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October 24, 1990     Sentinel Tribune
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October 24, 1990

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e --2 I have heard that several people are saying that it Is too bad the Westbrook council didn't do more to try and keep the Egg Plant In Westbrook. And, It bothers me because I covered several of those meetings when all of this was going on and I can tell you for a fact that If they had leaned over any farther in their effort to help the Egg Plant, the whole council would have been flat on their backs. The beginning of the story goes back to an August 31 1988 council meeting at 9:00 a.m. to discuss with David Morton of the Egg Plant what could be done to the Lagoon and sewer system to accommodate a proposal by Walbaum (owners of Westbrook Egg), for a liquid egg business In the Westbrook Plant. At that meeting it was decided to consider securing a grant through Southwest Regional Development Commission. The council voted to have the City Engineering firm contact SWRD. Also at this meeting, Morton asked the council to vacate all or a portion of 3rd st to accommodate some larger equipment in connection with the new business. The council called for a hearing to be held on vacating the street. After the meeting members of the council, and Morton went to the lagoon with waste water operators from Marshall and PCA officials from St. Paul. It was agreed that an updated lagoon could be used for the project with no major problems. Sept 12, 1988 -- Ann Schaffer of SWRD was at the meeting to talk to the council about possible grants for the project. She told council members that the engineers estimate of the project was $319,000 and If the city could come up with $164,000 they could probably get a grant for the balance. It was suggested that Morton and Dennis Jutting get together and come up with a monthly payment plan that would be agreeable to both the city and Walbaum. Oct. 3, 1988 -- The engineers presented a plan for a mechanical aeration cell that was estimated to cost $200,000. At this meeting the council made a motion to continue the effort to acquire a grant for the project. Oct. 18, 1988 -- Ann Schaffer reported that the best place to seek a grant would be the Economic Development Admlnlstration The cost of the project would be $247,000 and the EDA would put up 60% and the city would have to come up with 40%. Walbaum would eventually pay off the city share of the cost on a monthly assessment worked OUt between the city and Walbaum. The council moved to approve this arrangement. November 17, 1988 -- At a special meeting the council approved allocating $75,000 toward their share of the lagoon project. Later they learned that the $75,000 was not enough so they raised that figure to $91,500. Dec. 2, 1988 -- The council voted to apply for Federal Assistance and funding of $125,000. Jan. 11, 1989 -- The council voted to authorize Mayor Harold Schmidt to sign and submit the Economic Development Administration application and all other necessary forms. Jan, 26, 1989 --- The FHA approved a grant of $100,000 for the secondary pond. David Morton appeared at the: meeting and told the council that Walbaum was not ready yet to make a committment to the project and that it might be after Easter before they would decide. At that time the council had to withdraw their grant approved by EDA because ' tt ey did not have a solid commitment from Walbaum and there were other communities waiting for these grant monk)& Feb 6, 1989 -- Bob Bullock of Sioux Engineering reported to the council that Westbrook had been awarded an FmHA grant, but unless they could get a commitment from Walbaum soon, they might lose the grant. Council member Orville Carlson, Dave Morton and a member of the Wsstbrook Development Committee were asked to contact Walbaum and une (ISSN 8750 - 3905) Ralph T Gladys E and Thomas J. 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When the committee asked Morton wtx) they could talk to he told them that he was the one to see. And, that was the last the council heard on the project. On April 11, the council moved to withdraw Its application for a State Sewer Grant. That's the story and all of these facts can be found in the minutes of the meetings. So if yQu want to place the blame for the loss of the Egg Plant you better find someone besides the mayor and the council. The council had the money and were ready, willing and able to do business. 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Disobeyed Stop Sign: William Preston McKittrick, St. Louis Park, i MN, Letter to the Editor High Games: Arlene West 186 High Series: Kathy Mitchell 179 Shorty Homing 619 Pare P xson 171 Gent Flildreth 580 Jeff Frank 573 Westbrook Monday Night Ladies Bowling -10/22/90 Double D Bowl 21 7 Rongstads Ins. 19 - 9 V.F.W. Aux. 17 - 11 Lloyds Amoco 16 - 12 SW State Bank 16 - 12 Boecks Const. 15 - 13 Klasses 14 - 14 Dovray Manor 13 - 15 Elkhom Inn 12 - 16 IAchty Drug 11 - 17 Jensens Clippers 8 - 20 State Farm Ins. 6 - 99 High Series: Pam Mad.son 498 Gloria Doom 482 Sharon Timgren 482 High Games: Kathie Christians 189 Doloras Jenson 182 Nancy Boeck 182 Westbrook Men's Tuesday Night---10/16/90 Double D Cafe 39 - 24 Double D Bowl 35 28 Lichty's Drug 30 - 33 Elkhorn Inn 22 41 Dear Editor; Minnesota D-Day ("Don't Smoke" Day) will be observed on Thursday, November 15. Smokers will be encouraged to quit, and nonsmokers to help. Most smokers want to quit. Many have tried (sometimes quit a few times!) 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