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October 31, 1990     Sentinel Tribune
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October 31, 1990

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, as an example as to how fast soils compost grass, since clippings may can be saturated with subsequent N be safely left on the lawn if youSENTINEL & TRIBUNE PAGE li losses. I do not suggest that anyone mow regularly and remove only take the approach of applying 1/3 of the blade length each time. Walnut Grove - Westbrook, MN - Wednesday, October 31, lglt "extra" N as insurance rather than If you do compost grass, mix it -" using an inhibitor when the with other yard waste. Grass REDWOOD COUNTY fall applications-- N solutions and When you apply N this fall its clippings, alone, pack down and You normally do not recommended for all appropriate conditions merit restrict air flow which limits the ammonium nitrate are not im rtant in redictin h unless your pile contai~~ byWayne Hansen . po p g ow much availability~of oxygen that is avoided. amounts of acidic materials~ recommended for all appropriate of it will nitrify this fall and winter needed for decomposition. Prenarin~ Your Comnost Pile; pine needles or fruit wast~ ~a~ appucauons -- r~ somuons ann and thus be susceptible to loss If you are intending to compost Build your compost pile in layers, then, be sure to add no Fall nitrogen ammonium nitrate are not Therefore, it ~s encouraged to delay weeds that are loaded with seeds or Begin with eight to ten inches of applications recommenaea at aum me mu - "- one cu~ T : fall N applications a~ ,ttc a~ garden plants that are infested with leaves, grass, or plant trimmings. Next, one must consider if the feasible As a minimum it i~ diseases, you must be sure that Shredding leaves and twigs ' ~ Pile." An' "acti, e compost 91 I As harvest season progresses use of a n~trfficauon inhibitor Is an recommended that soil your compost pile be managed improves the efficiency of heat to somewhere betwa [ and ends, there are usually questions about fall application of important, option. For those temperatures be below 50 degrees properly so that it heats up enough breakdown. Water it to the point of and 160 degrees Fahrenheil-P'a" nitrogen (N). AS one considers N proaucers m eastern ana central for all fall annlications to kill the weed seeds and disease being moist, but not soggy. Then center cools, turn the pile management options, several areasMinnes ta-- that-canthesayhigherthat theirrainfallroot facIn summ~v, remember which pathogens, add a nitrogen source, such as speed decomposition and ~! , factors that you cannot control tors you can and cannot co.uu Some things should not be ammonium nitrate, ammonium any objectionable odors. W I need to be discussed and some zones have "suttic~ent" or Then base vour fall N strategy to composted. Pet feces can transmit sulfate, or an inexpensive high need to do this once or 1~i factors that you can control need to "excessive" soil moisture, it is maximize vour vields ~r-f-e-~ l~izer diseases. Meat, bones, grease, nitrogen lawn fertilizer without mono th. Continue to wat i be mentioned. '~ recommendedinhibitor with to89 0 0use aappliednitrificationthis NroundCOSts anclnmin'imize .v~our risk of whole eggs, and dairy products herbicide. Sprinkle the pile with compost pile periodically t0~ Factors that One cannot control,- . g a d surface water attract rodents and other animals 1/3 to 1/2 cup of fertilizer per, 25 moist but not soggy. You c#! are the type of soil that one farms, fall. We can au use m~s past spnng contamination. Comnost Structures: The square feet of surface area (a 5 x5' little fresh material when If the soils ar~ coarse-textured compost pile should be enclosed in bin). If you have access to the pile but generally, you~ (sandy loam, loamy sand, sand, Saving energy in transportation some type of structure, preferablya livestock manure, you can use a fine sandy loam, loam) donot -- cylindrical or cubical mass that is two inch layer of manure as your off beginning a new pile.A well-managed com~ '~ I apply fall N. Also, if your soil is about 3-5ft. in each direction, nitrogen source. will be ready in two to four! I overlying karst,formed bedrock, by Carol Peterson There should be openings to allow You may choose to add a one in the warm season, wh@!--~ such as those in Southwestern for the addition of water or inch layer of soil or completed Minnesota, the potential for Many Americans are alarmed by and plan wisely. Jumping around removing finished compost The compost over the nitrogen to untended pile will take a~, I groundwater contamination is great the rising cost of fuel. In the last and back-tracking uses up gas and structure can be build from cement increase the number decomposing more to decompose ~--I enough that fall N would not be six months gasoline and heating ~energy. blocks, brick, wood or other microbes in the pile. However, completed, your compost ~ [ recommended, fuel have risen about $ 30 per * Walk or ride a bike if weather materials such as wire fencing, most leaves and plant scraps have be about half its original The second factor one cannot gallon What does that mean for permits. It saves energy and it's snow fencing or steel drums. Wood enough microrganisms to get the and will have a pleasant6 Control is rainfall. For those of us good for you. farming in western Minnesota, our fall N practices will be different from those used in eastern Minnesota. Another factor that a producer cannot control is the amount of available water in the soil. If fall N applications are an option, there are several management decisions that must not be based on those previously mentioned uncontrollable factors. The form of N that is to be used is important and, for fall application, should be considered along with your rainfall prgbabilities. Urea is not recommended in eastern and central Minnesota due to the fact that is is gen.erally broadcast applied and this will nitrify more rapidly than anhydrous ammonia Anhydrous :ammonia is the budget of the average consumer? If you drive 15,000 miles per year and your car gets 20 miles per gallon of gasoline you would experience an increase in gasoline costs of $225 per year. While this amount of an increase may not warrant buying a car that gets better gas mileage than your existing one, it may be a good time to look at some conservation measures. With a little conscious effort you may be able to reduce the amount you spend on gasoline rather than budget for increased costs. Individual savings may be accomplished through a combination of the following. Drive Less-- * Join a carpool. You may discover a new friend. * Eliminate unnecessary trips * Vacation in your own area. Many people overlook interesting sights in their own area. Drive Efficiently-- * Reduce speed. You get better gas mileage at 55 mph than at 70 mhp. * Accelerate gently. Easy does it on the gas pedal to save gas, tires, engine parts, etc. * Keep constant speed. Avoid stop and go driving -- a real gas gobbler. * Anticipate stops. Look ahead to minimize braking and save gas. Try coasting up to a stop light. * Don't idle. Idling for over a minute uses more gas than restarting your car. * Don't overfill your gas tank. Remove the hose when the automatic valve closes, this will eliminate any chance of spillage. Always Keep Your Car in Top Condition-- * Regular tune-ups by a professional can save on gas consumption. * Air filter should be kept clean. Too little air getting to engine makes gas bum inefficiently. * Radial tires last longer and can give increased mileage. * Tire pressure should be checked every week. Too little pressure decreases mileage. * Gas and oil grade and weight recommendations for your car should be followed. * Extra weight costs extra gas -- take it out if it's necessary. should be rot resistant such as job done without the addition of smell. For more informati~ redwood or cedar or pressure soil or compost, composting or ideaS~ ] treated with a wood preservation. Repeat these layers until the pile composting structures, co~ Timbers treated with creosote or reaches a height of five feet, pentachlorophenol should be watering each time you add new County Extension OfficeJ I layers. Redwood Falls Courthouse. ~ J Cottonwood County BE SURE TO VOTE TUES NOV. Prepped & paid foe by candidate on his own behalf. Conservative Cares About Hard Working k-] Pro-Life Dedicated Improved Farm Economy A Better Job Climate 12] Equal Opportunity For All El Common Sense Government Paid for by the Welker Volunteer Committee V an Evans Chair Montevideo, MN Composting We are being buried by garbage and waste in this county. Restrictions on landfills are tightening. I never did see the rationale of dumping everything in one big hole in the ground, so we are being forced to look at alternatives. One alternative to reduce solid waste is to recycle items that can be recycled. Another alternative is to compost organic materials that can be composted. Fall is a time when we have a lot of compostable organic material. Leaves, garden residue, and other yard waste are certainly in abundance. And we have to do something with it all. If you have not already started a backyard compost pile, you can't start any sooner than right now. What can be eomnosted. Many organic materials can be compostcd besides grass and leaves: non-woody shrub trimmings or twigs less than 1/4 inch in diameter, faded flowers, weeds, left-over plants at the end of the gardening season, lake plants, straw, coffee grounds, eggshells, fruit and vegetable scraps, shredded newspaper (bla~k and white prin0, small amounts of wood ash, and sawdust. Sawdust requires the addition of extra nitrogen; wood ash raises compost alkalinity and may result in nitrogen loss from the pile. There should be little need to Dr.J.R. 1450 N. Hwy. 60 & 71, Windom, MN. EMERGENCIES ?IANDLED I know I have and rll bet you have too. I was getting ready to put = another ad together telling you what a line fellow I am and why I am so much better than the other guy. I was thinking of all the helpful suggestions I have received from my backers: "Doug, we really liked your 'rest of the Storey' ad." "Doug, hit him with your superior record." "Doug, we really like your radio spots." "Doug, you to have some pictures of your daughters." "Doug, why don't you put in some pictures of you and your minister and the rest of the Church Board? All of a sudden it hit me. I was in danger of becomtn anothe 0olitlcian and I am sick and tired of Doliti aJas, Was I really of putting pictures of my daughters and my Church Board in my ad? What has that got to do with being a good County Attorney? That made me wonder what you, the voters, must be thinking. My opponent andl have been campaigning since the County fair, putting out signs, making radio ads, etc and yet I wonder ffyou really know who is the best candidate. I can tell you that my ann is getting sore from patting myself on the back. That's not my style. So, yes, I'm sendlng you a letter, and yes, rll keep on going door to door {it's one part of the campaign I really enjoy}, and yes, I'll keep on running my ads and yes, rll keep replacing my little yellow and black signs every time it rains. BuL I am not going to spend one more minute bragging about myself and telling you what a fine County Attorney I would be. Most of you know me well and I'll trust you to use your best judgment when you go to vote. For those of you who still don't know me, let me suggest that you talk to County employees and ! the law enforcement officers. Listen to what they say. Then please get out and votel I'll appreciate your support. Doug P.S. Check the 1988 Mountain Lake annual and the 1991 Windom annual and you will find some great pictures of my daughters. Vote For Prepared and pa dfor by the on his own beha/f.