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October 31, 1990     Sentinel Tribune
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October 31, 1990

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District Court SENTINEL & TRIBUNE PAGE Court News ",JudgePresidingBruce Gross k 't, II Rick Stevens, Windom, MN, , $220.00 (Stayed-S220.00) Tracy Men s Thursday L ' . October 22- 1990 Restitution-S42.96. Jail/Prison- Night Bowling--10/25/90 High Series: 11 I Stayed 30 days for 1 yr. Pay MedClub 25 - 11 KathyKnakmuhs - - Speeding: $44.00-- William restitutiG ,within 2 mos; have no Fedde s Repair23 - 13 Mary Amoldi Here It IS, less than a week to election time. As usual Arthur Cederstrom, Fridley, MN; s/s viol. 1 in lieu of fine and Tracy Lanes 20 - 16 Sue West Craig Donald Calvin, New Ulm, both sides are harglng the other side of dirty pOlitics, and It MN; Marjorie Ann Lohrenz, SC, perform 40 hrs. work under F & M Bank 17 - 19 sentence to service. Bingham Lake, MN. Walnut Legion 17 - 19 High Games: -- is certainly true. For better or for worse, politics is, as they $55.00---Amold Ranum, Windom, say, "a dirty business". Fail To Use Child Restraint:Fox Electric 17 - 19 Kris Ti.etz +m Gladys Ann Schultz, Lakefield, HoytOil 15 - 21 Kathy Knakmuhs I still fe l that the fellow back east who has started aMN. "Throw the RaScals Out" campaign has the right Idea, and If Drvg. Around Barricade: MN, $22.00. Homera 9 - 27 Mary Arnomi 30 Joseph B. Arseneau, Sioux Falls, No Ins.: Somchanh Sengchaah,High Series: you have been Watching the pOlls, there are a lot of pOliticians SD, $44.00; Leonard D. Schultz, Jackson, MN, $330.00, Jail/Prison- 10 days, stayed 7 days for I yr. Larry Hay 598 Tracy Monday Night' who are not doing well in their bids for reelection. Mountain Lake, MN, $44.00; John Serve the remaining 3 days in jail; Terry Schaar 598 Women s Bowling--10/l ( I notice Rudy BoschwItz came home from Washington Lawrence Ward, Jr Mahtomedi, pay the fine and surcharge; have no Ken Miller 579 Tracy Ins. 24 [!O at a very crItical time in the Senate deliberations to try and MN, $44.00. Al's Bar ,21 1/2 mend some fences in his own race for reelection. Underage Consumption: Joey s/s viol. 1 yr. Driving While Under The High Game: Body Shop 17 " I havew i, tten several times to complain about the way Jay Bucher, Windom, MN, Influence OfAIcohoh William TerrySchaar 238 MedClub 151/2=PP our elected officials abuse the "Franking Privilege'. Tills Is $110.00 (Stayed-S55.00). PayPreston McKittrick, St. Louis Park, Ken Miller 226 Serviceman's i ut the practice el allowing Senators and Representatives to balance of fine, have no sis viol. 1 MN. Serve 90 days in jail and shall Larry Hay 216 Center 14 yr. Troy James Harder, Bingham pay a fine of $700.00, along with Tracy Lanes 13 send mall " frse" through the pOstal service just by signing Lake, MN, $110.00. Travis Stanley the $70.00 state surcharge and Lamberton Tuesday Night Clover Farm 11 1/2 PC Men,s Late League---10/23/90Hoyt Oil 11 1/2 the envelope InMead of putting a stamp on It. The problem Is Svalland, Windom, MN, $110.00 $75.00 alcohol assessment. That 60 Jerry s Sportsman High Series: I that basicallyithese mailings are used to impress the (Stayed-S55.00). Pay balance of days of said jail sentence and electorate with the wonderful job they are doing In fine within 30 days, have no s/s $220.00 of said fine shall be Bowl 20 - 12 Lmda RetTlaff +~ Washington, and "be sure to remember this at election time", violations for one year. suspended on the following Revere Coops 19 - 13 Diane Demin ~C Recently someone checked on Boschwitz's use of the Parked In Bus Load Zone: conditions: 1. Pay the remaining Wally's Feeder Lu Anderson Franking Privilege and found that In the past 12 years Rudy Paul D. Jones, Westbrook, MN, fine and surcharge. 2. Enter and Pigs 18 14 $11.00. satisfactorily complete a primary Hoyt Oil & High Games: has mailed over 20,000,000 pieces under this privilege. I Illegal Unsafe Tires: John out-patient chemical dependency Convenience 15 17 MillieWest presume in the past 12 years with the cost of stamps going Elick Carsten, Bingham Lake, MN, treatment program. 3. Attend all Greenwood Linda Retzlaff up all the time you could figure an average cost per stamp of $27.50. aftercare and AA recommendations Nursery 13 19 Linda Retzlaff about 18 centS. That means Rudy got about $3,600,000.00Fail To Stop At Stop Sign: of his treatment program. 4.CactusBar 11 - 21 worth of freebies from the Postal Service. Would you like to John Elick Carsten, Bingham, know who pays for that extravagance? Take a look In your Lake, MN, $44.00. Abstain from the use of all mood- Tracy Monday Night altering chemicals. 5. Serve the High Series: Women's Bowling---I mirror tomorrow morningl Would you also like to know Fail To Transfer Own OFM: remaining 30 day jail sentence, Lane Hem 599 Tracy Ins. 27 where a large a .ount of those missiles to hisDouglas Phillip Francis, Windom, with the option of house arrest WaUy Brown 580 Al's Bar,21 MN, $55.00. under home monitoring, with work Don Fester 571 Serviceman s constituents end up? In the waste paper bag in the lobby of Non Current Reg.: Paul Kent release privileges. 6. Probation, Center 18 the post office Or st home. Mattison, Lamberton, MN, $22.00. abide by all the rules and High Games: Body Shop 18 Let's fa e It Boschwitz didn't get his multi million No MN Registration: regulations. 7. Have no further Lane Hem 224 MedClub 16 dollar reelection campaign funds from the little guys back Somchanh Sengchaah, Jackson,violations of same or similar nature Don Fester 216 Clover Farm 15 home who got him elected. He got It from big business, and MN, $110.00 (Stayed-S55.00). Pay for a period of two years. Terry Bishir 210 Hoyt Oil 14 that's who he IS going to represent If he is reelected. I would remaining balance of fine, have no Disobeyed Stop Sign: Continuing Tracy Lanes 13 s/s violations 1 yr. course of conduct or single Lamberton Tuesday Night have to say, my opinion Wellstone has run a bettor Change Of Domicile: Thomas behavioral incident for which no Ladies League---10/23/90 High Series: campaign than Boschwitz, and without spending millions and James Duncan, Windom, MN, separate sentence shall be imposed. Wilson Trailer Sandi Rettmer millions of dollars. $22.00. Repair 22 - l0 JoAnn Majeres I sure like the ring of that campaign slogan "Throw the Revoked DL In Possession: Rues Super Valu 18 - 14 Lu Anderson | Rascal Out"[ ---mm-- Thomas James Duncan, Windom,Bowling J & L Variety18 - 14 I , MN, $44.00. '- Lam,berton Dist. 14 - 18 High Games: :I DAR: Thomas James Duncan, Betty s Beauties12 - 20 Val Rathje Now, I hope some of my Republican friends are sitting Windom, MN, $330.00 (Stayed- Wabasso Bldg. JoAnn Majeres $110.00). No s/s violations 1 yr. down when they read this, but I'm afraid I may have to say I DNR/In WMA: Patrick John Westbrook Men's Tuesday Center 12 - 20 Linda Ribera like what I hav p been hearing about Vin Weber. I think Vin Schlict, SL Paul, MN, $33.00. Night--10/23/90 i I has grown somewhat In the job and could be a good Minor In Poss. Of Alcohol: DoubleDCafe 48 - 24 :~P~l~'lllli--i I! II~lIIglllll'~l"1 representative Of our area of the state. In case that makes. Jason Michael Limbach, Mountain LichtyDrug 37 - 35 e" RICKi you Republical s feel a little smug, I'll just mention the race Lake, MN, $110.00 (Stayed- Double D Bowl35 - 37 $55"00)" PaY balance f fine,nO s/s ElkhOrn Inn 24 " 48 I~~+:~ ~ MAE1 for Governor Minnesota. What a shambles that has turned viol. 1 yr. into. About the only good thing about it Is that it showed how Assault In The Fifth Deg.: High Series: Ineffective BosChwitz is In Minnesota pOlitics. In spite of the Brant Marcy, Mounu6n Lake, MN, Rick Fogel 527 efforts to tear Rudy Perplch down, he has served the state of $220.00. Jail/Prison-Stayed 30 Roy Hemmert 513 Minnesota well and certainly Is head and shoulders above days for 1 yr. Supervised Probation Dave Strescmann 488 anything the Republicans are trying to put in. for 1 yr. Pay the t'me, have no s/s for Redw i - -.ram--- viol. 1 yr; enter, attend, pay for High Games: Ul and complete Anger Management Rick Fogel 182 RoyHemmert 181 CountyAffo Closer home, there are not too many races on the Program. R county level. Of course, we're really proud of the job Marlowe Issuance Of Dishnrd. Check:,Y Hemmert 180 Prmenfly RI1h JudiclQI Dlshlct working pr~adly In LyOn. ~ ~ REDWOOD COUNTIES. :TI" " Education: Mankato State university Nelsen has don as County Commiseloner tor the 2nd District Tr y Late Monday Night Univen ly School of Law and would urg, you to vote for him even though he has no Letter to Women sBowling--10/22/90 competition. The only race in the county is for County M Former Custody Officer Blue Earth County Sheriff's John's Super Valu 30 - 11MDel:x rtment Attorney. Daniel McDonald, has been serving as County the Editor Wracy State Bank 24 - 16 . 32 years old; married; resident of Redwood County Attorney since Bruce Gross resigned and in the dealings our . Nelda's Tax Serv. 23 - 17 Active member In CrlrnlnQI Low Section of the .c. ha o w. Mcoon.0 oon0.n.xoe+ot -- job, and what Is more ImpOrtant, If he Is elected he will bring Arnie's Standard 20 20 o++ Amer. Faro. Ins. l 8 22 continuIty to the office. --.ram-- - Editor: Dairy Queen 14 26 Attention Voters: Red Rooster 11 29 + Two years ago voters : ] '"' i' "' " '," + ,overwhelmingly passed a High Series: Sen:inelt & Tribune constitutional amendmentthat ArlencWest 573X established the Environment and Theresa Tholen 533 Natural Resources Trust Fund in Lu Anderson 533 Iq ( ++ = * ili (ISSN 8750- 3905),its income from proceeds of the High Games: lottery. Arlene West 225 Ralph T Gladys E and Thomas J. Merchant Publishers This year on November 6, I amTheresa Tholen 219 Thomas Merchant Managing Editor encouraging voters to vote YES on Lu Anderson ' 221 ============================== Junette Merch mt Westbrook Office & Proof Readerthe constitutional amendment that Roxy Soil Ad Layout & Bookkeeper would assure that 40% of the Patrlcla Peterson Edltor proceeds of the lottery would be Madeline Alcorn Walnut Grove Office placed in the Environment and Nancy Goring Typesetter Natural Trust Fund for 10 years. Edna Lessman Walnut Grove Correspondent This fund will provide a long term Lois Knutson Dovray Correspondsnt secure source of funding to address Mra. Donald COmnick Milroy Correspondent natural resources in the future. Mrs. Paul Martin Lucan Correspondent Vote YES for your natural Published every Wednesday at Westbrook, Mn. 56183 resources on November 6. Second Class Postage Paid at Westbrook, Mn. 56183 Sincerely, As I sm moving, I will sell the following personal property on C. Merle Anderson EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 1988 SUBSCRIPTION PRICE FOR THE Dear Editor: SENTINEL-TRIBUNE WILL BE As the election approaches, l I ' II want to remind Minnesota voters j In the followingLyon.countieS:Murray,Cottonwood,and Nobles Redwood, year's f an importantba,ot. Mmncsotan .questi n on thiSare 12:30 p.m. on the Main Street of Dovray, Minnesota $13.00 Per Year being asked to vote on a ANTIQUES Rnkdapra l tcher - 4 blonde oak chairs Elsewhere in Minnesota- $16.00 Per Year constitutional amendment to Coal bucket.-- Nail Kegs de 'essi, on Wng cup Plant stand Out of State - $20.00 Per Year dedicate 40 percent of the state2 Gas romp oases ureen bowl -.Green lulcerNew fondue pot - card Canada & foreign countries inquire at the Sentinel-Tribune Office lotte ,'s net proceeds to the 2 - 3 gal. cream cane sugar oowl Old adding machine 2 mefal lawn chairs . Dark gree9 glasses 2 kitchen stools Envir 3nment and National Wooden 7-up case Yellownowl orange cloth rocker ,Snowbirds" may put their paper on hold at no extra charge while they Resources Trust Fund until the z - washboards Yellow candy dish HurrMdifier - games are gone, or pay $4.00 extra to have it mailed out of state, year 2001. 112 gal Red Wi ng crock Heo plum - HOD oowl Window air conditioner . . Two years ag ,o nearly 80 percent I stone lug -- Meat sew Blue glass - Blue tea potComptons encyclopedia Missed copies cannot be furnished because the cost of mailing single of Minnesota s voters favored 12 gel Red Wing crock 6 crystal goblets Misc L~OtS, pans, dishes, & [! copies is almost $1.00 Any request for a back copy must include ICabbage cutter 11 crystal-sherbet dishes utensds ~|i establishment of the Environment14 - small stone crocks Cry.s . water pitcher & glasses MISCELLANEOUS $1.50. Newstand price is 35 cents per copy. and National Resources Trust JSausegepress . . . zwrl~~sta~fflS New metal 3O gal. trash calt~ Mail change of address notice to: Fund. However, that vote did not ' ITiny white enamel conee pot 2 -- 3USE . ri'.EMS 6 ft. wood stepladder provide constitutional assurance IAntlque be.tiles . - ;Ju cup, conee makers 3 ft. metal step ladder :W Box 98. Westbrook, MN. 56183 or Box 398, Walnut Grove, IN. 56180 that the Legislature would dedicate IGreen Insumtor Large 36 fan - Deep fat fryer .large metal s~ep ladder lottery proceeds to the IGlase door knobs uorona.oo retr[geratoraraszer Long aluminum ext. ladder 12 - 1quart milk bottles rngmaJre, tc stoveRal(es, hoes, and shovels DEADLINES: Environment and National I1 - 1/2.pint milk bottle ulaer U.P- remgerator Electric snow thrower Local News Noon Monday Resomc Trust Fund. That is what11 - 1 pint milk bottle 18 Cu. Ft. Whirrpool deep Charcoal grills voters are being a. ked to consider IOId glasses & bottles freeze chest type Donkey cart planter Articles and other news 5:00 p.m. Monday this year. I collectors Items Sears Kenmors washer - Tomato cages AlIDisplayPeaChAdsAdS & Market Ads 10:00 a.m.NoonTuesdayM nday In order to pass, Minnesota IKaro12 lb. Nash'Ssyrup cansC ffee can heavy duty plus Extension cords - heavy . + Classified Ads Noon Tuesday coestitutional amendments must be ear .s Ke.nmor .e Dryer Eiectdc garden tiller- sma, lWood fruitbaskets t ~. mack & wnlte 12" 13/Hand sprayer approved by a majority of voters|10 gal. milk cans- G.E. clock radio Miscellaneous tools WESTBROOK SENTINEL casting ballots in the election, not le namal bed pan Metal roller table 8' construction level OFFICE HOURS 507-274-6136 just a majority of those voting on IP'iastic egg .basket . z wood frame dbl. beds & 4Wooden chairs the 3pos d. In ot,or(] ;, aIdishes (appm pattem) . drawer :hest voter who doesn t vote on the ITrunk -Boiler - Old bOOKS Panasonic stereo system & Monday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. the proposal. In other words, a drawer chest Folding step stool Tuesday 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.vot,;r who t vo e on tl e nasoni( stere P.old!ng fishing chair amendment is counted as voting I Metal beverage trays records ,-,ecvolux vacuum Wednesday 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. .no. I Clear & green ruit jars with 2 step end tables Dehumidifier - air tank Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. year the Envbonment and I wire tops 2 - foot st .eels. Set of 13/trays Rshing equipment Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. I DEPRESSION GLASS Pole floor mrnp Sewer snake - new National Resources Trust Fund 12 p!nk deproseion cake I ates small wooden desk Noon Hour - CLOSED Eiactdc weed trimmer WALNUT GROVE TRIBUNE d licaled is the only constitutional,Rnk depression candy dishNew Eureka tank vacuum Pressure cooker for canning " OFFICE HOURS 507-659-2187 am ndment being considered. J depression bowl . Chrome table & 4 chairs, red rmavy duty National gdnde Monday 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Your vote is importanL Join me I nk onservmg m Chromatable&4chairstan Tuesday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and vote "yes" on the nvLronmcnt l nn~ oepmsmon dhdder] dish& gray and National Rcsomocs Trust Fund ! i Wednesday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Amendment and you will be voting l Thursday Closed to protect Minnesota's Friday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. nvitonmcnL -, Noon Hour - CLOSED ' Yours Ixuly, Other: Call Patricia Peterson at 859-2120 Joseph N. Alexander David Rupp, Auctioneer #17 - 18 Lunch by,Legion Auxilla ,=, Commissioner