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October 17, 1990     Sentinel Tribune
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October 17, 1990

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State Choice programs open " SENTINEL & TRIBUNE doors for Minnesota learners Walnut Grove- Westbrook, MN- Wednesday, October 17, Doors have opened for learners must agree to attend the new ORDER AND NOTICE OF and their parents in Minnesota who district for one full year. School HEARING ON PETITION FOR Walnut Grove Walnut Grove presented by Su desire greater choice of learning districts with desegregation plans FORMAL PROBATE OF WILL Wiemers. opportunities, require that applications be sent to AND APPOINTMENT OF Public School Public School Motion that the Several choice programs havethe home district first for approval PERSONAL Specia'l'Koard Meeting Regular Board Meeting equipment except files bell been adopted by the Legislature to leave, before it is sent onto the REPRESENTATIVE IN September 18, 1990 September 10, 1990 carried unanimously. since 1985 which provide choice of nonresident district. Applications UNSUPERVISED The Board of Education of the The regular monthly boardA request for pro I'al schools or education programs, into or out of Duluth, Minneapolis, ADMINISTRATION AND Walnut Grove Independent School meeting of the Walnut Grove preschool special These programs provide choice orSt. Paul may be made at anytime NOTICE TO CREDITORS District #641 met in Special School District#641 wascalled to instructor by the WalnUt |or l.are ,t. and children, said and enrollment may begin at Session on Tuesday, September 18, order by Chair Knott at 8:00 p.m. District #641 to Westbr ooMmmmm Commissioner of Education Tom anytime. DISTRICT COURT 1990 at 7:15 p.m. for the purpose on Scptembcr 10, 1990 with the 1990-91 school year was Nelson. "Children vary in their HIGH SCHOOL GRA- Fifth Judicial Districtof conducting a hearing requested following members present: Arlen No objections were made IFIEI need and interests, and no one DUATION INCENTIVE program Probate Court Division by Gregory Dallmann regarding Knott, Fran VanDeWiele, Jeff involved transportation. school is best for all of them. A is designed to encourage learners, his placement on unrequestcd leave Bertschi, Marianne Boerboom, The transportation 0 :e b; child who slumps in one learning who are having difficulty in school STATE OF MINNESOTA and recall. Richard Swanson, Kerry enrollment students b. the E or who have dropped out of schooi, COUNTY OF REDWOOD Chair Knott presided at theKnakmuhs and Bruce Johnson. districts and the gu hic environment may sparkle in to complete their high school another." meeting and the scheduled hearing Superintendent Wiemers and established by the Mi ll The enrollment options or credits in alternative settings. In Re: Estate of conducted, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Administrative Assistant William Department of Educati D-a: choice programs make our Qualifying students may attend MarthaMoore, Deceased Walnut Grove Board members Richards ere present also. reviewed P education system more flexible and another traditional high school present were Arlen Knott, Jeff Motion to approve the minutesVarious meetings anP+ toOl responsive to this diversity and inside or outside their district, an TO ALL INTERESTED Bertschi, Richard Swanson, Kerry of previous meetings carried wereoutlined [ char give parents the opportunity to ,be Area Learner Center, an PERSONS AND CREDITORS: Knakmuhs, Marianne Boerboomunanimously. Motion that the mee ionl Alternative School or Program, or and Bruce Johnson. Fran Motion to approve the bills as adjoumedcarriedunanim lorI more involved in their child s a nonpublic, nonsectarian school education. It is Ordered and Notice is VanDeWiele was absent presented carried unanimously. jill is Minnesota showed national which has been contracted by a hereby given that on the 13th day Also present at the hearing were Motion to approve the bill to MarianneC. le= dership in pioneering choice in district to provide educational, of November, 1990, at 9:00 o'clock Orlyn R. Wiemers, Supt. of Knakmuhs Agency carried, Mr t m(ibk the 1980s. The challenge for the DIPLQMA QpPORTUNITIES A.M a hearing will be held in the Schools; William Richards, Knakmuhs abstaining, ore 90s is to provide more real FOR ADULTS. encourages above named Court at RedwoodAdministrative Assistant; Steve Several items regarding the alternatives to choose from and to individuals aged 21 or older, who Falls, Minnesota, for the formal Kjorness, Westbrook middle school operation were give parents and children the have not completed high school to probate of an instrument Superintendent; Burt Wiecks, discussed including schedule ofFOR RENT IFIE information needed to make the return to get their diplomas, purporting to be the will of the Westbrook Walnut Grove Highmusic lessons, time allocation, best decisions. Minnesota will be a Qualifying persons have up to two above named decedent, dated School Principal; David Watson, stress level, recess for fifth grade, One bedroom apartmm, .m. leader here too." years of frce state aid to finish their October 23, 1976, and for the Attorney representing Independent homework, lunch snacks, Most utilities paid. Two pamphlets are available to requirements. Many of the same appointment of Bob B. Ebb,sen School District #641; Gene transportation, food in lockers, available daily. I help guide in the selection of a programs available under High whose address is Redwood Falls, Kronback, Chairman Westbrook levcl and concerns of staff, citizens, handicapped o school: How to tick your child's School Graduation Incentives are Minnesota as personal Board, Bruce Jorgenson, ClerkSuperintendent Wiemers disabled eligible tents sch l and How it Select a School available to adults, representative of the estate of the Westbrook Board; Greg Dallmann, presented a list of capital outlay For Your Child: A Family Guide. AREA LEARNING CENTERS above named decedent in Walnut Grove teacher; Harley expenditures plus a Ask someone in your local school provide year-round, non-traditional unsupervised administration, and Ogata, MEA Attorney representing recommendation for computer Valley office or call the Hotline: 1-800- education toward a high school that any objections thereto must be Greg Dallmann; Ms. Christine programs and equipment. Apartrn /x, nAn 652-9747 (Greater Minnesota) or diploma for students 12 years of filed with the Court. That, if Clark, Attorney; Ms. Renee Motion to approve the Lamberton,:, :'" 612-296-1261 (metro). age through adult on a full- or part- proper, and no objections are filed, Scholen, representative from MEA. recommended capital outlay muAt Nom o 507 752- S, OPPOIIUNIff 507-752-7~ Families and learners may time basis. Studen.ts develop, wi9 a personal representative will be A complete transcript of hearing expenditures inc!uding 6 Apple choose from the followin an mstructor, nearnmg plans wmcn appointea to aaminister me estate, is on file in the Supt's office u 's, = Appxe MAt:, j printers, l nroor' ms"" best tats their course needs and to collect all assets, pay all legal " disk drive, various cards, carts and . v " e 1 in " ' vnqTq :c'r r')a] v r:N earn g style, debts, claims, taxes and exnenses, r" computer programs. 2 microwaves - r 6 fM NT'*OPTi6"NS allows PUBLIC AND PRIVATE and sell real and personal pro rty, [ ~ DOMESTIC& [ and I freezer. Total estimate cost i 'lth ,a 19 h ALTERNATIVE PROGRAMS and do all necessary acts for the I ofS22,600. f'nll t tim:. ~ tP:'hnlrnl personatnze tlae eclucatmn of estate I 11 J 181 [ Motion that the Board of . - - ". . =w~,r,n =,-,~lnvfnn A college,'a community college, eXe cShaoto S ? ssY C?emtPlae gt Nonce ,s further given that ALL I Ed3ta ?n : I deaPeutde?:zSChool "'-J'"B; - universities for high school credit g g CREDITORS having claims / B istians-TamrnyBoerst i " " t o ' e the arn Student must meet the us!ng nontraditional methods and against said estate are required to [ ISuperintendent to make application Open for all classes of live a m f DOSt xmdarv allow tor Hexer)re scheduling, present the same to said personal / 42r.-'222 Iand receive funds on behalf of the SALI 'vlTuv require, ents o that - -- . win* m. instituUon Students should work These programs operate dunng the representattve or to the Clerk of the I wmo m. MN Dtstnct #641 from Block Grant, Wint ,r rlnnr . "- rnel with their high school counselor to school day and year. Court within four months after the Tobacco Aid, Math and Science Ha, & Straw-i2"00 i ; wilt =, EDUCATION PROGRAMS date of this notice or said claims,Grants and other revenue sources u =,o,~,~. ~. vuu,~.o *~ ~v, " ''~'~"*-- " " LIVeStOCK 1""' : raduation requirements FOR MINOR PARENTS AND will be barred carried unanimously "'" |ALl ;,-, PREGNANT MINORS are I k rlCrldalr, m A request for equipment from ts, eh OLI'IUUb UIOIRI~L.-I giN- . . . . JL ~ ~k,I, ll.I. ~ l;,-,t~n ,~,4 9, 1D,-,-,A.-.A t'0[ ROLLMENT OPTIONS OR oemgnea to ensure teens, who are Dated: October 11, 1990 I o i the Industrial Arts to be transferred = our rotecuon OPEN ENROLLMENT hermits parents or pregnant, complete thetr I Americas I to Westbrook including 4 cases and Y P i high school. . education. . When s/David W. Peterson .I - - mechanic tool sets, 4 micrometers, Phone 836-624 CIRcle.rite In nnnlv IA altand a ~.z~h~! request,o, eoucationm programs Judge I vremlum Vual]ty I 1 lectern and file cabinets were " :- -. ." whnch ht the needs of theCOURT SEAL the a,q r, ct," . ." I - I |iv~ Annli~,nfinn~ .qt h,= " mdivioum must be made available, s/Jon Ha en z' [')l ttattk'ua = LE- m.- r. e,v g I | oy tne scnoo~ onstnct, a~ong w=tla Clerk ~nt, by the nonresident district before . I I I . -- -- -- m, . January 1 for enrollment the anynecessarysupportweserv ces. I II MIKe I ell following fall Accepted students uOO u. -.voesen I U=Ol =c y at l I " For more information about Attorney I Vl.o,: I t. 1 /I I - It *' these enrollment options programs P.O. Box 127 I ,-matt,; ! I "+ |or/,i visit your school or district office. Redwood Falls, MN 56283 I Cai 8( I I I v E You may contact Steve K'orness at (507) 63%5778 S-4 5x 507-274-5450, or O~lyn R. ' I o^ ^ i I i:ii: fA're Bell"" I tJzezoo ,uotet,= 1 ORDER AND NOTICE OF I l 1^, rlEll(--- ,Headouarters for all II Wiemers at Walnut Grove, HEARING ON PETITION FOR I Westbrook, MN I I 1 w ,v, ame "iFO | ~ln~' Minnesota, or call the Enrollment FORMALPROBATE OF J Phon" "74 =c,I in For lnu I Opt,ons Hothne, ,n Greater AND APPOINTMENT OF I I i = = I ,-.voI Minnesota 1-800-652-9747 or in PERSONAL I I i bY I I aon Dieter Treasurer. B~e~ste~r, MN 56119 - Paid Aclve~isement | - t t -,the Metro area, 612-296-1261. REPRESENTAHvt | | UNSUPERVISED [ lasse ~anes j . ADMINISTRATION AND pI I I H I I l l l I I I l n ~. --, ji i I I I l I i l I ~ | DISTRICT COURT : DAC ENTERPRISES INC. qlr Fifth Judicial District | I Hen t a l, Homes I Probate Court Division RECYCLING TODAY FOR THE FUTURE t: Court Fde No PO 90 279 I I I " " " ,Proper Preparation of Recyclables for Curbside Recycling Pickup f/ i''''''''''''"-I I I STATE OF MINNESOTA ; | PLANNING AN,[ 1 COUNTY OF COTI'ONWOOD | .AUCTION? I ffl~'~lP ~'~]l t/filliP I lnae:Estateof p I I 7 '?i :"T ?'7 I I I ErnestP. eterson, Deceased i uompleteAuc.on erwce i,I-iI CII .OtClt I TO ALL INTERESTED [RichReiner Ferd Krenz I I needs see I PERSONS AND CREDITORS: i Burnt, wet or dirty, lEnds out- if possible. ,Springfield Sleepy Eye 1 I i It is Ordered and Notice is ,P h. 723-5243 Ph. 794-6756 i |,hereby given that on the 19th day | Call us collect.I I ' I of November, 1990, at 1:15 P.M a I I I hearing will be held in the above nV a ,llnw n n named Court at Windom, Ii% l 1 1 ! i U l I i Minnesota, for the formal probate I - I of an instrument purporting to be the will of the above named " 0 I Agency I decedent, dated February 25,1982, a.R: brown IRimed and decapped with mel ut I -'- ] I, . :': " i and for the appointment of Lora ' Byers and Duane S. Byers whose I address is RFD 1, Box 55, r .-: I,v, v,/- --= Westbrook, MNS6183, aspersonal CLA$SIFIt D$ ! Jllm representative of the estate of the iron ~MIr, nesollflssldlledAdNe! ~k~ above named decedent in ---- ,we unsupervised administration, and . . . ~ that any objections thereto must be I n HELP WANTED BUSINESS REAL ESTATE I filed with the Court That, if Pro ane Mana erl OPPORTUNITIES CASH IN NOW on yow ro r n " " . o p pe, and oob ectmns are filed, I~e ~M'~I~ UNUMITED INCOME- ~1 a --rsonal renr~.-~3n.o.iw w;" r~ ~ b UPdied' dry and clean. I lent propane ompeny in Stop dreaming and stoa pay)u~ I v--. . v. ,-, [ Oelano MN. Good.salary. doing. It you realty want to ~us.t ,aee:a~: [ appomtea .aomtmster me estate, + l i okH.'-it= rlUPt=for above - Illaring. I: eRe, nee-real, startdoi ilnowb t-loung$-- TOLLI-U= ~fo;:~:~d$'Y~~O:l;;eP ty Y 1-800-621 9499 Ke Fv debts, claims, taxes and ex nses, + I Compim 1-800-462-3131 nancial Services. Fa$! alld sell real and oral rort, s m, o,s. , y pets p pey or send resume to P.O. Box -Procesmngl Nalmnwade. O " " . CANDY/SNACKVENDING Ca, T I and d all necessary acts for the ++--'++ T +oo +oro++ ROU E F.OR S LE. estate. " i ET Proven earnings Bob I J SU~-RN--II~G-S~ Inter- 800.749-3331 " " AUDIO/VIDEO ] Notice is further given that ALL I FAST SELLING - NEW- ~ I estate are reoutrea to Consumer ct Call for SURROGATE MOTHERS ~ ' " r " " I~~=~*~C'-"~V n.o~, ,o, ,o ~~~i;'~: I P "sent =e same to ~=d personal "~'"'~"'$g xL #2" ,-~w--,- couples. Contact ICNY. 14 prices canwm orang,representatwe or to the Court "'-'" "--" -'- " "----- 22, E 2 E 60thSt. NY NY 100 modelnumberforourpnco i ,+w- S;.g 22. I Admnmstrator wathm four months P].ace next to recycling con- ' J i;; an;c';g(ain;J-;hat ;ea'cl " -; [ EDUCATION w 44.'Zt23 - I after the date of this notice or said [ LOVE. .TRAVEL? TrainingATC-ATVACCIDENTVIC-~ [ claims will be barred J tof. I~'lin41, ~eve! Igpn~ TIMS Free ATV k~uty~ ] J em~, om purer. Nextdass clsim" review by law ]i]in ~etSngul, edJapanes9auto J I ~,~'~'~':&~.% meny ATV'Inju~ vic-.engig. is . (20.000 mii~ or J Date(l: Uctober iu, l,yU I /n/-~=,u. ireve uareer dms for dient$ Iniured ms), c, omaet Hang mug- 1 I Inmum, ~ss Basin Ave ehik:lren~md adulttnquirie$ get, =t (612) 860-1634 o [ ~ ,~ ,~ ] Bismarck, ND 58504. Na-welcome Attorney Russell ]~ (61"2) 9/14-6377 I s/uruce p. t ross I, Snanciel In~obrits~ 247 S 3rd - I Judge I - Mpl;:, MN S tS. [ COURT SEAL Call 1-800-ATC-6393. No ~ V . . " StanlnR FUNERAL SERVICE? tee il no recovery. ~1 el'ha M. JaRs ~como a Mortuary Tochni- W EIG H TS. P ay mg to Court Administrator " . E $ eli6es OU rwfion- tun~llN0 horse, sc~Jlrrell, V i,VG VW, I IW~/ ffVG~I~, n "~'~ --m ,row -- lUdY qu y OPPORTUNITIES ware . I~ I 3 wide placement assistance ~ Stone . s/MarleneA. Nordqmst [ vp~ ~v~;nl~ y: n,-:ZZu : Ln ; : -Cittalog $2 Funeral Insti-EARN HUGE PROFITS ~m~le ~~i [ ""- - J 'tute x ot MN t eputy /lllJ UJ a" I-KIJI ! IMP A3n. processing HUO/FHA re- 1 Box ~08, Ka$otl MN I I Noexperieneeneco 56050. 507- n I uzann m. UlSOn t 321-2468 essary. 612-649-4656"--------'---{ Attorney I ~r~ a tv ------------- FOR SALE - NEW AND I w ! i J TRAVEL LARGE WEEKLY north-U$ E D S NOWMOBIL.E I Reg. No. 82296 [ oa=ter~ S 0 news per PARTS P~rts fore tor I~ KIRC :. . SUND,OLSON, HER J CATEwilh Bahamas cruise news editor. ~ oppor-VAGE, M~ (218) 564- J ,Puxu --,"-,xur ~. v . I $5~ ~se:.RTAiran l~ni~ ~d resume to ~~n~unt.~12) I 10S ~'msU'oilg BIvG. ~iouU! ~H[PlWI'I('/~,(' ][][' I)c, cl, qd Olq,'tunltk~ ~,r I Hot~, ~Bpth td.l~ .for 2 ueptLI-tn.u. Newsl~zper 4~ ~?~. ~Wo. ~ I pl~ ROXrd'~; "'/' :" "" Sdaysend4n" Is. Association Box 2230,COMIN'I Lefl get 'urn " " ',x Red=o~t F=l tl% 3621;3 I./~ml~Tckl~Y-~'~n~+hp2 Brookings. SI:) ,7007 ~nt.~n.~l, get "urn J[ '-3352+56081 S-4,SX a/a '" B'dae 5~,e,tP.O Bo3 /s,