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July 17, 1991     Sentinel Tribune
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July 17, 1991

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REDWOOD COUNTY EXTENSION Dean Pedersen, Acting Redwood Co. Ext. Agent I I Postemergence herbicide injury to soybeans "Watch out for a potential postemergence herbicide injury to soybeans", said Dean Pedersen, Redwood County Extension Agent. Late planted beans and/or hot air temperatures could set up the potential for postemergence herbicide injury in soybeans. Remember the injury problems that occurred with Pinnacle, Pinnacle plus Classic and Pursuit last year BALL TOURNAMENT that were set up by hot GROVE---.The Community Education sponsored T- temperatures (90 F, plus) the week Mite ball teams participated in a tournament of their application. If Park on Saturday, July 6, 1991. T-Ball team waspostemergence corn injury has Mark Haris, Ryan Baker, Danny Butler, Andrea and Coach, Mike Erickson. Pront row: Jon Darren Teitz, Isaiah Wahl, Jared Maas, Trent Baker, Bakken. The Tee Ball Team took First Place In the Submitted photo. been any example, the conditions are right this year for a lot of postemergence herbicide activity on the weeds and the crop. on dunng Summer Field Day at the SW Experiment Station. Schmitt said the formula can be used anywhere in Minnesota. The formula takes into account three variables: when nitrogen was last applied, the moisture condition of the soil that predominated this spring and the crop's condition. "If you add the scores we've assigned to the various possibilities, you'll get a total that will tell you what action to take," Schmitt said. To score, the first variable-- fertilizer management -- take 4 points if nitrogen was applied last fall; 3 points if it was applied early this spring, before the rains; 2 points if it was applied late this spring (after Memorial Day) and 1 point if you applied nitrogen at a reduced rate, consistent with a Therefor, read those labels carefully, watch your rates, avoid lower yield goal. "' application to "stressed soybeans To score the second variable -- and avoid oil concentrates, Dash the moisture status of the soil -- L , =3 Mights placed Third in the tournament. Back row, Mike Erickson, Heather' Freeburg, Jessica Baker, Isaac Teitz, Second Row Mark Haas, Danny Butler, Isaiah Wahl, Jon Hansen, Luke Doubler, Darren Baker. Submitted photo. Rock Legion baseball events With the strengthening US dollar, I can now receive 11,600 zlotys. I just finished a $3500 ice cream bar that I purchased on the street. After 3 days in Warsaw, I still have to mentally cover up four zeroes to approximate the cost in American dollars. I am sure that it will come automatically after a few more days. Our group of 10 American Extension agents arrived in Warsaw on Sunday, June 9. As we rode to the hotel from the airport along a flag-lined street with barricades and numerous policemen at every intersection and people line up along the street, we thought that this assignment must be bigger and more important than we expected. Then we discovered that the Pope was expected along the same street in the opposite direction on his way to the airport! Warsaw is an unusual city for the American who first sees it. There are many fairly new apartment buildings dotting the skyline on the drive from the airport. The airport is very small, especially for a major European capital, indicating that there is liule subsidies, and tariffs, and they developed and stabilized the currency exchange rate and allowed the Polish zlotys to be exchanged for Western currency. They took all of the recommendations given to them to make a demand economy work, and they instilled them all at one time. As one Polish leader said, "You do not jump a canyon in 2 jumps!" This change created tremendous pain. The cost of living soared for most Poles. And farmers were caught with excess goods to sell at poor prices, due to a dumping of products from other countries and a loss of markets to the Soviet Union because of the collapse of their economy the questions become: How do you prioratize 85% of the economy which was formerly state-controlled and state-owned? This has been completed in many of the retail shops, but they are still struggling with the industries, agri- supply and processing firms, and the state farms. The challenge is tremendous. Reform and democratize the ,low June start, the Red .egion Baseball team, from Storden, and Walnut have suddenly started as they swept their .first Springfield, in play. The team has a 1 during the regular July 12 and again July Score of 5 - 1. Following is of the two games. - July 12 Nate LeBoutillier pitched a complete game with 4 strikeouts and only 1 walk. business or tourist air traffic. Our government, and develop an and Sun-It II in mixtures with the take 4 points if water has been hotel which is 14 stories high, is efficient supply/demand economy previously mentioned herbicides, standing in the field; 3 points if the one of the tallest buildings. Many before the general populace Please note - some labels may soil has been wet and 1 point if soil of the buildings are a dull gray becomes impatient and allow mixtures with these moisture conditions have beencolor, and constructed of concrete disenchanted with the reformers. adjuvants but I feel that it could be "normal". a risky proposition this year. To score the third and finaland plain windows in the Tomorrow morning, John traditional neo-Stalinist style, Cunningham and I leave for the Finally, people with row banders variable -- crop conditions -- take 5 while others have been recreated to provincial center of Walbrzych in should check their calibrations points if the plants,are yellow (a carefully, use only flat-fan nozzles, symptom of nitrogen deficiency) appear as they were before WWII. besoUthwesternlocated forP landthe nextWhere6 months.We will keep at least a 6 inch distance from and 19 inches tall or taller; 3 points It has become very evident that the sprayer to the soybean plant, if the plants are yellow and less in order to understand Poland, its and avoid 3-nozzle configurations, than 18 inches tall; 2 points if the people, and their future, we have to Minnesota songbirds Soybeaffcyst nematode (SCN) plants are green and less than 18 understand and appreciate their SCN infected soybeans are inches tall and 1 point if they are a past. Over 90% of the buildings in in decline " stunted and may yellow and die. healthy, green color and 18orWarsaw were destroyed in WWII, Among the most' colorful and Damage, usually more severe on fighter sandy soils, is also found in heavier soils. Yield losses range from unseen to 80%, depending on rainfall, fertihty, other diseases and the nematode population. Yields reductions from SCN damage can be greatly increased if the soybean plants are grown under moisture stress or attacked by root rotting fungi. SCN has been identified in 18 Minnesota counties including Redwood. Undetected infestations are probably present in many other locations. Your awareness of this problem will help in efforts to report additional infested sites and more inches tall. and 80% of the population died If the total score you get for these three variables is 7 or less, you don't need to apply more nitrogen. If you get a total of 8 or 9 points, you're in a gray situation and should reevaluate the situation in about a week. By then, the roots most likely will have gone deeper, where there's more nitrogen, and the plants may be a healthy, green color. However, if you get a total scot~ of 10 or greater, we recommend you apply an addition 40 to 60 pounds of supplemental nitrogen fertilizer per acre. "Don't assume that just because during the war. As a result, the city we see now is almost completely rebuilt and repopulate.d. There were a total of 6 million Poles killed during WWlI and another 5 million relocated. There were also roughly another 6 million killed 25 years earlier in WWI. All this for a country with a current population of about 34 million in a land area about 50% Line Score - Red Rock- 120 200 X R 7H 1E is the first step in developing your you applied nitrogen last fall, had whom have beat up on them and own control program. Prevention, standing water in your fields or run them over several times in the Spring- the best control method, is difficult have yellow corn that you have to course of history. apply more fertilizer nitrogen," Schmitt cautioned. field - 100 000 O 1 6 2 yet easier than management. Juhl Erickson and Troy SteenThe SCN has a 2 stage life cycle: each had 3 hits for the evening egg, juvenile, and adult. The egg with Troy also driving in 3 runs. overwinters encased in the cysL Leading hitters for Red RockJuveniles hatch from the egg, move include Andy Haar - .455; Juhl Redwood Co. ext. by Wayne Hansen Warsaw, Poland Extension in Poland Dzien dobry~ Good afternoon," from the world's newest millionaire! I had to go to Poland to do it, but I finally hit the big tin~. I just received my monthly allowance of 14 million zlotys teen pitched an excellent Erickson - .416; Troy Steen - .400; Springfield at Jed Seeger - .353; Mike Pauling - as he gave up only 3 .333; Troy Nickel - .289; Beau a short distant to the root, penetrate and start feeding. The feeding activity and nematode growth in the root causes plant stunting and brown roots. Mature swollen females, filling with eggs, can be seen on the root surface. Some eggs are deposited in soil where they hatch in a few days and reinfect roots. Other eggs are striking out 6 and 1. scored first in the finning when Juhl ~ickson an RBI double by Troy an RBI single by Dana We scored 3 times in the Seeger - .276 and 2 home runs. The team batting average is .30-~ - Next action will be Thursday, July 18th at Lamberton. At this point, Lamberton leads their series. The next home game will be Saturday evening at 6 p.m July 20th at Westbrook. retained in the cyst and overwinter. (Polish dollars). The nematode moves only a few In a country that operates on walk to Jed Seeger inches in soil per year, but any cash, it seems strange to carry that final run scored on a movement of soil by machinery, much money around. But plastic ~flybyNateLeBoutillier. seed, water, wind or birds can credit cards are almost unusable. scored gle runs in Beau.Seeger named to transport cysts or eggs. And it is almost impossible to cash d 3rd innings. SCN will continue to spread in a cheek, even from a Perish bank. I ~teen and Jed Seeger had District 7 baseball team ~,annesota, but early detection and r the local team with Steen Red Rock Charger; junior Beau appropriate use of rotation (non- understand I can cash a personal lannon Burns hittingSeeger, was recently named to the hos0 and Resistant varieties do check from home or a traveler's 1991 All District Seven baseball offer soybean producers options to check at my hotel here in Warsaw Bakken and Shannon team, as catcher, minimize losses. The follo~/ing but probably not at many other locations. If a Pole opens up a helped defensively by Seeger battad crop rotation is suggested: Year 0- checking account, the check is excellent catches in the around .300 and identification of SCN problem, good only if run through that had 8 home runs Year 1-Nonhost (corn sugarbeets, particular bank. So payrolls and along -with 19 runs batted in. 10 other players were also selected. Four players from Butlea~eld-Odin-ML Lake, three from Jacson, two from Windom, and one from Sioux Valley-Round lake -Brewster. a mingle by Troy Nickel, a ~Juhl Erickson, a mingle by R H E 00005 92 . 111 000 0 3 3 2 e - July 13 pitched an game as the Red Rock defeated Springfield 5 sorghum, alfalfa, small grains), c h?t every transaction is done by Year 2-Nonhost or adapted race resistant soybean variety of SCN population is not very high, Year 3"- lonhost, Year 4-Susceptible soybean variety if soil predictive sampling following nonhost crop shows SCN egg poputation is below threshold. If not, plant a nonhost and repeat soil sampling procexlure. Formula helps in deciding whether corn should get more nitrogen An easy-to-use formula to determine whether later corn should receive more nitrogen fertilizer was what Mike Schmit a University of Minnesota soils fertility extension specialist spoke Body Repair Wheel AIlg ent Glass Installed one of the South- west's most modem body sholm, with melmrate patnt booth - all malum - Sales & Service Weitbrook MN. Large of fabrics - Selling wallpaper. I&M" Phone 859-2634 2 miles South - 2 1/4 miles East of Walnut Grove, MN. NOW AVAILABLE 1 & 2 Bedroom Units Call Glenda Zupfer, mgr. 859-2686 Plum Creek Apts. Walnut Grove, MN. H an0 I I Rock scored in the 1st by Juhl Erickson Steen with Erickson a RBI groundout by They scored 2 in the Nate LeBoutillier on a RBI single by Juhl who in turn scored on a SIL to host volleyball camp The Lamberton gym will be the site for an independently run Troy Stcen. Red Rock volleyball camp. Camp will begin in the 4th inning when single scored Shannon July 29th and run thru Friday August 2nd. Grades 9 - 12 will ~oy Nickel. meet from 9 a.m. - noon and jr. d scored their lone run high from 1 - 3 p.m. Cost is $30.00 1st inning when their forSr, hillIh and $25.00 for Jr. high. ng shortstop, Blair Registrauon and payment may be hit a solo homerun, made at the Lamber,on office or mailed to S/I volleyball camp, Lamberton High School, Lamber,on, MN 56152. Payment should accompany registration. Instructors for the camp are Jeff and Patty Jack of Melbourne, Australia. Patty was a standout high school player, a 4 year starter at Liberty College in Lynchberg, VA as well as an assistant coach for one year at Liberty. Jeff was 2 year assistant coach at Liberty. Glass Installed Headquarters for all Glass Replacement ZENITH'TELEVISION AND RADIOS II I Storden, MN. Call Wes at 445-3431 After hours call 445-3465 distinctive of Minnesota's ~oodland songbirds is the black- throated green warbler. It is one of the most common warblers in balsam fir and spruce forests in northeast Minnesota. This warbler winters in forested highlands from southern Mexico south to Panama in Central America. John R. Saner and Sam Droege of the United States Fish and larger than Minnesota. As a result, Wildlife Service have reported tlI the Poles are very sensitive to land ' black-throated green warbler reform and who really owns it. numbers have declined 3.2 perc t They also are extremely sensitive per year during the ten year period to foreign investment by any of from 1978 to 1988. their European neighbors, many of The reason for the decline of the black-throated green warbler is unclear. Donations to the Nongame Wildlife Fund on Minnesota tax The changes taking place in forms can help biologists with the Poland are remarkable. One of the Department of Natural Resources agendas our team is charged with to study our forest songbirds so we is to help teach Polish farmers and can learn to improve our Extension workers what a freemanagement of their habitat and market is, and how supply andprevent further population demand works. However, I think if declines. they ask their city cousins, they could learn very fast. Warsaw is almost like one big flea market. There are small stands and blankets everywhere -- along the streets, in u~sy, and plazas -- where you can almost everything except major appliances. These sprang up almost overnight, when the current government OK'ed their existence. On January 1, 1990, the Polish government undertook some remarkable reforms whic.h propelled Poland past the other Eastern bloc countries. They eliminated most price controls, Kollmann Monumental Works Inc. At need or pre-need, why not order early and get ahead o! the spring busy season and save 20%. CHARLES M. BENSON 859-2374, Walnut Grove, MN. SENTINEL & TRIBUNE Walnut Grove - Westbrook, MN - Wednesday, July 17, 1991 i I, # 7. I, i.~ L - ---~-J ) OVENS i*WAS]I RS *DRYERS - ALL CARS & TRUCKS - CONDITIONERS , HEATERS SERVICE Klasse Sales & Service 274-6166 westbrook, MN.