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September 21, 2016     Sentinel Tribune
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September 21, 2016

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SENTINEL TRIBUNE Wednesday, September 21 2016 Page 4 BETWEEN THE, LINES By Tom Merchant - Sentinel Tribune -- My limited campaign trail... Wow, I am glad that our country is really not in that bad of shape. If you look at where we were at when the great recession hit, I feel we have come a long way from that point. Are things perfect, not really, there still is a lot of poverty in the country, the country is very much divided politically, and we have two of the oldest candidates who both are very unpopular! I guess that should be a good thing for me running as a write in candidate, except for I am older than the youngest of the two. I would like to think I am not disliked as much as either of the two running. At least I have not received any hate emails yet. I really don't know if Donald Trump is opposed to women, a racist, or prejudice against several races and religions. But many things he has said in the past and early going of the campaign sug- gest all of these things. Do I agree with the statement that half his supporters fall into one or more of those categories, no I don't. However from things I have heard, read or seen it would indicate that it is true to some degree. But the thing that bothers me the most is that a lot of his sup- porters, who I would consider good people must be looking the other way when it comes to these issues. I suppose hate of his opponent figures into the equation. My position is that I don't hate either of the candidates, although I prefer a more moderate political candidate to an openly radical one. Both candidates have a big problem with telling the truth. At times both have been caught in blatant lies or exaggera- tions. If I am elected the first thing I would do as president is to clean up the political process with serious campaign reform. I would see that candidates and their constituents be held somewhat accountable for their advertising and what they say. I am a staunch supporter of free speech, however if you are running for political office, you or your supporters, should not be able to run ads that are completely or in part false• We don't allow businesses to do this so why should we let out elected officials do it? Another thing I would like to see changed is limits on lobby- ing and spending by lobbyists• I believe that every organization should be allowed to lobby, and be able to have access to their rep- resentatives. Of course we all know the pen is mightier than the sword, so as an individual you have the right to address your repre- sentatives through letters or email communications. Your represen- tative may not read your correspondence, but someone in their office more than likely will see it. If enough people correspond to a particular issue it would be likely they would respond to it. If you made it this far, my name is Thomas J. Merchant and I approve this message• weekand do go0dt... ..... " .... ' ...... MiSsion Statement The Sentinel Tribune serves the residents and business community of Cottonwood, Redwood, Murray and Lyon County and southwest Minnesota by applying its avail- able resources to accurately and consistently produce a quality newspaper which thoroughly covers the news of the area, stimulates thought and conversation, delivers advertising messages in a timely manner, and provides information of general value to its public. In so doing contributes to the overall quality of life and economic health of its readers, advertisers and community in gen- eral while stimulating the professional development of its employees. "The Gospel ' said to him, "Truly, truly, I say to your deeds, that you are neither The good news, especially con- you, unless one is born again he cold nor hot; I wish that you were ceming salvation and the kingdom cannot see the kingdom of God." cold or hot. So because you are of God as announced to the world Back to John 1:12 But as many lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, by Jesus. Praise His name. Thank as received Him, to them He gave I will spit you out of my mouth. you Lord Jesus for Your Word. the right to become children of Jesus will accept the worst of the Jesus says in the gospel of I was reading that this worst, He loves you, you bring John, by John (John 1:11), He morning, someone rang the door- nothing, not your goodness or (Jesus) came to His own, and bell, the door was opened and they deeds, etc... All we can bring is--I those who were His own did not were received. Jesus is saying in am so sorry for my selfish, arro- receive Him. vs 12 But as many Revelation 3:20 "Behold, I stand gant life. Please forgive me Lord as received Him, to them He gave at the door and knock; if anyone Jesus and help me to live a life of the right to become children of hears my voice and opens the love and obedience to You. Read God, even to those who believe in door, I will come in to him and His word and talk to Him, He is His name. vs 13 Who were born, will dine with him, and he with listening to an honest and humble not of blood nor of the will of the Me." In Revelation 3:14-16, Jesus prayer. Please do this. flesh, nor of the will of man, but says--the Amen, the faithful and Ron Sletten of God. John 3:3 (Jesus talking to true witness, the Beginning of the Nicodemus)--Jesus answered and creation of God, says this; I know ) • • "Stories from the Batt Cave" Wherever you go, another line. I remember waiting;in a long there you are in a line A friend said that he and his line, leaning on my shopping wife were cutting back. Making cart in a busy supermarket, when Even birds perched on utility do with less. They are beginning a frazzled young mother With by eliminating waiting in lines, a bunch of rambunctious kids wires waited in line. "Where do you want to go?" I rammed her cart into an older I walked the State Fairgrounds heard a woman ask a significant fellow's knee. He winced. She on the way to my job and encoun- other, apologized. He smiled and said, tered a long line snaking to one of the buildings. I couldn't see "Wherever you'd like to go, as "It's OK. This is the first time the front of the line, so I asked long as we don't have to wait in in days that something took my line," was his reply, mind off my toothache." the man at the end of the queue I rushed into the store to pick I appreciated his good humor. nearest me what he stood in line for. He told me that he didn't up a couple of things. The 12 What's the worst-case scenar- items or less (meaning "fewer") io of waiting in a line? It's that know, but figured it must be for had a good number of shoppers you will never get out of that something amazingly good or waiting, so I headed to a regular line. It reminds me of the people the line wouldn't have been so checkout lane. I often pick the who call the fire department to long. wrong lane. I go for the shortest, get their cats out of trees. I've Not long ago, I was sitting which isn't always the fastest, never seen a single cat skeleton in my car, stalled in unmoving traffic. I had chosen the road Someone ahead of me had many in a tree or a skeleton standing coupons, some expired, and an in line in a store any time other most traveled. A line of cars item that required an employee than on Halloween. We move to had captured me. I sat stock-still to run to a shelf for a price the head of the line and are freed long enough to make a saint con- check, eventually. sider swearing. Everyone was We grumble that there should My mother told me that I going to be late for something, be a line for people who don't should never cut ahead of any- It was a line of broken dreams like waiting in line. Waiting in one in line. If I did, no one and no one owned the franchise. A .... line is like a game of whack-a- would like me. T.hat is tlae long- iellOW m,a car next to me ,1 ...... " -- " .,' ..... : ' . ........ ..... mo e,.we getmt w,m a nam- lost Ele-ve, ngh~ar~ea~. werit :[oco ,.There IS always a . ...... , . < . , mer wnenever we look aneao I don'T n ilri t fiiting./Vt could soreneaa somewnere In SUCh a line who bangs on his steering to check on the progress. The be worse. I occupy myself with wheel with his fists. Too much saving grace, if it could be called good activities. I'm a chronic coffee, I suppose. Cars should that, of waiting in a line is that taker of notes. I carry a pen and be equipped with heated seats we tend to overestimate the a notebook. I jot things down that provide restroom facilities, amount of time we spend wait- while waiting. I daydreamed for a bit and then ing in line. It seems longer than I work at being a better per- looked at a house not from the it really is. son. There is much work to be We hurry. We wait. We evendone. highway and mused that if I wait in a hurry. Our impatience And I forgive everyone for lived there, I'd have been home manifests itself in furtive glanc- being ahead of me in line, espe- by then. es at wristwatches (remember cially those with expired cou- I should be used to waiting those things), checking the time pons. in line. I've been to amusement parks. I once waited in line for on our cellphones or looking at, for those who carry them, grand- ©A1 Batt 2016 45 minutes for food that wasn't father clocks. 71622 325 St. worth a 4 or 5-minute wait. Need or want can be a fme line 1-1, MN 56042 My brother told me that once or a long line. We appreciate he got out of the Army, hediversions. vowed that he'd never wait in Why This D By Lee H. Hamilton I've been a Democrat all my life. I believe in the party's val- ues, I'm pleased when its candi- dates win elections, and I'm per- suaded the country is better off when Democratic ideas get a fair shake in the public arena. But none of this means that I favor a weak Republican Party. Indeed, just the opposite. Before my Democratic friends drum me out of the party's ranks, let me explain why. The short answer is, our nation is stronger and our representa- tive democracy healthier when we have two strong parties. A single political party that's able to dominate public policy-mak- ing undermines the give-and- take that's crucial to effective policy and leaves us weaker as a country. Why is this? Let's start with the big picture. If you think about the issues we confront -- from the impact of climate change to the fight against ter- emocrat Wants a Strong Republican Party • . . '1 rorism to rebuilding an economy Which brings me to the be catastrophic, mg their difficulty. We need pro- that serves poor and working Republican Party of today. I I suppose I'm showing my posals from both sides thatare families as well as it does the don't want to get into the split biases here, but I believe that a realistic, coherent, and based on wealthy -- it's hard to argue that between backers of Donald robust Republican Party will numbers that add up. We need a single perspective or ideology Trump and the traditional strengthen its willingness to parties that are at the top of their really has all the answers. None Republican leadership -- that's improve and broaden the policy game, generating solutions to of us, and neither political party, for the GOP to sort out, and they debate and move it away from the issues we confront that can has a monopoly on wisdom, certainly don't want the advice steps to impede it. This would be get vetted in Congress, and be Moreover, this country is huge of an old Democrat. But there's a GOP that advocates for limited amended and reshaped to reflect and varied, and the legitimacy of no doubt that the Republican government, wants to reform our the realities of a divided country. the political system rests on its Party has reached a crossroads• unwieldy tax code, and is deter- And we need parties that are ability to give voice to the multi- If Trump wins the presidency, mined to remain fiscally respon- prepared to negotiate to move us tude of concerns and attitudes he'll be the chief actor in deter- sible so that deficits don't beyond our current gddlock. held by the American people, mining the future of his party explode. I want to see This can best happen when a SomeprefertheGOP'sapproach, and what it stands for. If he Republicans tackle our health- healthy Republican Party is others the Democrats', but it's loses, the GOP will more than care system by reforming it competing with a healthy important they all have a politi- likely move back toward its using market mechanisms. IDemocratic Party. And at the cal party to turn to. The more more traditional views as a party want Republicans to confront moment, that's not what we're people feel that no one repre- that embraces the free market, regulations that hamper the for- seeing. sents them or their views, the advocates for a muscular mation and growth of business- more alienated they become approach to national security, es, especially small businesses. Lee Hamilton is a Senior Advisorfor from the democratic process, believes in American exception- And I want them to remain the Indiana University Center on Representative Government; a So the country benefits when alism and our role in leading the inclined toward devolving power Distinguished Scholar, IU School of two robust parties face off-- in world away from chaos, is filled away from Washington, giving Global and International Studies; and elections, in Congress, and in the with fiscal hawks who think that states more control over such a Professor of Practice, IU Schoolof 50 legislatures. When they can we have to curb entitlement pro- basic responsibilities as high- Public and Environmental Affairs. He present their views, defend them, grams, and pays attention to a ways, welfare, and education, was a member of the U.S. House Of adjust them, and negotiate, com- business community that Each of these issues has been Representatives for 34 years. promise, and move forward, believes trade wars--especially at the center of the national we're being well served, with Mexico or China -- would agenda for many years, suggest- (ISSN 8750-3905) Thomas Merchant Managing Editor Junette Merchant., Office & Production Joan Spielman Ad Rep. & Circulation Published every Wednesday at Westbrook, Minnesota 56183 Periodicals Postage Paid at Westbrook, Minnesota 56183 SUBSCRIPTION PRICE FOR THE SENTINEL TRIBUNE WILL BE: In the following counties: Cottonwood, Redwood, and Murray $45.00 per year. Elsewhere in Minnesota $49.00 per year. Out of the state $55.00 per year. Canada and foreign countries inquire at the Sentinel Tribune Office. 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