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June 15, 2016     Sentinel Tribune
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June 15, 2016

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SENTINWL TRIBUNE Wednesday, June 15,2016 Page 4 BETWEEN THE LINES Nascar speedway We have a problem on Ninth Street in Walnut Grove. Its been going on for many years. A number of adolescent or young adult males have been By Tom Merchant - Sentinel Tribune -- usingNinth Street from Bedal St. to County Rd. 20, and vice versa, Hate and terror.., like it's a "Nascar speedway." I, like most of you, watched in horror as yet another senseless act I have estimated that vehicles of hate and terror took nearly 50 lives and injured another 50 or so travelling this stretch of the street patrons of a dance club in Orlando, Florida. have sometimes reached speeds While our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their fami- of 40-60 miles per hour. And, in lies, our nation struggle to make some kind of sense or reason why general, they are also very loud this happened. Of course two of the things that come to mind are guns vehicles. (I would guess that they and radicalized individuals in this country who were in partnership have defective muffler systems or with one of the radical groups centered in the middle east. none at all.) It appears that this individual acted alone, but was obviously This situation has been and is influenced by the extreme views of Isis, as he placed a call to 911 extremely dangerous, annoying, pledging his allegiance to Isis. I am sure that much more information and a nuisance. There are about about this individual will be brought to light as time goes on. But all five to six children who live on of that will not mend the hearts of those who were injured, or families a one block stretch of this street. of those killed. During the school year they use There are those who will say "what is wrong with our govern- the bus to go to and from school. ment?" They had investigated this guy twice so why wasn't he on In the summer months, they play their radar? In listening to a former FBI agent, he says the FBI did in the street and they cross the everything correctly. This individual did not have a criminal back- street often to go to and from the ground, and under our constitution he was within his rights to pur- city park or elsewhere. chase these weapons. Again our constitution is there to protect our In addition, there are always a freedoms, including a person's right to possess firearms, number of vehicles parked on the Although I do think that strengthening our common sense gun street at any given time that are laws would not prevent all of this type of incidents. However, as bad also in harms way. as this event was, the real tragedy is all of the people that have been Someone is going to be serious- killed by suicide, or accidental shootings or just plain murder. Stronger ly injured if this reckless behavior gun laws will never prevent all of the afore mentioned -- but unques- is not rectified. tionably it would prevent a certain percentage of these incidents. Now The Walnut Grove City council I don't know how much you value your life or the ones you love dear- has never investigated this issue, ly, but I do know that I would be devastated if this were to happen to to the best of my knowledge. They my friends and family. So in the end I say "we must be more diligent would be derelict if they did not about suspicious activity, if you see something unusual report it!" do so now. About the same time this event took place another similar event Jack Litfin was about to take place in California, but someone reported the activi- ty of a suspicious person and they were stopped and apprehended before they could put their plan in action. The bottom line is we can go on about our business as if nothing has happened or we can insist that something be done. Because doing nothing will change nothing. Have a great week and do good! TO THE Jesus is not hand O king. But even if He does not, let it be known to you, O king, welcome that we are not going to serve your Can a sold out, born again, in gods or worship the golden image love with Jesus Christian live in that you have set up." The king Babylon (America)? Can a 13 was outraged and he ordered year old Christian boy or girl them to heat the furnace seven go to our local school and tell times hotter thannormal. It was so of their love for Jesus and what hot the men who threw Shadrach, He has done in their life? From Meshach and Abednego into the what I read and hear most college furnace were killed. But the king professors would throw them out! saw four men in the furnace, Jesus Jesus is not welcome in Babylon was with His faithful friends and (America). Our "Leader" and He will be with us if we are faith- his comrades support that notion, ful and love Him! The king was Although they like to make up so impressed he said, "Blessed be their own Jesus, their own reli- the God of Shadrach, Meshach gion that's highly watered down; and Abednego who has sent His it's not accepted by our Heavenly angel and delivered His servants Father! Jesus says, "I am the same who put their trust in Him. yesterday, today and forever"--no What does it take for us to put compromised Christianity. our trust in Jesus who loves us so I have many hero's who fol- much that He gave His life for lowed Jesus at a very high cost. ours? We need to read the first They offered their lives and many three chapters of Revelation- they times it was taken. But getting are to the church and in them back to Babylon and four brave Almighty God is not happy with Christian young men. One was some and says because you are Daniel, he got the lions den and in lukewarm I (Jesus) will vomit you it was not touched, Jesus was with out! Lukewarm, compromised, him also. The king of Babylon religious folks who follow mis- made a decree that everyone fall guided and demonic leaders are down and worship the golden not going to have Jesus standing image. If not, there is a very large with them in the furnace! The furnace and you all will be burned good news--no one is so bad that a live. Shadrach, Meshach and the Lord Jesus, in His love and Abednego replied to the king, "O grace won't forgive you if you Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need repent and ask Him--please Lord to give you an answer concerning forgive me, please. I want to be this matter. If it be so our God with You in heaven and not go to whom we serve is able to deliver hell forever and ever! us from the furnace of blazing Ran Sletten fire; He will deliver us out of your Motorist beware'. Minnesota turtles Trimming eyebrows any of them to win. It was to After an excruciating wait, be a silent protest of both the the mailman delivered the and political cam- candidates and the process, many boxes of product. d paigns now crossing roa s It makes no sense for Untold riches awaited. someone to run for office for I didn't know much I was trimming my eye- four years. The election pro- about selling soap. I didn't brows with a dull scissors, cess, particularly the length, know much about anything. The Minne.,ota Departr ent *Avoid excessive handling. I wasn't doing it for me, it ould certainly be changed. Because of that glaring.glitch of N al Resources and the .While wanting to inspect 4urttes for the good of all man- It would-be'surprising," " ........ in my skill sel:;,I didrr't sdl D~q~h~ent of Transportation ~ closely is understandable,~ 6Xces- ind. but life is full of surprises, any soap. To keep the soap remind motorists to be careful sive handling can disrupt normal I'd just returned from townAnyone who has changed a company from threaten- of turtles crossing roads over the behavior. Prolonged examination where I'd gotten gas for the diaper knows that. Baseball ing legal action, my family next several weeks as they move of turtles should be limited to only lawn mower. I'd filled a cou- has as much tradition as our purchased all the soap. The to familiar nesting locations, one or two individuals of each pie of gas cans. Here's a tip election process and baseball soap company sent me a Allowing turtles to cross the species, for you youngsters. If you're has changed. I don't mean chintzy prize as a reward for roads is vital to preserving region- *Allow unassisted road cross- going to carry gas in your that politics should adopt the my masterful salesmanship. al populations, ings. When turtles can safely cross car, make sure you put it in a designated hitter rule like the It was a porcelain dog that "Many turtles and other species roads unaided due to a lack of container of some kind. American League did. That looked like it was having a are killed on Minnesota roads each oncoming traffic, allow them to do I paused my trimming would be wrong. It is wrong, bowel movement. year, especially during the nesting so. Observe from a distance and endeavors to answer the Baseball made a big I took an early retirement season," said Carol Hall, DNR avoid rapid movements, as doing phone. It was a friend who change regarding the length from the soap-selling busi- herpetologist, "In fact, roadway otherwise will often cause turtles had called in response to my of its games. Prior to 1857, hess. mortality is believed to be a major to change direction, stop or seek email informing him of the games weren't just of an It was terrible soap. It factor in turtle population declines shelter within their shells, death of a shared friend. The indeterminate time length,cleaned hands if you could throughout the United States." *Handle turtles gently. If nee- decedent was someone that the number of innings wasn't take the stench. It stunk to In Minnesota, all turtles are main- essary to pick them up, all turtles we'd known more of our limited. According to the high heaven. ly aquatic. Overland journeys except snappers and softshells or lives than not. We reaffirmed first set of baseball rules, the Despite the unpleasant usually occur in connection with "leatherbacks" should be grasped our beliefs that the deceased Knickerbocker Rules pub- odor, my family used the seasonal movements between dif- gently along the shell edge near had been a good guy. One oflished in 1845, "The game to soap. It was a sin to waste ferent wetland habitats, during the mid-point of the body. Be those who never had a bad consist of 21 counts or aces; money. the annual early summer nesting advised that many turtles empty word to say about another, but at the conclusion, an Thanks to that soap, you migration of egg-laden females or their bladder when lifted off the Calling him a good guy was equal number of hands mustcould smell a member of my when newly hatched youngsters ground, so be careful not to sud- not only a fitting tribute, it be played." family a mile away. seek the backwaters and ponds for denly drop them. was the perfect eulogy. Playing until 21 rtms had I threatened to see if I their permanent home. Turtles can *Maintain direction of travel. As our telephonic dis- been scored made for long could find a bar of that soap travel many miles during a single Always move turtles in the same cussion went on, the talk games. It was clear that afor him if he didn't vote. year, and may even be found far direction they were traveling in rambled across many diversechange was in order. The Then he'd realize that voting from water, when encountered. Turtles should topics. He asked what I decision to restrict the num- didn't stink. "Citizens can help document always be moved across roadways thought about the upcom- ber of innings was made, but "OK, if they don't change road-mortality hotspots by report- in as direct a line as possible. It ing election. I replied that I how many innings should things, I'll show them. I'll ingsightingsoflivinganddeceased may seem helpful to "assist" the thought it would take placemake up each contest? It was vote anyway," he said before turtles to the Minnesota Turtle turtle in its journey by moving in November. I admitted that determined that the numberconcluding the call. Crossing Tally & Count Project," them to a nearby body of water, I'd welcome shortened cam- of innings would be tied to The final haunting line said Chris Smith, MnDOT wild- but it is important to remember paigns, the number of players on of the book, "The Great life ecologist. "These data can be the phrase, "If you care, leave it The caller confessed that each starting team--nine. Gatsby," goes like this, "So used to identify problematic areas there." he was considering not vat-The caller added that we beat on, boats against the and alert transportation depart- *Document your find. Help ing. he might vote, but only tocurrent, borne back cease- ments." document turtle crossing and mar- I asked if he planned on write in his own name. That lessly into the past." Giving turtles a hand tality areas by participating in the being too busy to vote or if might be a little much forI'd add, "And we vote for The following points should be Minnesota Turtle Crossing Tally he'd be unable to find the a Minnesotan. Guilt would the future." remembered: & Count Project. voting booth in a town withbecome involved. *Think safety. Simply pulling For more information, visita population of 300. He said that the entire vot- A1Batt 2016 off the road and turning on hazard He snorted, likely in deft-ing experience stinks. 71622 325 St. lights may alert other drivers to amphibians/helping-turtles-roads, sion, but I couldn't be sure, I recall an episode from 1-1, M-N 56042 slow down. Be aware of surround- html. before stating that he didn't my boyhood when I'd signed ings and traffic. 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