff?. make the beds, do the disheS, the house and then a year have to do it all over again. What's the point? There were lots of better you cook, the less freeloading guests will leave. I. inspected some of the .like to eat eggs. I think it's I can remember when eggs and sunshine were to be good for me. A neigl shared her method of that there were no chicks in she used. She only eggs. I overheard a lady cell phone. She was saying would never again fry she put on her clothing. ed her yelling into the entire store could enjoy her sation. I saw a pile of clothes ]'he countless wire were so tangled that the Guard would need to be separate them. We left the big store ing a thing. We did get plenty of exerCiSe" --AI Batt 71622 325 St. Hartland, MN 56042 SP00K UP We welcome your participa- tion, whether in letters or com- mentary. 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