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September 4, 2013     Sentinel Tribune
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September 4, 2013

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SENTINEL TRIBUNE Wednesday, September 4, 2013 Page 4 I le If I told you there was a piece - despite the fact that demand for of legislation that has reduced gasoline is down and we're drilling America's dependence on foreign for more oil in places like North oil by 20 percent, supports 400,000 Dakota. jobs, adds $43 billion to our gross In Minnesota, the price of a gallon domestic product, reduces green- of gas has gone from under $1.50 to house gas emissions by at least 34 around $4 (sometimes more) over percent and saves the typical motor- the last 11 years. |st $1,200 per year, would you call These unexplainable and unjust|- for that legislation to be scaled back fled price increases are not sustain- or repealed? able. We need legislation like the It sounds like a silly question, RFS to ensure fairness in the mar- doesn't it? Why would anyone want ketplace and give alternatives like to repeal a piece of legislation that is ethanol a shot to compete. Because doing all of those things? the price of ethanol is less than gas- But that's exactly what Big Oil oline, it's already saving Americans companies and their highly paid about $1.09 per gallon. executives, lobbyists and public Of course, Big Oil hasn't let the relations teams are trying to do facts get in the way of its attacks to a piece of legislation called the on renewable fuels. It's gotten Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS). so bad that Sen. Amy Klobuchar The RFS was enacted in 2005, (D-Minn.) and Sen. Chuck Grassley updated in 2007, and is one of our (R-Iowa) recently urged the Justice country's most successful energy Department and the Federal Trade policies ever. Thanks to the RFS Commission to investigate possi- -- legislation that sets market-based bly anti-competitive practices (such goals for blending renewable fuels as intimidating franchisees) by oil with gasoline - Big Oil's monopoly companies that may block market on transportation fuels is loosening, access for renewable fuels. which allows alternatives like etha- Minnesota's corn farmers appre- nol to compete fairly in the market- ciate the bi-partisan efforts of both place, senators to protect consumers and Unfortunately, Big Oil isn't a build a transportation fuels market fan of the free market and compe- that is competitive. Now it's time tit|on. It's attacking the RFS and for other leaders in Washington to ethanol so it can continue gouging follow suit and defend the RFS. Americans at the pump and limit Partisan gridlock already makes fuel choices, it difficult for our elected officials I believe that America was found- to pass meaningful legislation these ed on free-market principles, days. The last thing Americans need Businesses should compete fairly is for Congress to repeal the RFS - a in the marketplace and consumers piece of legislation that's saving us should be protected against monop- money, increasing competition and olies like Big Oil that unfairly preserving our environment. manipulate prices. Corn views is a monthly column from Consider this: A barrel of oil cost Minnesota Corn Growers Association $23 in 2001. Today, oil is over $100 president Tom Haag, who farms near per barrel -- a 335 percent increase Eden Valley. I Should ................... As college students begin the process of getting settled on cam- pus, fighting fraud may not be their top priority. However, col- lege students are among the most susceptible to identity theft, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) recommends eight simple steps they can take to protect themselves as the school year begins: Sign up for security alerts on your accounts and have them sent to your mobile phone. This simple safeguard will tell you immediately or asks you to co-sign for a loan or financing for items like a TV. Make sure your computer has up- to-date ant|virus and spyware soft- ware. Always install any updates and patches to your computer's operating system or browser soft- ware, which help keep your com- puter safe from any new advances by online identity thieves. Always check your credit or debit card statements closely for any sus- picious activity. The sooner you identify any potential fraud, the less if changes have been made to any of you'll suffer in the long run. your accounts. Check out and verify unfamiliar Have sensitive mail sent to your websites with the BBB. Visit bbb. parents' home or a post office box. org and look for the BBB Accredited School mailboxes are not always Business seal along with other trust secure and are often easily acces- seals; click on these seals to confirm / "Stories from the Batt Cave" Cereol box cords the world, there were 149 million so you will be able to see it while people in the United States. Now combining. Remember, families There were baseball cards on there must be at least 315 mil- that pick together, stick together. the backs of Post breakfast cereal lion. No wonder I can't remember The eaf~ chronicles boxes. I pestered my mother into everyone's name. It was the kind of place where buying Post cereal. She was happy My neighbor the waitress referred to a breakfast to oblige. She knew that cereal My neighbor Grunting Gus used order as "scrambled cackles and was better for me than the bubble to have many trees in his yard. oinks in strips." It was the kind gum that came with other kinds of After the tornado hit, he had only of place where when you ordered baseball cards. I wanted to grab a one tree and it belonged to another meatloaf and a kind word, the scissors and cut the cards from the neighbor. Right after the tornado, waitress brought the meatloaf and boxes as soon as they got into the Gus bought a lottery ticket. He fig- offered kind words, "Don't eat the house, but I was ordered to wait ured the bad luck would bring good meatloaf." until the box was emptied of the luck. Gus told me what he would "What is the special?" I asked. cereal first. I ate a lot of Post cere- do if he won $83 million in a lot- "It's what is left over from last als. Duplicate baseball cards were tery. week." traded or ended their lives clothes- "First, I'd go to the State Fair "You're kidding." pinned to the spokes of my bicycle and park as close to it as possible. "Yes," said the waitress, "But as I pretended it was a motorcycle. Then I'd replace that headlight that only the part about it being spe- I could get riboflavin and niacina- burned out on my car a couple of cial." mide with other cereals, but with years ago. Finally, I'd buy jumper The first date Post, I got baseball cards. And the cables for everyone in my family." I had wanted her to take my cards were loaded with fiber. Gus is the guy who deals name, but she was adamant that she Chores with telemarketers in a unique remain a Gail and not become an One of my chores as a small boy way. When one phones, he tells the A1. I'd have been married earlier, was to walk through the potato caller, "I'm Amish. I can't talk to but I insisted on wearing sweater plants growing in the peat ground you on a telephone." vests. A life vest keeps you from of Mule Lake and pick Off the Gus put in his 40th crop this. ~, drowning. A bulletproof vest keeps potato bugs. I grabbed the pests and ,.year" He has learned that the:~ret : yOU from being shot:.!A%weater~''~'~ dropped them into a pail of soapy to success in farming is to get a lot vest keeps you from dating. I .... water. It was meaningful work and I was inspired by my love of pota- toes. One day, a bug crawled from the pail and dropped to the ground. I stepped on the escapee. It was a mashed potato bug. Oh, you know, whatshisname Names are difficult to remem- ber. Proper nouns escape easily from experienced brains. To make matters worse, when the brain does remember an elusive name, it doesn't always share it with the tongue. In my case, this is not surprising. When I was new to done between equipment break- downs. The best crop he raises is rocks. The glaciers left a lot of them in his fields and a new crop emerges each year. New rocks are only a stone's throw away. Where did the glaciers go? They went to get more rocks. There are three kinds of rocks- -pickers, sliders, and painters. Pickers are the ones you pick up and toss into the loader. Sliders are bigger and need to be slid to a point where the loader could lift them. A painter is one that is too big to move. You paint it brightly remember our first date. She was as pretty as a picture as she got into my car. The car was so rusty, she needed a tetanus shot after getting into it. "Can you drive with one hand?" she asked. "Yes," I replied, my mind filled with thoughts of snuggling. "Good," she said. "Then wipe your nose." AI Batt 2013 71622 325 St. 1-1, MN 56042 sible in a dorm or apartment, that they are legitimate. [ Store your important documents Check your credit report at least | under lock and key. This includes once a year. You are entitled to | your Social Security card, passport one free report a year from each | I~"I t~ ,: ,~, and bank and credit card statements, of the three reporting bureaus: | I~a~_} ~.z~ . 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