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November 21, 1990     Sentinel Tribune
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November 21, 1990

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slon issues you wonder if the got me confused with Jim Christensen, I'll you that 1 do want to animal issues. While agriculture would have the subject matter ag agent a few years ago, changes has been the of food safety or diet issues in the minds of This trend has impact ;oNe raising livestock. change on a smaller level n my education in the area. As a home aist I am interested in food Issues as well as issues to consumers. a lot more Volunteers get involved! On a local level volunteers play many important roles. Whether through church groups, civic organizations or schools there are countless opportunities to work as a volunteer. A lesson brought to you by the Minnesota Extension Service will examine ways to become a more effective volunteer. The skills necessary to build and work with groups will be highlighted. Extension Agent Mary Ann Bannerman, from Watonwan County will teach the lesson. An conditions set forth on the SENTINEL & TRIBUNE 9 RESOLUTION ' Appraisal List. Motion made by Walnut Grove - Westbrook, MN - Wednesday, November 21, 1990 10-09-90 TF-1 Keith Madson, seconded by Frank Jungas. BE IT RESOLVED, that all parcels of tax forfeited land classified as non-conservation land, appearing on the Appraisal list, with the appraisal Value, determined by the Board and on file with the County Auditor, be approved and authorization for a public sale of this land be granted, pursuant to M.S. 282.01, that the sale be held at 9:30 A.M Friday, Westbrook County of Couonwood Board of Commissioners Yeas Kenneth Elg x Keith Madson x Marlowe Nelsen x Marvin Einensou x Frank Jungas x Date: 10/9/90 .Nays Prin. Wiecks noted the district December 7, 1990, by the Public School received a $300 offer for the 36 Cottonwood County Auditor at the passenger bus. The board decided Windom City Council Chambers, Attest: W.R. Mielke Regular Meeting to keep the bus for now. 444 9th St Windom, MN, for not County Auditor October 15, 1990 Prin. Graves discussed hiring a less than the appraised value and The regular meeting of the Spanish teacher for grades K-4. shall conform to the terms and Westbrook Board of Education Motion by Schmidt, seconded was held October 15, 1990 in the by Spielman to hire Marion Supt./Board Room at 7:45 p.m. Johnson to teach K-4 Spanish 3-5 Subdivision Sec. afternoon session will be from 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. on November 26th at Members present were Gene hours a week at S10-$11 per hour or or Valueof the Extension Office meeting Kronback, Patricia Spielman, Jim plus mileage. Motion carried. Lot Block Land room. The Jeffers Senior Center Schmidt, Dennis Timgren, BrucePrin. Wiecks requested hiring a will be the sight for the evening Jorgenson and Jim aid for a high school CITY OF WESTBROOK I I II III Twp. Range Appraised Appraised Value of Timber animal agriculturesession which will run from 7:30 to Absent was Jeffrey Cassel. Also student which is reimbursed 60%. up in much of the 9:00 p.m. present was Supt. Kjorness, Prin. Motion by Jorgenson, seconded24-612-0140 3 250.00 650.00 press, both directly andAll volunteers interested in Wiecks, Prin Graves, At. Asst by Schmidt to hire Tammy TighePeterson's Subdivisou 13 & 14 :tly. Animal rights andbecoming more effective in their Richards, Ralph Merchant, Roy as a management aid 4 hours per welfare are topics of roles are encouraged to attend. Hemmert, Melissa Grams, Terry day at $5 per hour. Motion carried. t to producers and someThere is no cost for the program. Peterson, Gwen Kvilhaug and Supt Kjorness and the Grounds 24-790-0170,25.00 hers. Food safety, the Preregistration by calling 831-4022 Francis Cohrs. Committee discussed needed Villa's Subdivisou W 50 6 ment and diet/health issues will guarantee copies of the The board toured the high repairs for the football facilities. 25.00 650.00 ;late solely to animal issues handouts. The University of school building prior to the board Ad. Asst. Richards discussed 24-826-0150 ntheydo. Minnesota is committed to the meeting. NCA with the board. A decisionlstAddition 3 16 406.83 t is a person supposed to policy that all persons shall have Motion by Schmidt, seconded will be at the next joint board in light of what is in the equal access to its programs, by Timgren to approve the minutes meeting. Richards also discussed a Each of us operates from a facilities, and employment without of the September 17 board Magnet Arts Program for grades TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR values. These can be quite or a new assessment as to the from one person or family regard to race, religion, color, sex, meeting. Motion carried. K-4. There is a $50,000 grant THE SALE OF TAX parcel in an amount equal to the national origin, handicap, age,Motion by Timgren, seconded which will be applied for which FORFEITED LAND amount unpaid on the original her. My roleas an Extension veteran status, or sexual by Schmidt to approve the would fund the program. assessmenL Lor specializing in food, orientation. . amended agenda. Motion carried.The gym will get two new PUBLIC SALES: M.S. 435.23 Assessment or m andhealth is to helpequip Motion by Timgren, seconded scoreboards as the necessary All tax forfeited lands areReassessment of Tax Forfeited with the skills to sort out by Jorgenson to approve the claims monies have been raised. A appraised and offered at a public Lands Returned to Private ltly conflicting messages for Computer Fair and accounts. Motion carried, committee is now raising money sale and sold to the highest bidder. Ownership. tific basis on which to make Do you feel like buying a REPORTS for a new wrestling mat. The minimum bid acceptable is the Any municipality, political bwn decisions. Reports of computer but need some help to Schmidt reported on the October The number of board members appraised value, subdivision, or other public ; may include opinion as make the jump? Do you have llth Tele-media and Ed. District attending the convention was authority may make a reassessment ; facts. Also the nature o,f problems implementing your meeting. DMRVTM will lease confirmed, or new assessment pursuant to is that we sometimes don t present computer into your home FEN antenna space in exchange for Member, James Christensen, TERMS: all the "answers" but are environment? What is the best$1000, our tele-media signal introduced following resolutionOnly'.All saleSAll salesShallarebefinalf r and"CaShno withstandingSecti n 1, that429"071'the originaln t m.g under best estimates, software and hardware for my,scrambled and $300 per month for and moved its adoption: provision is made for refund or assessment may have been made the data we have at theneeds. If you have ever had any of ten years with the fLrst five year's RESOLUTION PROVIDING FOR exchange, pursuant to otber general law or a these questions the 2nd Annual charge waived. special law. Farm and Family computer Fair, Supt Kjorness discussed the PUBLIC HEARING ON OTHER CHARGES: M.S. 444.076 Fee, s and Charges producers have an presented by the Minnesota 1990 census, prepared by Corinne PROPERTY TAX LEVY 1 State Assurance Fund - 3% of opportunity this month to Extension Service, is just for you. Olson, with the board. The motion for the adoption of " for Tax Forfeited Lands Returned lore about some of the This year we are extending the Gwen Kvilhaug and Francis the foregoing resolution was duly the purchase price. Payment made to Private Ownership. animal agriculture. A locations to three sites: Cohrs discussed revised bus routes seconded by Bruce Jorgenson and at time of sale. When tax forfeited land is 2. State Deed charge of $25.00 returned to private ownership and tm sponsored by the Tuesday, December 4 - VFW, with the board and administration, upon vote being taken the per deed. Payment made at time of :SOta Extension Service, Luveme, MN None of the routes will last longer following voted in favor thereof: the land is benefited by a public Radio and a number of ag Wednesday, December 5 than one hour five minutes after Spielman, Schmidt, Timgren, saleM.S. 282.014. improvement for which special businesses will be heldDowntown Holiday Inn, Mankato, road construction is over. Jorgenson, Christensen and 3. Deed Tax. Deed tax must beassessment were cancelled b ause 27 at the Memorial MN Motion by Timgren, seconded Kronback and the following voted paid at the time Of sale. Theof the forfeiture the municipality or in Worthington. This Thursday, December 6 by Schmidt to approve the adjusted against the same: None. amount of the tax is based on the other public authority, that made will bring in respectedHoffman House, Rochester, MN.bus routes. Motion carried. Whereupon said resolution was amount of sale at the ram of $1.65 the improvement may tmpose fees to speak on critical topics This computer fair will feature Motion by Spielman, seconded declared duly passed and adopted, for each $500.00 minimum of or charges for the use or the environment, food over 30 exhibitors of variousby Timgren to approve a new Roy Hemmert discussed $1.65. availability of the improvemant or animal rights and animal equipment and software. Exhibits policy for bus transportationrecycling with the board and the 4. Recording. M.S. 282.301 for connections therewith in an diet/health concerns, will be open from 9:00 a.m. until concerning unassigned students, purchase of a sink to rinse requires full payment for recording amount not to exceed the amount in the conference will 4:00 p.m. Motion carded, containers. We should also collect in the County Recorder's office remaining unpaid on the cancelled chance to listen and ask Workshops will also be The policy regarding pay to white recyclable copier paper, before the State Deed can be given assessment. The municipality may of the panel members, presented to help with your coaches driving bus will remain the Melissa Grams and Terry to the purchaser. Charge is $10.00 make the fees or charges a charge :onference begins with computer buying and application same. Peterson representing Wolf-Etter & per deed. against the owner, lessee, at9:00 a.m. The cost isneeds. "Do I need a Computer?", Prin Wiecks reported the Co discussed the 1989-90 district occupant, or all of them and may information on the "The computer as part orthe Homecoming activities- t veryaudit with the board and CONDITIONS: certify unpaid fees or charges to is available at our family", and "Software and well'. administration. Sales are subject to existing the County Auditor with taxes Highway 71 or at Hardware Decisions" are a few of Prin. Wiecks met with the Motion by Christensen, leases, if any, to building against the property for collection the topics that will be presented seniors and about 66% of the seconded by Timgren to approve restrictions appearing on record at as other taxes are eoll twice daily, students were interested in an the 1989-90 District #175 audit, the time of forfeiture; to easement extended trip. Motion carried, obtained by any governmentalTitle & 23--Extension Milker Barn meeting A preliminary copy of the Motion by Jorgenson, seconded subdivisions or agency thereof for The purchaser will receive a closed . Happy by Timgren to adjust Constanceany public purpose; to all "receipt" at the time of purchase rig. . County dairymen are invited to student handbook was handed out. Becker's salary from $730 to $780 applicable laws and ordinances, and will receive a deed from the )er 24 -- Teens participate in a Milker BarnThere is a problem with the hot per month for the months of Oct and to the condition that theState of Minnesota through the Youth" (TRY) Junior Meeting at the Maynard Beyerwater heater in the high school. Nov and Dec. Motion carried,appraised value does not represent Commissioner of Revenue at a F an, 10 a.m. farm on Wednesday, November Quotes from Ray's Plumbing & Supt. Kjorness updated the a basis for future taxes, later date. The law provides that ,Ja ms 28, at 10:00 a.m. This me ting is Heating and Olsen Hardware were board on the Greg Dallmann case. Local improvement constructed, this conveyance shall have the 26 --- Extension sponsored by the Cottonwood obtained, but some additional Sup! Kjorness submitted a but not yet assessed, must be force and effect of a patent from dy Group Lesson County Extension Service. xnt on]s requested Class ' A Realignment Proposalassumed by the purchaser, the State. Done and Making Milker Barn meetings are held otton ny p|eunan, seconaeo which will be voted on bv the Reassessment of cancelled :e -- Volunteers Get with the intention to help them by Jorgen n. to award the General Assembly for next improvement assessments may be Boundaries 1:30 O m Extension solve production problems and - -" "' %qwestbmoer. moUon .cam e@ Motion by Timgren, seconded made in accordance with M.S.Cottonwood County is not 7:30 p.m Sr. Citizens Dr. Bob Appleman, Extension rm. uraves reportea a 9O% by Schmidt to adjourn. Motion reading, in part, as follows: responsible for. !oc i'ng boundaries . J,;ffers; 4-H Leader's Dairy Management Specialist, and !,vleeting, 7:30 p.m Dr. Ralph Farnsworth, Extension mtendance for the Elementary carried. M.S. 429.071 - Sub. #4: ontaxforfeitcamnas. 2 .ntw--e. Veterinarian, both from the . upen House The board was BruceJorgenson, Reassessment, Tax Forfeited Land- upuateu on me various repair Clerk When a parcel of tax forfeited Information . m!ber 27 .-- Issues University of Minnesota, will be pro.jects in the elementary building, land is returned to privateInformation regaroin]l tax m Animal Agriculture, on hand to discuss milking m. to 3:30 p.m Memorial equipment, milking procedures, rr.m Graves ngted the activ.ity ownership and the parcel isforfeited lands may obtained in ,m .yorthin . mastitis prevention and treatment, aJlenaar posted m the hallway lists benefited by an improvement for the office of the Cottonwood activities scheduled. The ECFE ---.-- I which special assessments were County Auditor, Windom, MN, : 28 -- Milker Barn stray voltage, somatic cell count Program has been well attended I cancelled because of the forfeiture, 56101. Telephone 507-831-1905. .am Maynard Beyer and bulk tank bacteria counting. ten.students. Itut'q|tuhl'r [ the municipality that made the g ter; First of SwineDairymen should come with m g Vork hop, Series, 10 questions and enjoy this meeting teachinCamethreeAnders nr h has been. " I tmprovement" may, u n nouee-" and For complete listoftax forfeited g p esc eel Special 4~'rATi='|J/lrrllc" I ~,~ ; ;a a land you may contact the above uorral Supper Club. held in the milk room of the Beyer Ed. students Tsr==L vsu. I nfficc S-gx preregister by Novemberfarm. Milk, coffee and rolls will be For Fire Prevention Week ir"l zI GGArJ 'lJ '/') I assessment, make a reassessmem " " ,unty Fair 4-H Premium provided at 9:30 a.m. before the ----'es K-4 ' t Meeting, 8:15 p m, session begins, gr',m wm ne going to Lake mOff' w:e . " " Call the Cottonwood County Shetek and End-O-Line Park in I l t ,s Dec& ber 1 --- .tension Office to preregister for CU nu I II HELP WANTED BUSINESS HEALTH/NUTRITION ADOPTION I uon s meetmg. ]here is no charge for Com auni yJ leScSoJrt:t:abe nn; OPPORTUNITIES SHAPEUP! We'm. gseni n Jr 0weS t anmm [ me meeting, offered [his fall " t AGENT NEEDED. QualityLocal JUICE VENDING resultsl Weight los I roducts h' h commissions mute for sale Financi~ no exorchr~ Unklue to |mare ou r love m'~ .our j p ag . " -- eel ]with advance before issue, leas.'~ Bin. and dana I fi " tO 3 limes ; on,~mm~. ~,mv-',m~n,1 I lead system, and bene ts. 800-7;19-9992 mm tea. Use up to ~ I 339-6063 l~me/xo ~o.--va, ,~ ~r~l (Must qualify for benefits) a day. 612- I II Slavton Auction II I cal 1-s0o-4 -42rr i .: ,21 I wo, o : ,Ba.rn FN.TE IGENCE (~,m .n t uIA. o:~ uusloms, ObA, etc. . " . No i,o . Ca,l 0S r- tu. r e,y2 =S da .JW ]q";' I my & Straw moo I JoBs IN AUSTP UA pare for twenty exciting ca, c loct 212.;348-6o41 1 " = l ;v=~ n, ~.nn I " careers. Funeral Institute ---~------- (R458) J " '~ l w I ~xa.angemp.~ymentoppor- 1-800-323-5532 FEEUNG'FAT'? Maketl',ts ~ I I ~ura~es - P'am Iravel - lop "FIRST COURSE" to ~,=, ' . '~ :~ ~: I ;,-,4 e. n I oav& benefits - T~rn~rarv - - . l":" - u l l=novnmL .- u o~ outmcu zor I X-L.: :ff2:~.-;-,-Lf, uomplete agriculture lOSing welgnt. No =pecm, "~P" *" ~'~"' coursi)sleadingtoabache- diet "All natural.dl.eta~ SURROGATE MOTHERS ~ I I ]516-2 .s2 xt 1040 lot's degree in agriculture supplement. -uniqueNEEDEDFORINFERTILE ~% ~ : ' :::: I g- nnOll~ O30-IDZ~g t ,'~ ~'--'-'~:-'-7 . at home through personal- herbal tea. "Ur~ondi~ COUPLES. Contact ICNY, " ~ i~,: =%: uve:~,l~.S~ ized independent $1uc~y. 1.00%" ~uar2mteo: . Proo 14 E. 601h Slreet, I ~. ~'"~': v'''~ ~=-Occasional campus visas shial)ina out- & Asm~i- 1204, NY, NY 10022. I- I nes Pun social activities r,~," r ~,t ,& ares" (8i2~ 557-0579 ~ 1-0811 May call c ;o,e rom caromi; - - ,I . I screened families. Individti- ;'e"n~l i'-"~ "~"-'~"--" "r-":: TANNING & TONING ~'~" ali " RIN i, ~ v, rrzgloatre t T~ ed a t~ ~von~k.PJ ~GE- completed at ~'U'~-'Rivor WOLFF r/~l, NING BEDS- -- un~a~,~MgOUS . "" l /r. ~,~.v, "~ ',":.~2~ Falls. Contactlhe Extruded uommerclal-Mome UB|I[S I IIIIl~WIm.lm~me'~---- SO~ ~'nnceton No ueo4u from 19900 -to- SALE ' ' ' eeP ram Co $ . . FOR ertcas rog,Beg -- I (609)497-1195 ~ltua~, Unlvorl~ty ofIlorls-A cer~,o ies. ~1.~ A :. P t'reml Wis~onsin-PJverFalls Call payments lOW as ~e.oo. Bill Nolan t~n rwr~, , um Quality iNANNYOPPORTUNITIES. 715-425-3239. " Call today FREE Coloreelling2.Shead~Nell~ Annl; I StSo- Jo. co= g 1.eoo-22&62 buUs or H lor= p l"l["tmat~- ~ l eessf.~l Nanny Network, --r,a~,u,~ ~,L -- ute '~ old SL-~.00 te~t. l expenencegrowthwzagmat SERVICES m ered dtmaly W " : ~. ~ : ' Ifamilyinanewlocat~on. Gan CASH IN YOU" tv~o-r HOCgport-.I-OltOn. approvalinln, w:ttl gq~, * " " ru S ei sand, 1- GAGE ~)VVT"H ~ Texas Go .fl .ing, itart for Ihe .mmlh We Jlo :~ v, L/Ual ldy ill 1800-443-64ZU. Mmlmum ceive ~lwments on a mort- l~alle~ ira I~, ~ a have 10 day 010 :~ m %, I/'1 lage]u- oaoo-WS WILL BUY if! ~oat rap. oo~mte mu~ - $165.00e~. t~nl~sT,l~ Ir~l -- urn=, m ~ro umcamnes Gt~nmY you m~ igl se raze-an state-an ' # :::: . I cAt, 'ow, - FARM / RANCH and morel FREE cket 15ormem. C~1.71~.7T~- I County, SD. Beaut ------------- I' TVNIDEO OA I fuI. home, &~o~ro~Js out- ASK US ABOUT MCAN! CAMCoRDERS-VCRs. )roceeding on new ball diamond uvnt;;e I e ne,ta who ,(o 00m,u- tea sS LS: . v.m , Igooawazer~;mm~r veflh#/n~Nelwork. Youcan etl),nolax, freedeliverv %600DI wm r.nmns, ger was busy Monday afternoon excavating dirt from wemorook, MN [ hog.s, agd s mn a .2~. weed classified ad Full local warranty. ~ TBOOl~s~ .mek.~2 ttu l l Of the new baseball dlamond being IxiIIt by thet"none 274-6166 i o, emtw,jrunpaoonm pa, catalog (none for VCl ). Metrl~ club. ST Photo. ~ ~ of MN a reach 2 minion modelnumber 1-800.344- Oitcnvmcn ~,vm,~m. I Burke. Owner. readers for only $149.00 7123 " ---- Cell (~08) ~167.84~1Dqts. .V