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November 21, 1990     Sentinel Tribune
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November 21, 1990

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moo, Mr. Van De Wiele introduced support matters. The contractual ar- SENTINE I the following resolution and rangement will be that of independ- W~, H-Wednesday, No~mb~'g~ moved for its adoption: ent contractor and the county will Resolution in Re: The petition of not be paying any fringe benefits. Gregory Jay Dallmann for recall Two attorneys expressed an in- ~i and realignment to obtain a full terest in this position. Larson was instructed to do some these institutions ut~ I Walnut Grove Art School and NCA Evaluation.time position Lee Cuuningham, Windom At- checking with surrounding counties Systems and recomm ll, I A concern regarding the method(complete copy on file in Supt.'s torney jnterviewed Ftrst. Curming- Pubhc School of conducting the 7th and 8th grade " office) ham gav'b .a quote of $18,000 to to see what they are charging,explained dividends back to the County q ! Regular Board meeting football practice between Motion was seconded by Mr. perform this job. Cunningham re-Dennis Nelsen, Windom Citysystem. Dial-Net will q ! October 8, 1990 Westbrook Walnut Grove MiddleJohnson and upon roll call vote for quested that if he is awarded the The regular monthly board School and Storden Jeffers. ~as: Knott, Johnson, Van De contract, a provision be added that Clerk/Treasurer, and AI Purring on, half the initial install~ City Su'eet Supervisor, were present installation fee that is 1~ meeting of the Walnut Grove SuperintendentWiemers was asked Wiele, Swanson, Boerboom, the contract can be terminated upon to ask the County's approval to come back to the Co~ School District #641 was called to to address a letter to the Athletic Knakmuhs and Bertschi. Those 60 days notice of either party. This landform the petroleum contamina- over a one year period~. order by vice chair Fran Van De Director and Storden Jeffers voting against: None. Motion to was agreeable with the Board. ted soil found at the airport when Motion by JungaS,~Fi Wiele at 8:19 p.m. on Monday,School Superintendent or Athletic adopt the resolution was declared Terry Bitch, Windom Attorney, underground tanks were dug up. Nelsen, unanimous roll~ October 8, 1990 with the following Director expressing thecarried unanimously, interviewed next. Bitch gave a They plan to landform this soil on switch the county's lal~ members present: Fran Van De dissatisfaction in not having the A letter and proposed contract quote of $14,500 to perform th2s job. five to six acres of land right at the carrier to Dial-Net Sys~( Wiele, Jeff Bertschi, Kerry agreement of one practice site from Peoples Natural Gas to put Blochrequested th tifhe is awarded airport. They are also going to con- October 22, 1990. Knakmuhs, Bruce Johnson. being carried out and that this Walnut Grove School on a small the contract, provisions be made that struct monitoring wells in order to Motion by Eine~'~ Marianne Boerboom joined the resulted in a lowering of a quality volume supplemental supply ofin the event a case is appealed to the detect any possible groundwater Nelsen, unanimous re, lie meeting at 8:20 p.m. Absent were program for the students involved, natural gas from November Court of Appeals, the Public Defen- problems. The City did get approval this meeting to Octol~ I~ Richard Swanson and Arlen Knott. Motion that the meeting be through March was read. der would receive compensation or- from the Great Bend Township 1:30 p.m. for the maialkn Superintendent Wiemers was also adjourned carried unanimously. Motion that the Independent er and bore the contract at a rate of Board previously. Motion by Mad- opening bids on the el~hi present. . . Marianne C. BoerboomSchool District #641 enter into an $50 an hour. Also, in extraordinary son, second by Nelsen, unanimous lationA'emodeling proj~ Motion that the minutes De clerk agreement with Peoples Nalural case.s identified to the Court, the vote to support the City's appliea- bids were received at t0qi,: approved as presented carried Walnut Grove Gas Co. for a Small Volume Public Defender is authorized to tionto landform this soil. This pro- ing. ~1 unanimously. Public School Contract at a cost of $.060 per Ccf utilize postage and copying ma- tess will take place the week of J I-c I-c Motion to approve the board to the normal rate of interruptable chines of Cottonwood County. Oth- October 22. OFFICIAL p~b bills as presented carried Special meeting service carried unanimously, erwise, these normal expenses are D. Nelsen and Purrington were Cottonwood .l.~v unanimously. October 15, 1990 Mrs. Boerboom gave a brief included in the salary, asked if there might be a place in the Octol~ Motion to approve activity The special meeting of the report on the Redwood County Judge Gross was asked for his City where residents could take their ThefoUowingproc~ assignments for the 1990-91 school Board of Education of Independent Telemedia and the request of recommend tion. He commentedgrass clippings and leaves for corn- summary of the officialtt~F year carried unanimously. School District #641 was called to Finicky Engineering for an that he felt the low bidder, Terry posting. This will be looked into. meeting of the Cotton~' Motion to approve contract order by chair Knott at 8:45 p.m. additional $2500 for work notBitch, would do a good job andMotion by Nelsen, second by Board of Commissiom~'" modifications carried unanimously, onMonday, October 15, 1990with included in the Engineering would recommend entering into a Madson, unanimous vote to approve text of the minutes are tm~ A letter from Phillip J. Conners the following members present: contract. After di~ussion, concern contract with Bitch. The Board will the Warrant List in the following public inspection dut~ requesting permission to continue Aden Knott, Jeff Bertschi, Fran was expressed regarding the make a final decision after the Legal amounts: business hours in Co~ " attending the Tracy High School Van De Wiele, Kerry Knakmuhs,additional cost. It was agreed the Services Contr ct is amended with County Revenue Fund $44,680.14Room 5 and in the ~. after moving to Walnut Grove was Marianne Boerboom, Bruce representative to RCTN, Mrs.the aforementioned dditions. Road and Bridge Fund 36,265.60 County Auditor, both~ read by Superintendent Wiemers. Johnson and Richard Swanson. No Boerboom, should consider all Motion by Madson, second by County Building Fund 458.57 Cottonwood County 6~1 e Einertson, unanimous vote to ap- Courthouse Remodel. Fund 279.26 Windom, Minn. i~- Motion to approve the request of members were absent. Also present factors presented and cast her vote prove p yment of a bill to Baldridge Ditch Fund 1,200.00 * * * ~ Phillip J. Conners carried was Superintendent Wiemers. accordingly. unanimously. Board members reviewed the Motion that the meeting beArchitects in the sum of $17,105 for Motion by Jungas, second by The Board of Cour~lA consulting services on the elevator/ Einertson, unanimous vote to pro- $ Mr. Johnson gave a report on the proposed Findings of Fact, adjourned. Motion carriedremodeling project. 1990meeting ti:30p-~]~ staff development committee'sConclusions of Law and Decision unanimously, claim October 12, 1990 "BENNIE sioners reconvened the ~" proposed program for 1990-91 in regard to the hearing of Gregory Marianne C. Boerboom Motion by Nelsen, second by THOMPSON DAY IN COTTON- ber 18, 1990. Present .w~. which included Accelerated Jay Dallmann held on September clerk Einertson, unanimous vote to ap- WOOD COUNTY." Thompson has sioners Kenneth Elg, Learning Techniques and prove paymem of a $520 bill to been a custodian for the County sen, KeithM dson, Fra~ Staff/Student Personal,Bauer Decorating of Windom forsince 1935. A coffee party will be Development. Details were to be sent to give'the conclusions of the valances and mini-blinds and also held in Thompson's honor, and Marvin Einertson; ~]1 completed at a later date. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION feasibility study done on Cotton- for a bill in the sum of $115 for a Motion by Einertson, second by torney Daniel Mc~ Audit or, W. R. Mielko; alP~ Motion to approve the Cottonwood Count, Minn.wood county's behalf in regard to mini-blind for one yet unfinished Madson, unanimous vote to honor sioners Secretary ~y~f~ recommended staff development October 2, 1990 the Bit-Technology Center. Suther- window. Bauer had previously been Eldon Lober with a Resolution of plan for 1990-91 as approved by The following proceedings are a land stated that the University of asked to absorb this cost since it was Appreciation for the many years he Christopher Schiltz 0~ the Westbrook District and the summary of the official minutes era Mitmesota, Waseca Southern Exper- an oversight, but Bauer stated he has served on the Planning and Architects and Engin rSlE- Minnesota Department of meeting of the Cottonwood County iment Station, is looking at doing was unable to do this. Zoning Board. Lober is moving sealed bids at 1:30 were received giving Education carried unanimously. Board of Commissioners. The full pilot project. It is presently in the Mielke informed the Board that away from this area. and bids for nine alwm~ Motion to transfer to Westbrook text el"the minuus are availabtefor planning stages. Dennis Purrington, City Utilities Motion by Mad on, second by by Mad on, second by ~pw school the metal working table public in-q~ection during normal Now that this feasibility study is Department, does not feel the corn- Nelsen, unanimous vote to appoint imous roll call vote to ca~[ with borders carried unanimously, business hours in Commissioners completed, the grant money re- puter hook-up lines can be run Terry Bitch, Windom Attorney, as bid and award the bid After hearing the building Room J and in the Office of the ceived for this purpose is depleted, overhead from the Courthouse to the the County Public Defender and to Construction Company ~'~ committee recommendations a Count Auditor, both located in the This ends any association between U.S. West building. They will have pprove the Legal Service Contract Cottonwood County Courthouse, motion was offered by Mr. Windom, Mi.nn. A.U.R.I. and Cottonwood Countyto be hooked up via telephone lines, stating that Bloch will receive field, Minnesota at it ba~.~r Bertschi, seconded by Mrs. unless this project is pursued. There will be $16.50 monthly$14,500 annually for performing $424,800. The bid will contingent upon Bulda ,~! Boerboom tO approve capital Virgil King, local garbage col- charge. Mielke will look into leasing this service, outlay requests for 1 piano, 10~ Cottonwood County Board lector, was present. He offered to additional modems and controllers Auditor Mielke informed the all the proper documcmtwJ~ Motion by Nebum, Ic( stands, 10 chairs and 1 snare drum of Commiuion~s met in regular assist the driver of the county's that will be required temporarily. Board that the sale of tax forfeited Jungas, unanimous VOte I~r : stand in the amount of session on October 2, 1990 t 9:00 truck which will be picking upMotion by Einertson, second by land will be held on December 7 at partial payment of a.lo~n~. approximately $3940 and for the am. at the Courthouse in Windom, recyclables around the county with M dson, unanimous roll call vote to 9:30 a.m. at the City Council Chum- the Big Bend Snowridea~l;,'=' him Present were Commissioners routes in order to make this job more pass a Resolution asking th t Senat- ~ in Windom. the Southwest State Ball~[.'. An Department for tapes and cards Kenneth Elg, Marvin Einertson, efficient. The Board thanked him for ors, Representatives and other digni- Motion by Einertson, second by dora in the sum of- $3,5~. $345. Motion carried unanimously, prank C. Jungas, Marlowe Nelsen his offer. Motion to increase Shelley taries assist in reversing an effort of Jungas, unanimous vote to appoint Board approved this l~kE Nelson s bus wages by three and Keith Mad on; County Auditor Motion by Einertson, second by the United States Army to deactivate Dr. Steven Hat berg as County Cor- c nse, due to lack OIJo, dollars ($3.00) per day for her W. R. Mielke; County Attorney Madson, unanimous vote to pay for the First Battalion of the 125th Field trier. winter, the Snowridexs Daniel McDonald; and Commission- one-half of the cost of the feasibility Artillery which has units in New Motion by Madson, second by generate enough rev~J~?d route to Westbrook due to the ers' Secretary Joy Storey. detour. Wage to be reconsidered at to ~ Elg called the meeting study on Cottonwood Lake am~xa- Ulm, Windom, Jackson, SL JamesJungas, unanimous roll call vote to loan. :~r~4 ' tion if either the city, township or and SL Peter. ' pprove Resolution 10-9-90-TF1 Farley Onmig, ~.~ the time the detour is discontinued, local residents would p y for the There being no futher business, which seas the time for the public presented Resolution ~ Motion carried unanimously. Jim ChristmLsen, Extension Di- other half. the meeting was adjourned at 5:45 sale of the tax forfeited land appear- proc~ure for making .~ A letter received from Jef andrector, explained further "contract- Mary Ann Anderson, County p.m. hag on the appraisal list. for tax abatements. M~ Mary Jo Olson regarding hag for services" of extensionRecorder, addressed the Board bout s/Kmmeth Elg, gas, second by M~ unassigned students riding theagents through the University of a couple matters. Chairm n Motion by Nelson, second by vote to pass the guidelil~ school bus for purposes other than ~ . If the county utilizes this school including piano lessons was plan, they would pay 35%-of the ServiceMaster of Windom quot- s/Joy Storey, Mad on, unanimous roll call vote to ing application for ab teal~ ed $107.28 to clean the carpet t the Recording Secretary pprove the Resolution 10-9-90 TF2 future ~ referred to. gents' salaries and the U. of M. U.S. West building where the Reoor- ATTEST: s/W. R. Mielke, which sets out the sale of one parcel It was agreed that the primarywould pay the remainder plus all Storey presented tl~ .d~ purpose of bus transportation was fringe bel~fits. Because the county der s and Assessor's offices will be County Auditor of tax forfeited property to the City cost analysis of tl~ .ota~l~al,---- for the district programs and that has not been on this plan previously, moved temporarily during renova- of Westbrook for the purpose of a system since the c~g .e~i$ students not assigned to a regular there would be lump sum payment tion at the Courthouse. Motion by recycling collection-site, service. Ways of redue~l~" " ~ of $1,130 due in order for them to Einertson, second by Jungas, unani- Motion by Jungas, second by must be found. .~ ,e tutus vote to approve the ear~t Nelsen, unanimous roll call ~ote to Commissioner N~. cleaning at a cost of $107.28. approve Resolution 10-9-90-TF3 listing two parcels which will be noune~ that David S~W sold to the County of Cottonwood Westbrook will be hired ~, for purposes of expanding the Coun- assist with the pick up ofl~r~ route may ride the bus to a designated bus stop on a regular route after receiving approval of the superintendent of the parents written request. Such permission is not to cause a problem for those regularly assigned to the bus. Other correspondence was read from Wolff Etter and Co regarding a bid for the necessary audit and from Peoples Natural Gas regarding the availability of uninterruptable service at an additional cost of $.060 per Cal. Superintendent Wiemers gave a brief Middle School report. Principal Richards reported on the Glass Installed Headquarters for all Glass Replacement - ALL CARS & TRUCKS - Klasse Sales & Service 274-6166 Westbrook, MN. * FIRESTONE "MULTIMILE "CO-OP TIRES ON FARM TIRE SERVICE ,i, GENERAL SERVICE STATION REPAIR TIRE Westbrook, MN. Phone 274-6561 catch up with the U. of M.'s sched- ule. The Board is concerned that the mandated ~daries would require mote county funds than they feel they can afford. Christensen was asked to look at areas where his budget can be cut. No decision was made at this time. Keith Ferrington, agent of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Union, and loc l County Highway Department representatives, Ver Langland, Chuck Sever on, Keith Willard and Mike Schmidt, were to negoti te their contract for 1991. RmSngton presented their proposal. The Board informed the union representatives that the pre- mium for health ~ is in- treeing from $328.24 to $428.17 per month for family coverage. increase will have to be incorporated into all salary increases for 1991. Other options for health insurance are begug looked into. The union represent tb, e will return on November 6 at 9:30 for further negotiations. Chairman EIg has been asked to read a Proclam tion at the Naturali- zation Ceremomes scheduled for Oetolmr 26 t 10 .m. in the cour- troom t the Courthouse. Elg con- ~qlted. The new position of Solid Waste Officer/Recycling Coordinator was discmt~d with Larso~. Larson has drtl~ed job description and will advertise in newspapers throughout the state. Elg appointed Marlin Lar- son, Kelth Mad on and himself to a ~reenin8 committee to go over ap- plied iota. The full Board will make fmal decision. Bob Finley, Redwood Cotton- wood Rivers Control Area, updated the Board on their proje~. R.C.ILC.A. is requesting $5,880 from Cottonwood County, which will be matched by grant from Board of Soil and Water Re- sources, to clean up the Cottonwood River and its tributaries. Motion by ServiceMaster also quoted a price of $25 per week to do weekly cleaning of the offices at the U.S. West building. No decision was made. Anderson stated that she will need a fire proof security facility for her records while located at the U.S. West building. Motion by Einertson, second by Jungas, unanimous vote to rent fire proof file c binet from Ben on Office Supply at $20 month. Anderson was instructed to get quotes for carpeting and paint for her office in the Courthouse. These projects will be completed before her office is moved back into the Courthouse next spring. Dennis Nelsen" Windom City Clerk/Treasurer, was present to further discuss recycling in the City of Windom. The Board decided that if each community is not able or willing to provide one person to assist with curbside pickup in that community, the county will hire man to assist in all communities. Dislxibution of containers in the City of Windom was scheduled. The Cipj will assist with that task. The dates and location for the pick up will be advertised in the newspaper, radio and television. A $5 deposit will be collected at that time. Dennis Nelsen informed the Board that there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony for ~e stretch of highway between Windom and Mountain Lake. It was the consensus of the group that the County, the City of Windom, and the City of Bingham Lake should spon~r this event. Invitations will be sent. Auditor Mielke was approached by the Mountain Lake Economic Development Director expressing interest in acquiring e parcel of tax forfeited property next to the county highway shop in Mountain Lake. The Board agreed that this parcel should remain with the county. Judge Bruce F. Gross was pre- Nelsen, u ond by Madson" unani- sent to explain the County Public moua vote to approve Cottonwood Defender position which is being County's commitment to interviewed for. Services required of this R.C.R.C.A. project in the maxi- the Public Defender will be misde- mare of $5,880 for 1991.meaner defense, juvenile matters, Jim Sutherland and Robert Stoll child protection proceedings, at or- of the As c i Utilization Re-ney for child's parents and guardian ,arch Institute, Wal ca, were pre- ad litems, Respondent in commit- OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Cottonwood County, Minn. October 9, 1990 The following proceedings are a summary o/the officia minutes of a m~eting of the Cottonwood Com~ Board of Commissioners. The full of minutes are amitabl for public i&~pection during normal busiaess hours in Commissioners Room 5 aad ia the Office of the Couaty Auditor, both located in the Cottonwood Cou,'~ CoarthoK~e, Windom, Minn. The cottonwood County Board of Commissioners met in regular session at 1:00 p.m. on Tuc~lay, October 9, 1990 at the Courthotu~ in Windom, MN. Present were Com- missiotmm Kenneth Elg, Keith Mad- son, Marlowe Neham, Prank C. Jun- gas and Marvin E~ County Auditor W. R. Mielke; County At- torn~ Daniel McDonald; and Com- missioners' Secretary Joy Storey. Chairman EIg called the meeting to order. Marlin Larson" Solid Waste Of- ricer, was present to discuss recy- cling. stated that the spec~ea- liOnS and material lixts for the build- ings which will be constructed for the purpose of recychble collection sites have been issued. Construction will begin sent letter to the City of Condrey and City of Sanborn ~adng that Cottonwood County would pick up their rec~clables and informed them of the fee involved. Larson will also send letter to Dundee. The Board felt that mggestion of Virgil King, local garbage collec- tor, to furnish stickers to be placed on garbage eontsiners ff re- cycling is not being done was good one. These will be looked into. Commissioner Nelse~ stated that the Boy Scouts from Westbrook have large quantity of newspaper they would like to get rid of. Elg will contact Gary Lingbeek of rural Comfrey to ask if he would be willing to take the paper for shred- cling and baling and to pay am/n/- fee for the newspaper. The Cotmty would pay an additional amount in order that the Boy Scouts would receive $20 per ton. There was comiderable dice m- ion on i~'r~Bi~ tippin8 fees at the landfill. No decisions were made bm throu out the county. Mter discussion on the recycling program, . pr motion by M dson, gas, unanimous vote to ~'~ ty Highway shop storage areas. Motion by Jungas, second by Einertson, unanimous roll call vote to approve Resolution 10-9-90-TF4 listing thn~ parcels of tax forfeited property which will be sold to the Mountain lake Economic Develop- ment Commission. Sheriff Glen Ward asked the Board for permission to advertise the new jail project before the gener- al election. The Board gave their permission to advertise in the Shop- per, ell county newspapers, and the Lamberton paper, as well as on KDOM. Jacquelyn Aning of Dial-Net Systems was present to explain their long distance telephone service. Also present were Lore to Ulfetts, Administrator of the Windom Area Hospital, and Ron Lammers of the Windom Area High School. Both of User's ,fee which will~ the real estate tax stat~j=a} fee for residential cl~ ty will be incre.ascd to month. The fee for agri *r sift" properW, wi:h~ signation, will be inerrant=- per month. These fees ~:~ to the 1991 tax sta~! There being no ~I the meeting was ad~ p .m. s/Joy Stpr~-' Recording ~'~ ATTEST: s/W. R. Mieil~ County Auditor | ,i Pick-up (After hours 274-5692) Open Mon. - Fd. 7:00 - 5:30 Saturday 7:00 to Noon