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September 4, 1991     Sentinel Tribune
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September 4, 1991

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SENTINEL & TRIBUNE PAGE 10 Walnut Grove - Westbrook, MN - Wednesday, September 4, 1991 in parents. Having worked with area day care providers for the last four years I can testify to the quality of care provided. We trust our most valued possession, our children, to their care. Their job is as challenging as it is important. named High Individual. He also high in swine and sixth sheep and sixth in Gray was named Eighth Over All and was second in reasons. Chad Franz recognized for being first in judging and second in swine. While the school year is gearing Also part of the ( up and we're recognizing the County 4-H General contribution teachers make, Judging Program are members ,consider as well, the contributions to 14 years of age, who formed WALNUT GROVE-- One of the largest crowds in the 15 year history of the State Rolle Bolle " of family day care providers! Cottonwood County 4 Tournament held at Ed Putte's farm each year attended the past week-end. About 30 campers Intermediate Judging Team. "U rose to sixth place team over IMtfltlgl on the spacious grounds to enjoy the games. ST Photo. 4-H team wins andplacereCeivedteam inreC gniti nswine judgingaS tt state title fourth in reasons. Typ d Ext Team members are: P e "O" blood donors neede ension By Jim Christensen Elaine Harder Schoper, Jeffers, sonofRobefi Marian Schoper, Brady Winu Peonle in Westbrook with O in the Twin Cities area than in Jeffers, son of Brian and Pel -----r . outlying communities, and - blood are especially needed when Eight 4-H members represented Winters and Stephen Thies the Red Cross Bloodmobile comes pamctttany at nospit s pertonmng A,to t- - '-ardener Tour Topics featured in the displays Cottonwood County at the 4-HWindom, son of Leland and J! m Windom on Sentember 16th more comp|ex proceaures, sucn aS --, include interior decorating,Minnesota State Fair on Thiesen. Paul Schoper recognized as High Individ 2,- 7, .nm. " organ transplants. A liver Sentember, 10 cabinets, stripping and ref'mishing Wednesday, August 21 at the 4-H Over All and second high judge Thats because of all the blood transplant can use aS many aS 80 t c, c" t, upholstery, home security andGeneral Livestock Judging O "-'ifive blood is m m o V" will held satellites, fire places, siding, Contest. From a field of 58 teams sheep and oral reasons as well LylJV'e' q'l~ tun " - V r l Master tJaroener lOUt oe reatest demand by hospital type u D[OOU, (mS se e e y n T esda . e tember 10 The windows, window treatments, as competing in the contest at the fifth in swine. g 1 o u y. S p . The senior team advances u) t ilaients. Yet the percentage of type depletes, thetypeOsupp]y. group will be headin to the well as decorating and University of Minnesota St. Paul' O blood collected by St. Paul o er" reason tor ,u gapm me University of M'fnnesota redecorating. Regional Red Cross Services met mar t.ype u can oe usea mr Arboretum and Horticulture There is no charge for the evenL Campus,teams earnedC tt nw df'mst and fourthC untyplace JudgingNati nalcontest4"H Generalin November.Livest 0minues to fall short of the need. p en.ts wire otnermooa type,out Research Center. A special feature The public is encouraged to attend, honors. not vsce versa uor exam e, a "We need all types of blood all " - " -- P. - of the day will include a tour of Door prizes will be furnished by Bringing home the Cottonwood County teams the time," said Robert Bowman, person .w m type A osooo Busses Perennial Gardens near the Extension Home Study Groups. Championship title and the coached by Greg Harder of M M.D medical director of St. Paul unoergomg a none marrow The University of Minnesota is privilege to represent Minnesota 4- Lake and Todd Franz of Bing]ta ", . t;ogato, tne putmc ts mv tea committed to the policy that all H at the National LivestockLake. egionat Kea t:ross uiooa -: :,: ? " " vXto attend this tour if room rermits. Services " w w o make u recipient woum use type u .r,t,o t, ,-,; t persons shall have equal access to Exposition in Louisville, KY, was . But e ant t type O donors know they're a blood Occasionally, trauma at three localaons""v" "v e---,-.aS follows" v-.-. its programs, facilities, andthe Cottonwood County 4-H Uncomin~ Onnortnnities -'--ial "------ We need their extra v cums wnose ninon type ri i Societ employment without regard toSenior Team. Team members are: -Septerfibei'- 7 & 8 4, gttmp. t -. ^~ - ,-x Wlnuom tllStO ca Y " race, religion, color, sex, national beln so we can continue" to meet tm,a w, w '-, Matt Schoper, Jeffers, son of Shooting Sports/Wil, r . origin, handicap, age, veteran t needs blood. 4 m Robert and Marian Schoper; Chad Invitational, Itasca County, C paten . " 1 " " k Red Rock Comer - 6:5 a In the "---"on served b-" St. Paul nut mona oang otncm s mm n Hw 30" status, or sexual orientation. " f r uartur t.nurcn Y' ) " Marilyn Franz; Crystalline Gray, September 9 -- Education Regional Red Cross Blood the b ggest reason, o thefactSa e 7"00 a.m Franz, Windom, son of Jay andRapids. Services, which includes 101of type O bloo(l. )s the mctluaat "The iVlaster Gardeners will Sanborn, daughter of Penny Gray; 6:30 - 9:00 p.m Windom counties in Mimleso Wisconsin, some pe0,P en W d.Pe u o one provide rolls and coffee at a St. Brian and Peggy Winters. Also September 10 M Iowa, North Dakota and South me.y o[ eea . - Peter Dark on the way to theYear around education and Travis Winters, Jeffers, son of High School. Dakota, the number of people with t' opte tlamg mat l USeltl y Arbore'tum. Participants should The family is a basic institution, representing Cottonwood County Gardener Tour to the Arbor type A positive and type O positive nave me most common type t? brin a sack lunch i or noon, and . . the most natural, effective way aS an individual waS Stacy Franz, and Horticulture Research blood is roughly, even, about 35 we p|enty in stocx,ana refreshmefits will be served mid- to rear children. But society also Bingham Lake, daughter of Joann Judge Watonwan County peeeent each, with other types of n otn .eed Th couldnt0e.t.urmer aftemoou. Anevening meal willbe plays an important role in creating FranzClassen. Asateam they also Records, 7:30 p.m Extet b odmuchless on Butlhe t romUaetruth, Bow.mansa| " on-your-own on the return wip. nurturing environments for were recognized as High Team in Office. OellUUlfllor typeO blOOflexceeos omageanappomtmenttogwe The main feature of the children. We can choose to provide swine, second in sheep, third in September ll --- Fall Field Iktfor olher types 4 University of Minnesota support that strengthens and reasons and fifth in beef judging. Southwest Experiment llte raisons tor ute type gap .are otooo, .ca!t urenua eeger at - Arboretum will be autumn flowers promotes families so parents can Individually, Matt Schoper was Lamberton. many and complex Stausttc i 5502 f " and fruits. Several tours will be succeed in raising healthy, well reveal that use o type O is greater available At Busses Perennialadjusted children. Gardens, tours will be taken of the Child care is a support service COTTONWOOD COUNTY ' thirty perennial display gardens, many families need in order to Tree planting stock available Tho.=.dsofperenn .owers fan .on llin y'sw .T available for viewing. Center for Early Education and For more information on the Development at the University of : Orders for tree planting stock to be shipped in the spring of 1992 pine, white spruce, Coloradotour,831-4022,call the JoanEXtensi nBakkerOffice ofat Minnesotaimportance ofhaSchildresearchedcare. I realizethe will be accepted by the Minnesota spruce, Norway spruce, blackWestbrook at 274-6373, Marj that education of yotmg children is Department of Natural Resources spruce, white cedar, red cedar and Nickel of Sanborn at 628-4265, or not limited to the school year. It by Jim Chrlstensen Di on b ginning Sept. Deciduous seedlings sneciesDoris Bierman of Jeffers at 628- occurs year around in many family Orders will be accepted until available this year are:-green ash, 4687. day care homes. . Day Care Providers Sunnort Late summer lawn care sliver maple, black walnut, red How can quality child bare help 20, 1992, or until suppliesoak, siouxland poplar, caragana Ire exhausted. Orders for tree support area families? Through The latter half of August marks N4dlings to be planted in 15 (shrub), ginnala maple (shrub), A Look at Homes example or discussion, good child the beginning of the prime lawn designated southeast Minnesota wild plum (shrub) and buffalobeny inthe 90's care providers suggest alternative care season in Minnesota. , counties will be accepted until Feb. (shrub). solutions to child-rearing Once the heat breaks and there s 15, 1992. Conifer wans lants available are: problems, suggest toys and adequate moisture, you can put Tree seedlings are sold for the Norway pine, Colorado spruce and Janet Benson activities appropriate for different down the first fall application of pm]x)ses of reforestation, erosion white spruce. Cottonwood County ages, provide information about fertilizer. You can dethatch by etrol (windbreaks, shelterbelts): The four-season wildlife food- Extension Agent health and safety, and offer power raking or aerate compact soil and water conservation, ana packet, which contains 500 Home E onomks objective insight into a particular soil ff needed. for permanent food and cover for seedlings, includes a mixture of You can also prepare the soil for wildlife. The trees may not be wild plum, ginnala maple, A Look at Homes in the 90's is seeding, then seed and fertilize at planted for onmmental purpost ;, or juneberry, buffaloberry,the theme for this year's Education the same time. If seeding is not in resold or given away with roots chokecherry, cotoneaster, Nanking Day to be held Monday, September the picture, you may apply attached, cherry and crabapple. 9, 1991 at the Windom Area High herbicide to broad-leafed weeds at Order cancellation or Price lists and order forms can School. Sponsored by the substitution will not be permitted be obtained from DNR ForestryCottonwood County Extension Home Study Groups, the evening after 30 days from receipt of the Offices, Agricultural Stabilization original order, or March I, and Conservation Service (ASCS) includes viewing of displays by whichever comes first. The offices, Soil Conservation Service area business from 6:30 to 8:30 minimum order is 500 seedlings. (SCS) offices, County Extension p.m. and a presentation by Martin Prices for seedlings are: Conifer Service offices, or by contacting County Extension Home Economist Billeye Rabbe on aeedlings - $95/1000, $65/500, DNR Forestry, P.O. Box 95NC, accessibility in our homes. $201100; Deciduous seedlings - 180/1000, 120/500, 30/100; Willow River, MN 55795, phone 218-372-3183; or DNR Forestry, DN'R Building, 500 Lafayette Road, St. Paul, MN 551554044, phone 612-296-4480. child's behavior. Research shows that when parents have a good support network, they are more effective parents. Child care professionals can help parents make contact with community resources and other parents who can lend comfort, encouragement and help, share information and talk about problems, help alleviate parental stress, increase parental self- esteem and well being, facilitate development of child-reating skills Conifer transplants - 250/1000, 150/500, 40/100; Four-season wildlife food packets are $160 per Conifer seedling, snecies available thi.~ year are- white pine, Watch next week's ad for great group travel packages. this lime. In autumn, weeds begirf to sto energy in their roots to overwinter. This renders them more vulnerable to weed killers that move through the plant and into the root system. Grassy weeds in lawns Many people are plagued with huge patches of annual, graSsy apparent in the lawn, it's Instead, apply a herbicide in early May, 1992. should prevent seeds sprouting next year provided get good coverage and you the product into the soil, then the soil undisul/be To reseed these fall, mow the weeds close to grotmd, then use a dethatching or rent a power rake to remove many of them as possible. Seed late August or early Grass seed planted in fall come through the winter and stronger than before. Then can use a standard herbicide on it next May. Chamber of " crl o ir lawns: weeds such Commerce meeting ,foxtail and barnyard WESTBRO K--;I'he These weeds started to become obvious in mid-July, and will continue to thrive until they eventually succumb to freezing temperatures. Though plants die over winter, they leave a legacy of seeds on the grotmd that will remain viable for years. There's no point in spraying them with "crabicide" or post- emergent herbicide once they're big and tough. The only time these of Commerce will hold monthly meeting, September 11 at 12 noon Wester's Coffee Comer. Girl Scout meeting WALNUT GROVE---Tbere be a registration meeting for girls K - 12 interested in Girl Scouts. The meeting Thursday, September 5, at 7 products are very effective is when the Community the weeds are still young and will be available to tender at the two to three leaf questions and refreshments will stage. By tke time they're really served. Norway pine, jack pine, Scotch ' lack to the 60's" Friday, September 6 50c Hamburger - 50 a line Double "D", Bowl & Care Weatlmmk, MN. begin serving at 6:30 p.m. at Football Field, Westbrook Proceeds will go for cheerleader uniforms. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 - 6 to I0 Music by 'The Silverado " gvening Special - BBQ Ribs & Salad Bar 83.95 Opening for Breakfast starting September 9th-- 6 a.m. Monday thru Friday. Serving Noon Dinners - 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Evening Dining-- s to 9 Sun. thru Thurs. Friday and Saturday - 5 to I0 SUNDAY SMORCz&SBORG - 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. ReservaUons appreciated -- Call 752-6109 Dovray. MN. Front Bar Specials 6:00 to 9:.00 p.m. MON.: Mexican Food Night Taco's - Help yo.rse -50C ea. TUES.: Fish Special - An you can eat. $4.95 (prepared with no cholesterol frying off) WED.: 3 pc. Dark Manor Special - or Prime Rib Sandwich w/one side- THURS.: Chicken & Rib Special baked potato, salad, choice of dress/ng - $6.95 FRI.: 4 to 6 p.m. - Ladies Drinks - 1/2 price Free horsdoeuvre's for everyone 6:00 until gone (Sp lals subject to change - substitute exlra)