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July 26, 2006     Sentinel Tribune
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July 26, 2006

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SENTINEL TRIBUNE Wednesday, July 26, 2006 Page 2 URT NEWS COTTONWOOD COUNTY DISRTICT COURT July 13-20, 2006 Speeding: $119.00 - Daniel Joseph Staab, Hadley,MN $122.00 MichaelAdam Wright, Windom, MN; Rogers Elliott, Norwich, VT; Erik Charles Wilson, St. Paul, MN; Philip Scott Krienert, LeMars, IA $1.42.00 Teng Cheng, Walnut Grove, MN $152.00 Ruben Avila Ybarra, Windom, MN Dishonored check: $82.00 - Matthew Robert Neil Sletta, Mankato, MN, Restitution $296.00, 90 days conf stayed 88 days 1 yr. probation; $132.00 - Renee Mary King, Mt. Lake, MN, Restitution $40.21; $192.00 Shawna Rae Menssen, Jackson, MN, $230 restitu- tion, 10 days conf. stayed for 1 yr 19 hours service pay costs, no misd. viol, 1 yr. Uninsured vehicle: $277.00 - Tanya Vileta, Windom, MN, stayed $100 for 1 yr 10 days conf stayed for 1 yr no misd. moving viol. DNR: Hunting/illegal transport "of firearms: $182.00 - Brent Douglas Schroeder, Jeffers, MN Stop sign: $117.00 - Amber Nicole Wood, Windom, MN; $127.00 - Christopher Anthony Hoppe, Windom, MN; $132.00 - Mesa Rose Borsgard, Windom, MN; $420.00 - Genaro Cruz Figueroa, Worthington, MN Driving w/o valid license: $420.00 - Genaro Cruz Figueroa, Worthington, MN Failure to notify owner of damaged property: $382.00 - Lucas Wayne Morton, Topeka, KS, stayed $100 for 1 yr no misd. viol. lyr. Domestic assault: $382.00 Bruce Albert Reinstra, Hastings, MN, 90 days conf. stayed for 1 yr no misd. viol. 1 yr no alcohol/cont, substance use for 1 yr random testing, write letter of apology, no contact with victim(s), treat- ment (indeterminate), 1 yr. probation Keep to the right: $132.00 - Carl Harold Vind, Westbrook, MN Careless driving: $182.00 - Carl Harold Vind, Westbrook, MN Fishing w/o license: $127.00 - Daniel Ernesto Quijano, Worthington, MN Angle w/o license: $127.00 - Jose Orlando Segura, Worthington, MN Fails to yield right of way: $132.00 Glenda Marie Renczykowski, Storden, MN; Robert Andrew Kruppiak, Jackson, MN Give Peace Officer false name/birthdatefID card: $277.00 - Juan Miguel Santiago-Santiago, Worthington, MN Exhibition driving: $132.00 - Matthew Russell Ludvisgon, Windom, MN Driving after cancella- tion: $500.00 - Ruben Avila Ybarra, Windom, MN, 30 days confinement stayed for 1 yr $200 stayed for 1 yr pay costs no misd. viol. 1 yr. Birth Noah Joseph Knakmuhs Matt and Angie Knakmuhs of Tracy, MN are happy announce the birth of their son, Noah Joseph, on Monday, July 10, 2006. He weighted 7 lbs. 2 oz. and 19-1/4 inches long. Grandparents are Rolf and Jo Hanson of Tracy; Kerry and Becky Knakmuhs of Walnut Grove. Great grandparents are Ivan Carlson of Westbrook; Richard and Shirley Knakmuhs of Walnut Grove, and Robert and Joyce Alcorn of Walnut Grove. By Judge George Harrelson Religion and the courts I belong to a prayer break- fast that meets every Tuesday morning in a church basement. Our group is com- posed of a great group of guys representing a number of different religions. From time to time members will express their frustration about court opinions con- cerning prayer in schools, reciting the pledge of alle- giance, or displaying the ten commandments. Many peo- ple believe that the courts are anti-religion. Now, I am only a lowly trial court judge and the Supremes haven't ever asked my opinion regarding these issues. But I have read the various Supreme Court opinions and would like to try to explain the rationale behind them. Our Constitution's 1st Amendment contains two freedoms regarding religion: (1) The freedom to freely exercise religion; and (2) The freedom from any govern- ment established religion. The various cases that have been decided by our courts have dealt with drawing boundaries. How far can per- sons go in practicing their religion? How far can the government go in establish- ing (or tending to establish) a religion. Free Exercise of Religion- I doubt that any country in the world gives its citizens greater rights than the Unites States to freely prac- tice their religion. Perhaps that is why we have a gazil- lion different religions in this country. Court cases have established that people in the exercise of their reli- gious beliefs can: (1) wear whatever clothing they wish; (2) can home school their children rather than send them to public schools; (3) can use school property for Official Weather Station ' 2006 SW Research and Outreach Center University of Minnesota Lamberton, MN 56152 Date Historic Preclp(in) Cure. Preclp (in) Soil Temp (I9 Cu~(since 5/1) Air Temp (19 Air Temp (F) Daily Since May I Dally Average Corn GDD Max Min Max Min Current Historic 2" 4" 8" Current Historic 7 11 82 55 85 62 0.00 12,11 8.41 80 76 74 1103 1128 7 12 86 59 84 61 0.00 12.11 8.56 85 80 77 1126 115p 7 13 83 63 84 61 0.00 12.11 8.73. 86 81 79 1149 1171 7 14 89 63 84 60 0.88 12.99 8.79 84 80 78 1173 1192 7 15 96 67 85 ,60 0.00 12.99 8.93 81 79 77 1199 1214 7 16 95 72 85 61 0.00 12.99 9.01 83 80 78 1228 1235 7 17 93 72 86 62 0.00 12.99 9.16 85 81 79 1258 1258 ,i Readings are recorded at 8am for the previous 24-hour period Historic Records are for Lamberton, MN 1961-2005 A drop box for various news items is located at the Oleson" s Mercantile next to the Walnut Grove Post Office. Hours: Monday- Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p,m. )ur convenience we have added a toll, free number at our Westbrook Office 1.800-410"1859 If ou have questions oYwould,like to place ad or order I: please call the above number. after-school religious pro- grams; (4) can even engage in animal sacrifice. Any law or government practice which interferes with a per- son's ability to practice their religion is subject to strict scrutiny, the highest stan- dard used by the courts Only when the exercise of religion infringes on the rights of others or involves really bizarre practices have our courts said that the line has been crossed and the practice is not allowed. An example is a court decision that holds that a religious practice of smoking illegal drugs crosses the line and is not allowed. Establishment of Religion - While rights regarding the exercise of religion are very expansive, government establishment of religion (or anything close to it) is great- ly restricted. The United States Supreme Court has decided that when public school teachers or principals conduct prayer in school, or allow certain people to con- duct prayer, students are being instructed as to how they should pray and that such a practice.crosses 'the line. The U. S. Supreme Court has also indicated that allowing students to each engage in silent prayer does not cross the line and is per- mitted. What about nativity scenes or display of the 10 Commandments? Cases have indicated that if only one religion is represented, that the line is crossed. However, other cases have held that where a number of different religions or view- points are represented, that the displays are constitu- tionally permissible. The test that is applied by the courts in this area is (1) Government action should have a non-religious pur- pose; (2) Governmental action should be neutral regarding religions (neither advancing or hindering any religion) and (3) Governmental action should avoid excessive entangle- ment in religion. I suspect that there will always be disagreement con- cerning where the lines should be drawn. Many peo- ple believe that the courts have been too restrictive in the decisions regarding prayer in school or display- ing the 10 Commandments. Some people object to a '"Wall of Separation" between church and state. In fact, our court decisions have created something more like a fence. Some governmental prac- tices pass through, others are held back. Without this fence, I fear that there are a number of people who have strong religious beliefs that, given the opportunity, they would impose on others. Our courts have tried to protect people so that they can both exercise their religious beliefs and also be protected from those that would impose their beliefs on oth- ers. Its not always an easy balance. See you in Court Americas Premium Quality Appliances ON SALE AT & Service Westbrook, Mn. 507-274-6166 WESTBROOK -- VFW Club manager, Judy Schoborg, presents a check for $1,500 to Womens Club member Joan Jorgenson for the City Swimming Pool Fund, They also donated five $100 scholarships to the contestants in the Miss Westbrook Scholarship Pageant. The money was raised during the Fun Days Street Dance. Save six li thi umm er Add blood donation to your vacation plans The following bloodmobile will be in your area soon: Westbrook Blood Drive/ Community Center, Thursday, July 27 1-6 pm, For app't/info call Diana at 507-274-6334. Summer's sunny window of time is a short one for Upper Midwesterners who try to pack outdoor activity favorites into a few fleeting months of warm weather. In the crunch of summer activi- ties, however, don't forget about setting aside time to donate blood. The need for blood never takes a vacation. And since healthy donors can give blood every 56 days, plan to give twice this summer. One donation can save "three lives. Give twice and save six! Patients undergoing sur- gery, individuals with chron- ic illnesses who need blood and blood products on a reg- ular basis, newborns who need immediate transfu- sions will thank you. Remember, it's the blood already on hospital shelves that saves lives, so the blood you donate today can save lives tomorrow Enjoy the sunshinel but don't forget to give blood this summer. The need is real. Make your appointments today. Healthy individuals who are at least 17 years of age and weigh at least 110 pounds may be able to donate blood. Donors are eli- gible to give blood every 56 days, or approximately six times a year. Photo I.D. is required. 'Butterflies are ' family Day Families are invited to the Jeffers Petroglyphs Historic Site on August 5th for a free family day designed to explore the prairie and its history. The day's activities include examining the rock carvings and learning about the people who made them, hands-on activities and prairie walking tours to look for butterflies. Visitors also can pack a travois, throw an atlatl and participate in American Indian games. Activities will take place from 10 a.m to 8 p.m. This event is free. The site is located near Comfrey and Windom, three miles east ofU.S. Hwy. 71 on Cottonwood County Road 10, then one mile south on County Road 2. The 80-acre site features images chipped into an outcropping of Sioux quartzite from 3000 B.C. to A.D. 1700, a visitor center with exhibits and an object- theater presentation, and nature trails, which explain the prairie environment. For more information, call 507-628-5591. The MN Historical Society is a non-profit educational and cultural institution established in 1849 to pre- serve and share MN history. The Society collects, pre- serves and tells the story of Minnesota's past through museum exhibits, extensive libraries and collections, his- toric sites, educational pro- grams and book publishing. The Society's calendar of events is posted on the Internet at The web site also has infor- mation about all of the Society's historic sites. A free guide to historic sites can be ordered by calling 1- 800-657-3773. Cards of thanks in the Sentinel Tribune will be in box ads. Up to 50 words for $10,00 Up to 75 words $15.00 100 plus words $20.00 All open house or other announcements can be run in box ads at a rate of $4.75 per column inch. 2 column inch minimum, (A column inch is 1 column wide by 1 inch deep.) All ads must be prepaid except for established business accounts. News & Ad deadline Friday 9:00 a.m. (e-mail news must be submitted before noon on Monday)