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September 4, 1991     Sentinel Tribune
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September 4, 1991

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REDWOOD COUNTY EXTENSION Dean Pedersen, Acting Redwood Co. Ext. Agent @ most commonly used for estimating corn yield to harvest was developed at University of Illinois. A constant for kernel weight 116) is figured into the in order to calculate grain ;ince the weight per kernel vary on hybrid and the yield equation be only used to estimate grain yield: For example, will be overestimated in a with poor grain fill conditions, it will be under estimated in with good grain fill accurate estimate of plant per acre can be obtained the number of plants a length of row equal to of an acre. Make at least counts of the field, calculate of these samples, then this number by 1,000. Moisture - Optimum for silage harvesting are whole plant moisture is 61% and 68%, depending the size and kind of silo. The milk line is the best icator of when the proper content has been reached. on University of Minnesota the average number of days full dent and 1/2 milk is !days; 1/2 milk to 1/4 milk, 6 and 1/4 milk to black layer, 7 After the black has formed, will lose .5% to 1% of r. levels that are too low air pockets and like "hhood of e. The following table ideal moisture content and line position for the different used. - Count the ears in 1/1000 of an acre 22" rows - 26"2"; 30" rows - 17'5"; East Germany. I was surprised by the number of acres of both corn and sunflowers. However, the corn has a lot of growing to do both there and here in Poland. It is just now beginning to tassel. Most of the corn in Holland and northern Germany is harvested as silage, but I think much of it is generally harvested for grain in France and here in southern Poland. Forecasters in Brussels are projecting a record cereal harvest this summer which will leave the EC with the largest store of grain Watch for signs in children of poor adjustment to school SENTINEL & TRIBUNE Walnut Grove - Weatbrook, MN - Wednesday, September 4, 1991 II CAROL PETERSON II Back to school time is also a time to watch for signs in your children that would suggest they need your help making the adjustment. Parents should watch 36" rows - 14'6"; 38" rows- 130"; in the history of the world. This for two things. One is their 40" rows- 13'1" growing mountain of grain is children's attitude toward going to Steo2 - Count the rows of expected to increase from 24 to 30 school. The other is any nonverbal kernels and kernels per row in million tonnes. The EC is already cue that suggests anxiety. an average ear of corn. having to find room for 8000,000 If your children rebel at the idea Sten 3 - Multiply ears per l/X000 tonnes of butter and 750,000 of going to school each day, don't 'Otl m 'nt of an acre tonnes of beef in cold storage. The scold them or assume it's just Times rows of kernels "-'--- EC agriculture ministers recently laziness. They may be frustrated by peryear X refused to approve huge cuts in an undiagnosed learning or Parents, take note of the ann nee e bythe Westbrook Times kernelsper subsidies proposed by the EC physical disability that keeps them Walnut Grove notice of school closing, late starts or early row X Agriculture Commissioner, so f[om doing,as well as their peers, diwnimls that is pt~llsh~l In this week's Sentinel Tribune. A Times the factor X~ Equals approximate there will not be any strongOr they may be feeling isolated -- list of the radio mations that will carry the announcements incentive to reduce production unable to get along with peers or appears In another s~'tlon of the paper. being the target ofa bully. An Interesting celebration will be held In New Prague on bu/A unless this l ,ficy changes.The solution is to get a third- Saturday, September 14. It Is called Dozinky Festival, a of No. 2corn =---- If that isnt bad enough, a recent party reading from teachers or Czechoslovakian Harvest Festival patterned after the "old Silage cutting is just around the report by the Gira group, one of school counselors. Trained help country" original. Booths and activities will begin at 10:00 a.m. Europe's leading strategic can be fou'nd fbi" disabilities. If and close at 5:00 p.m. There will be a Parade of Farm Pride at corner,consultancies in food and shyness is a problem, enlist the 12:00 noon. The parade will be a chronological hiStOry Of farm It won t be long before silage agricultural research, warned that teacher's help in getting your child equipment from antique to the modern. If you would like makers will be busy making the East European counUies will more involved in a structured way Information on the Festival, contact Mellissa Langer, festival forages. Some of the key have such a huge food surpl~.in with peers. At home you can ~c.tor, P.O. Box 191, New Prague 56071. Phone 612-758- management principals to the next three years that a crippling structure time for your child to remember are: war with the European Community interact with others. Positive (EC) is forecast. These projecuons experiences with peers help It will take most of us the balance of this week to rest up Extension office has a new bulletin are based on a philosophy tlmt children bolster their self esteem from our vacations and the Big Holiday: Many mothers will get on ManaRine Second Generation productivity was greatly and thereby feel more positive a break until Saturday, at least during the day, with their Euro .an-C( m Borer." said Dean exaggerated under the Communist about going to school', students back in school for e good portion of the day. At least PedeJ'sen. system and that production will It's easy for parents to get the weather has cooled down some so teachers and students It is a very good publication increase considerably once the wra~ up in their own activities, will not suffer in the non-air conditioned schools. developed by Ken Ostlie, huge State Farms are privatized, but its important to keep in touch Remember to drive carefully and kee alert for those University of Minnesota Extension I am not sure that I buy into that with your children. Watch foryoungsters going to and coming from school. Entomologist. It covers life cycle, damage, scouting and insect reasoning. I don't think there will be much increase in Poland because there were so many private farmers in the past system and their productivity was very high. In fact, productivity may decrease here because poor profitability will reduce fertilizer usage and subsequent yields. The same scenario may keep yields in the other countries from increasing very much. A surplus may result, however, from the fact that the Soviet Union is not buxving the agriculture products trom its satellites that it did in the If an economic war with the EC management, calculation of economic thresholds, and insecticides labelled for corn borer; a complete information source on second generation European Corn Borer with the most current research available. If your would like this publication, contact the Redwood County Extension office at 637- 8323. Cost of the publication is $.50 Ideal whole plant moisture content nonverbal cues that might suggest their need for help, or at least someone to listen to them. Nonverbal cues for parents to look for include nervous tics, uncontrolled behavior, poor sleeping habits, watching too much television, changes in appetite and spending too much time alone. We can too easily underestimate the significance of such things as a /'hole plant mn nre or Bunkers 68% - 72% 113 down ;tave Silos 63% - 68% 1/'2 Down 50% - 60% 3/4 Down in Poland fight at school or the loss of a friend. Don't make light of such 2. Proper Cut - Sharpen knives adjust shear bar. Dull knives the corn material and cause seepage problems. For corn a 3/8 to 1/2 inch cut seems As moisture content the length of the cut Redwood County be reduced for better by Wayne Hansen and expulsion of --" situations, even if they appear to be short-lived. Be supportive and allow them to express their feelings without being overly intrusive or in agricultural products does pushy. While it may be helpful for happen, it could block the entry of parents to seek help with their the East into the EC and l rhap.s children's problems from another cause social unrest in their fragde parent or family member, children new democracies. What started out shouldn t feel like you are talking as hope and a new beginning could about them behind their back. end up as economic colla.F' e and hear Third-World status in just one If it's clearly a school-related year. problem, parents should feel free to Poland's farmers have recently ask for time with the teacher. forced the government into enacting some trade barriers on several agricultural products. These are mainly on products which were being dumped into Poland by western countries at a loss trader Poland's relaxed trade laws and are also being produced by Polan In spite of Poland's economic problems, their highly-organized Fill Rapidly - Once silage is Early August finds the farmers farmers have succeeded in and is exposed to oxygen,in Poland beginning their harvest mt ; can be lost in the season. The weather has been drier obtaining credits for the state- owned buying and processing nt tic a process. In bunker than normal during much of the firms to buy the harvest coming use a heavy tractor to pack year. But two weeks of wet, rainy out of the field. But the Agriculture silage. This expels oxygen weather has changed that and is Minister in this district warned again last Thursday in a meeting we were in not to expect that the government world buy next year's crop. He suggested that the farmers not plant anything unless they know they could contract it for sale. But to whom, I do not know. And neither do the farmers. My gut feeling is that the government wanted to force the farmers to sell to them at low prices so that the government could reap some desperately needed profits. If the forecasts for eastern and western Europe become reality, it could have far-reaching effects on US farmers as well as the farmers in Europe. And the effects could spill over to the general economies and populations in all of these countries. Already, people here are beginning to say that some parts of their lifestyles were better under the Communist system. Certainly, the safety nets were better. But, I think that these same people do not understand that the system was in collapse and would not have been able to sustain the living conditions that they now wish they had back. They also forget about the many products which are now available. And as I ask them, "What price do you put on freedom?" FIRESTONE MULTIMILE OO-OP TIRES ON FARM TIRE SERVICE GENERAL SERVICE STATION REPAIR TIRE HAVE A GOOD WEEKI directly affect young people without considering how they actually feel about it. Anyone who works with youth knows the remarkable potential that each one has. Not only do they have some good ideas, but many are even willing to volunteer at what age a person becomes an informed and responsible citizen? And how can we teach the value of citizenship and leadership if we put kids on the b:ick burner until they're 18 years old? It's true that not all teenagers can make an informed decision or take on a leadership role, but there are also many people in the 18 and older category who can't do these things either. The fact is that there are some individuals who will never be ready to handle such responsibilities. The thought of giving responsibility to youth is very frightening to many people, but what is even more frightening to me is the fact that the policy makers in all levels of government are busy making decisions that their time and lend a helping hand. We need to utilize this valuable Lichty Drug will be open Monday evenings until 8 p.m. to better service our area. Friday evening hours will be discontinued as of September 6th. Monday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m. to 12 Noon New Hours Starting Sept. 9 - WESTBROOK CLINIC ---- Klasse Sales & Service 274-6166 Westbrook, MN. - ALL CARS & TRUCKS - of the wheat is planted in the fall, and most of the barley in the spring. Private farmers typically produce as high as 100 bushels of wheat, with the average around 60 bushels. Barley yields are as high as I00 bushels, with an average of about 68 bushels. Yields on the State Farms have generally averaged less than on the private farms. In my travels through France, Holland, and Germany last week, I observed that they were about 50% finished harvesting their grains. The crops generally looked very gandood, except for some of the State Cooperative farms still left in Grain yields are generally very good in this area of Poland. Most some harvest losses and probably lower the quality of the grain. (After hours 274-5692) Open Men. - Fri. 7:00 - 5:30 Saturday 7:00 to Noon Westbrook, MN. Phone 274-6561 Glass Installed Headquarters for all Glass Replacement Information on second- corn borer "The Redwood County silage from exposure to air rains and some wind have further the elements. Try to weigh aggravated the problem. Even the the plastic with tires on rape, canola, is severely lodged. or m uprights with several I assume this is going to cause currently causing some harvest problems. The barley and many of the wheat varieties are exceptionally tall here. When grown on highly fertilized soils, these grains are lodging (breaking over) severely. Many fields have had anywhere from 20 to 50% of the field lodged for the last 30 days. The heavy Albert Grunenwald 4-H/Youth Dev. Agt. Time to listen On a recent camping program with 4-H teens, I made an important discovery. I discovered that today's youth appreciate being asked for their opinions. I should say, however, that this is a rediscovery for me. As I looked back to my own adolescent years, I remembered that my peers also appreciated being heard. It just may be that this fact has been gradually forgotten over the years, but I'm glad that my campers reminded me of it. Too often we tune out to the voices of our young people simply because they're "not old enough to know better." But when do youth become old enough? Who decides silo and loss of nutrients significant. Cover with plastic filling and cover or uprights with plastic to in the silage. Check silage- equipment to make sure cthing is in tip-top shape. in the middle of silage can create a hot spot m Parents should keep in touch with school personnel and actively support the educational process. A child's education is the family's responsibility, not the school's. We contract with the school to provide the structure, but the ultimate responsibility for our children's education is ours. 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Although the United Nations has many offices In Switzerland, Swit- zerland Is not a member of the United Nations. resource in our schools and communities by looking at current issues through younger eyes. A good place to start is to take a drink from the fountain of youth and just take the time to listen.