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August 10, 2011     Sentinel Tribune
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August 10, 2011

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SENTINEL TRIBUNE COMMUNITY Wednesday, August 10, 2011 Page 6 WESTBROOK SENIOR NUTRITION SERVICES Girl Scouts Swim Meet August 8-12, 2011 Senior Nutrition Services serving at the Westbrook Senior Center at 11:30 a.m. each operating day. Monday: Hamburger, baked beans, cole slaw, strawberries/toppings, bun, milk Tuesday: Turkey noodle casserole, peas, fruited gela- tin, bar, bread, milk Wednesday: Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes/ gravy, stewed tomatoes, fruit cobbler, bread, milk Thursday: BBQ pork chop, potato salad, Co. blend veg., cheesecake, dinner roll, milk Friday: Chef salad/dress- ing, ice cream, mulTm, milk (alternate: turkey/cheese sandwich, fruit, tomato, ice cream) For reservations call Angle at 274-6583 by noon one day in advance. You may also call the Tracy kitchen at 1-866- 985-8512. Lutheran Social Services is fimded in part under the Older Americans Act under contract with the Southwest Agency on Aging. GLANCES 1N THE PAST TEN YEARS AGO August 8, 2001 Steve, Dixie, Ashley, and Jake Severson took a rather unusual trip this summer, going to Greenland to visit a former exchange student. The Seversons hosted AFS student Paarnaaq Larsen Strom in 1998-99, but in June the tables were turned as the Larsen family hosted the Seversons for two weeks The Rachuy reunion was held Sunday at Grace Lutheran Church Social Hall with about 70 people attend- ing. They came from Alaska, CA, PA, Sioux Falls, Albert Lea, Eagan, Tracy, Lamberton, and Zumbrota. Lots of fun was had at the Dundee Nothing Days this past weekend. A variety of activities, including races of all sorts, games, and music offered something for every- one. The truck pull held dur- ing the celebration was a big highlight for the weekend. TWENTY YEARS AGO August 7, 1991 The Westbrook Clinic and Dr. Henry Schmidt Memorial ~:~ospital are pleased to ounce the addition of Vicki Schendel, Nurse Practitioner, to their staff Vicki is a native of Windom and has been practitioning in Heron Lake for the last eight years Local RSVP members were busy Monday morning cleaning the road ditch on Highway 30. The RSVP has three miles of the highway under the State Adopt-A- Highway Program. The main attraction Friday at the Cottonwood County Fair will be the Vicki Lynn King Show. Vicki Lynn, for- merly of Mt. Lake, is a Nashville recording star. THIRTY YEARS AGO August 6, 1981 Through the efforts of local softballers, over $1400 was raised in a tournament Sunday afternoon. Eight softball teams competed The winning team was John and Norma Dittsworth, Denis Engen, Julie Jans, Lon Seeger, Nancy Jones, Frank Erickson, Anita Erickson, Brad Uhlenhopp, Tracy Uhlenhopp, and Brian and Jeanne Berg. A group of concerned citi- zens have formed the "Red Rock Rural Water" System and will have a booth at the county fair to answer ques- tions regarding the future of a rural water system in Cottonwood County. Over 250 relatives, neigh- bars and friends gathered on July 20 at Steve and Sue Johnsons to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the "Johnson Homestead". 4-H Fashion Revue Cottonwood County 4-H members showcased their sewing and purchasing tal- ents at the 4-H Fashion Revue. Fashion Revue members modeled their garments on August 1 at the American Lutheran Church in Windom. 4-H members showcased the outfits that they had either purchased for the clothes you buy project or sewn for the clothes you make exhibits. Members were interviewed on their knowledge of their garment, their construction of the garment and their ability to sew a quality garment. Area Winners: Construction -clothes you buy Grades 6-8 Reserve Champion - Juliana Pederson, Westbrook/Rosehill Fashion Revue - clothes you buy Grades 6-8 Champion -Juliana Pederson, Westbrook/Rosehill Champion Overall - Juliana Pederson, Westbrook/ Rosehill CLASSIFIED, ADS SMALL PRICE BIG RESULTS given away at the Open House August 1st at Saalo Farms Pampered Boarding. Westbrook and Sleepy Eye competed in a swim meet on Saturday, August 6. Results: 1st place: 100 yd. med- ley relay: 8 and under - Alli Vande Kieft, Lexie Herding, Halle Steen Aili Koenig. 100 yard relay 11 and 12 3rd place: Jordyn Berg, Madison Dennistoun, Katie Jorgenson, Emily Onken 2nd place: Cassidy Mischke, Kenna Wahl, Addy Beaty, Theresa Merrick 1st place 100 yard med- ley relay 13 and 14: Morgan Dennistoun, Mariah Olson, Sophie Horkey, Desiree Koenig 25 yard 8 and under free style (front crawl): 1st, Alli Vande Kieft; 4th, Kora Wahl; 5th, Lexie Herding 50 yard 9 and 10 free- style: 5th Madison Dennistoun 50 yard 11 and 12 free- style: 1st, Cassidy Mischke; 4th, Theresa Merrick 50 yard 13 and 14 free- style: 2nd Desiree Koenig; 5th Sophie Horkey 50 yard free 8 and under: 2nd Alli Vande Kieft 25 yard back stroke - 8 and under: 1st, Alli Vande Kieft; 3rd Lexie Herding 50 yard backstroke, 9 and 10: 4th, Katie Swimmers dived into the pool in one of the races at the Girl Scout Swim Meet held Saturday morning. Jorgenson; 5th, Madison Dennistoun 50 yard back stroke, 11 and 12: 1st, Theresa Merrick; 3rd, Jordyn Berg; 4th Kenna Wahl 50 yard backstroke, 13 and 14: 2nd, Desiree Koenig; 3rd, Morgan Dennistoun; 5th, Mariah Olson 25 yard butterfly, 8 and under: 1st, Halle Steen; 2nd, Aili Koenig 50 yard butterfly, 9 and 10: 3rd, Madison Dennistoun 50 yard butterfly, 11 and 12: 1st, Cassidy Mischke; 3rd, Addy Beaty 100 yard individual medley, 13 and 14: 2nd Morgan Dennistoun; 5th, Mariah Olson 100 yard freestyle: 2nd, Addy Beaty 25 yard breaststroke, 8 and under: 3rd, Halle Steen; 4th, Lexie Herding 50 yard breaststroke, 9 and 10 4th, Katie Jorgenson 50 yard breaststroke, 11 and 12: 3rd, Theresa Merrick; 4th Addy Beaty; 5, Kenna Wahl 50 yard breaststroke, 13 and 14: 1st, Desiree Koenig; 2nd, Morgan Dennistoun 3rd, Mariah Olson 100 yard free relay, 8 and under: 1st, Kora Wahl, Alli Vande Kieft, Halle Steen, Lexie Herding 200 yard free relay, 11 and 12: 2nd, Cassidy Mischke, Kenna Wahl, Addy Beaty, Theresa Merrick; 3rd, Katie Jorgenson, Jordyn Berg, Madison Dennistoun, Emily Onken 200 yard free relay, 13 and 14: 1st, Morgan Dennistoun, Mariah Olson, Sophie Horkey, Desiree Koenig Swim teams and spectators watched swimmers as they competed in the swim meet at the Westbrook pool Saturday morning. I"l Weekly Science The Ice Diet Today let's examine the science behind the claim that you can lose weight by eating ice. The theory is this: eating ice will make the body bum up calories in order to maintain a constant body temperature. Seems reasonable, but let's explore. The calorie is a unit of energy and is approximately equal to the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius at standard atmo- spheric pressure. I say approximately because it varies slightly depending on the starting temperature of water and if contains any impurities or dissolved gasses. Even though the standard unit of energy in the SI system has been the joule since 1960, it has not caught on yet when talking about food energy (one calorie is about 4.2 J). So lets calculate how much me you would have to eat in order to lose one kilogram. First we have to make a few assumptions: 1) The ice temperature is near 0 C. 2) The body will efficiently metabolize stored energy in order to melt the ice and raise its temperature to 37 C, the average body temperature for humans. 3) The actual mass of the ice con- sumed does not count towards our final weight. So for one gram of ice, the total energy needed to bring it to 37 C is 37 calories to raise its temperature plus another 80 calories to change it from solid ice to liquid water. This is known as its specific melting heat. Therefore, the total energy required is 117 calories. In order to lose one kilogram of body mass you have to reduce calorie intake by 7,700 Calories, so it looks like one would only have to eat 66 grams of ice, right? Well, there is one last detail. What we normally refer to as a calorie when talking about food is really a kilocalorie (1 kilo- calorie = 1,000 calories, often written as 1 Calorie). So in actuality, instead of eating 66 grams of ice you would need to eat 66 kilograms of ice. Good luck! ...... 1) True or false: eating ice will cause weight loss. 2) The standard SI unit for energy is the . a) calorie b)kilocalorie c)watt d) joule 3) True or false: 1,000 Calories ~uals a kilocalorie, 4) Which of the following would not effect the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of water? a) altitude b) starting temperature c) how much dissolved air it con- tains d) how quickly the heat was applied. 5) The total energy needed to change a substance from a solid to a liquid is known as its Answeres on page 2 Copyright (C) 2011 Weekly Science Quiz All rights reserved. a ........ ......... . ....... treat Every day you trust Sanford Health to treat you and your family: \,Ve're celebrating that trust and treating you to some fun. KVe invite you to join us for an ice cream social. The treats are on us. Ice Cream Social Sanford Tracy Walnut Grove Clinic City Park August 18, 2011 1:30 - 2:30 PM ~Ve appreciate everything you do to help us pioneer the future of health care. SANF~)RD"I H~ALTH [ ' E 'iy ,,, ,,g IgliNffi|il l"-nt/ /ug$ - 1 7 j-71i= ....... T',i '7 "v*"':,, ],yr " : l lilllll xcmm, rmm--