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August 11, 2004     Sentinel Tribune
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August 11, 2004

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SENTINEL TRIBUNE V a leWpolnt Wednesday, August 11, 2004 Pagel BETWEEN By Tom Merchant Sentinel Tribune THE LINES Bush at Mankato Last week President George Bush made an historic visit to Mankato. The last presi- dential candidate to visit Mankato was Harry Truman. For the Alan Nickell family of Walnut Grove it was a once in a life time event. Not only did they get to see the President up close they also watched as the President took their infant daughter in his arms and held her for a half a minute or so. I can almost see someone interviewing her on her one hundredth birthday. She will be able to tell them and show them President Bush holding her in his arms way back in 2004. What a story, and what a mem- ory for the Nickell family. Benefit for Amy If you have read the story about Amy Ankrum and Nicole Elzenga you know that there will be a benefit held for the Ankrum Family. Amy Ankrum was the recipient of a kidney from donor and co worker Nicole Elzenga. Although both women are doing well the Ankrum family have a lot of out of pocket expenses not covered by insurance. It is a wonderful thing for Nicole to donate her kidney to her friend and co- worker, but it is also a bit of a miracle that the two women with very different backgrounds were a compatible match for the life saving operation. The benefit will be held Saturday August 21st at the Walnut Grove Community Center. If you want to help please show up on the 21 st. Have a great week! Letter to editor Health Care Reform a real accomplishment To the editor: Overlooked amid the news about the 2004 MN legislative impasse is that lawmakers, including Rep. Brad Finstad, passed some of the most significant care reform legis- lation in a generation. Rising health care costs affect the quality of life of all Minnesotans. That's why we enacted legislation that helps tackle high medical costs, including efforts to reduce state mandates that drive up the cost of family insurance premiums. Included were reforms that ensure health care practitioners engage in best practices, making sure consumers receive the latest evidence-based medicine. We accelerated the use of cost-saving medical records technology. We passed reforms to encourage pur- chasing alliances to bring lower cost insurance to farmers and small businesses. Finally, we passed legislation to spur the expansion of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), a lower-cost alternative to traditional health insurance that empowers con- sumers. There are no easy answers to reduce health care costs and not all solutions lie with the Legislature. But clearly, with Rep. Finstad's help, we set a new path in MN to make health care more efficient, more accessible and more affordable. Signed, Fran Bradley, Chair MN House Health & Human Services Finance Committee SPEAK UP We welcome your participation, whether in letters or commentary. If possible, please make your submission by e-mail to sentrib@rrc- net.orgo Conventional mail address is Sentinel Tribune, P.O. Box 98, Westbrook, MN 56183. Our Fax number is 507-274-6137. We require submissions be exclusive to us in our market area. All must include writ- ers name, address, and day time telephone number. Letters should be brief, up to 250 words, other submissions should be no longer than 500 words. Original items can not be returned unless the writer would pick them up at the office or send self addressed stamped envelope. No items will be kept longer than 30 days. We reserve the right to refuse publication of any submitted letters or stories. OPEN WATE00 AI Bart... "Stories from the Batt Cave" Ask AI Thank you for the questions. Sorry about the answers. "You once wrote that Hartland is the best place in Minnesota. Don't you think that it's the best place in the world?" Yes, I do. I was just trying to make it sound better. "How big is Minnesota?" The state is the size of one Minnesotas. "If "1 love you" are the three great- est words in the human language, what are the four greatest words?" I told you so. "What is the best way for a person to get ahead?' Buy a cabbage. '1 suffer from fatigue, aching joints and general listlessness. What's wrong?" It sounds like a case of Hartland Fever. "I'm thinking of hunting mourning doves. What kind of a dog should I use to retrieve them?" A chihuahua works fine. "Have you ever written a greeting card?" Yes. I wrote a wonderful card to be used for thanking some- one who has sent you a thank you card. "Why is gravity so important?" If it weren't for gravity, the air would be filled with dead birds. "Was Nell Armstrong from Ohio?" Yes, he was. The first man in powered flight was from Ohio. The first man to ever orbit the Earth was from Ohio. The first man on the moon was from Ohio. It sounds like people will do almost anything to get out of Ohio. "What kind of a person becomes a teacher?' Someone who used to think he liked children. "What do we mean by plural?" It means the same thing, only more of it. "What's the difference between a yard sale and a trash pick-up?" The trash is closer to the curb. "How can you tell if someone is the youngest of the family?" They always get into the backseat of the car. "What is today's best labor-saving device?" Tomorrow. "Have you noticed that the years are getting shorter?" Yes, and I know why. It's because the wind blows a few days out of every week. "Isn't there a city named Hartland in Wisconsin?" Yes, Hartland is a city in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Vermont and Maine. The drive across town can be brutal. "1 read that there are more "IV sets in this country than there are bathtubs in this country. What does that mean?" It means that a lot of dirty people are watching TV. "How did the Senator from Hartland break his leg?" He did it while jumping down from his ego to his IQ. =What will be the next big achievement with the computer?" A new model will be developed that will have the memory of a wife. "when did you give up being a window washer?" About half the way down. "How should I answer my wife when she asks what I am thinking about?" Try this, "Please forgive me if rve been pensive, love of my life. I was just reflecting on what a warm, wonderful, thoughtful, caring and intelligent woman you are and how fortunate I am to have you in my life." Don't ever tell her the truth-- that you're thinking about the Super Bowl of 7 years ago. And trust me, you don't ever want to say, "If I want- ed you to know what I was thinking, I'd be talking to you." "What do you do when the er becomes so cold that it's unbearable?" I stop looking at thermometer. "What did your parents want to do?" Some parents want you to become an attorney. Some want you to become a parents want you to My parents just wanted me out the house. "What do you think of those board belts?" I think they're a complete waist of paper. "1 see you have boxing hanging from the fruit trees in yard. What's the purpose of I'm maki0g fruit punch. "What is a father?" A father someone who carries where his money used to be. "1 have been told that I have same ears that my father and my grandfather had. What does mean?" That means they are looms. "Are there any formal affairs Hartland that require wearing Only the dog show. "Have you ever balanced checkbook?" No, it just lies fiat my desk. "Why do we eat turkey Thanksgiving?" Because turkey looks like a football. We eat put kin pie because the pumpkin resembles a football helmet. "What kind of person would steal S cat" A purr snatcher. >-AI Batt 2004 >71622 325 St. >Hartland, M.N 56042 > - / / ! 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