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December 24, 2014     Sentinel Tribune
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December 24, 2014
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SENTINEL TRIBUNE Wednesday, December 24, 2014 Page 4 Praise... or Perverse Sony hacking... Jeers Apparently the hacking of Sony's network appears to be the hack- ing of the North Korean government. We think it deserves at least three Jeers. Number one - shame on the North Koreans for doing it in the first place. Number two - shame on Sony for cancelling the movie about the assassination of Kim Jong Un or whatever his name is. Number three - Shame on the media for releasing the private conversa- tions of many of the persons who work for Sony. Although it does seem a bit ironic that a company with Asian roots gets hacked by an Asian country! Also it is worrisome to think what could happen if some of these hackers decided to disrupt things like our communica- tions or electrical grid! Pakistan school murders... Jeers One cannot imagine how Talibon fighters could go into a school and ruthlessly kill over 130 defenseless children and staff members It makes one wonder what kind of a God would condone something as heinous as that! Opening Cuban relations... Cheers After cutting off Cuban diplomatic relations since before the cold war, it is encouraging to see that Cuba a country that lies only 90 miles from our shores will now be'open for Americans to travel there and vice a versa. I think both countries will be benefitted. It also sends a positive message to other central and south American countries. We are told Pope Francis had a lot to do with this sudden awakening. Salvation Army and others... Cheers Hats off to all the charitable organizations that raise a lot of money for the poor, hungry and homeless. Those bell ringers, and persons who man food shelves and meal sites should be commended for their efforts at this, especially at this time of the year. Despite what our government does to help these people, help from everyday citizens is a blessing that is hard to measure. But if you are one of those who support these efforts in anyway, we want to say thanks and a "Big Cheer" for you. Don't Kick Santa Across Th mov cel Yard, on, give and brate Christmas By"Gienn 'Mollette sight of the big picture. The big This Christmas give somebody picture includes looking around the gift of mercy and forgiveness, and beyond our Christmas pain. Actually be broad with your giv- Millions of people would simply ing and generous. We all need a be thrilled to have the problems lot of both. For such a joyful holi- that some of us have. Many peo- day of cheer, giving and yuletide ple are in the nursing home and will never go to the mall again. merriment there are certainly a lot of stressed out sourpuss faces Some have a terminal disease and and agitated people. If you haven't this may be their last Christmas. seen any of these you probably Others, would simply love to have haven't been to the mall or busy a house to decorate or someone to shopping districts. People get buy a gift for. tense over decorating, shopping, Celebrate Christmas this year. spending, and fitting into their Give away some special gifts. schedules all the jolly dinners, Give gifts that money can't buy gatherings and religious services, or time cannot fade. Give love, You may have watched Chevy give forgiveness and give some Chase in National Lampoon's mercy. Extend these generously Christmas Vacation. He becomes to yourself. If you can't give them over the top stressed out when his to yourself it's impossible to give Christmas lights don't work and them to others. The little baby that Christmas celebrates became literally kicks, stomps and curses a blue streak across his yard. It's a man and taught people that we a funny scene. Mostly because in should love God and love others as some way we've all been there a we love ourselves. Herein is part time or two. of the rub. Too often people stop We go crazy at Christmas. loving themselves. Life becomes Everything is totally and abnor- imperfect, we fail, get hurt or mad mally different from the rest of the and we kick Santa or the reindeer year. We spend money, eat, cook, across the yard. Unfortunately we travel and over schedule more stop there. We go into Ebenezer than any other time ofthe year. By Scrooge bah humbug mode. We the time December 26 rolls around don't get our groove back and miss we're sick of Christmas. We start out on some of Christmas' most wonderful characteristics- mercy making a list of New Year's reso- lutions that include never doing and forgiveness. The Christmas some of the stuff ever again that story is about'a child who came to we did at Christmas! By the time show us the way. He showed us the next Christmas rolls around how to love, forgive and be merci- we do it all over again and often ful. Some of the people in your life worse than the year before. We probably need it more than you know. Give generously and start promise and swear we are going to do things differently but as with yourself. Dr. Glenn Mollette is a syndicated long as we are able we do it over American columnist and author. He and again. M o s t is read in all 50 states. The views of us enjoy giving if we can. We expressed are those of the author and enjoy giving to the people we are not necessarily representative of love. Christmas trees, decorating, any other group, organization or this eating and gatherings are all a publication. part of the season. However, we become frustrated when we lose "Stories from the Batt Cave" Christmas comes to pass a stick off as an antique tree. I "A new car? You shouldn't have," don't remember much of what was he said. the Batt Cave under Christmas trees. I remember I hadn't. I'd gotten him a book. who was around them. Turned out that he already had one. On the 67th day of Christmas, Christmas songs bring tears in When I was a whippersnapper, my true love said to me, "You need kitchens smelling like love and I'd get the cheapest version of what to get a better calendar." oyster stew teaches us that oys- I'd wanted--a knockoff of a knock- I told my wife, The Queen B, to ters are lima beans that learned off. I got an heirloom gift occasion- not get her tinsel in a tangle, add- to swim. An old Swedish tradi- ally, something passed down from ing, "I'm chopping down the next tion for serving rice pudding generation to generation. My moth- tree I see whether it's decorated or at Christmastime is to place an er said, "I'll keep this for you and not!" almond in the pudding in the belief give it to you when you're older, Then I went back to whippingthat the one who eats the almond more responsible and appreciative." up my world famous fruitcake. The would be blessed the following I could visit that gift, but I need- recipe for which is a secret, but year. We put an almond into every ed to make an appointment. includes generous portions of rub- serving so that bliss would reign. A couple of gift suggestions. ber bands, sawdust and crayons. I remember the year of the great Forgiveness. It's always in the I love Christmas. If it weren't for hard candy shortage. One of us right size. Ask another to tell you a Christmas, we wouldn't hear Burl chewed peppermint and the rest of story Ives, deck the halls or hear, "I've us sat around and sniffed the air. Last year, I returned something always wanted one of these, but not That was the same year that I sat to the Dollar Tree. I shouldn't have much." We wouldn't know that the on Santa's lap and told him that he purchased that big screen TV there. secret ingredient is sugar or butter, should give himself some nose-hair I wish you many happy returns. , The Queen B asked me to wrap clippers. I've gathered scissors, hammer, the Chris~rras presents, but I was The eat got my wife a dead knife, chisel and cutting torch. I'm in the middle of a good book and mouse. I can't top that, but I tried, ready to open packages. declined her kind offer. She threat- I shopped while rememberingA neighbor, who doesn't want ened that if I didn't cover the gifts fondly when the number of shop- anyone to know how soft-hearted in wrapping paper, I'd be in big ping days until Christmas didn't he is, puts out lug nuts for the trouble. I wrapped every one of count Sundays. Why don't stores squirrels them. There was only one problem, leave their Christmas decorations One year, he celebrated She didn't tell me to put gift tags up all year instead of putting them Christmas with us. I asked him to on them so we'd know whom they away for a few weeks? I've learned say grace. were for. I was in trouble anyway, that when many people go into a "I'd be happy to," he said, fol- A neighbor put up enough outside store, it's always crowded. It's not lowed by, "Thanks. Amen." lights that the display served as hard to tell what people want for "That was a little short, wasn't a beacon for intelligent life from Christmas. Especially when they it?" I said. distant galaxies. A forest of lip lilac tell you over and over again. I hit "He knows what I mean." (mistletoe) filled his house, the shelves hard. I traded the shop- Merry Christmas. Our lights are restricted to the ping cart for a forklift, but as the Christmas tree. We have a real tree, Rolling Stones sang, "You can't but fake presents. The tree stays always get what you want." AI Batt 2014 up as long as one needle remains A young man told me he'd like 71622 325 St. in place. One year, I knocked the either world peace or a new car, 1-1, MN 56042 tree over. It was worth it to see the whichever one was easier. I told look of disappointment on the tom- him that I got him what he wanted cat's face when he realized that I'd for Christmas. beaten him to it. Dad once tried to (ISSN 8750-3905) Thomas Merchant Managing Editor Junette Merchant Office & Production Joan Spielman Ad Representative & Office Published every Wednesday at Westbrook, Minnesota 56183 Periodicals Postage Paid at Westbrook, Minnesota 56183 SUBSCRIPTION PRICE FOR THE SENTINEL TRIBUNE WILL BE: In the following counties: Cottonwood, Redwood, and Murray $45.00 per year. Elsewhere in Minnesota $49.00 per year. Out of the state $55.00 per year. Canada and foreign countries inquire at the Sentinel Tribune Office. 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