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August 28, 1991     Sentinel Tribune
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August 28, 1991

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i Mrs. Leonard Larson funeral of Sam Bertschi at the entertained the Birthday Club on Methodist Church in Walnut Grove SENTINEL & TRIBUNE PAGE 7 Tuesday. Wednesday. Walnut Grove - Westbrook, MN - Wednnday, August 28, 1991 Saturday afternoon guests at the Mark and Irene Christensen, N Art Krause home were Dorothy Erika. Ross and Grant of Was ca T YEARS AGO textured winter coat. Her coat also Stoddard of Waverly, la, Marlys spent last weekend with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gilbertson and Bee Shemon, LaVon Jenste:d - "27 received a champion ribbon inYounck of Winona, Ethel Ray and Mae Christensen. Mark Youngck, Helen Rupp, Hilda and Irene attended his 20th class Mr. and Mrs. Myron Macht Alice Thull, Mary l, ramer a o August l ai construction in the advanced Eichner. Mr. and Mrs. BillEichner, reunion from the Milroy high returned Sunday after spending a Arlen Subbert were Lucille lne city water tower was "'v" " al lSlOn, week being in the Ozarks at Rave ling'sTuesdaymorningcoffee pmnted and relettered last wee. k The beauty shoppe of Walt'sAlbert Eichner and Donna Bloch, School at the Chalet in Marshall Branson, MO, attending Country guests. . hen workman cleaned the rot nor Barber and Beaut She e has all of Westbrook and Gloria Saturday. " " Y PP yvubt ill allOWa td. repalnted the mstde andbeen leased to Mrs. Lucas Satter, Jacobs. The Robert Zwachs Sr. attended "' h and to Eureka Mr. ann Mrs. vernon wurscner !de of the. tower effective September 1, it was the 40th wedding anniversary of Springs to attend the Passion Play. spent the weekend with Mr. and iacmty tot me vat-az --thi w k Mae Radtke was a Sunday ann and Colleen Hoffman at the At Springfield, MO they visited a Mrs. Doug Wurscher at Moville, announceo s ee . :noel year at me walnut orove Karen Lee J hn n f W lnut luncheon guest of Mr. and Mrs. Mediterranean in Tracy Sunday. most interesting Pro Bass Shop. IA. k o so o a Roberta Gruen returned to her :heel was completed last wee v he Keith Wambeke of Marshall. She tyro e graauateo trom t hen Loreua rotgut was mrea to "" "v i M "s went especially to help Emilyhome in West Salem, WI after 1 tJni ers ty ot lvimnesota at om I the librarian posmon omer - - spending a week with her parents, mem-- Bruce Lmscheidduring graduatton ceremomescelebrate her first birthday. REDWOOD COUNTY EXTENSION oers are " conducted on the Minneapolis Mr. and Mrs. Ed Erickson and the Ray Duntermans. yler r nott, oreg uaHman ann Frid-- A" 'ust 19 SheMildred Otto attended a reception Rev. and Mrs. Dan Hermanson Dean Pedersen, Acting Redwood Co. Ext. Agent . . ~aj|ll)U~ a y, U~, 10rg.enson received a Bachelor of Arts degree for Pastor Peterich at Faith and children and Rev. and Mrs. ~wenty-nve canmoates reporteo r -- ' W wtm a major in t ementa y Lutheran Church in Tracy on Don Comnick attended the Prairie . . concerning how much to deliver pray on me amut orove mgnr:n o,; Sunday evening, conference Pastors and spouses Lifeguard tins depending on the basis, constitutes :heel football temn this fall. This Mildred Otto visited her new picnic at Peace Lutheran in .i= a marketing plan. That plan should ;ar the Conference will be L-'I' DTV grandson on Wednesday at the Jeff Ruthton Tuesday. for prevent ng be sketched out before the decision aying nine man football, a move rur = Jt and Monica Otto home. Weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. orftin "drnwninp" is made to plant the crop. The plan ade necessary because so many YEARS AGO Gloria and Warren Pack, Dan Earl Parish were Rev. Walter should be based on projected oon t blink oecause tt can ,- SUDDIy ann oemana tunoamen,-,s, vh ls could not fill a team for theAugust zy l Peterson and Eyvonne Sell were Flesner of Stitlwater and Dennis happen in a matter ot seconos. L,me -- n"l avera"e and seasonal Charles Lantz, Walnut GroveMonday night guests of Shirley Flesner and Tiffany of Little Falls a vtr ann Mrs tJeorge uaruett to Peterson and Fred Sliker tO. help They all attended the Flesnerqmc.ksand, flowing gram m a price pattern. Make a distinct ,t. ;h.;. r ton m ,h," lawyer, nas neen re-appomtea s i"-- of them celebrate their birthdays, reunion at Walnut Grove last gravity tl.ow wagon.or sto mn separation between the decisions " " 1" --me rmvnc t emuons comm uee ,- mneapons airport, wt t oeth ,o -,te Bar Shirley Peterson attended Sunday. Others attending included can enguu a person m tess man ten,auh n hnw In twice. ~nd sian" Anna-- Ko-- mos, in Mexico " " " x e decJons bout hen, where, t) -- '1 " i Fri-- Assocmtaon. Announcement was visitation services for Ken Nelson Claric,v Vicxery ant Sandla actmgSeC ndS'countySaySe tens onDean agentPedersen' m "" ,I, m naturaay unu m s nay at Lamberton Sunday afternoon. Vickery and Bradley. Elaine ann now to neuver me crop. a-o th r ;, mane tonay ny tsnarles u. He am. atccoramg to reaersen, m me ,rt -Ion needs to recoonize . pre nent ot me assocmuo . Al Grunden and Jamie of Tracy Vloelfel, Joar. Woelf(:l arm Bob " had v - e past ten years, Minnesota has storage interest and other boldm n,'change i,Vstudent,o here durmg A granOstana snow. featurin- theg and Dorothy Grunden visited with and Sberri Bertrand of Redwood 1 oocumenteo grmn" suttocauons" t,n.t,~" It ne.exlg tn teen hi e theg Fair Capades revue each evening, Leonard Grunden at the Sioux Falls, the Kenny Flesnt:rs, Karl Jo ru Dins ann wagons, uver ,to ^ : : : t. ---z- --- Pr,xx,Jnr,v 2Txr will again be the entertainment Valley Hospital on Wednesday. On LaPacta and Inure,Bob Zwachs percent of these mvolved" a person on,mama, u, --= . wrlen one is not prlceo. avvr ,i' t x-rtvr feature of the 77th annual Thursday, Rev. and Mrs. HomerSr. and Paul Zwach. under14 or over 65 . AS the growing and harvest YEARS AGO Redwood County Fair at Redwood Dobson of Tracy, Ollie Parker of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Peters spent t-eaersen says, l-arm operators new market data Au 25 1966 Falls Thursday, Friday, and Revere and Dorothy visited him, last Saturday with their daughter should be aware that bins and beco"" "meVs" avee" il-" le concerning ,7 and 8 On Friday, Teresa Grunden of and son-in-law Wendy and Billwagons pose a potential death trap. m d ;, a, olo .I !,! supply-de an fundamentals and q w 1 Tnan h " " l cho 1 in Redwood Tracy and Dorothy went out toLund at Owatonna and made the i l ura s o s chelor of Arts degree at -. will o n Tuesda- current market behavior mmencement exercise.s held at -u Unmt r 5 to Mr L bring Leonard home. Saturday acquaintance of their new nemsplayea on every grmn storage (techmcals). The plan needs ankato State College Friday ~.n~grint~.nflent" afternoon the Dobsons and Chester granddaughter, Kelly Jo, born July v-~ n 1 g " aojustment accoroa g y egarmess Addison were callers at the 31 to Wendy and Bill. She weignea ot me pncmg opuon cnosen, mists ernoon ----e,b "-- or faded emblems should be : . Tberewillbe59distrietsoperatmg Grunden home. AI Grunden of six pounds and eleven ounces, r: o;,n change needs to be monitored. A Lynette Kopperud of the Ann Tracy was a Sunday evening caller "- 4 w -- ot wmcn ,ta wm nave tea nets wno Becky and Denzil Klein and *n,in-*r ,ffe these narrow basts encourages dehvery. Jeuers -rt t mo as crowneo vi usl tau ht in th nave pre o y g e Mr. and Mrs. Perry PetersonDavid of Phoenix, AZ spent 10 b rns A wtde basts assures retu to le queen m the advanced -'-- "16 who are new and Sunny of Granite Falls and Mr. days with their parents, Marthaand addmonaiureguarmngmeasuresto ion at the Cottonwood County tam, ty n,u " and Mrs. Marlin Peterson andHoward Klein and Harold and prevent grain drownings --o . . "" v "" hil n ha When your crop not paced, it. Her garment was a green Brandon were Saturday visitors of Florence Blank Wegner. Becky er arrow c ore to p y " h n vit, flow w If you are speculatmg. W e your falnut e News Car, and Alta Arnold. Kleota and Denzil attended her 30th v.- -6 h in h ,oaino ,-- ,en crop ts priced, you are edg g. I )V yas a Sunday guest of the Milroy high school class reunion at . v v v - hil MOSt prooucers na e a the Best Western in Marshall acetnenuy, me c o wm oe ptmea t.: re" in the .~,;,-lh, ;ntn th~ ma~a etM b.Jiiiuumwu, ut ewt.v v Wl~ Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jacobsen of Saturday. They also visited her e m in the -' Northfield were weekend guests of brother and family the Jon Blanks may suffocate if wedged in the neoge stUon an so e =.; sp . ulauve pOSltlO that good Diane and Jim Shaw and Brian Wednesday Mrs. Marvin Marjorie Bakken. They were all and his brothers, Darcy and family "n"r bin or task mmmgement consistent with a weekend in the Orends of Wabasso, Mrs. Marion Sunday afternoon guests of John of Milroy and the Mike Kleins of "'Y fl-w desire to improve their gross uovray spent me ,r Alice Maas and Sharon Bakken at their lake Litchfield. wagon when any pot hUm or o v" ties and at Lake. I-i a LEa n n* fr"m and Mrs. Lowell Schmiesmg spent home to help Wendy Knakmuhs Mr. and Mrs. Louis Urke of exists or when grain is caked or m gm while sttll survt mg as a u.ouay w v,--o,- o ru, Tattle at ; r,h h o,o,a a and Barb Frank celebrate their Granite Falls, Leona Hanske of spoiled. When you do enter a bin, . h " ,'t'Y-I- toux rat,birthdays. Lncan and Bertha Leach were last turn off all unloading" equipment Inc. k .anemauves ot ow to . .-.Pace ,xn.~'o~=~, p.~ V " h the au~ w.rm ~ ~,~ atv .~atj t=.~ 1= o r t a Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Da e Mr. and Mrs. ann Bakken, Mr. Sunday supper guests of Larry and and lock-out swttc es so . : a haa. n ,r r: and Mrs. Frank Erickson and their Leila Leach. cannot be accidently acfivate,in e.l de, cas market, forward ,-o o s ,"- Sell and other relatives grandchildren, Joey and Joni of Suffocation deaths have occurred uaua%t: -,?:,-, nnson at rove Aparunents. tm .----e--- " " when operators entered a bin and transacuons ann me opttons nan, tan Ole= at Walnut Grove. They also v ted Westbrook were Sunday morning on"v si (l"l]le'ffsi r, vfl S- Cora Eilefson at Prairie View breakfast guests of Marjorie l,ucan an automatic unloading auger has of the nualitv of ,a Ankrmn at S r ld. " Health are Center at Tracy. Bakken. They came especially to switched on. " ""- ":""-"in * also'---" .f DeLores Swenson returned visit with Mr. and Mrs. Jim . . mecropgept sumige pan vernon ann vrona roster o If you do t-rod yourself m a .r mnrlr tln,m tn o m nt 'acy visited at the Victor and home Saturday evenmg after Johnson of Northfield. bin where flow has started, do not tdieSwanson home Sunday ~gerMde~rrYaSn~lfthaJ ~l.ra~at Layshie Sheets of Staples spent ; -r, ,h I,;, .-- v - Palling Metallic ne y the weekend with Charles and " Chief" and Nita Jensen joined t,- jr ,o s areoostl" wall where flow is slower. It may u ~ h~ '~'~""'~' t mm~, "r,m" D h t ,;o;,-a tilli n Breekenridge helping them getLeinda Benson. Deb Benson of Jeff and Jill Jensen of Federal be possible to "Walk the bin -.----.-.--- -- -,:-- . .u A . i ;na if t-in, eurement can onng aounnant ,her Marshall seltled m then" new home. Revere entertained on Thursday for Way, WA and Jennifer and Bob b rewards such as increased time W -.- L ^ Sunday evemn Mr. and . Linda's birthday. Charles and Blankenship of Kent, WA and suomergeo, use yours nana to ,ao t tnursoay, rn uca, Juyt: a - - v : d Tom visited amtin on Friday t uw~. Linda spent the weekend in were guests of Vivian Come and cover your mourn ann nose. th, tax returns :a housewarming party at the Faith Buaedield. Chuck and Alaire Soupir at the * If you .- disc verl -. change dramattcally'" ""from prior" Lutheran Church parsonage for Mr. and Mrs. William Versavel Soupir summer home at Battle v. ,= I.I 't why ar' W'i' ons'mE)e' s a l---Da.vida N .YLaTTew Stassenof Marshalland Boerboom Lake last week. The Washington trapped in flowing grain, shut off ntl . mto. her places of interest in theme& mr: . Mr of Marshall were Friday afternoon people had come for the Wendythe unloading equipment "'" -. "xv "7." B-rn'---- spent tast wee wma net s ster . . income tax wtmnolamg generany Mr. ana w rs. urn u nnm l-h at visitors of Joe and June Beebout,L. Michael Wasico ]mmeatately. tnen turn on me ,'na. with your last navcheck " . MN anO Mrs. ulayton KUOO p . = o. v- v m Park Rapid. over the Sunday noon luncheon guests of wedding at the Be bent lake home aerauon fan and call your local n ,yments may be nded the otmmm : J eno where mey tta Joe and June Boerboom were on East Lost Lake Saturday, rescue squad. Generally, the most r nnir d far your retirement August 17th. Jennifer was one of effective way to rescue a victim is tamer, reunion of. the Minnesota. LarsenSaturdaYwere Mr.gUeStSand Mrs. f Lorewaren Francis Boerboom of Redwood the seven bridesmaids. The to raptdly" remove the gram" by,n, .Poneinn and annuity n vm nte stdents that restde durmg the OH Falls and Walter Boerboom of newlyweds will live in Seattle, WA . . may begin Although some Imyors int~r mnnth in Rincon Counlrv Laurel el l yilOllUi3~ U COttOnwOod. AZ -" Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Maguire where she is a teacher and he owns tools that local rescue souaus use. allow you have taxes with e/d, it severalspent a week visiting at the home and operates a Fishing Equipment Survival in a flowing grain doesn't always meet your tax "------- ------'-- -"-- - n n -" of JusUn and Laurie Jacobso at Store. IVS vts,ung ner cus,m at Milro accident is possible, but the obligation. Depending on your '" field rar o, y Kenneth Hansen attended the 30 process is complex, stressful and overall income, Social Security lllmar, ano t u[m - J -'.L --- .-- -- few ,- ,aao-,-hter c'assie Cmit ofw,m u,r year Milroy Class reunion time consuming. Preventing these payments you receive may be thfield left for a years study at a Saturday evening. The Milroyaccidents by respecting flowing partially taxable. t, which is Honey Schmidt returned igraduating class had 42 members, grain is the key. If you or your spouse are age 55 C.oll;' m Souia Schmiesing spent five days Wednesday from Blaine where she Twenty-seven were in attendance Marketing the crop or over you may find a huge tax L 'Y" ', visiting Sheri Schmiesing at spent 5 days with the Steve at the Best Western in Marshall. veiyn ann L.emae rmml ut "Two-thirds of the corn crop is savings if you sell your residence. =mberokshire, Wales came Manawa, WI. Russell went to Tschidas, getting acquainted with This was the largest graduating sold at below the seasonal The first $125,000 of profit is tax. hursday and are guests at the Marm and they her new great granddaughter, class Milroy has ever had. average,said Dean to those taxpayers who have h,me for ,ammx, Kayla Elizabeth, born August 1, Mrs. Ed (Shirley) Wurscher was v -- - "" - II tturday they all visited Victor 1991 to Steve and Roxanne honored with a surprise birthday improve'Opp rtunitiesthe grosseXist everYmarginYearbytO onthesaleatheir home-never elected to exclude the gain f n tl,-.nt Tschida. Kayla weighed seven party Sunday, hosted by her improving the price through The sale of investments may i:Kennan Hospital at Smexr" Falls. t pounds and eight ounces. She has children, Mr. and Mrs. Davidcareful marketing, trigger tax, once again requiring no. u ua, y Every producer should have a estimated tax payments. Don't hey also vtstted Robert w !1 three sisters Dominqne 5, Celania Wurscher of Jasper, Mr. and Mrs. a heart maiem rnoay atternoon Mrs. t,O e 3 and Jenny 16 months. Tom Wurscher of Milroy and their marketing plan," said Pedetsen. A " retire withotit consulting your tax ' --'--" -- -" " " h S;,'-,ffi Valley tlc dtal. Schrmesmg and Mrs. Otto Julic Mrs. Jack Christensen and Kristi, families and Joey and Betty Lecy schedule of how much to and pmfessioual ftrsL The advice you %-Luma " aeh[ N /thaniel, and TraViSited Mrs. Edward Krieg at Mrs. Roy C. and Lillyof Belview. About 45 relatives and when, plus a set of decisum rules receive can help you avoid a large iizabeth of LeSueur spent the rat.-,/. Christensen attended a shower for friends attended, " tax bill next April eekend with their mother and DeLores Swenson, Jaunita Laurie Christensen at Hoffman last Mr. and Mrs. Chet Saxton and i'- rATE FAIR BUSINESS I randmother, Mrs. Elizabeth O an ! Helen B.u were Saturday. n Mrs. Earl Parish of Milroy j OPPOR11JIqI ES ATTI M8 OPPORTIDgTW J , ht,h,t, ,- t,-hrate her 88th lrncy Momayatwnmon. Mel and Bernice Bergma attended the funeral for Sadie J FIMENDLY HOME PAR- tRREET SENATOR DAVE HOME DEALER-[ v Janice Carter and Michele returned Thursday from 10 days Knapper at the Revere Lutheran I TmS has m,en . t, esRa at t, maP. Top Log HO~ge| n oay 1 attended the musical nroduction spent with their son-in-law and Church W~y. I demennlte~. No cash it. Free blood Manufacturer, ,eeKSl mr. ann r,0xs, francis Ordwa- 0. Lnno with f milv members uye uye mrme at me ur y daughter, Mike and Moni Sauter Dick and Nancy Macht and I mqe. r,gn x mmn s- menwemm ~venue hi .mmi tmsJ. MII v.t~ v= = taul ,w= j " i ,'turned Wednesday August21 Theatre . m St. Paul on Frday and family in Atlanta, GA. Tbey family and Nancy s parents, the i am and h ms me .mmtotmaramlm . & li, id, Wovk d.I spending a week in California r nd helped Mike and Moni celebrate W'dbur Jacksons, camped at Sibley j . tall s . Nmd not int fem wlthl ) -' "" - "f Ga"" J ann Jantce uarte a thetr 25th wedding anniversary, and Kandiyohi #7 Parks last week. I Rwns. CdI|-tK)G.488.487 Heermadlkl ak, l, rn l present omploy m em.I Mine at San wJcneae auenoea me 3tat t, atr on The Bergmans bad a luncheon with From there the Jacksons were I --------'- hatkmd dmmhlmmhlat sw ng at . aSsel anti hatny y e h 4.~ me, CA on the 17th, also sight their daughter, Cherri Lm on in returning to their home in Bishop, I LICENSED LIFE & sota Nm el "[WOO0 HOMES i o,4,latives in the Mr. arm Mrs. RObert Boyington Minneapolis Thursday. CA. Richard and Nancy Macht I HEALTH AGENT NEEDED MuNum. FlUff ~ 427 River Rock td J e, -- of Minnetonka were Saturday Robert and Lorraine Van attended the Daniel Routhe -I Oga!tylwoebm, h com- .mlm.qg fi tt tmedx,11 J gnests of Ida Dawson out of Plato Center, ILwere Cynthia Gonyea wedding in jl mlua nswm be-t b M, W ltU V, 01 ORA I II Michael Valentine of Coon - " " I m, i sq,m BUS!NESS OPPORTU-I . Kacnael Oestreich spent Thursday overnight guests of the Minneapolis August 24th. Riehele I bena ) Cd NITY. Sm qll aptds ts svendmg two weeks . i.;.;, h;o Merib l lnursoay arm rrmay VlS tmg warn Will Hagemanns. Macht attended State Arts In at the I 2se NOTICI Immbr oom-i Mr. and Mrs. joe S ,dae and Mr. and Ms. St. Aunt to I --------- ner. Billy at GhenL and Dave Zwach attended.the 1. The Arts performed outside the I ' WALUIMtJ TFALLIVl Cd l l 'i l 4-H building 9 to 11 and 2 to 4 I PmrrALJOl . $H.4 to Oe In ABEM k , I $14.g0/hr. For exmn ~ 8cho01~*m~ ~,-maw, ~ ~w. I Residents Agree Grove Apartments each day. ormaton call Marsha VanLoy Danielson 01ETII DONT wo, l ,==--------:-. -=" .-"" o mm~mn-- BOOYWMEDOF~ '''" is a great place to hvel Rental Homes graduated Friday from Mankato I 1 ol. e am- pro. rays. retire lood. I 1. - am"tmm, tate University. She is employed j re . tam t. Available by the State in the Tourism ~~ wal'Olnglllmel i-II0~ll~l~l~llllevmn ~' Cdl"n~.nhttr|but rt114100-1 Mercer came to us from Department. She is Southern I HELPI Welmlndq:~:~l ~ 444.el)S2. " J Pennsylvania and Regional Manager for the OWr.e of I men or wocrmn. ~ new MAKE A rmr.m; rvn I j I t ,!uy L.=et E"RgTliII:r'-'---I always thought it would Tourism in Mankato. I $3o,000 . C,o/nabe i pro v,Oomm. l: great to live in a LaVon Jensen visited with and I meded $10-$20-$S0 o, scnog) ex~ange " 7 ,i our helped Doris Thompson of I more. Nfihted m (: 4- students errlvlng2---.-, -,-: --~ ~---i gr~n.~.I friendly little community For all y Redwood Falls observe her [ .Box l lSt"HO tma FABUeSvttt '| j ,'~,U M=.~ ~,',V. r~ 4a.~, p,t, untm $~71;B0=t~=$1a,B10.1 like Walnut Grove. birthday Tuesday "Little House on the Real Estate ou (am) I Prairie" has always needs see Mr. and Mrs. John ,**4 * .I Honetschlager and Nicholas, Mr. I -.DENI.$EI'A-WI 8c1~ =nn=m=, m r.MatutE BIVAt' IIWI'I II been one of his favorite meet programs. He thinks and Mrs. Luverne Honetschlager, i" mcgee, r r- r ,e s w, umt, =.o, with Mr. and Mrs. Doug Russell of [ Mercer Gilbert you'd like it here too! Redwood Falls and Mr. and Mrs. I uuI) YE P. ur. " ", 'I 'C ' twe .wm . Floyd Kramer of Vesta attended F,m y Inmm,I For iaor- y.ACAI"ION NETWORK I I Ap me Threshing Bee at Butterfield II' ,wm,22L. Ext. ;te77"ew'*" NOW' 2 IS', er 410 SlBLII roe-ezeo m-eee-z- e.l '-'-' nmmimmmttm e.i'-' ,-w,-, Grove artments: Knakmuhs Sun(~Y~md Mrs. Pete Lemckeand ! We're Where You Belong! Missy'were weekend guests Ot l.ran One unitnow open! rt] :lency and Marcey Tveter in Austin. I INGS. 30%-7~ disoount WOLFF TANNING BEI)~. PERSONALS | J ,~. CAdwllhl~tl~n New commend~l-home S O [ Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hoffman and ! m be forp e . Tol- . ps. mm in ooq ,! 361 8111 St.#106 -- Walnut Grove, MN. Sean of Delavan and the Ric I l -$00 77PA PER I otions-accessgrles. .At pl nl= etI Armagost family of Minneapolis I 777-2737) Exte h - 79. ume t/ y.mem tow m m t 0mmm, am nave1 ! Falxi~,rriini-blinds,#ealed $t8.00. C~II .l~Isy FREE Walnut Grove 859-2489 Phone 859-2154 were weekend guests in the too. NL=W =lorca . 1-1t00- C.i,( aranaroo, l Sylvester Hoffman home. [ ~ W-~7"" 462-0197 1-317-243-8793 1 II II