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October 10, 1990     Sentinel Tribune
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October 10, 1990

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REDWOOD COUNTY by Carol Peter on Keeping a healthy schedule It's a fast paced world we live in, with many of us juggling busy schedules. Many times these busy schedules don't allow us to be as healthy as we should. Usually our diets are the first to suffer, then it's a lack of exercise, then the added stresses of work and home complicate matters and then the list goes on indefinitely. Are you one of those people caught up in this rut? Ask yourself these questions: * I'm too tired to eat. * I don't have time to eat or exercise. * I eat out often. * I don't like to cook. * I feel I have had eating habits. * I often skip meals. * I drink more than 4 cups of coffee a day. * I'm combining 2 or more: Work, school, working more than 40 hours/week, active member in an organization, child raising. * I'm chronically dieting. * I don't get enough sleep. If you answered "yes" to 2 or more of those statements, you could be a nutrition risk. Let's look at the 3 key factors which put working men and women at health risk. I. DIET - Nutrition in a nutshell is variety. Keep the basic food groups in mind when you grab for something to eat. Make healthy selections from these groups, such as Iowfat or non fat dairy products, lean meats, whole grains and a variety of fruits and vegetables, preferably raw and unpeeled. Eating 3 big meals a day is not necessary. You can snack all day and obtain proper nutrition as long as the snacks are healthy choices. II. EXERCISE - Many of the reasons we use for a poor diet are the same for a lack of exercise. However, exercise is known to provide a number of benefits, some of which include: * better appearance * increased muscle tone * stress reduction * self confidence * increased stamina and endurance * lower heart rate Glass Installed Headquarters 1or all Glass Replacement - ALL CARS & TRUCKS - Klasse Sales & Service 274-6166 Westbrook, MN. Ill I If you aren't currently exercising regularly, start slowly by incorporating it into your daily food. Walk instead of drive, use the stairs, park at the other end of the parking lot rather than next to the door. If you sit at a desk during the day, rotate your shoulders and head to relieve the tension in your neck. When standing, rise up on your toes 25 times, this strengthens the ankle and calf muscles. Then you feel ready, it's time to start a full fledged exercise program. But again, start slowly. Follow the steps below to help ensure success. 1. Check with your doctor, especially if you are over 30 years old. 2. Find a workable time: morning, lunch hour, or evening. 3. Be committed - at least 3 times a week, so it should be an activity you enjoy. 4. Set realistic goals and start slowly to avoid discouragement and sore muscles. III. STRESS - It seems that stress is a term that's been used quite often in the recent years. The major "pressure points" for working men and women today are: finances, employment, marriage and child care. However, it's important to note that no single element is solely responsible for anxiety and worry. Lets look at some real life situations and how to reduce the stress which accompanies it. 1. Be in control of quality child care. If that means switching from your sitter or grandma to a professional, do it. 2. Let your husband or wife know, he or she must help with housework or you need to work out a budget that allows you to hire the help you need. 3. If your job is unrewarding or uninspiring, start to look for a new one. 4. Practice saying "no" to people, friends, relatives and groups who demand too much of your time. 5. Take the long view. Bear in mind brighter days ahead. And if anything is too much to bear, don't hesitate to get professional help. 6. Make time for hobbies and interests. This is not a luxury; it's vital for your mental health. 7. Preserve your health, eat right, rest and exercise regularly. Keeping your body healthy will go a long way toward defending yourself against stress on other fronts. 8. Don't take your family for granted. Spend quality time with them. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Cottonwood County, Minn. September 4, 1990 The following proceedings are a sununary of the minutes of a meeting of the Cottonwood Coun Board of Commissioners. The full tC.xt of the minutes are awailable for public inspection during normal business hours in Commissioners Room 5 and in the Office of the County Auditor, both located ia the Cottonwood Cou~y Courthouse, Windom, Minn. The Cottonwood County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on September 4, 1990 at 9:00 a.m. at the Courthouse in Win- dom, Mn. Present were Commis- sioners Kenneth Elg, Marlowe Nel- sen, Keith Mad on, Frank C. Jungas end Marvin Einertson; County Audi- tor W. R. Mielke; County Attorney Daniel McDonald; and Commission- ers' Secretary Joy Storey. Chairman Elg called the meeting to order. Thomas Scott and Chris I, amge representing the Plum Creek Library System, Worthington, Mn. and Fredd Hoppert representing the Cotton- wood County Plum Creek Library Board were present to inform the Board of the success of their pro- gram in the county. The library system asked that Cottonwood County levy $25,918 for the 1991 fiscal year. No action was taken. Keith Ferrington, St. Peter, Mn. representing MN. Council 65 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Union, end local highway depart- ment employees were present to begin negotiations for the 199111992 contract. These people will return to the October 2 meeting to continue negotiations. Marlin Larson, County Highway Engineer/Solid Waste Officer brought several matters before the Board. Motion by Einertson, second by Jungas, unanimous vote to approve having Storden Builder's Supply, Storden, repair the roof of the house per ton for newspaper collected with the stipulation that the newspaper be delivered to the storage building in Westbrook. The Board wishes for the profits to be used for arena improvenaents. Elg stated that there will be a recycling educational meeting in Jeffcrs on September 18. Maddy Forsberg, Western Com- munity Action, Inc Marshall, MN. and Randy Jorgenson, Executive Di- rector, Southwest Regional Devel- opment Commission. Slayton, Mn. made their annual visit to update the Board on their programs for the aging in Cottonwood County. Also present was Ev Collin, Community Representative for the Windom Mealsite Council, a WESCAP pro- gram, who commended the county for what they do for the aging in the county, especially the transit system and mealsites. David Thompson, Park's Direc- tor, presented a Special Application for Electric Service with Federated Rural Electric Association for provi- sion of electrical service to 11 new campsites at Talcot County Park. Motion by Einertson, second by Nelsen, unanimous vote to approve the Application. Thompson handed out a Park Revenue Comparison for the years 1989 and 1990. Revenue is up ap- proximately $4,000 in 1990. Reve- nue is received from rental of camp- sites, seasonal stickers and daily passes. It was the consensus of the Board to reject the new proposal submitted by Cheryl Hanson for continued work on the county's Comprehensive Water Plan. She will be asked to continue working on the water plan pursuant to the terms of the original contract. The Board met with six depart- merit heads regarding their proposed 1991 budgets. The Board previously received a letter from Sheriff Ward asking for a proposal on how the new jail facility will be paid for. This will totally be dependent on bids received for this project. If the bids come in at $1.5 million,-taxes may not have to be in tea eeL If the bids are higher, there is a likelihood that taxes will be increased somewhat. Motion by Jungas, second by Nelsen, unanimous vote to pass a resolution stating that a question will be put to the citizens of Cotton- wood County at the general election on November 6, 1990 allowing the Board of Commissioners to issue General Obligation Bonds for the purpose of constructing a jail facility not to exceed $1,952,000. Motion by Nelsen, second by Einertson, unanimous vote to authorize the Recorder's Office to set up a cash fund of $200 for the Vital Statistics and Driver's License Renewal departments. Motion by Einertson, second by Jungas, unanimous vote to rent the U.S. West building in Windom for temporary office space during the period of remodeling at the Court- house. Rental will be $5 per square foot for 1811 square feet for a total 9. Give yourself a break. No one rent of $754.58 per month. A six is superhuman. Remind yourself of month lease will be signed with an what you do well and don't sweat option to renew monthly. Rental of the small stuff, storage space in the same building Keep diet, exercise and stressors will be looked into. in your life in check. Turn yourMotion by Einertson, second by busy, fast paced life around and Jungas, roll call vote taken as fol- start juggling a healthy schedule, lows: Nelsen---yes, Einertsow--yes, Jungas--yes, Elg--yes, Mad on-. absent, to award the sale of $420,000.00 capital equipment bonds. Motion by Nelsen, second by Eincrtson, unanimous vote to ap- prove payment of a hill from Bald- at the comity landfill at the quoted price of $5,007.76. Larson reported that Brown County will not be picking up re- cyclables in Comfrey and Redwood County will not be picking up re- cyclables in Sanborn. They wish for Cottonwood County to provide this service. Elg will attend Council Meetings at both municipalities to discuss Cottonwood County's recy- cling plans. Larson stated that he will draw up a job description for a Solid Waste Officer/Recycling Coordina- tor. This new position will be adver- tised. The Board is still considering sharing this position with another county. Nelsen brought a proposal from the City of Westbrook for fixing up the old lumberyard building in Westbrook which will be used for collection and storage of recycla- bleat. The City of Westbrook will pay the cost of fixing up the outside of the building at a cost estimate of $10,000 end the County will pay for the inside of the building at a cost estimate of $14,000. There will be a lease drawn up which will make provisions ff one party wishes to withdraw from the arrangement. Daniel McDonald, County At- torney, stated that Neney Magelky, Assistant County Attorney, has been taken off the county's payroll due to her resignation. Motion by Madson, second by Neben. unanimons vote to put Ken Gedmestad, parm~ in the McDonald law firm who will now be acting as Assistant County Attorney, back on the payroll for fringe bene- fits effective September 1, 1990, with a retired employee st ms. Ken Cogley end Ev Collins rep- resenting the Cottmwood County Arena/Umo iation asked the Board to subsidize the arena for the paper collection mnviee they provide. They pre~ntly only receive $5 per ton which gives them no profit to make improvements at the arena. Motion by M=lmn, ond by Ei- nerumn, unenimons vote to approve paying the Atmm Association $20 ridge Architects and Engineers in the amount of $7,525 for work done on the elevator/remodeling project. Motion by Einertson, second by Jungas, unanimous vote to approve payment of a bill for Jack Kelly in the amount of $424.95 for work done on the underground sprinkling system. Motion"l~ Nelsen, second by Jungas, unanin~ous vote to approve the Area II Minnesota River Basin Projects assessment due from taxes collected in 1990 in Cottonwood County in the amount of $4,107.31. Motion by Nelsen, second by Jungas, unatlimous vote to approve an abatement to Darin Arndt for taxes paid on his mobile home in Springfield Township. This abate- ment is due because of a clerical error made. Motion by Eincrtson, second by Nelsen, unanimous vote to pay Transit Driver Bud Fast his hourly wage for 20 hours spent going to the Bus Rodeo in Duluth sponsored by the Minnesota Public Transit Asso- ciation. This will be billed to train- inS expense. The meeting was adjourned at 6:05 p.m. s/Kenneth Elg, Chairman s/Joy Storey, Recording Sec. ATTEST: s/W. R. Mielke, County Auditor OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Cottonwood County, Minn. September 11, 1990 The following proceedings are a summary of the official mimaes of a meeting of the Cottonwood County Board of Commissioners. The full text of the minutes are available for public inspection during normal business hours in Commissioners Room 5 and in the Office of the County Auditor, both located in th~ Cottonwood County Courthouse, Windom, Minn. The Cottonwood County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, September 11, 1990, at the City Library in West- brook, Mn. Present were Commis- sioners Kenneth Elg, Marlowe Nel- sen, Keith Madson, Marvin Einert- son, and Frank C. Jungas; County Auditor W. R. Mielke; County At- torney Daniel McDonald; and Com- missioners' Secretary Joy Storey. Chairman Elg called the meeting to Order at 9:00 a.m. Westbrook Mayor Harold Schmidt welcomed the Board to Westbrook. Marlin Larson, County Engi- neer/Solid Waste Officer, was pre- sent to discuss various items with the Board. Motion by Jungas, second by Eincrtson, unanimous vote to ap- prove an agreement with Interstate Power Company regarding future relocation of power lines along the C.R. 1 Improvement Project. After lengthy discussion regard- ing the county's recycling program, the following motions were made: Motion by Einertson, second by Madson, roll call as follows: Einert- son--yes, Madson--yes, Jungas--- yes, Elg-.yes, Nelsen---no, to par- tially recoup recycling costs by add- ing a user's fee.s to the county's read estate tax statements and/or by rais- ing tipping fees at the landfill. Motion by Mad on, second by Jungas, unanimous roll call vote to approve charging a $1 per month user's fee on the real estate tax statements for all residential classi- fled pr?perty and a $.50 per month user's fee for all agricultural classi- SENTINEL & TRIBUNE PAGE 1t" Walnut Grove - Westbrook, MN - Wednesday, October 10, 19~ [ fled land where a house exists on the job part-time. Mielke will~"~1 land. This is to become effective for ure out what Bennie's sever~ the tax payable year 1991. should be. ~, Motion by Nelsen, second by It was the consensus Jungas, ~OUS roll call vote to Board to utilize the existi~ charge out-of-county households phone lines in the U.S. West $1.50 per month for curbside pick mg rather than run new lineL up. If these out-of-county munici- building. This is the least eXlP! palities are not able to furnish a man option. W to assit in that community's pick up, Mielke was instructed ]R they will be asked to pay for some- more information on Dial4F one to assist with the pick up. The long distance reseller offCr~ municipality will be asked to collect county large savings on the recycling fee end submit it to the distance service, r' county. A request was made by | The old lumberyard building in to start having four Westbronk was discussed. It was the month because of the lengta[~ consensus of the Board that the agendas and lateness of the~ inside repair work being paid for by hags. After some discussio~,L, the county should be amortized over agreed that if the second Tue~t. i a seven year period in the event the the month meeting is gett~I City of Westhrook wishes to buy the long, it can be reconvened ~I building at some time. An escape third Tuesday but that it sl~i clause will state that if either party Storey gave the BO~sd~l1 be a regularly scheduled me~ wishes to discontinue this arrange- meat, the building can be purchased information on what it is c by the other perry at a depreciated county to subsidize the I~ amount. A six month written notice Transit System charter tril~ of intention to vacate the lease will service is costing the coun~ be a condition of the lease. McDon- than anticipated. Ways to ce~ ald will draw the lease, will be looked at. The Board discussed what ma- Mielke was asked to.d chinery may have to be purchased, estimates for putting mini blip1 Because the Board has agreed to the side windows at the enl~ take paper from Murray and Pipe- into the Courthouse. .Jr" stone counties to recycle, it was Storey and Mielkemet ~.~ agreed that a paper shredder and Anderson, owner and publ~ baler should be looked at first. Used the Cottonwood County Citi~ machinery will be looked at. garding his willingness to C.C~ Elg stated that there is a man with the County in pub'li~ from Conffrey who may be making,a Resolution stating that cert.'. ~ proposal to process the county s Minutes would not be publil~ paper. This man is startin8 a private their entirety but they w~ business of shredding and baling available to the public at the paper. The Boapd will w,it to hear house. Anderson indicated he~ what his proposal incorporates, cooperate. Motion by Nel~ Later in the day, the Boardend by Jungas, roll call v01~ toured the old lumberyard building unanimous to adopt the fot[ where recyclables will be stored. Resolution:. [ The building should be readF for * RESOLUTION 9-1-90- 0[ Soplombw, 1990 TO: The Votem of ~ occupancy on October 1. Motion by Einertson, second by Nelsen, unanimous vote to approve the Warrant List showing the fol- lowing total amounts: County Revenue Fund $52,592.53 Road and Bridge Fund 24,579.28 County Building Fund 5,288.83 Larson presented a letter from Rieke-Carroll-Muller Associates cit- ing revisions made to the County's Waste Management Plan which should now meet the requirements of the Office of Waste Management to get their fmal approval. Motion by Nelsen, second by Einertmm, unanimous vote to accept the recom- mendation of Larson to approve these revisions to the Waste Men- agement Plan. ~ ~ the Board that if repermitting of the lendf'dl is desired, that process must be started very soon. Sheriff Ward handed out some information on possible tax incre~- es on homestead and non-homestead property depending on how high the bids are for the new jail facility. Motion by Einertsc~ second by Elg. unanimous vote to approve payment of the bill from Double D Restaurant in Westbrook for lunch today. Mielke informed thz Board that Bennie Thompson will not be r~ turning to his pert-time custodial job at the Courthouse due to health reasons. He has been an employee of the county for 55 years. Bennie officially retired in 1985 but his benefits were not paid out at that time because he continued to do this "Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to dedicate not less than 40 percent of the net proceeds from the state lottery to the Minnesota environment and natural resources trust fund for environment, natural resources, and wildlife purposes until the year 2001?" The pu,pose and ~t o~ @m ~ms~ amendment proposed in Minn. Law= 1990, ch. 610. ruction $4, is to require that not leaa Ihan 40 el the net proceed hwn any Minn~ota state-qp~ated lottery be credited to the pommnent M~ n~roqal~lt and natural msour~ trust fund in the ~at lma~n/until tha year 2001. If the armmdrna~ is sdol~, aft. Xl, ,r~ . 14, will read (additions indicated by underline) Sec. 14. A pemmnent Minrmsota ~wkonme~ and natural ~ tnntt lund is establbhed in Ihe slate tma~ry. Tha I~ el tba envkonment and natural mootm=ee trust fund mu=t be peq~etual and inviolate foray t, eXCelpt q~:mpriationa may be made trom up to 2~ ima~nt el fit annual revenues de~ in Ihe fund unti fiscaJ year 1997 and loans may be made of t~ to ~ pen~mt of the pdn ipaJ of ~e fund tot ~ qn~mt intprovem~mts as provided by law. This reetddion does not prevent the =ale of investme~ls at lass than Ihe cost to em fund, however, al ~ not oltmt by gaina stroll tm repaid to Itm hind Item llm eamln~s el the fund. The nat earnin~ Iron the lurid =hal be appmpdatad in a numnw Ixmmdbed by law for the ~ imqx~m o protection, conawvat~, Wmervation, and enhancement el the state's ak, watt, land, fish, v,~d~a, snd othw natural ~. Not Imm than 40 .=ere=mr el th~ rat m'o (mds from any state-ooerated lottery must be cmditad to the fund until the year 2001. LOTTERY PROCEEDS: TO ENVIRONMENTAL FUND Joan/mdenm~ Grovm Secmtery ot State The f(dk~ng proposed sntendment to the Constitution el the State el k~nna~ta wil be ~a~mitt~ to ~ ~ fo~ ~dr q~xov~ or ~ at ~6, 1990general election. It amajo~ el al who vote in the Novembec S etection vctm "YES', the ~ is ad~. Aveteratthe ek~.-eon who dom not vete on tbe amendment is in ~ed voting "NO'. Pdntedhemistbepropo~xta~n, mdmemealw~q3)earonthebaloL Folowiag lbe qtmstion is a statement 4 ffae purpose and etlact d the propesod armmdm~t pmparod pursuant to Idinmmo~ ~ 321 by Nlomey Gene~ HuI0ed H. Humphrey IlL Co'IrONWOOD COUI~ BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Co'IrONWOOD COUN~ WHEREAS, it has come attention of the Cottonwood ( Board of O0mmissiooe Board Meeting minutes dated ber 24, 1989, November 7, 1 21, 1989, December 5, 12 == 1989, and January 2, 1990, hi been published; and WHEREAS, the Coua County Board of Comm still desire said minutes to be l alble to the public;J NOW, TrmREr RE, q RESOLVED, that me Co t t~ conmy hoard of will not be publishing these.] MeethaS minutes. R.ther, text of those minutes is avail~ public ~on during business hours in the Com e~' Room 5 and the A~ office in the cottonwood Coerthonse in Windom, Dated ber 2 I, 1990.~1 There being no further be/ the ~ was adjourned p.m. Thereafter, the Comm~ went to Slayton to meet Murray County Board re~ sharing a Solid Waste Offic~ cling Coordinator and other laneous business. s/Kennoth Elg, s/Joy Storey, Record ATTEST: s/W. R. Mielke, Ce Auditor .% Statement of Purpose and Effect of Amendment