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August 10, 2016     Sentinel Tribune
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August 10, 2016

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SENTINEL TRIBUNE Wednesday, August 10, 2016 Page 4 Olympics Trump and Number One American Success Rul By Glenn Mollette states. We divide on healthcare, The Olympics are big news these guns, military, welfare and much days. We are excited to see how more. We divide on religion. There many medals Michael Phelps and is too much resentment, finger all the athletes will bring home. pointing and hate in religious From soccer to swimming to bas- groups today. However, the church- ketball and so much more, this is es and groups who have embraced such a great world event. Hopefully love and unity are doing very well. for a couple of weeks Americans Division ends multiple marriages can rally behind our athletes and today. People find it easier than ever experience unity and national pride, to walk away from marriage. Many The teams who do well in Rio de people will go through two or three Janeiro will be the teams who are marriages and more before life is unified. Unity means working over. While often there is no other together, helping each other, speak- way than divorce generally it ing well of each other and to each doesn't spell prosperity. Many never other. This means a good spirit, a financially recoup one divorce and good attitude and relaying manners then to add other divorces seldom and congeniality. This is the kind of spells lasting financial security. stuff that helps teams win. Division However, of course it's better to and animosity divide and defeat, divorce than to destruct. The latter is what we see so much of Why can't we all just work it out in America. and get along? We cringe when we Democrats have had their share see sports teams hassling among of diversity with emails, controver- themselves; unable to play together sies and the many who have sup- and win. We cringe when we see ported Bernie Sanders over Hillary Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney Clinton. The Republican Party is and these big boys act like babies. taking the cake this year in division. Please get over it and grow up. Pull If Trump loses the election, which together, play as a team and at least polls are indicative, it will be make your partyproud. because of the Republicans who There is one key rule to any sue- just simply will not find a way to cess in America - unity. Enough embrace and help each other. Even people have to pull together to make the Bible teaches us that a divided victory happen. When enough peo- house cannot stand, pie, get on the same team, pulling in Division has always existed as a the same direction, success and vie- part of life. This is certainly one tory will happen. reason we have two major political Glenn MoUette is an American parties and additional parties such Syndicated Columnist, Speaker and Author. This column does not neces- as The Libertarians and others. We sarUy reflect the view of any organiza- are divided and have different ideas, tion, institution or this paper or media Counties divide over issues, as do source. cammers Tune Up lassic ms Various Schemes Take New Track yearly taxes. BBB also reminds the public that no government "~'l'r'~r;,',c ~:rr'~rva "l'h,'~ Rr-I ('c~w-~" ~..,~l~Jl l~d II VI I I I I I~ IJ~4 1 1 V~4 V ~ Don't take my advice It must have been a slow school year. A college student wrote about me for her school. The interview went well. I'd answered each question as I'd imagined a grownup would. I'd even thrown in a "Zounds!" in the hopes that she might have mistaken me for a Shakespearean scholar. She thanked me and said that she had one last question. I'm not saying that I'm good with questions, but my favorite has always been the last one. It was always a great relief to see the last question of a long test. She asked, "What advice would you give me?" The door of doubt swung wide. I'm a husband. We don't get asked our advice on much of anything other than the occasional, "Eat this tuna salad. Does it taste funny to you?" I replied, "Don't take my advice." I wasn't trying to be flippant, but I felt guilty. I had to feel guilty. I've had the proper training. Besides, she'd elevated an eye- brow. "And floss regularly," I added. She gave me an odd look. I'm used to that. I explained that it was my theory that the Tyrannosaurus rex, a ferocious dinosaur who could have started at middle linebacker for the Vikings and had the ability to play hurt, was cranky because of its short arms. There was a long pause before she asked, "What does that have to do with flossing?" I explained, "Because of those short arms, the T. rex was unable to wear a hat or floss its teeth. Because it didn't floss, it became susceptible to gum disease. It suf- fered from toothaches. It became cantankerous and that might have led to its extinction. It should have seen a dentistsaurus every six months. time we'd have by not having to search? As a youngster, I was given the usual advice. Good stuff. Do what you love and the money will follow. Never anger a cook. If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Life is a fast horse. Go outside. You need sunshine to grow. Happy wife, happy life. Nothing good happens after mid- night. Always get up after you've gone to bed. Change the oil in your car regu- larly. Three working together will bear the burden of six. Don't be in a hurry to get older. There is only so much young in the bank. Advice is worth what you pay for it. Judge not lest ye be judged. Take a jacket. I picked things up along the way from such noted philosophers as agency will ever: Nobody thinks we're smart. I got another look. Better Business Bureau of *Call to demand immediate~ Maybe I Jaag[this young wom a/a /Maybe I should have told her, Minnesota and North Dakota payment, nor will they call about fooled. She didn't know that I'd "Don't count your sheep before (BBB) is warning consumers of a taxes owed without first having gone to Israel in Search of the Dead they hatch." new spin on some common mailed youabill. schemes. By now, most people *Seek or demand payment have heard about the classic phone through gift cards or reloadable seam, where scammers claiming debit cards. to be with the IRS call people say- *Threaten to bring in local ing they owe money either due to police or other law enforcement penalties or unpaid taxes and groups to have you arrested for not threaten them with arrest if they paying a debt. don't make an immediate pay- *Ask for bank account or credit/ ment. BBB is now receiving debit card numbers over the phone. reports that some fraudsters are BBB of Minnesota and North coercing people to pay them in Dakota also recently received a iTunes gift cards, report from a former University of "The reason fraudsters are urg- Minnesota student who was con- ing people to pay with iTunes gift fronted with yet another variation cards is because they are virtually of this scheme. In this case, the untraceable," said Dana Badgerow, former student received a phone president and CEO of BBB of call from someone claiming to be Minnesota and North Dakota. "If with the government. The caller the intended victim gives away the recited detailed personal informa- 16-digit code on the back of these tion they had gathered through gift cards - or any other - they unknown means, asking the recip- will lose whatever money has lent to confirm the information - been loaded onto them." including the former student's Recent reports to BBB Seam home address, county, and the fact Tracker alerted of Minnesota recently. After con- BBB to multiple cases of fraud- firming that all of the information sters pressuring consumers in our was correct, the seam artist area to pay them with iTunes gift claimed a "one-time student fee of cards. One of these cases involved $1,600 was owed." Fortunately, an advance fee loan scheme and the recipient of the call recognized another was a version of the IRS the scheme for what it was and seam, where the caller claimed to ended the phone call. be seeking unpaid taxes on college Current and former students tuition. The victim was told they who receive such calls are encour- would be arrested unless an imme- aged to end the calls as quickly as diate payment was made. In that possible and not confirm any case, the unknown caller had information callers might have information as far as what school gathered, regardless of whether or the student attended and which not it's accurate. Legitimate stu- year they had graduated, dent fees are included upfront in BBB reminds students - former tuition bills issued directly through and current - that tuition fees are your school. not taxed by the government. In "This just shows that scammers fact, you may be able to deduct are endlessly innovative," added qualified education expenses paid Badgerow. "Therefore, consumers during the year for yourself, your must always be vigilant." spouse or your dependent on your Sea squirrels. I paused and posed reflectively. I hoped it would appear that I was deep in thought. I was shallow in thought. I thought of a friend who owns a Roomba, a small disc- shaped, robotic vacuum cleaner that hunts down dirt ruthlessly. His dedicated Roomba moves about the house in pursuit of hidden dirt even when no human is home. Then it hides. I told him that he probably owned a haunted Roomba. He told me, "You shouldn't believe in haunted vacuum clean- ers." That, right there, is good advice, but it didn't seem a proper answer to her question. The clock was ticking. "It's just my theory," I added. The camera panned back and the music swelled. She nodded and wrote that down. I felt good about that. She was an astute young woman and I'm sure she'd be able to, via clever word usage, write a piece that portrayed me as a pleasant rather than a pathetic person. I don't mean to say that if dino- saurs had listened to advice, they wouldn't have gone extinct. They probably wouldn't have listened. Dinosaurs weren't too big to fail. That means that we certainly aren't too big to fail. We search for answers. If we had the answers, what would we do with the extra Dolly Parton who said, "If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one." I learned enough at the school of hard knocks to be awarded a doctorate in advice giving. Here's some of that. Using dynamite isn't a good way to harvest sweetcom. When the officer says, "Do you know why I pulled you over?" he isn't asking for advice. Don't toast your Pop-Tarts. Remember where you keep your brains. Take a jacket, but wear a helmet. AI Batt 2016 71622 325 St. 1-1, MN 56042 C3 $11 (ISSN 8750-3905) Thomas Merchant Managing Editor Junette Merchant Office & Production Joan Spielman Ad Rep. & Circulation Published every Wednesday at Westbrook, Minnesota 56183 Periodicals Postage Paid at Westbrook, Minnesota 56183 SUBSCRIPTION PRICE FOR THE SENTINEL TRIBUNE WILL BE: In the following counties: Cottonwood, Redwood, and Murray $45.00 per year. Elsewhere in Minnesota $49.00 per year. Out of the state $55.00 per year. 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