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October 10, 1990     Sentinel Tribune
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October 10, 1990

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Dr 10, 19~ .~ Recycling Containers, 2- 5 p.m October 20- KOWA 4-H Hog SENTINEL & TRIBUNE PAGE City Street Shop, Windom. Auction Committee meeting, 3 October 18 -- Distribution of p.m, Extension Office. Walnut Grove- Westbrook, MN - Wednesday, October 10, 1990 Recycling Containers, 5 - 8 p.m October 22 -- Distribution of City Street Shop, Windom; Day Recycling Containers, 5 - 8 p.m and Foster Care Provider Training, City Street Shop, Windom; 7:30 p.m Extension Office; 4-H Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Club and County Officer Training, Committee, 12 noon, Extension 10 a.m. to 3 p.m Windom Area Office. High School. i you chocoholics, take notice! You can get a DWI )g While Intoxicated) without taking a drop of the t 1: How? Well, recent studies show that if you eat 0 " late on an empty stomach, you could become Minnesota's 1990 pheasant However, be prepared to explain 4 ated. If you drive your vehicle at that time and are hunting season gets underway at 9 and prove for a violation, your ticket could read DWl. This a.m Saturday, October 13 and Q. 'How do I find a place to y Night continues until sunset on Sunday, hunt pheasants?" OColate lovers! Be sure to eat some nutritious foodDecember 9. It is the longest A. The best thing to use to find 48/90 is called Auto Brewery Syndrome. So watch it all 14 " then there is the continuing god nsive surve in Minnesota and indications are book. This will not only show you a eating chocolate and driving, f u s of our 1990 pheasant hunting season on record places to hunt is a county plat 13 - We will never really know what the e pe . .y that it could be one of the best who owns certain parcels of land * " I1 - telling us. Jack Anderson, Washington columnist, pheasant harvest in a decade, but also the state-owned public ;. 10 " inted out in his column that of the 184 billion according to the Department of hunting areas (Wildlife 10 - in welfare each year, only 27 billion of that amount Natural Resources. Management Areas). The DNR [0 l0 . unted in the census as calculated Income for the "While most hunters are familiar also has a publication available trty stricken. Food stamp.s, housing assistance, with the rules and regulations entitled Minnesota Wildlife Lands }aid, and commodity distributions are nonexistent concerning hunting, there are going which can be 'obtained by 8 $e to those recipients according to the census figures, to be cases where a person forgets contacting the DNR Section of we consider that food stamps, commodities, or just never thought to find the Wildlife in St. Paul at 612-296- 6 ment programs such as Green Thumb, and other answer to a questions, said Rick 3344. Again, askf'trst! distributions are taken from the farm budget. Then Ekstam, DNR Region IV Safety Q. "Can I retrieve a wounded per.this, Congress wants to reduce the farm budget Training Coordinator at New Ulm. or downed pheasant from private ); lCally In the new budget figures. According to AI Following are questions and agricultural land?" president of the Farm Bureau, the farm budget answers hunters should find A. Yes, a hunter on foot, may j ! nas oeen cut about 14 billion, more than any other helpful, retrieve wounded game from agri- 'p m in. the United States. When we speak of minorities, Q. "What if I'm out hunting and land if the bird was taken legally ner Include the rural areas at the top of the list. We my dog brings back a dead hen (RE. No trespass, seasons open for Lobe the least numbers paying the highest prices !n pheasant? Could I be in trouble? pheasant) and the land is not tang sacrifices for the "good of someone, somewhere'. A. You could be. The law unless the person A Kiss just kiss Thursday, October 11, Springdale Climbers and states clearly that if you are in has been told orally not to enter the All Stars 4-H Clubs will be showing their possession of an illegal bird (which land. Unless it's from your mother Last Friday afternoon at the relation to everyone for the support they have been a hen pheasant would be) you will Q. "Can I break down my pep fest several Charger football players were blind folded )ne will be treating all to beverage and bars at be charged with the illegal double barrel shotgun and put it and told they would be kissed by a cheerleader, and all they ? t tgnt pmmuntty Center from 2"30 to 4:30 p.m. . possession of that bird. under the seat of my truck --10t2/Yllum Creek Saddle Club will have their Annual Trail HIOe Q. "Can I shoot pheasants from unloaded and without a gun case?" had to do was identify the cheerleader. Although, Instead of Charlle on Sunday, October 14. Ride starts at 1 p.m.a road ditch?" A. No, a firearm cannot be being kissed by a cheerleader, the kissing was done by their ; - Pot luck lunch foffowing. Bring a dish to pass and A. Yes, as long as you arc not transported in a motor vehicle, mothers. The boys were, Nick Kuehl, Chad Boeck, Juhl i - !:tt ry ur wntne e,ds violating the trespasSfirearmlaWwithinbY unless it is unloaded and Erickson, Jason Bakke and Dana Klontz. ST Photo. Ee discharging your completely cased in a case made to "5, the local school will be hosting n ,from 7 to 9 a m Everyone is Invited to visit 500 feet of a building occupied by enclose a firearm. It may be " ! - heel and '-" " n," . see all the changes that have bee made this a human or a stockade or corral transported uncased if it is ) " lrlain converting to a middle school arrangement. The containing livestock withoutunloaded and placed in the trunk of la studio will be open for inspection also. permission. Some township and acar. , ! - apPears the first hard frost of the season was upon us county road ditches are in private Q. 'Can I place my unloaded, - njglat, October 8. It was necessary to get the frost ownership and may beposted rand uncased shotgun in the bed of a and clean the windshields of vehicles parked out hundng. The best Policy is to ask pick-up and just drive across the lime to get all those fall chores done --the real first" for permission to hunt. lower 40 acres. | l-.I oe upon us 'ere long! Q. "Can I shoot two pheasants A. No: The place you may p Stln Vin Anderson has been in business 45 years in in the morning and then go out transport an uncased, unloaded rove. They are celebrating the event with an Open later in the afternoon and shoot firearm in a motor vehicle is in the [=,me Walnut Grove Community Center this Sunday, another one?" per 14 from 2 to 5 p.m. Congratulations Anderson s!A. No. Once you have shot two trunk of a car with the trunk door HAVE A GOOD WEEK! rooster pheasants you have reached closed. In the case of a pick-up your daily bag limit and cannot truck, there is no trunk so you may legally take any more pheasants not do so. The fa, earm or bow must t " enslon ewe thatday. You may go out the next be unloadedorunstrungand Night day and take two more pheasants contained in a case. t/90 and then you have reached your Q. I collect stamps and I don't Possession limit. You may not then want to ruin the value of my " Christensen fall and next spring take any more pheasants until you pheasant stamp by signing my ",Producers should watch for have eaten or utilized your bird(s) name across the front of the stamp. : !andlnghog forward pricing opportunities for in some way. You may not Will l have problems if checked by rations? hogs, but should have a handle on stockpile upland game birds or a conservation officer?" . . r . . cost of gain first. Each producer othergame animals, A. All hunters age 18 or over Is National Pork Month should develop a marketing plan Q. "We clean our pheasants at and under 65 are requiredf6 Ifftve a - eserves special recognition with realistic price objectives and the farm where we hunt. Is there valid MN Pheasant stamp in their mate . - anything special we need to do Possession while hunting or taking o" s up a stgmficant use forward pricing decisions on with the birds before we take them pheasants. Each stamp shall be :: ' our g.ross farm ,ncome th mveraI factors will affect validated by the signature of the west Minnesota. 1990 has . home?" L' oanner year for pork demand for pork during the comlng A. Yes! When you transport license written in ink across its cers with hog prices in the year. Per capita pork consumption upland game birds in Minnesota face. p.tus dollars per hundred declined 2% in the first quarter of you must leave the feet and .: : w.t) during the entire year 1990. Pork was priced feathered head attached to the .m(t of income helos each comoetitively with beef but didn't carcass of the bird. Ducks only Margie Anderson Homecoming king Chad Boeck and Queen J.J. Halstenson unit - -- - the profits are snent compare well w th poultry meat require a single wing to be attached Murray Co. rode in the homecoming parade last Friday afternoon. ST .hying, new equipmentproducts. Mideast problems can while transporting. Leaving these Program Asst 4-H Photo. : ,bly expansion of tile cluickly change our present parts attached allows for proper Area youth. - situation. If rising oil prices trigger identification of the birds. orUmg to John Lawrence, arecession, all red meatprices will Q. "Can I shoot pheasants on participate in contests " um.arketing economist be adversely affected, the ground?' Recently several 4-H contestsThese 4-H'ers earned the right to I INI, mversity of Minnesota In summary, 1990 prices are not A. State law does not restrict were held with Murray County show at regional competition byree Service, hog producers a good basis to make pork you from doing this. However, in members participating, receiving a blue ribbon or higher to "use caution" before production expansion plans, most cases common sense will tell The State 4-H Horse Show was placing at the county fair dog production based on the you it is not a good idea. It can be held in September at the State show. check with high 1990 prices, highly dangerous, to your hunting Fairgrounds in St. Paul. Three 4- The annual livestock show AK- pork which drove up Upcoming opportunities state arm. o record levels, can October 16 -- Windom Senior partners or to your dog. ThisH'ers participated in this show; SAR-BEN was held in Omaha, practice should be taboo - don't do Darcie Pearson, Lowville Prairie Nebraska last month. Murray Just as quickly as they Mealsite presentation "Heart it! Scouts 4-H Club and Kelli andCounty 4-H member Genell Roger Haar -- Health", 11:30 a.m.; Cottonwood Q. "Can I shoot my limit of Wendi Koch, Badger Lake 4-H Bangasser, from the Bondin Call: Main Street Ough Eawrence expects hog County Master Gardeners meeting, pheasants in Iowa, bring them into Club. In their respective ageBelfast Club, participated in three Westbrook, MN to remain in the $50+/cwt 7:30 p.m Extension Office; Minnesota, and then shoot another divisions, Wendi received second different shows. Genell received remainder of this year, next County Fair 4-H Premium limit of Minnesota Pheasants?" place i'n Western Horsemanship blue ribbons on her two market 274-6164 may be substantially Committee meeting, 7:30 p.m A. Yes, as long as you have and sixth place in Western Halter lambs, as well as blue ribbons on the second half if hog Extension Office. expand production this October 17 -- Distribution of properly transported them and have Showmanship, while Darcie her two market hogs. She received the proper license and stamps, received third place in Western a purple ribbon on her breeding Horsemanship and ninth place in heifer in the beef show. 4-H'ers English Pleasure Hunt Seat. from four midwestern states are All three 4-H'ers qualified for eligible to participate at AK-SAR- state competition as a result of BEN. s, co,o, their top placings at the county fair o horse show. A regional 4-H Dog Show was I held recently in Mankato. FOR SALE Representing Murray County were -* Paula Hamilton, Holly All Stars 4- H Club and Nick and Debbie Spoelstra, Current Lake Clovers 4- - H Club. Guess who's t Brenda Knudson M!ke PEIL believes that EDUCATION is the key to Home 642 Ash Ave Westbrook, MN. 2 bedroom, remodeled 1989, excellent condition, very inexpensive to heat. Minnesota's future. He will work hard to have Assumab contract for deed for qualified buyer. equal funding for all the school districts in the state. Mike wants to find ways to help parents be P]L;?J[C REDUCED.t more involved in their education. Phone 274-5962 For State Westbrook, Mn. .o, ,o ,o, Love Morn, J & K STEYE SEYERSON Ort~