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October 17, 1990     Sentinel Tribune
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October 17, 1990

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TRINITY EVANGELICAL FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH ervlces LUTHERAN CHURCH M .riSr.od SENTINEL & TRIBUNE PAG Walnut Grove The Church of Walnut Grove - Westbrook, MN - Wednesday, October 17, Thursday, October 18 the Lutheran Hour MN -'~ WELCA monthly meeting Third & Hollett, Tracy, brook . . 2:00 p.m. Pastor David J. Petrich,t We stbrook GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH Sunday, October 21 0 a m Church 629-447974 Public hearin- scheduled Pastor Jerry Lamb Worslnp Sexvee 9:3 Home 629-36 Westbrook Sunday School and Sunday, October 21 m Area Agency on Aging ;ay Wednesday, Octcoer l/ Coffee Hour lU:Ju a.m. Bible Sla21y (Stew.) zs:Ju a. r wr e.r WELCA 2:00 p.m. Worship -foly Communion southwestern Minnesota.i.r. alvz~va~l,lur L, o,-'ta ==oR ~,~r n '/t~ ,~.~ A DUDIIC nearing nas oeen .~ . ~, ~ oK F CHURCH NO CUINPII~MAIIUIN 7.J'd ,-,-. ^L.^A .q^a o "1"1. a~, ~ r~. year tHIS plan IS revlseO l.O[~/hrac~ ill ~,IllI~UUI~A.I IUI lllgll,~glgla,vt l~Uv~,lJaL'~.~t v Pastor Will Peterson Thur ay, eel.bur 18 a" A-. A -- -- Hospatahty/S S. Open ^ 1, 1990, at 1 00 r).m. at the Murray needs of the elderly dvct v W Westbrouk ewmgmee.unl[ l:uup m. ULllt; I 2"]kK d r'ount, Court{Rouse Annex in lne Area Agency nas ",Vednesda October 17 Sunday, Octooer21 Adult uioteutass( tew.) $41,147 in oirect service,r l ayer eeting 7-00pm Sunday School .9:0t2a.m- (" hl,ilr h Q ll:0( )a.m, pay for program developS" Thursday, Octoberl8 " Worship IU'13 a.m. = Conf. Class /oopm - " pm.-'"- " of coordinate activities ~ 'r'~r~ ome. sSii? 7 p.m. October 22 "=" h e y=,p t?dda!s 1, t4r:d !. S g ibS lY laOudy S e2w3.) 7:30 p.m. r r:ia eteU s oandy c ztl s t Serv e g P 9"30 a m Wednesday, october 24 " ,ri was develooedservices county coordinatOR We " " " 3"15 m Jt:t'Ft;gS BAIP'i1~I CEIURtdltl ut t~ru, Ut pta. ~ n" r ' ~e~['~" 9thgradeCon . P se m centers. The Age 3-30 m astor J g eag' Sunday School Hour 10.30 a.m. . P olin Coons from a re mnw de needs . d me( Training Hour 6:00 p.m. Youth Chmr " P" " Sunda October 21 assessment This plan identifies allocated $242,235 m fede P M W, rshi- SerF c," 7-00,m 8th grade Conf. 6:30 p.m. o Y: " and $98,085 m State funds -, e v. 8"30 m worsmp ervtce y:43 a.m. OLD WESTBROOK programs acuvmes me Area on r Wednesday, October 24 Sr. Chotr " P" " Sunday School 11-00 a.m LUTHERAN CHURCH Agency win unoertage to provide c gregate meals prog Prayer Meeting 7-00pm %'--" assistance and fund-ro--ams for,oz,wo m eaerat IUn " r,t n r', .notr rracuc t:uu p.m. rastor KOt a't uaenun P. - 935 in f ,r tM r=~r ou = ~-,'=,- --= " 1 erl o ulatlon el Chddren s and Intertm Pastor the e d y p p deliv^r^ m^q i-astors JaCK ann janeue v k ,1- - w.-~r, .- t, -,= J- ~ ~k.-. 1~ ~ c4a~ ~, plug~alli. . o~ XOgtUt i. utt~ / -AJ past. WP~gllll~Jay, ",J~;tUO~| t~ F r " " sh Harrmon o more mformatlon, . rr c~, **r-rur~m,r,e ph ~ ~0 "~1~14 t:venmg worsntp z :uu p.m. Cont. at Hw 4:. u p.m. Maddy Forsberc, Aoino PROration t t t l$ ltUtx]t O --- - m ,--. - =' tbrook - --. v. J rcctor at the 5outhwest tul with 1 CATHOLIC CHURCH Wee Clad-' at HW8-30 - m Redwood Falls - . -- -- Dw~o y v- oevelo ment t ommls$~L~lassl Currie Rectory - 763-3145Sunaay, octooer zt JOHNSONVILLE LUTHERAN Th October 18 . v h,~, v D xx" " hin qervice9"30 a.m .=. ^ ,uaptuai UliCH.g myton, rnone: 507-836-8yanursoa, rat--e= JU~,t t" " " " CHURCH Uo-'oo : UU a.m . it* the- ~" . . Westbrook Wednesday, October 17 Saturday, October 2O workshop sessions . Kamrath wigs Uter ro( we on^us(hay, .L,~,toIJerl/ I[tT--1--A t I" Conf. atTrinity 6:30p.m. Newsletter items due! Redwood Falls Hospitat is b 4 terials Nu t om. t:tass . atnut J:uv c Sunday, October. 14 Sunday,- October. 21 offering. . a free 3 session, workshon = cy. . Mps 1.30p.m Worsh,p 9:00a.m.Worship 9:30a.m. m Hand, Le mg From and including health S ll) :mn aay, uctooerz ' ' Sunday School 10:05a.m. Sunday School 10:45a.m. anng mr Older rersons . lne.l care sunnort Ctor(21 rvmss 6 ~v a m rr :.3 Wednesday, October 24 Monday, October 22 112 hours sessions wilt oe nero ^ winners at Anmonys uazaar, o er 2 v m r 1 Former State benator, " -- " 1"" Conf. at Trinity 6:30 p.m. Fall Welca Workshop Oct b 5, No e be,and . on a.turaay, uc .oer :m were: ENGLISH LUTHERAN at Luverne 9:00 - 2:00 p.m. November 8 at 10:00 a.m. or 7:30 Kamrath, who is seegv,z, k/m!t-rammy ! .pe Ky CHURCH RathC leat p.m. in the Hospital Education Senate District 20 seat r u ' ovember 6 election, n .gnan Mary rjsnet Pastor Br,an D. Fragodt Sh 1 Ko rud s 7:30 .m. Room. Worksho resenters areN , co.te Jemen Walnut Grove REVERE LUTHERAN Tu,23 P Melanie Dunlap, PRNPl Mary Gross, endorsed by several ke yJiD U tia oec Thursday: October 18 CHURCH 3-D iJible Study at HW RN, Jan Rodvik, LPN, and affair, s" organizations. mto s uoor t'nze-Josnua utsem Ruth Cn'cl 2:00 p.m. Pastor Lurch Esplaad 9:00 a.m.Raymond Walz, Attorney. particularly strong suppo. i "rDnU,TV EVANGELICAL Eunice Anderson, R Krause,Wednesday.October 17 Wednesday, October 24 The workshop series was health c,are providers b as . hostesses. Bettyoumcgson, Conf. atTnmty 6:30p.m. WELCA, July-Dec. visit developed in response to therecorao serv ceounngtw ,husT " " in office p ttor l[r,h, t4n,or lesson Thursday, October 18 WM at Lamberton 2.00 p.m.change m population .growth and mini. 9th Grade Conf. : P" " Grade " 3"30 m stron su ort from " C'h, h- 8th P. - through mutual gnderstandm and ,g . PP. . .JESTB1 9th Grade 4:30 p.m. eduction. - orgamzauons." Kamram saU oo r CROSSWAYS 7:00p.m. October 25. Session I, will deal Randy. Kamrath has k on"fc ".=" "" m "JESOS" rehearsal8:15 p.m. . with The Normal A,in= Process, rece.wea me enaorsements blood L,onoa ~arlson y ~ a " " " IHM CATHOLIC CHURCH HIGHWATER LUTHERAN mvth~ and ~mre~ntvne ~ of-a~n~, and of t.ese organizations: M~I~ a~ 5tte.rn .oontArcte - ST. OLAF LUTHERAN Currie Rectory- 763.3145 CHURCH wfta-t-c'han-ges'---to e'"xpect"as" o'-ne Dental Association; Care P ms Marj. e .uss z-ou. p.m. CHURCH Father Joe Pete Pastor Robert baenlin mmws older, of Minnesota, (Nursing ve mg te-,ZaamOe nl)aura Pastor Brian D. Fragodt Currie Interim Pastor lqovem r 1 Session II willPharmacists; Min l~Vel n IVIaU~OIi [1~11 Uili) 1 Y ' Walnut Grove Saturdav, Octobex20 Wednesday, October 8 addre tho" ~lr~e~ " ~nd Chiropractors; Saint carset .uu p Sunda" October 21 Mass 5"00 n m Detxxah Ctrcle at Church ;,i, Volunteer Commmee forlimers ,wl * r" " . xlldh~taugt~=l,~ I,~|(.~tl, t.~.4vt,tl I, vlt,as ~,~a,:~|l.) . Fn ,day OcemJ rl9n,=,;n, Worshtp 9:00a.m. Sunday, October21 w/ArlissQuiring, hostess, who are concerned about or who G vernmenti Mmnesot= lnl.D' ,y Coffee servers: TinaRichards & Mass 10:00a.m. t:: up.m,care for an agin relative or friend. Drink; Minnesota . rt. h'r ; unoa ucwoer za Charvel Osland nat relay, october 20 f, r e-rvivino Restaurant & Resort ASSOCt~JTB[ u . . .Ju a Sunday School 10:00 a.m. OUR SAVIOR'S Newsletter items due! s,eee f, llv i- The .qanrlwlrh Professmnal orgamzatto brook unoay cnoot Ha,4de Sunday, October21 7-.-- 2- -7 - their endorsements on c se an ": ":'.::-';. .;.':x-' " z:uu p.m. PaR m-Joel Xavier unoay cnoo= v:43 a.m. November 8 Session Ill, will interviews, ssue quesuo l,t , smWo knut( raSchr UdtU a'm" Wednesday, october24 Dovray . Worship ^^" ll:00aan, focus on Famdv Decision Makintz-" " and voting record lesdayo, m 8th Grade Conf. 3:30p.m.Woane lav october 17 naonoay, uctot)ezzz In turn-foRt a i lartc,whh expects to receive aoovp Monoa,uctoDer z2 "-'"~-~ ' h rook x, e ;o r oct o, 9th Grade Conf. 4:30p.m. NO CONFIRMATION FalIWELCAWOrks o13 problems - physical, emotional, endorsements m the final,( Luveme 9 a.m 2 m i ion review and cvers o ^ CROSSWAYS at Enghsh Thursday, October 18 at " P. - socml, legal- such as hvm walls, assoc ats : UUUq Ot;UllilllWlll fiUllil " ==-:" T o : o s ana an t.nn, 7.00 p.m. Otultme Day 9.'00 a.m.uesday, octobeJ 23 =,uardianshzns and -ower of quesuonnatres. .],s oo,J=, ~ . w v ', "JESOS" rehearsal uneh 3-D Bible Stuay at HW 9:00 a mn v " " "I am running this cam e. . z- o . tor e, o eements or financial W Oc bur 24 " at Enghsh 8.15 p.m. Frida, october 19 ednesday, to Rues zone such as medical the tssues facing rural Mi 7 l-'astors text;~tuoy tu'uuam. --" ---- - r'-'nf otHW 4 " " Mission vo at . = : v v. assistance issues i nese enoorsements snow 1 -4 p.m. UNITED SunO Sa( ber 21 1.30 p.m Bible Study at OW830pro D F gfeUr a ;rt nefO e tlgn o dC FV s ds fiakn:e t 1 o; ed esday, METHODIST CHURCH am ,t and small business are hit eln Mormng Prayer 7.13 a 0 m" Pastor Elmer L. Huchel om,uay '-~-'" ,m'nn ~.m ng ht chord, wzth people wM Westl, MISSION 90 Walnut Grove . u; i,n 90 at Christian w th these tssues everyday. t:: o p.mSunday, October 21 ~n ~l-lVrv " 7:30 p.m. Sunday School 9:. 15 a.m u v- 7th f'~rnrl~ ~'cmf "I.2N n m ~ ,~,n Monoay, uctooer zz ,~,m - -', v. Lnolr tu:. It.] i1.111o Church Councal" 8"00 pm Hale 9thGradeConf 4:30p.m. Worshi- lff.30am " " " t. " ~ mor~ Adult Choir 7"30 p m,- Clara 1 - tl Miscl These Weekly Church Messages are contributed to God's Work through the Church by the following concerned & responsible citizens and businesses. Citizens State Agency Wour best deal In Insurance" Walnut Grove, MN. 859-2151 Greenwood Nursery "Most complete garden & landscape center in S. W. Minnesota" S. 4th Street Ph. 629-3485 Traey Hwy. 23 Ph. 532-9430 Marshall Citizens State Bank We care about our customers. Walnut Grove, MN. FDIC 859-2151 Sentinel News Inc. Walnut Grove, MN Phone 859-2187 Westbrook, MN Phone 274-6136 Funeral Service Walnut Grove and Traey 630 Main Street, Walnut Grove, Phone 859-2161 Wester's Locker 274-5900 Westbrook, MN. Maynard's Food Center 274-5555 Westbrook, MN Klasse Funeral Home (507) 274-6700 WeStbrook, MN Meadowland Farmer Coop Walnut Grove, Clements. Sanborn, Storden, Revere. Lucan LAMBERTON - MAIN OFFIC 752-7352 Farmers Elevator t;o. " Elevator g Lumber Division 274-614 Dovray Grain & Feed, Inc. Locally OwnedIndependent Elevator Dovray, MN. Phone 274-6177 till death do us part. Sell Bros Inc. Case-International New Holland (507) 859-2124 Walnut Grove, MN Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum & Tourist Center 8th Street Walnut Grove, MN Fary ~STBI elve (tx weei libr ov ~ile n( also r = ailabl, The gift of self to one's spouse, exemplified by the Biblical Ruth. = Let your faith nurture you as you grow in grace. Let the fellowship of the church sustain you during trials and tribulation. PP Ruth 1:1--9a 1 Thessalonians 1:1--10 Matthew 22:15--22 Psalm 146 (r.rm ~ ~ ~ ~ d lle li~. INI. I~. I!~. 1171. Ilimim d Gkrisliu Bmlim d I~ Ib6ml t,m il d llt gt.nlt d 0kriu i. Ik US A~ C~. Common Lectionary for Sunday, October 21, 1990 Selected by Consul at on on Commo~ Te t$ e1990. Chutxh Page Ministrtes, 8ox 301, Siren. WI 54872