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November 30, 2011     Sentinel Tribune
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November 30, 2011

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SENTINEL TRIBUNE Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Page 9 The Elwha River Gets a Makeover The Elwha River, which runs through the heart of Olympic National Park in Washington State, is getting a makeover. Last month, the National Parks Service began removing the Upper Weekly Science Quiz by Douglas Clark spawn. Most eels are catad- important part of their diet. romous. They have great respect for The 182 million dollar the salmon which they cel- project was funded by the ebrated through ceremonies Elwha River Ecosystem and Fisheries Restoration Act of 1992--the largest dam removal project in U.S. history. Since 1999, a total of 145 dams have been removed in and rituals. The Elwha dam removal and restoration project pro- vides a unique research opportunity. The watershed offers scientists ideal study conditions since most of the in Lately gas prices have been dropping significantly making pain at the pump a little less painful. the U.S., but none have watershed lies within the Elwha Dam and the Ghnes ." been anywhere near the protected boundaries of Canyon Dam from the nver ...... size of the Elwha dams Olympic National Park. If The lower prices could J otn laCK passageways Ior . which have trapped 14 mil- successful, restoration ,-,,-, ..... mioratin- salmon .................. , L, UI I =- s .. hun cumc meters at seal- enorts In me lwna t ver . The Elwha River pro- ment since the first dam watershed may become a time as many folks travel vldes habitat for five spe . . .- was completed in 1913. template for other water- over the holidays. Will the cles of Pacific salmon chl .... "'i '. That s enough sediment to sheds in less-than-ideal .-..-: ......... t .... nOOK, cnum, cono, p!im anu fill 13 Empire State conditions. IottL. 3 yu tuw /. sockeye By removing the , .... Buildings with some left 1) Which of the follow- Only time will tell. tWO aams it Will open up over The dams will have to ing fish species is not anad- more than 110 km of river be dismantled in stages to romous? and tributary habitat tar mitigate the effects of sedi- a) sockeye salmon b) cut- .... these fish Currently only . " ment removal on wildlife It throat trout c) eel d) chi- about 3,000 salmon return . . . is expected that the restora- nook salmon each year to spawn m the tion project will take anoth- 2) True or false: The eight kilometers of hab!tat er three years to complete. Elwha River Ecosystem below the dams Ecologists . . " After the dams are removed, and Fisheries Restoration 1 predict that number could the h t li " " i area t a es under the Act is the second largest rise to 400,000 once the ..... lake will be revegltated to dam removal nrmect ]n dams have been removed "- . . secure ]ts banks from era- U.S. history. [l ........... ..... and the ecosystem fully ..... ................ stun. 3) Most of the Elwha I restored. . Tearing down the dams River runs through Salmon are class]fled as . is the culmination of eight Park. dladromous, meaning they .... years of preparation, or false: I migrate between salt and including the design of a Diadromous fish spend 1 fresh water. More speclfi- new fish hatchery for the most of their lives in salt cally, they are anadromous, . Lower Elwha Klallam tribe water | mean]ng that they spend that lives t ^ there The hatch- 5) a region of land that is ) most at their hves at sea cry will release fish into the drained by a river is called and migrate to fresh water . Elwha to help repopulate it a to spawn Cutthroat trout, " --" . . ;" ..... The tribe has a special con- ...... m wnicn als" i .... : ...... ' ................ .:: ............ nectionto the Elwha Answers paoe 2 ..... ........... Elwha, are anadromous too " .... becausehistorically the .... The other type of diadro ....... " . river provided them with Coavrmht 2011 ,, mous fish are called catad- -- ~ " " .... everything they needed to Weekly Science Quiz All ,' romous They spend most1 ........ ..... ". . lve. For centuries, their rights reserved. ,' .... of their hves in fresh water culture revolved around and migrate to the sea to salmon which was the most I The calendar is _ 1 I printed the last 111 I IPwree eo fetch mo att IDec aber 20 I for the comina ][or .me coming / Sunday I Monday [ Tuesday I Wednesday I Thursday I Friday Saturday I I month's events. ~~~@"~'~.. ~ . ,~.~; ..... ~.~:~~ ..... ~* ~'~~ ......... 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I ] I | WB-Womens Club, 7:30pm I I | I Grove by the.. Fr!,clay I I I / I I I I Prior to publication 4J 51 61 71 8I 91 1 II Vff,-,..... t^nonvu,u ,.x~ tvnlrtlilt,', 'l't"t IwG-city CunOl I Wa'Micawber Club IWG-Legion AuxiliarylWG'Keenagers -IlwGschool library 3:30-5pmilwG-schl library, 3:30-5pm I Wg-Library, 10-3pm I WB-Library, 10-2pm I I h~wa h ri~t: Iw ........... IWG'EDA mtg', 5:30 Pm I WB-Library, I'6pmlWB-Library, 10-3pm I ' ' ~ v ~ iJ, i ~, I "- ..... .,, ."-"v., r~ WB-Sen Cit Fun time l'3~m WB-Kiwanis club noon ' ~"~. t'~'~ ........ .o -t' IWB-TOPS 8:30 ~WB'M&M Pantry ,:30-3pm IwB-bbrary. 10-6pm' IRR Srtsman' C'ub 7:30 pmqWB-M&M eantry. 1:30-3pr" I" ' " ' I [ I Ctl II ItJUl Ik,,~l I I~1 ILO t.JI IWB-Firemen's mtg. I I iWB-Ambulance squad mtg.I I I Dovray Boosters 5 30pm I general nature. I : I I I I I I I Some of the.items 111 I I ,41 ,, I ,, I ,, I I we use are taken "WOAmtcusClub WBLbr 106m WOSchoolhb, 33 l..~ .," ..... 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'WB-TOPS 8:30am , I / ' I I I [KNOW OT cnanges In Iw~-Uon's club I I / I I I I these events please I I I / I I I I w we 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 I let us know so we I I I I I I I ....... , IWG-Firemenmeeting IWG-Keenagers~ IWG-School library 3"30-5pm IWG-School library 3"30-5pm IWB-Library 10-3pm IWB-Library 10-2pin | t can correct mem, IWB LIbr 10 I~VB Libr 10 6 in I" ' " / ' " I ' I ' I I - ' ary, -6pro I - " ary, - P IWB-Library, 1-6pmIWB-Library, 10-3pm I I I I Please take note IWB-M&M Pantry, l:30-3pm i In IWB-Kiwanis club, noon I I I IIIo" the SO nsor--o-----S------wno I WB-TOPs, 8:30 am I I l WB-M&M Pantry, l:30-3pm I I I jar me sponsors wno I I [ l I [ I [bring. you . this I I I I I I I 1 711y?le ndln. zs, zsl Country View Senior Westbrook-WalnutGrove FuneralHomeI I mot I A A I Nathan & Vdene Stephens I woIo=G, UN "To uali /iv/ " l Wainp qr vty ng and care I Westbrook, MN ;hone 507-274-6700 I 1. G 0 e, MN 507-859-21331 Walnut Grove, MN Phone 5078592161 aualitv I Storden, MN Phone 507-445 3417 , - , I h::dli:v gnd. I W;stbrook, 507-274=6155 ,,u,,u m nunu. Sewing communities in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa ~rww ~ii~l 0 "Your complete local news source" Ph. 507-274-6136 or 1-800-410-1859